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40 Royal King And Queen Tattoos For The Power Couple

Empower yourself with royal King and Queen tattoos design for couples to inspire the world

King And Queen Tattoos For Couples

King and queen tattoos have been ruling the hearts of every couple. Though perceived as a style statement, a couple’s tattoo is more than just that.  These tattoos signify the everlasting bond you share with the love of your life. Etched on a part of your body, a couple’s tattoo evokes the beautiful feeling of being one.

Just like a marriage, a tattoo is a life-long commitment that requires upkeep and yet is worth all the pain. A perfect thing to do for your next anniversary or before you tie the knot, isn’t it?

What This Post Covers

40 King  And Queen Tattoos For Couples To Get Inked

If to do or not do it is the question, check out our exclusively curated list of king and queen tattoos inspo.

Minimalist King And Queen Tattoos

Love the idea of king and queen tattoos but hate the flashiness it brings? This design is for you! With crisp Q & K initials & meticulous crown symbols, it soulfully captures the essence of the tattoo minus the extravagance.

Minimalist King And Queen Tattoos

Gangster King And Queen Tattoos

For couples entitled with the ‘bad ass’ tag, we have just found a match made in tattoo heaven for you! Dark & tenacious, this skull king and queen tattoos embodies your unbreakable bond that no one can dare to breach in!

Gangster King And Queen Tattoos

Finally, a tattoo design that is fierce, full of fire and oh-so-fine! Something that couples who are equally savage wouldn’t get enough of! Though the lion and lioness decked in crowns would catch the eye, inking your special date would catch the heart.

Gangster King And Queen Tattoos

Roar-Roar King Queen Tattoo

Just like the lion fam, if you are a couple that stays, prays, eats and repeats together, there is no better way to announce your supremacy than this tattoo design! Originally created in black & white, you can add a dash of color for that added exclusivity.

King Queen Tattoo For Couples

Calligraphed Crowns In Love

Watch the beauty of classic calligraphy amplify in this vintage tattoo idea. Adorned with crowns, it’s just the kind of King and Queen Tattoo a couple who admires old-world charm would get!

Calligraphed Love King Queen Tattoos

3D King and Queen Tattoo

Intricate, detailed and clean, just like your relationship, this tattoo idea will say a lot about your relationship…Without actually saying anything! A magnificent representation of endurance indeed!

3D King and Queen Tattoos

Checkmate King Queen Tattoo

Be the couple that has each other’s back AESTHETICALLY with this cool chess king & queen tattoo design! Suave and sassy, it makes an enviable tattoo that makes heads turn wherever you go.

Checkmate King Queen Tattoo

King And Queen Matching Tattoos

Twin with your partner in every element as you get bad boy inked on you. It is designed with one of the most powerful sequences in playing cards history complemented by a Victorian rose & finished with slightly worn edges. Perfect for couples who believe tough times don’t last, but tough couples do!

King and queen matching tattoos

Consider yourself the couple who has more to them than people can see on the surface? Now you have a tattoo design to match your thought. One of those king and queen matching tattoos with a meaning hidden in its arrows, a design for couples who don’t mind the struggle for triumph!

King and queen matching tattoos

Upside Down King & Queen Tattoo

No one completes you like your life mate. Maybe that’s why they are called better halves! An urbane reflection of this ideology, get this tattoo if you believe your partner is a mirror image of you!

Upside Down King & Queen Tattoo

Ring In The Romance Couples Tattoo

Joy is in the little things and this tattoo is proof! A petite design with K & Q initials paired with respective crowns, a modern swap for boring engagement rings!

Romance Couples Tattoo

King & Queen Puzzle Tattoo

They say the love of your life fits perfectly in every aspect. Quite like the last piece of a really complicated puzzle. And we say it’s true! Capture this intense emotion with a tattoo as cute-sy as your boo!

King & Queen Tattoo

King And Queen Of Hearts Tattoos

If unconventional is not your thing, this king and queen of hearts tattoo will blow your mind! Extraordinary like your relationship, this is the design to choose when you want to set new tattoo couple goals!

King and queen of hearts tattoos
Tattoo Queen And King

Throned on a luxurious-looking setting, a king and queen determined to build their empire every time it falls. Make their resilience your muse and infuse it in your lives as you get inked.

Better Together King & Queen Tattoo

Life is like a buffet. And if you like a little bit of everything, this tattoo is ‘the one’ for you! Q & K monogram, heart & spade symbol and the most memorable date of your life, everything in this design works like a visual symphony to be your personal masterpiece.

King Queen Tattoo on Hand

His & Hers King & Queen Tattoo

Be it pizza or romance, if you fancy all things cheesy, celebrate your special bond with this king & queen tattoo design. Cemented in the words ‘his & her’ alongside the crowns, serving as a black and white reminder of your forever love.

His & Hers King & Queen Tattoo

Portrait King And Queen Tattoos

Portrait king and queen finger tattoos are spellbinding. Be it the face of your loved one or an iconic couple standing synonymous with love like Romeo & Juliet, get mushy the old-school way, the portrait way!

Portrait King And Queen Tattoos
King Queen Finger tattoos

Modern King And Queen Tattoos

Hold a special place in your heart for the bygone era? Get inked with this majestic lion and queen hand tattoos and show off your regal side. Sophisticated to the T, an exquisite tattoo to adorn your kingdom of romance with!

Modern King And Queen Tattoos
Lion King Queen Hand Tattoos

A Ring Of Royalty Couples Tattoo

A ring has held immense importance in the life of every couple since time immemorial. Honor and commemorate your connection with the contemporary & classy variant – A ring of royalty! Blissful design characterizing the highest level of glory, a romantic ode to your relationship.

A Ring Of Royalty Couples Tattoo

Eternal Sunshine Tattoo Queen And King

Some describe their partners as their sunshine. Some call them their life. And some love. Whatever they are for you, let your tattoo speak that for you!

Eternal Sunshine King And Quenn Tattoo

Evergreen Romance Tattoo For Couples

Desire a love that is persistent? That is evergreen? That never ever changes? That kind that the previous generation shared? A gorgeous rendition of this poetic philosophy is this classic crown tattoo. A subtle design that cues simplicity is the key to timelessness!

Evergreen Romance Tattoo

Heart-Spade Queen King Tattoo

A mesmerizing medley of initials, symbols and playing cards monogram, this tattoo design is high on creativity. Inspired by the queen of hearts and king of spades, get this to cast an impressive spell on everyone!

Heart-Spade King and Queen Tattoos

All Hearts, No Play King Queen Tattoo

Love is all about transparency, selflessness and purity. Sounds like your relationship? Then this inevitably becomes a must-get king and queen tattoo for you! Clean design, cleaner intent, it showcases that be it, king or queen, love trumps everything!

King Queen Tattoo

Goth King And Queen Tattoo

For couples who cannot sustain without a little drama, why shy away from it when thinking of king and queen tattoos? Let your tattoos mirror your bold and vibrant personalities, go for something as rad as this goth tattoo.

Goth King And Queen Tattoo

Lock & Key King And Queen Tattoo

Most couples get matching tattoos at matching places. Who set this norm? If you are a team known to break stereotypes, we say start with this one! Pick an off-beat idea, position it where you would like to flaunt and voila! You have untangled a new cliché!

Lock & Key Couples Tattoo
Tattoo Queen And King   @a2imigeneral

Shine Bright Like A Diamond Tattoo

Diamonds are forever. So is love. Combine both and you have this magical tattoo! Engraved with king & queen crowns on a diamond, it represents how precious and rare your relationship is.

King And Queen Diamond Tattoo

Queen B Tattoo

We live once. We die once. And we only bow to one queen! Blow the love trumpet out loud for the queen of your life, surprise her with this well-sculpted tattoo and woo her for the next seven lives!

Queen B Tattoo

Monogrammed King Tattoo

 Of course, you could get K & Q as your tattoo initials. But the real charm lies in giving it a personal touch. Think swapping these for the initials of your spouse! Pop it with a rich splatter of color and you have something your partner wouldn’t stop appreciating you for!

Monogrammed King & Queen Tattoo

Beauty And The Beast Matching Couples Tattoo

Are you a couple who feared no hurdles? Or defied your contrasting personalities & do whatever it takes to save the relationship? Flaunt your proud story as you get inked with this artistic interpretation of ‘opposites attract’.

Beauty And The Beast Couples Tattoo

Love At First Sight Couple Tattoos

When it comes to king and queen couple tattoos, the ideas are countless. But what will make yours stand out is the meaning it beholds. Look at this tattoo for instance. Carved with a king and queen with gentle expressions, perfect for couples who know how to strike the right balance between rational & romance!

Love At First Sight Couple Tattoos

Wrappy King Queen Chess Tattoo

Intimacy forms the foundation of any stable relationship. Wrap yourself in its warmth with one of the prettiest king and queen tattoos! Swaddled around the king and queen of chess, just the design for couples who have a penchant for meaningful concepts.

Chess Tattoo

Happy Heartbeats King Queen Tattoo

Some people are meant to be together. And others? Fight against all odds to be with the one their desire to be! This tattoo is a tribute to all those love stories…the ones that were tied by heart, even if not by destiny! The ones whose souls are one…the ones whose hearts beat together!

Happy Heartbeats King Queen Tattoo

King and Queen Tattoos For Couples

It’s cute. It’s classy. It’s crisp! What’s not to like about this king and queen tattoo? Get inked & sweep ‘em off with the cuteness!

King and Queen Couple Tattoos

When the key to your heart is taken, why not announce it the royal way with this stunner?! An eccentric twist on the run-of-the-mill couple tattoos, an idea that truly stands out!

King and Queen Couple Tattoos New

The Dream King & Queen Ankle Tattoo

Your person’ is the yin to your yang, your ride-or-die, your peanut butter to the jam! If you have found the one, amplify the vibe with this super cool king and queen tattoo. Striking with its design and unique with its calf placement, a tattoo that screams ‘we are out here together and to win!’

The Dream King Queen tattoo

Entwined Souls Couple Tattoos

Shakespeare said – What’s there in a name? We say could be everything especially if the name is the love of your life! Embellish it with a crown and you have a one-of-its-kind king and queen tattoo!

Entwined Souls Couples tattoo

Color Splash King and Queen Tattoos

A flamboyant design befitting for extrovert couples who steal shine from the sun and vibrancy from a spring bloom. Splashed with water color-like marks, it represents the quirky yet resilient personalities of the couple.

Colorful King and Queen Tattoos
Chess King And Queen Tattoo

This is a tattoo that speaks elegance, fluently! Created with the silhouette of a chess king and queen and filled with hues from the galaxy, it embodies that your world lies in your love. It could also mean you both are nerds with a mutual obsession for space & science/ your tattoo, your definition!

King and Queen In Love Inverted Tattoo

Maybe you both are crazy. But for each other. Maybe you both are twisted. But for your own good. A definite winner for couples drowned in the madness of love!

King and Queen Love Inverted Tattoo

Sun & Moon Tattoo Matching Couples

Some things like the sun, moon and soul mate bonds are for eternity and beyond. Making this of those alluring king and queen tattoos that unwavering love stories deserve!

Sun & Moon Tattoo Tattoo For Couples

Are King And Queen Tattoos The Right Design For You?

If you are a dynamic duo, all set to build a larger-than-life empire, getting king and queen tattoos is a choice you will never regret! Regal in its appeal and deep in its intention, every time you look at it you will be reminded of the strong king/queen you’re with!

Tips On Choosing The Best King And Queen Couple Tattoo

  1. The first and foremost thing is – You must resonate with the thought behind the idea. If your relationship is solid, getting inked will empower your bond in unfathomable ways.
  2. Once you are convinced, shortlist the designs. If you are confused, pick the ones that instantly spark a sense of connection.
  3. Be very clear on the tattoo placement. As king and queen tattoos come in varied sizes and designs, let your creativity pave the way. The most common placements are – fingers, wrists, forearms and upper arms. You could choose anywhere you feel comfortable.
  4. Research the best king and queen tattoo artists well in advance to avoid oops-moments later.
king and queen tattoos for couples
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5 King And Queen Tattoo Shops  In The USA

It is extremely vital to choose the right tattoo studio or artists for getting inked. Believe us when we say, a LOT can go wrong. The hygiene can be compromised, the design can get messed or the entire output can lack finesse. For your chosen design to exude the desired magnificence, browse through our list of hand-picked tattoo artists in the USA. Specializing in king and queen tattoos, they are top players in their niche. Their experience and expertise will make all your tattoo dreams come true!

  • Soho Ink – 285 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012, United States
  • Starlight Tattoo – 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United State
  • Quillian Tattooing & Piercing – 614 N 19th St, Allentown, PA 18104, United States
  • Inktastic – 78 Rockaway Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, United States
  • Colorfast Studios – 2536 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065, United States

Social Media Accounts Of Tattoo Artists To follow

 Stay on top of your tattoo game by simply hopping on to the gram! Whether you are looking for inspiration, need a quick dose of art or are a tattoo enthusiast, here you will find it all! The multitude of tattoos designed by these artists are so good to be true, we promise, they will leave you stunned! Or yearning to get inked!

Is getting king and queen tattoos too painful? 

As the tattoo procedure involves piercing your skin with pigment-covered needles, it is considered painful. But as pain is relative, people experience it in varying degrees. Some individuals feel nothing, some feel like minor rubber band hits and some find it excruciating.

Will king & queen tattoos go out of style?

King and queen tattoos have stood the tests of time and fashion, and will never go out of style. Moreover, a tattoo has a sense of emotion attached to it. So as long as you possess the same emotion, it’s here to stay.

How can I create unique king and queen tattoos? 

The simplest answer to this question is by adding a personal touch. For instance, pick tattoo ideas with dates or add an element known only to you and your partner.

How to maintain king queen tattoos? 

First of all select a design that you think you will like forever. Once you are inked, ask your tattoo artist about how frequently you would require touch-ups. To avoid fading, let your tattoo recover fully and never let your skin sit dry!

For every time you have contemplated getting king and queen tattoos, we have given you 40 breathtaking visual reasons to get one today! A couples tattoo can be one of the ways to re-ignite the spark in your relationship. Additionally, it can serve as an everlasting promise to be with each other till the tattoo lasts – which is forever! Make this guide your mutual muse, find your favorite artist, and let getting inked together be the way you re-define love.

Though we have tried our best to cover everything a couple would want to know about couple tattoos, the possibilities are endless. Go on, stroke your creative streak, add a personal touch to our curated inspirations, and create an undying tattoo as miraculous as your love!