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Best Hand Tattoos For Men And Women-55 Hand Tattoo Ideas To Try

Hand tattoos for men and women are a cool trend in 2023 and a great way to express yourself. Find the best hand tattoo designs and their meanings .


If your life revolves around drama & glamour, hand tattoos are the perfect accessory! Being placed on a body part that is always visible, hand tattoos ensure that the spotlight is always on you.

What makes hand tattoos so popular is the fact it is a natural icebreaker. Think about it – when you meet someone with a cool tattoo on hand, wouldn’t you be intrigued to know what it means? Or why they got it? There, an interesting conversation has begun!

Ditch the ordinary tattoo placements for a unique one, rummage through a few hand tattoo ideas today and be extraordinary!

What This Post Covers

55 Hand Tattoos Ideas To Bowl You Over

Another reason to love hand tattoos is that there is something for everyone. No matter how picky you are, browse through these 55 striking hand tattoo ideas to find ‘the one’ for you!

Never-Seen-Before Hand Tattoos For Men

Deadly Skull Men Hand Tattoos

Scrupulous and stunning, we are obsessed with how savage this hand tattoo looks. Portraying the iconic half skull, it makes a great back of the hand tattoo for rebellious men.

Rose Of Money Hand Tattoos For Men

Wild Wolf  Men’s Full Hand Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to showcase your true personality. If yours happens to be as fierce as the wolf, this is your tattoo dream come true!

Men’s Full Hand Tattoo
Hand Tattoos For Men @stevotattoos

Black Work Men’s Hand Tattoo

Detailed to the T, the meaning of this hand tattoo differs with every person who views it. For some, it resembles tree branches, for others hand veins & for us, this is the epitome of meticulousness!

Branched Out Men’s Hand Tattoos

Beach It Up Men’s Hand Tattoo

Are you a beach person or a mountain person? If your answer is latter, nothing makes a better hand tattoo than this beauty inked on the wrist!


Enchanting Hand Tattoos For Women

Split Hand Tattoos For Females

Couple tattoos are cool, but have you ever thought of connecting side of the hand tattoos? Featuring a traditional Polynesian design that unites the index & middle finger with the thumb, this hand tattoo is class apart.


Balkan Culture Hand Tattoos Women

If you are a woman of culture, you’ll totally dig this tattoo design! Traditionally called a sicanje, it’s a fusion of Croatian & Bosnian ideologies indicating your unwavering faith in Christianity.

Balkan Culture Hand Tattoos Women

Beauty Charms Tattoos For Women’s Hand

Your hunt for women’s unique hand tattoos stops with this design! A combination of numerous elements like eyes, stars, leaves & typography makes this tattoo a dream come true for women who appreciate minimalism.

Beauty Charms Tattoos for Women’s Hand

Glorious Gardenia Hand Tattoo

Glorious Gardenia Hand Tattoo
Hand Tattoos For Women

Heart Bouquet Women’s Unique Hand Tattoo

Women Hand Tattoos

Nature’s Bliss Colorful Women’s Tattoo For Arms

Whether you are a plant parent or love everything green, carry its beauty wherever you go with this mini tattoo ! Carved along the arm line in colorful ink, a hand tattoo couldn’t get any prettier!

Women’s Tattoo For Arms

Dream Team Hand Tattoo For Girl Best Friends

Dream Team Hand Tattoos For Girl Best Friends

Saturn Hand Girly Pretty Hand Tattoo

Hand Tattoos For On Wrist For Women

Small Hand Tattoos Who Love Rare Ideas

Petite Stars Minimal Hand Tattoo

Petite Stars Minimal Small Hand Tattoos

Wanderlust Tattoo On Forearm

world map tattoo on hand

Puppy Love Hand Tattoos For Women

If happiness for you is four legs & one tail, then this small hand tattoo is a winner! The best part about the design of this tattoo is that it can be customized with your dog’s name & ears.

Puppy Love Hand Tattoos For Women

Cute Hand Tattoos That Will Make You Go Aww

No More Blues Hand Tattoo

No More Blues Hand Tattoos
Hand Tattoos @na.nago

Wildflower Child Cute Hand Tattoo For Women

Witness the flower power with this cute tattoo ! One of the neatest hand tattoos we’ve ever seen, the perennial peony flower in the design means bravery & unpretentious femininity.

 Cute Hand Tattoo For Women

Love Cats To The Moon Cute Hand Tattoo

Moon Cute Hand Tattoo

Sophisticated Yet Simple Hand Tattoos

Smiley Face Simple Hand Tattoo

When you are looking for a tattoo that is equal parts subtle and statement, linework is the answer. A symbolic representation of the quote ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’, this hand tattoo will certainly elevate your everyday mood.

Simple Hand Tattoo

Funny Quote Tattoo On Hand For Women


Double Trouble Butterfly Tattoo For Hand


Cool Hand Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Starry Night Women’s Tattoo On Hand

Fancy hand tattoos with a deep meaning then this is a design definitely worth considering. Symbolizing family/loved ones > everything, the stars can be customized to reflect the number of your siblings/children.

Star Women’s Tattoo On Hand

Guardian Angel Hand Tattoo

Angel Hand Tattoos For Women

Bloom Boom Cool Hand Tattoo

This is not an ordinary tattoo on the hand with a butterfly design. A realistic Greek tattoo designed by fusing geometric & line patterns, it signifies that everything in this world is connected.

Bloom Boom Cool Hand Tattoo

Vintage Rabbit Animal Tattoo

Vintage Rabbit Animal Hand Tattoos

Outlined Bumblebee Hand tattoo

Killer Skull Hand Tattoo

Killer Skull Hand Tattoo

If you are a big believer in resilience, this skull hand tattoo is right for you. A visually intense reminder that you can overcome any challenge, it has both positive & negative connotations.

Ravishing Rose Hand Tattoo

Ravishing rose hand tattoo
@lucrezia_nardi_tattoo  Hand Tattoos

High on details & precision, this rose hand tattoo redefines intricacy. Symbolizing love & passion, this rose tattoo would appeal to people who have a romantic side to them.

Snake Tattoo Design For Hand

Snake Tattoo Design For Hand

Trendy Floral Hand tattoo

Trendy Floral hand tattoo

Motivational Word Tattoo On Hand

A word tattoo stands synonymous with positive assurance. For instance, if you get anxious quickly, engrave ‘breathe’ to feel calm whenever you read it. Choose any word that means a lot to you and ink it.


Unique Geometric Hand Tattoos

Geometric tattoos were, are and will always be in trend. A testimony to our statement is this lovely hand tattoo. Courtesy of its appealing design and pitch-black ink, it doubles as a permanent ornament for your hands.


unique geometric hand tattoos

beautiful butterfly hand tattoo

Best Monogram Hand Tattoo


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Splashing Orange Hand Tattoo


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Harmony In Henna Hand Tattoo

If henna is your obsession, this hand tattoo design will be your love at first sight! Fashionable and functional, it brings you the allure of henna (forever) minus the inconvenient mess.

Stunning Stick-and-Poke Hand Tattoo


Roaring Lion Hand Tattoo


Tribal Finger Tattoo For The Hand

Want to get a tattoo that is neither too loud nor too mellow? With a thunder-like tribal design, extending from finger to wrist, the design of this tattoo aptly fits the criteria.

Tribal Finger tattoo for the hand

Moth On Top Of The Hand Tattoo

Moth on top of the hand tattoo

Scooby Doo Realistic Tattoo on Hand

Didn’t we all love watching the iconic Scooby-shaggy duo on television? Relive your childhood memories as you ink yourself with this realistic hand tattoo.

Scooby doo realistic tattoo on hand

Pokemon Full Hand Tattoo Design

Pokemon full hand tattoo

Dolphin Wrist Tattoo

When a simple design rocks your tattoo boat, this is definitely worth considering. An adorable representation of cheerfulness & freedom, just the hand tattoo for free-spirited women.


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Dotwork Line Tattoos For Hand

Dotwork Line Tattoos For Hand

Galaxy Star Hand Tattoo

Thanks to its star-decked design, literally, this tattoo looks nothing short of magnificence. Equal parts aesthetic & painful, you will need a lot of guts to get this one!


Sassy Side Of The Hand Tattoo Idea

Side hand tattoo placement got a lot of attention after the celebrity Priyanka Chopra Jonas inked Daddy’s little princess on her hand. If you adore this spot too, opt for a sentence design like the celeb or look for small words like free.


Samurai Japanese Tattoo On Hand

Adapting from the Japanese tattooing technique, this hand tattoo idea is not for the weak souls. Just looking at the intricacy of this tattoo gives us chills, so consider only if you have the pain threshold.


Batman Connecting Tattoo On Palms


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Conceptual Birds Hand Tattoos Idea


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Like Moth To Flame Colorful Hand Tattoo

 flame colorful hand tattoos

Middle Finger Small Tattoo For Hand

Who wouldn’t want the world to dance at their fingertips? Though this might not be fully possible, attain it partially by expressing it out loud with this small tattoo design.

Middle Finger Small Tattoo For Hand

Indigenous Illustrations Tattoo For Finger & Knuckles

Hand and finger tattoos are painful but worth it; and this design is proof! Featuring unique elements on fingers & knuckle, it can be personalized with components exclusive to your life.


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Delicate Finger Tattoo Design For Women

Nothing speaks refinement quite like a sophisticated finger tattoo. Elegant & exquisite, it is the best hand tattoo especially to show off your long, beautiful & well-manicured nails.


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Things To Consider Before Getting Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos are a trendy choice amongst both men & women. However, don’t rush with tattoo or artist selection if you don’t want to regret your decision. A few other things to keep in mind are listed below:

Visibility:  Unlike the chest, back or inner though, hands are seldom concealed. So, choose a hand tattoo, and size that you love now and will love forever.

Pain level: As there is minimal fat around the hands, it qualifies as a painful tattoo location. If your pain threshold is too low, consider other tattoo spots like legs, forearms etc.

Cost of hand tattoos: Getting a hand tattoo, just like any other tattoo, is expensive. The exact cost of hand tattoos will vary with the complexity of the design, quality of ink & expertise of the tattoo artist.

Hand tattoos aftercare: Hand tattoos fade & age faster than other tattoos. Ensure you have the patience & budget to give them a little TLC along with regular touch-up sessions.

Cautions & contradictions: Tattoos have a love-hate reaction in society. For instance, some people can’t have enough of it while others don’t even employ give jobs to people with tattoos. If you are determined to get a hand tattoo, be fully prepared to face future challenges.


4 Best Skilled Tattoo Artists in USA

Hole In The Sky Tattoo Parlor: Have one of the most complex hand tattoos ideas in your mind? Then this is the tattoo studio to consider! Specializing in realistic tattoos, their in-house artists can nail anything & everything.

Address: Hole In The Sky Tattoo Parlor, 271 Overmount Ave, Woodland Park, NJ 07424

White Wolf Tattoo: Does your envisioned tattoo design have white ink or a touch of color in it? Not every artist has the skill to handle color, choose this experienced studio to not be disappointed!

Address: White Wolf Tattoo, 2889 NJ-35, Hazlet, NJ 07730, United States

Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor: Does your envisioned tattoo design have white ink or a touch of color in it? Not every artist has the skill to handle color, choose this experienced studio to not be disappointed!

Address:  Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor, 626 NJ-88, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742, USA

7 Souls Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio: Want to get a tattoo that looks like it is straight out of a dream? Meet the creative tattoo artists here to get a hand tattoo as unique as you!

Address: 7 Souls Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio, 15 Grand Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631

When experimenting is your thing, these tattoo shops are the place to be. Offering both hand tattoos & piercings, you have an opportunity to explore your likings.

How painful is a hand tattoo?

Hand tattoos are pretty painful as the skin on the hands is very delicate. However, a few spots on the hand are more painful than the rest including the palms, fingers and the space between them.

How do I keep my hand tattoos from fading?

As hands move more than other parts of the body, hand tattoos tend to fade faster than a chest or back tattoo. Here are a few things you can do to slow down hand tattoos’ fading:

  • Let your tattoo heal completely before you stop post-tattoo care.

  • Wash your hands only when necessary & wear gloves for tasks like dishwashing.

  • Always keep your hands moisturized & apply SPF 30+++ everyday!

Do hand tattoos actually affect jobs?

Hand tattoos were once viewed as job stoppers. In the recent times, whether or not it will affect your job depends on the culture of the workplace. Some employers absolutely don’t care about hand tattoos while others look down on it. If you have hand tattoos that are always visible, cover it up at interview/workplace – especially if they don’t approve of it.

 You are too feminine or masculine to get hand tattoos – said no one ever! That is the beauty of this gender-neutral tattoo placement. Though extremely lucrative, remember that tattoos on your hand are painful to ink & arduous to maintain. So, it is definitely not recommended for beginners.

Hand tattoos have been around for a while now. And chances are they will never cease to cast their charm on everyone. Which is why the best time to get one is today.

We hope this guide has given you the needed clarity and inspiration on choosing the right kind of tattoo design & placement. Stop procrastinating, go get that ink adrenaline NOW!