What To Wear To A 90s Party Theme Super Cool 90s Party Outfits

what to wear to a 90s party

Wondering what to wear for a 90s party? As the 90s fashion percolates back, so does the need to embrace and celebrate this wonderful decade.

90s theme parties are all the rage right now and your calendar is probably dotted with a few invites to a night of fun and nostalgia.

But what to wear to a 90s party night? The 90s was an era dominated by supermodels on the runway but casual-chic fashion on the streets. It was a time of minimalistic fashion which focused on comfort and relaxed silhouettes.

The 90s emphasized undoing the bold and glitzy 80s fashion. Gone were the ruffles, sequins and flashy colors. They were replaced by the humble plaid, baggy jeans, comfy keds, oversized blazers etc., to mark the anti-conformist fashion movement prevalent during the time.

There’s much to see and know about getting the 90s fashion look right. Without further ado let’s help you nail the answer to the pressing question- What to wear to a 90s party?

Take a glimpse into some easy-to-recreate looks, know what you need to prepare for a 90s party, and learn about some exciting stores where you can find a treasure trove of 90s outfits. Read on!

What This Post Covers

Preparing What to Wear to a 90s Party and Getting Ready

Thanks to its inclination towards casual-chic, preparing for the 90s-themed party is a fun experience. You don’t need to spend much time on elaborate hairdos or jarring make-up to get ready.

Identifying a few 90s staple accessories will make it easier for you to decide what to wear to a 90s party. Shoulder bags, stick-on tattoos, Doc Marten boots, Keds, mini backpacks, bucket hats etc., are some 90s essentials that deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Most of what was fashionable in the 90s is making a comeback. Crop tops, asymmetrical tops, and mom jeans are already in vogue.

The comeback factor is one of the reasons you’ll not need to go out of your way to come up with what to wear to a 90s party. All that’s needed is expert guidance to help curate the look and make it perfect for the 90s theme party. And that’s what we are here for!

Cool Inspirations For The Perfect 90s Party Outfits

Our hand-picked 90s outfit inspirations will help you add the little tweaks that transform a regular casual outfit into a fabulous 90s party dress. Play around with the textures, prints, and fabrics to create a head-turner look for your next theme outing!

90s Theme Party Outfits For Males

Lavender Oversized Blazer with Denim Shorts

Bucket hat, oversized blazer, cat-frame glasses, and sneakers, is there anything this look has left out for being declared quintessentially 90s? The lavender-hued matching blazer and hat create a flamboyant look that begets your attention for being uber chic.

Carry a cool shoulder bag with this outfit and it’s welcome back to the 90s!

Lavender Oversized Blazer with Denim Shorts

Floral Slip Dress And Leather Jacket

The slip dress was a hot item in the 90s. And so were Doc Marten boots and fishnet stockings.

This 90s ensemble brings together all the essential elements to create an effortlessly 90s look. Leave the hair in a messy bun and slip into the party like you were born in the 90s.

Floral Slip Dress and Leather Jacket

Ripped Jeans & Straight Denim Jacket

The denim-on-denim look was a 90s favorite. And that’s why you can never go wrong in these 90s theme party outfits.

The ripped jeans and straight denim jacket are casual personified. Notice the belly piercing? Anyone born in the 90s would tell you what an absolute hit body piercings were in those times.

Ripped Jeans & Straight Denim Jacket

Biker Shorts & Graphic Tee

As this outfit tells you, the 90s couldn’t get enough of biker shorts! Both printed and plain shorts were a hot favorite .

When you are wondering what to wear to a 90s party just pair a pair of black shorts with a graphic-printed t-shirt. The ponytail in a cute scrunchie gives off some seriously cool vibes.

Biker Shorts & Graphic Tee

Overalls With Crop Top

The functional overalls became a fashion trend during the 90s and came to be known as the dungaree

Team them with a crop top to get Jennifer Aniston’s famous FRIENDS look. To add a bit of drama pair it with a graphic print t-shirt and leave the top of the dungaree unbuttoned. Simple and sassy, right?

Overalls with Crop Top

What To Wear To A Black 90s Party Dress

Tangerine Coord Set

Crop tops and mini-skirts were what you’d be wearing if you were a young adult during the 90s. This tangerine orange coord dress sets the tone for a 90s party outfit done right.

You can opt for chunky platform heels to substitute the sneakers and yet retain the casual 90s vibe.

Tangerine Coord Set

Leopard Print Shirt & Black Mini

The 90s made animal print supremely popular! Think leopard print tights and tiger-striped jackets.

To keep it simple, this attire uses a full sleeves leopard print shirt and a basic black mini skirt. The black knee-high boots and shimmery waist pouch add the special zing!

Leopard Print Shirt & Black Mini

Color Block Biker Shorts & Jacket Set

No, it’s not gym wear! It’s what you would wear to a night of dancing in the 90s.

Wearing sports casuals outside of the sporty realm was an iconic 90s phenomenon.

Invest in a color-block gym set and carry it with elan the next time you step out for a 90s theme party.

Color Block Biker Shorts & Jacket Set

What To Wear To A 90s Party For Male

White Cardigan Vest & Denims

This simple yet effective look is typically 90s. The vest cardigan was a huge craze in those days.

Pair it with baggy jeans and jazzy eyewear for max appeal. A bucket hat can be added to amp up the party ready look.

White Cardigan Vest & Denims

Grey Doodle Jacket With Black Jeans

If you are willing to walk the extra mile for fashion then this look is just apt. The ankle-length boots and faded jeans give the right 90s effect. The carelessly draped printed grey jacket balances the vibrant sleeveless vest worn underneath.

The hair is gelled yet styled in a simple everyday look keeping in mind the minimalism of the 90s.

Grey Doodle Jacket with Black Jeans

Dungarees With Muscle T-Shirt

Super chic and uber causal are done right in this fabulous ensemble. Tommy Hilfiger apparel was just launched in the 90s and their outfits epitomized the iconic casual wave.

That’s why the Tommy dungarees feel just perfect with the sleeveless tee. The colorful headband is a proper 90s vibe to complete the look.

Dungarees with Muscle T-Shirt

Brown Corduroy With Matching Jacket

Ah! The soft and comfy corduroy is a true nineties throwback. The semi-formal 90s theme party-worthy look is kept simple with a matching blazer and black shoes.

It keeps the look simple, stylish and so effective for a 90s theme party!

Brown Corduroy with Matching Jacket

What To Wear To A 90s Party For Female

Asymmetrical Top And Flowy Mini Skirt

This chic ensemble gets all the marks for fun and creativity! Look how seamlessly it blends together all the important 90s fashion elements into one synergized outfit.

The asymmetrical top and mini skirt are ultimately trendy when paired with contrast stockings and dapper knee-high boots! The make-up and accessories are kept simple to announce a true nineties fashion.

Asymmetrical Top and Flowy Mini Skirt

Lacy Bralette With Pleated Skirt

The baby doll mini skirt is decidedly 90s, especially so when teamed with knee length printed socks.

Match a cute cardigan in a similar color for a coordinated outfit. The use of a bralette adds a sexy oomph that elevates the outfit from regular every day to party perfect.

Lacy Bralette With Pleated Skirt

Shimmery Baby Pink Slip Dress & Boots

The slip dress is a stunner but we can’t take our eyes off the super high platform boots! They are so 90s and undoubtedly cool!

And they are great with this outfit for the way they incorporate casual into the shimmery dress. Just perk up the attire with rectangular sunglasses and wear your hair open.

Shimmery Baby Pink Slip Dress & Boots

What To Wear To A 90s Party For Couples

Both in Denim 90s Couple Outfit

Denim ruled the roost in the 90s as this dapper look shows us! Dress yourself and your partner in an all-denim outfit to express the signature 90s fashion.

This look is easy to put together with whatever denim supplies are available in your respective cupboards. Just throw it all together and prepare to get noticed.

Both in Denim 90s Couple Outfit

Mix-And-Match Couple Outfit

Cute couples wear cute clothes to a 90s theme party! Both keep it casual and stylish with their outfits.

The graffiti adorned joggers and white sweatshirt makes for an ideal look for men. While the printed short and shorts on the woman can be found in every girl’s wardrobe at any time.

The colorful converse shoes deserve a special mention for attention to detail!

Mix-And-Match 90s Couple Outfit

Bel Air Shirts With Shorts

Bring back memories of the nineties with your loved one dressed in this hip-hop inspired outfit. Wearing the same shirt in different styles is an easy way to match outfits without dressing alike from head to toe.

The guy wears his shirt buttoned down with fancy shorts and the girl can wear it open over a crop top and biker shorts. The similar chunky chains make for a synchronized visual!

Bel Air Shirts with Shorts

Cutout Dress & Blazer With Jeans

This Pretty Woman inspired look is couple goals! A suave jacket and denims for the man and the iconic Julia Roberts outfit for the woman is sure to make heads turn.

The blazer sleeves can be rolled up as was the official nineties trend!

Cutout Dress & Blazer with Jeans

90s Theme Party Outfits For Kids

A collection of what to wear to a 90s party for kids is revealed in this outfit!

Cartoon Print Tee & Gym Shorts

This outfit reveals a simple answer to what to wear to a 90s party for kids.  The nickelodeon t-shirt spells nostalgia when paired with the color block activewear shorts.

You can always swap the nickelodeon tee with cartoon network depending on where your loyalties lie!

Cartoon Print Tee & Gym Shorts

Neon Tee & Ripped Jeans

The hairband, graffiti, and ripped jeans are all there to make this a truly 90s attire. The graphic shirt too is typical of the clothes sported during the decade.

Dress up your little ones in this cool neon look when they get their next 90s party invite.

Neon Tee & Ripped Jeans

Hip Hop 90s Party Outfit Ideas

Tommy Two-Piece Set

A hip-hop look that’s branded, chic, and super stylish! You can easily put this together by pairing any dual colored activewear with a matching bustier.

Would be great if you can stick to the red, blue, and white color theme to mimic the style better. Add some thick gold chains and style your hair in ponytails to step out as the quintessential 90s girl.

Pop Print Crop & Tights

Slay it with this body hugging graffiti outfit at your next hip hop outing. This effortlessly cool attire is sure to create ripples and get you tons of compliments for your fashion sense!

Fancy sunglasses and sneakers are a must to bring the look together.

Pop Print Crop & Tights

Baggy Pants & Vintage Tee

Hip Hop is a vibe, as these ladies show us! The baggy clothing and baseball caps make it hard to miss the hip hop theme permeating this outfit.

When dressing for hip hop always remember to don graphic t-shirts even if you can’t lay your hands on the other elements shown here.

Baggy Pants & Vintage Tee

Deep Green Tracksuit & Bucket Hat

Smart activewear transformed into a party ready attire with the addition of a bucket hat and mustard suede shoes! Take inspiration from this look to get creative with the gym wear resting in your closet.

The open micro braids hairstyle is definitely to be replicated when recreating this look.

Deep Green Tracksuit & Bucket Hat

90s Theme Party Outfits Females

Striped Multi Jacket & Shorts

The fabulous color coordination of this outfit is a show-stealer. Pick a striped multi-hued jacket and match with shorts in any one color borrowed from it.

Ditch the heels for sneakers or platform heels for a more authentic 90s touch.

Striped Multi Jacket & Shorts

Pink Cargo With Crop Jacket

This look has our hearts! We can only imagine how supremely comfortable it is for a night of wild dancing.

The choice of pink for the cargo pants lends a feminine element with the iridescent crop jacket. Open hair and a bunch of colorful scrunchies on the wrist make for the perfect 90s outfit recipe.

Pink Cargo With Crop Jacket

Black Mini Skirt & White Graphic Print Tee

This look tells us that all the elements we need to curate a 90s outfit are right our closet! Pull out a mini skirt in any color and pair it with a slightly oversized tee.

Finish it off with the signature knee-length socks and converse sneakers to be the life of the party!

Black Mini Skirt & White Graphic Print Tee

Black & White Checks Jumpsuit

A 90s party calls for a checkered jumpsuit as fantastic as this one! Wearing a regular hand bag as a shoulder bag is definitely an idea that will help you skip buying a fanny pack especially for the party.

The printed head gear is just right to finish off the look with elan.

Black & White Checks Jumpsuit

What To Wear To A 90s Hip Hop Party

Layered Tee Shirt & Tights

We didn’t know that wearing a full sleeved tee under a regular t-shirt is such a game changer and so 90s! For the bottoms, you can opt for slacks or stockings depending on your preference.

To feel more like 90s hip hop, exchange the black with something more colorful and graphic printed.

Layered Tee Shirt & Tights

Zebra Print Bustier & Patchwork Denim Shorts

Animal prints were made for the 90s! Match your top and footwear in the same print to recreate this trendy look.

Add multiple chains on the waist or in your neck and you can safely step into any 90s hip hop event with panache.

Zebra Print Bustier & Patchwork Denim Shorts

Vintage Tee with Denim Jacket & Mini Skirt

Did we just spot Rose and Jack peering from under the denim jacket? Goosebumps! But the outfit is a champ when it comes to 90s nostalgia.

Colorful tights and a mini skirt are the focal points while you can play around with the boots and top depending on what’s in the wardrobe!

Vintage Tee with Denim Jacket & Mini Skirt

Plaid Shirt Over Black Two-Piece Set

Give it up for sassy hip hop clothing with this dress that anyone and everyone can recreate! Wear a black jumpsuit or biker shorts with a crop top inside.

Then borrow your dad’s plaid shirt and throw it on top to feel the 90s vibes. The fanny pack, sunglasses, and sneakers take care of the rest!

Plaid Shirt Over Black Two-Piece Set

What If You Want To Wear A Silk Dress To A 90s Party Look

We can’t take our eyes off the sheer elegance imbued in this look. How beautifully does the oversized blazer pair with the blue slip dress to make a dreamy 90s outfit!

This look is simply style all the way.

Wear A Silk Dress To A 90s Party Look

Animal Print 90s Outfit

Bring alive the visual of Shania Twain crooning ‘that don’t impress me much’ in her sensual voice with this attire. If everything in leopard prints seems a bit much to you then you can swap the printed crop top for a plain black one.

Keep the shrug and pants intact for their classy silhouette and 90s longing.

Animal Print 90s Outfit

What Plaid Dress Will You Wear To A 90S Party

This checks dress is a 90s classic! Whenever in doubt about ticking the boxes in the 90s fashion checklist, just pull out a plaid outfit and you’re sorted.

Wear your knee length boots with this or just high socks with regular boots and show them what the 90s were made of!

White Blazer And Boots 90s Look

Have to show up for a 90s theme party right after work? We got your back! This stunning outfit is formal enough for office and can transform into a 90s party dress with minor twists.

Roll up the sleeves, unbutton the blazer, and some dainty neck chains to rev it up for a party.

White Blazer and Boots 90s Look

Sporty Pants & Crop Top Outfit

Sporty Pants & Crop Top Outfit Can Be What to Wear To A 90s Party. Baggy pants in shimmery fabric is 90s style upgraded for a modern day party. This looks is sporty and casual yet has an extra edge to make it party worthy without impinging on the 90s fashion elements.

What to Wear To A 90s Party

Tweed Skirt with Turtle Neck Top

A fresh look that keeps it to the minimal and incorporates all the 90s fashion statements. The tweed skirt and hair accessory are definitely central to the 90s narrative conveyed by this attire!

Tweed Skirt with Turtle Neck Top

Bling Skirt And Shirt For a 90s Theme

We are enamored by this street chic style! Who thought that a sequin skirt will look so terrific and totally 90s with a white blouse?

It’s a great idea to tone down the dazzling bling of the sequins skirt too!

Leopard Print Skirt And White Blouse

Never shy from animal prints for a 90s party. Instead think of the myriad ways you can style a leopard skirt or bottoms!

We get you one such innovative way. Just team it with a solid white shirt/blouse and you can claim the throne to the best dressed girl!

Wearing Camo Pants And Fedora To a 90s Party

The 90s would definitely approve of this casual chic look with stylized camouflage pants. The gold handcuff bracelet and fedora hat make it a point to establish the 90s authenticity of this look.

90s School Girl Outfit

If you’re wearing this to the 90s theme party, you’ll feel right at home! Popularized by the 90s movies like Clueless, Gossip Girl and others this trend was skyrocketing the fashion charts during the time!

And that is why it’s your safest bet when you are not sure what to wear to a 90s party. Just keep in mind that the skirt HAS TO BE plaid and the socks have to be knee length!

90s School Girl Outfit

Wear This What A Grunge Look To A 90s Party

Grunge was popularized towards the later half of the 90s and this look captures it quite well. The layering of t-shirts, mini-skirt, and platform boots seals the attire as a 90s baby!

Crop Top and Checkered Pants

That does impress us much! Converting the vest into a crop top and pairing it with checkered pants labels this ensemble as totally 90s.

The tattoos and Doc Marten style boots complete the look to help decide what to wear to a 90s party.

Embroidered Jeans And Lacy Camisole

Embroidered jeans owe their origin the 90s. if your closet lacks one, you can just pick up the slap-on embroidered patches available online and decorate your jeans with them.

Keep the camisole or exchange it for an oversized t-shirt based on your preference.

Side Slit Jeans And Top

Both button down side slit pants and jeans were hot during the 90s since they too are making a comeback it shouldn’t be difficult to find one to curate your 90s outfit.

Pair them with a simple graphic tee, chunky wedges, and a baseball cap to bring the look together.

Side Slit Jeans and Top For a 90s Party

90s Party Special Outfit- Printed Biker Shorts and Crop Jacket

This printed biker shorts and crop jacket look is quite flattering on any body type. Adding the thick metal link chain to a sporty look might seem a bit off now, but was cool deal during the decade!

90s Party Special Outfit

Mini Skirt And Graphic T-shirt

The mini skirt was actually mini and super tight during the 90s decade. We are in awe of the simplicity and charm of this cute skirt and top look.

The leopard shoulder bag identifies as definitely 90s. Team it with platform boots or sneakers and they’ll know the 90s have arrived!

 90s Themed Disney Top & Biker Shorts

You’re seeing this because Disney was everywhere in the 90s. Their cartoon characters, particularly Micky & Minnie were printed on an insane number of tees and loved by people of all ages!

So, for a 90s party, all you need to do is grab any Disney character top, pair it with a checkered skirt or biker shorts, or ripped jeans!

Pop Art Jacket And Skirt

The colorful expression afforded by pop art was quite a hit in the 90s and had a dominating influence on fashion too. Get inspired by this look for an Avant Garde style.

You can even opt for one piece of pop art clothing (either the top or the bottom) and keep the other in a solid color.

 What A Checkerboard Outfit To Wear To A 90s Theme Party!

You probably can’t wear checks on checks on the streets but for a 90s theme party, this is the perfect look! We admire how the colors have been kept soft and neutral to keep the attire from becoming too loud.

Fuchsia Pink Bodycon Dress

Tight was trendy in the 90s. So, bring out the tightest bodycon dress you own to get ready for a 90s bash.

Don’t forget to stick to the 90s rule of minimal accessories. The dress is the focal point!

Fuchsia Pink Bodycon Dress

Denim Jacket & Floral Dress

Here’s a useful tip- wear a denim jacket with anything and you will resemble the 90s fashion in some manner! Like this pretty floral skirt paired with a chic denim jacket.

With a bucket hat and white sneakers, it would be an adorable 90s outfit.

Gingham Skirt And White Top 90s Party Outfit

The gingham print belonged to the 70s but made a comeback in the 90s and what a refreshing sight this red gingham skirt is!

Pair it just as shown-with a tucked in white top.

Black Baby Doll Dress Is What To Wear To A 90s Party

Sassy and casual baby doll dresses were revered in the 90s. This one makes for a cute inspo for a 90s event.

Instead of the booties wear ankle length black boots or keds to make it more 90s fashion.

What to Wear to a 90s Party

Short Plaid Dress With Combat Boots

Emulate this grunge look for what to wear to a 90s party! The simple plaid dress, tattoos on the arm, and combat boots all combine to bring out a seriously 90s look.

Add your own creativity or wear as is to ignite the 90s fashion.

Short Plaid Dress with Combat Boots

Zebra Print Pants And Denim Jacket Outfit

Why leave out the fancy zebra print when imitating 90s fashion? Pair a zebra print pant with a white or black tee and carry a denim jacket for added effect!

Oversized Double Button Blazer And Pants

Courtesy Julia Roberts and many other Hollywood celebs, the oversized blazer with tailored pants look was seen frequently during the 90s. so grab your office formals and pair them with white sneakers to be 90s party ready!

Can’t praise the bucket hat enough for bringing that extra touch.

Oversized Double Button Blazer and Pants

90s Party Blazer And Tights

Tighter-than-tight leggings and a matching crop top were already killing it, but the blazer just elevated the ensemble to a diva level!

The unbuttoned white shirt peeking from under the blazer is what we call a fashionista’s attention to detail.

90s Party Blazer And Tights

Crazy Checks & Abstract Print Set

Matching shades in entirely different patterns is such a cool idea for what to wear to a 90s party. The psychedelic top paired with a checks bottom is true to the 90s style, minus the mask of course!

Ombre Top With Knitted Mini Skirt

One look and you know this outfit belongs to the 90s decade! The neon green and yellow Ombre top could easily be spotted in any 90s chick flick. And the close-fitting mini simply steals the show.


What’s The Vibe In 90s Party?

A true 90s party will be high on hip hop music. Expect MTV and Disney cutouts, some color, and confetti in the décor.

The grunge look will sashay side by side with happy Disney outfits to define the wonderful mix that the 90s was! When curating your outfit for a 90s event, just remember to imbibe the easy-going spirit that the decade professed.

This is Where You Can Buy Your 90s Clothes

Our search for what to wear for a 90s party led us to these cool Instagram pages that have some very wearable looks. The outfits available at these stores retain the 90s charm while being completely in sync with the current aesthetics.

  1. Romwe: We spotted plenty of grunge look inspired clothing here. If that’s the aesthetic you desire, this is where to get it.
  2. Emmiol: This should be your destination for plaid skirts and sporty chic outfits for a 90s party,
  3. Avantithelabel: There’s blazers in checks and animal prints here, apart from some lovely cardigans that can definitely rock a 90s theme party.
  4. Vicidolls: You will be spoilt for choice here! From biker shorts to torn denim jeans, they have everything you need to dress for a 90s party.
  5. Evatrends1: While a lot of their clothes are bohemian, you will spot interesting dungarees and graphic print vintage t-shirts too.
  6. Everlane: Find plenty of options in denims and blazers here to give you the perfect 90s theme party attire.
  7. Loft: A clothing brand for millennials but with some amazing choices that are apt for a 90s party- like plaid skirts and floral slip dresses.

Wear It With An Attitude

Here’s hoping our elaborate guide managed to find the answer to what to wear to a 90s party! When selecting a look keep in mind what you already have in your closet and how you can infuse your own persona into the outfit.

Whichever outfit idea inspired you, the most important mantra it to flaunt an indomitable spirit which was the foundation of the spunky 90s attitude.