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57 Cool Finger Tattoos For Men And Women To Try In 2023

Dare to be bold and experience the latest trends of finger tattoos for women and men

Finger Tattoos For Women And Men

If you are following the latest tattoo trends, then you know the finger tattoos are back! The inked finger will be everywhere in 2023 and we are here to help you stay ahead in the tattoo fashion game.

Fingers are the most visible area in our bodies which makes finger tattoos much sought after. No wonder they are a hit with fashionable celebs like Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus.

The highly visible tattoos are certainly not ones you want to get done in haste! You want to devote time to getting the right design that conveys what’s on your mind. That’s where we step in.

This ultimate finger tattoos guide brings you 50 unique finger tattoo designs, along with answers to everything you wanted to know about the elusive finger tattoos.

What This Post Covers

Finger Tattoo Designs To Try This Year

As with the rest of your body, finger tattoo ideas too can have variations in placements. Once you have zeroed in on the right design, the next step is to decide where you want it.

Inside the finger, along the side, on the knuckles, close to the nail base, and extending towards the palm are a few of the spots to get inked. Check out these curated designs and placement ideas for quick inspiration.

Screenshot the ones you like, and thank us later!

Exquisite Finger Tattoos for Women Who Seek Elegance  

Finger tattoos bestow an unmatched elegance on a woman’s fingers. When coupled with nail art, it has the power to impart a mesmerizing look to your fingers.

Check out these five bespoke ink designs for exquisite finger tattoos.

Mandala Tattoo For Women’s Finger

Pointing a finger at someone? At least make sure it is an elegant one with this stunning mandala design.

The thin and precise needlework makes it truly beautiful.

Mandala Tattoo For Women’s Finger

Ring-Wrapped Colorful Tattoo On Fingers

Look closely, these real-looking colorful bands aren’t rings but tattoos. How exciting would it be to always be in possession of permanent jewelry when you get a finger tattoo?

Ring-Wrapped Colorful Tattoo On Fingers

Leafy Sojourn Tattoo For Women

A finger band made of leaves is such a classy women’s finger tattoos. The nature-inspired design wraps the fingers in a style that is unique and elegant.

Leafy Sojourn Tattoo For Women

Fine Line Women’s Finger Tattoo

Fine Line Women’s Finger Tattoo

Olive Branch Tattoo On Thumb For Women

Olive Branch Thumb Tattoo for Women
Finger Tattoos For Women @nigrita_nigrita

Finger Tattoos For Men Who Dare

For men, finger tattoos can be seen as a way to make those knuckles seem formidable! So, if you want to pack an artistic punch in your fist, then scan through these bold finger tattoos.

Bold Font Finger Tattoo

Getting words lettered in a bold font and with thick shading always gives off a powerful and manly vibe. Like this ‘Lost Soul’ design which looks so clean and commanding.

Bold Font Finger Tattoo

Gothic Finger Tattoo For Men

Gothic symbols stand for all things spooky and brooding. Their dark nature has long appealed to men with a penchant for authoritative tattoos.

This amalgamation of spiders, skulls, and webs as a men finger tattoo entices with its macabre grace.


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Crown & Knot Men Finger Tattoo

A crown tattoo on a man’s finger denotes power, strength, and independence in life. While the knot represents wisdom and compassion for all.

Together the two designs symbolize all the qualities a true king should have! Are you that king?

Crown & Knot Mens Finger Tattoo
Finger Tattoos For  Men @zombies_tattoo

Street Art Finger Tattoo Design


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Unique Girly Finger Tattoos for a Feminine Touch

It’s always nice to embrace your feminine side and adorn your fingers with girly tattoos. Given their popularity, girly designs can sometimes be repetitive.

But we bring you a cache of fresh and unique designs for quick inspiration!

White Color Ink Finger Tattoo

Move over black ink and welcome the divinity of the white tattoo for a unique girly finger tattoo. Tweak the design per your preference and flaunt your girlish side.

White Color Ink Finger Tattoo For Girls

Evil Eye Girly Finger Tattoo

Give your fingers extra power when you keep them crossed, with this evil eye tattoo. It looks adorable and cute nestled on delicate fingers!

Evil Eye Finger Tattoo For Girls

Teddies & Hearts Finger Tattoo For Girls

Teddies & Hearts Finger Tattoo

Lovely Lotus Finger Tattoo Design

Lovely Lotus Finger Tattoo

Meaningful Symbol Finger Tattoos That Convey Sentiments

The finger tattoo is all about revealing your emotions for the world to see. So, why not choose a tattoo that holds a deep meaning to you and conveys what you hold dear?

Below are a few designs to stimulate your original ideas

Cardinal Direction Finger Tattoo

The directions represent infinite possibilities and a desire to travel extensively. So, if you have been bitten by the travel bug then consider this popular design.

Cardinal Direction Finger Tattoo

Smile-A-While Tattoo On Finger

Smile-A-While Tattoo On Fingers
Finger Tattoos For Women  @arlcam_tattoo

Wave Finger Tattoo

Wave Finger Tattoo

For the Love of Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring finger tattoos stand for love and commitment to your ideals or your partner. It can also be a way to honor a departed soul.

Whatever your reason for a ring tattoo here are the designs that are making waves.

Initials On Finger Tattoo Idea

What could be more romantic than the initials of your partner on your pretty fingers? It makes for a lovely gesture that denotes love and affection.

Initials On Finger Tattoo

Wedding Date On Finger Tattoo

Wedding Date On Finger Tattoo

Sacred Heart Finger Tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoo

Minimalist And Small Finger Tattoos

Small tattoos can hold enormous meanings! They are also a safe idea for those with a lower pain threshold.

Sample these charming designs and pick the one for you!

Diamond Finger Tattoo For Women

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Keep your bling eternally with you with this snazzy diamond side of the fingers tattoo.

Placing it on the top part of your fingers will ensure it is always discernable.

Diamond Finger Tattoo

Ace of Hearts Tattoo

Be showered in good fortune with this symbol of good luck! It is ideal for when you desire a tattoo that’s tiny but looks effortlessly cool and quirky.

Ace of Hearts Tattoo

Abstract Finger Tattoo

Abstract Finger Tattoo

Simple Finger Tattoos worth Getting

If you like to keep it simple and suave then these delightful designs will definitely be appreciated. All these designs are inspired by the little pleasures in life that we may overlook!

Camera Tattoo On Finger

Love getting clicked? Say it with this quirky camera tattoo inked on the finger. A simple design with clean lines, this tattoo allows you to profess your love for pictures!

Camera Finger Tattoo

Flower Finger Tattoo

Flower Finger Tattoo

North Star Tattoo

North Star Tattoo

Stylish Inside Finger Tattoos Ideas

The inside of the finger is one of the rare places to get a tattoo. The reason could be because it’s hidden or the fact that it hurts a lot!

But if you are keen to stand apart from the crowd, then do consider these lovely designs for a side of your finger.

Flapping Butterfly Tattoo On Ring Finger

Butterflies symbolize young love, joy, and grace. If you identify with any of these qualities in your personality then this cool tattoo between the fingers is a great choice.

Flapping Butterfly Tattoo On Ring Finger

Text Inside Finger Tattoo

Inner finger tattoos like this one can be so refreshing and motivating. Catch a glimpse of this petite tattoo when you feel sad and down. It will remind you to smile!

Text Inside Finger Tattoo
Finger Tattoos

Ring Finger Couple Finger Tattoos

Couple Ring Finger Tattoos
Ring Finger Couple Finger Tattoos

Elephant Middle Finger Tattoo

This unforgettable tattoo is a symbol of loyalty, strength, and resilience. Also, perhaps with such a cute animal inked others won’t be offended when you show them the middle finger!

Elephant Middle Finger Tattoo

Animal-Inspired Finger Tattoos

Owl Finger Tattoo
Minimalist Fish Finger Tattoos

Fly Away Thumb Tattoo

Yet another way to profess your love for travel is to get a plane tattoo like this one. Placed near the thumb it makes for an enchanting and simple design individually or for matching fingers with your partner.

Thumb Tattoo

Leo Zodiac Finger Tattoo

Wear your sun sign proudly on your fingers with a cool zodiac tattoo. Seen here is the zodiac symbol for Leos, but you can always substitute it for your own sign and always know that your finger tattoo is perfect.

Leo Zodiac Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo Ideas with Moustache

Moustache Finger Tattoo Ideas
Finger Tattoo Ideas Moustache

Three Dots Tiny Tattoos

Also called an ‘ellipsis’ the three dots tiny finger tattoos hold multiple spiritual meanings. It is also a sign of the wearer’s journey through life and its trials and tribulations.

Three Dots Tiny Finger Tattoos
Three Dots Minimalist FInger Tattoos

Vicious Snake Tattoos For Fingers

How about going wicked and getting a brazen snake tattoo done in black ink on your fingers? You can play around with designs and placements to get a tattoo that works for you.

Vicious Snake Tattoos For Fingers
FINGER TATTOOS   @darla.r.t
Snake Tattoos For Fingers

Promise Pinky Finger Tattoo

There’s no better design for the pinky finger than a ‘promise’. This tattoo symbolizes that you always be there for your loved ones and true to your pledges.

It’s also an excellent idea for a couple’s tattoo.

Finger Tattoos For Women

Geometric Design Finger Tattoo

Geometric Patterns Finger Tattoos
Finger Tattoos @b.artwithheart

Minimal Finger Tattoos

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so cliché! Wear it on your fingers instead and have a finger in every pie.

Minimalist Finger Tattoos
Minimalist Tattoo For Finger

Beautiful Flower Tattoos On Finger

Say you are flirty and fun with a delicate flower tattoo. Given the innumerable flower finger tattoos, there is no dearth of options to choose the one that makes you feel special.

Fun Flower Finger Tattoos
Beautiful Flower Finger Tattoos

Charismatic Black & Gray Finger Tattoo Designs

Black Finger Tattoo Designs
Finger Tattoos   @jayzinktattoo
Gray Finger Tattoo Design

Luscious Lotus Finger Tattoos

The lotus is the tattoo of spiritual awakening. This graceful flower is a sight to behold when in full bloom and will definitely make your fingers a work of art.

Luscious Lotus Womens Finger Tattoo
Lotus Finger Tattoos Women

Linear Love Unique Finger Tattoos

There’s something attractive about not following the herd and charting your own path like this rare tattoo on your fingers. This is the tat for you if you prefer to be a cut above the rest!

Linear Love Unique Finger Tattoos
Line Finger Tattoos

Alien Signs Finger Tattoo

Do you believe that aliens will descend on earth one day? Then speak your mind with these fancy alien communication symbols that are cool and futuristic!

Alien Signs Tattoo

Bold Black Ink Tattoos on Fingers

Happiness is little black ink tattoos covering all your fingers! Get these ancient symbols etched on your fingers as the perfect conversation starters.

Black Ink Tattoos on Fingers
Black Ink Finger tattoos

Spooky Black Work Tattoo

Cast a spell with your fingers when you adorn them with this creepy finger tattoo! The black ink work of calligraphy makes them look downright evil and spooky.

Spooky Black Work Tattoo

Finger Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Now that you have beautiful finger tattoos it is important to know how to care best for them. Finger tattoos require a special aftercare regime due to their placement which puts them at risk of infections.

Also, as finger tattoos fade faster, these useful tips will help you keep the tattoo on your fingers younger for longer.

  1. Immediate aftercare entails bandaging the tattoo for the first 24 hours. This ensures that it is protected from accidentally getting scraped.
  2. After the 24-hour period, you need to apply a moisturizing lotion approved by your tattoo artist on the site. This needs to be repeated for 3-4 days.
  3. Minimize tattoo exposure to sunlight if you want the ink to stay bright for an extended duration.
  4. Excessive rubbing around the finger should be avoided as this might lead to infection as well as fading of the tattoo.
  5. Invest in good quality hand-care products that keep the skin supple and moisturized as finger tattoos usually need intensive nourishment.

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Finger Tattoos Artists You Need To Book

TATUAJES by Melissa: This tattoo artist certainly knows her game! Popular for her fine finger tattoos, Melissa specializes in both hand and poke minimal finger tattoos.

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finger tattoos for men and women

Common Finger Tattoo Questions

Questions buzzing through your head about the finger tattoo? We answer them with expert guidance.

How painful are finger tattoos?

Pain is very subjective and varies from person to person. That said, a finger means less flesh, more bone, and plenty of nerve endings. All ingredients for a super painful tattoo!

Even within the finger, the side of the finger hurts most while the top of the fingers hurts less.

How long do finger tattoos last?

On average finger tattoos last 6-8 months, after which they tend to fade. With good care, you can prolong this by another 1-2 months.

When the designs look like they are blurred, touch-up every 12 months will be required to retain them and keep the ink dark.

Do finger tattoos fade soon?

The unfortunate answer is yes. The skin on the fingers is more prone to shedding which makes the tattoo fade faster.

So, the life of a finger tattoo may be much shorter compared to other places on the body.

Should I get intricate tattoos done on my fingers?

Fingers are not the place for complex tattoos. This is because there is very little space to work for the artist. Fine line tattooing is recommended for fingers.

The design should also be simple and not very complicated as detailing with many different elements is difficult to achieve.

Get a Finger Tattoo And Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Congratulations! You are now aware of the latest trends in the finger tattoos world. Apart from the stellar designs, there’s a wealth of information above to help you understand the finger tattoo better.

And now that you know-it-all all, it’s time to get inked and let your fingers do the talking.