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48 Stunning Above The Knee Tattoo Design Ideas You Must See

Show off your style and personality with above the knee tattoos! Explore above knee tattoo designs from artists and get inked a perfect one.

above the knee tattoos design

Above the knee tattoos are pure glamor! They announce a badass personality that is too cool to ignore and uber-hip.

A variety of reasons make above the knee tattoos a great choice for tattoo lovers. It is a fairly unique spot, you can combine them with leg tattoos for an extended art, and they are far less painful compared to other body parts.

In above the knee tattoos, it is the design which is the real hero since the placement on its own does not have any significance. Which is why it is important to get the tattoo idea right.

What This Post Covers

48 Chic & Trendy Above The Knee Tattoo Designs

Explore 48 remarkable and popular above the knee tattoos ideas with us along with their meaning and significance.

Above The Knee Butterfly Tattoo

Often associated with freedom, the butterfly tattoo is a perennial favorite with girls and a popular design! We love how beautifully this tattoo uses the knee cap as a wreath to center butterflies on it.

Butterfly Above The Knee Tattoo

Lettering Above The Knee Tattoo

Say whatever is on your mind with a text tattoo placed above the knee. The sassiness of this tattoo looks uber cool and attractive!

Above Knee Shark Tattoo

Are you fearless and refuse to be intimidated by others? Then the shark tatt is your calling! The knee makes for the perfect area for an open-mouthed shark tattoo.

Above Knee Shark Tattoo

Above The Knee Band-Aid Tattoo

Once in a while we all need a reminder that things will be alright. This band aid tattoo is just the encouragement and inner strength we need to get over our hurt and keep going!

Above Knee Mandala Tattoo

The symbolism of the mandala design is balance and peace in Buddhism. It is a perfect option that looks sexy and holds a significant meaning for both male and female tattoos.

Above Knee Mandala Tattoo

Above The Knee Sailor Moon Tattoo For BFFs

If you and your girls are inseparable like Usagi and Rei from the Sailor Moon series then this could be a cute tattoo to get. You can choose to add color to enhance the look.

Above The Knee Sailor Moon Tattoo

Above Knee Tribal Tattoos

Depending on the symbol you select, tribal design tattoos can have various meanings. Protection, power, strength, achievements etc., are some of the most common connotations.

Regardless of what they stand for, above the knee tattoos are amongst the most spectacular and intriguing!

Above Knee Tribal Tattoos
Above Knee Tribal Tattoo

Above The Knee Cat Tattoo

The knee provides a natural face shape for animal tattoos, which makes them very popular with above the knee tattoo enthusiasts. Cat signifies resilience.

A black cat tattoo in particular represent a reclusive and secretive personality.

Above The Knee Cat Tattoo

Gorgeous Geometric Above The Knee Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are for those who like clean lines and balance in their tattoos. The mesh design and meticulously etched web in the below tattoo design showcase the precision with which the tattooist has carried out his task!

 Geometric Above The Knees Tattoo

Tattoo Of Spider Web Above Knee

Tattoo Of Spider Web Above Knee

Above The Knees Rose Goth Tattoo

Above The Knees Rose Goth Tattoo

Two-Words Above Knee Tattoo Design Idea

Merging two words to say two tattoos are one is definitely a great idea! The combination of ‘teach’ and ‘peace’ makes for a thoughtful as well as visually striking design.

Two-Words Above Knee Tattoo Idea

Small Above The Knee Tattoo

Just a simple rising sun tattoo with an effective message that tomorrow is another day! It is an ideal tattoo for first-timers due to the less needlework involved.

Burning Heart Kneecap Tattoo

Heart Kneecap Tattoo

Evil Rainbow Above The Knee Tattoo Men

Rainbow Above The Knee Tattoo Men

Above Knee Script Tattoo

In a world of ‘normal’ people, staying weird has its own distinct charm, right? The tattoos message is further accentuated by the whimsical font it is inked in.

Above Knee Script Tattoo

Birth Year Above Knee Tattoo

Birth years are special! Celebrate yours with a birth year tattoo on your knee. You can even get the time of birth or a spirit animal etched alongside.

Birth Year Above The Knee Tattoo Design

Sun And Moon Tattoo Above The Knee

It is one of those above the knee tattoos that you cannot take your eyes off! The charming design of the crescent moon and clouds covers the knee area perfectly, giving you a delightful tattoo. Be the day as well as the night with this sun and moon tattoo set. Get one on each knee for a super cool effect!

Sun Moon Tattoo Above The Knee

Above Knee Flower Tattoo Art

Isn’t the great detail focus on this floral tattoo mesmerizing? This tattoo is sure to turn heads courtesy of its grace and gorgeous shading finesse.

Above Knee Flower Tattoo Art

Above Knee Quote Tattoo

Honey Bees Tattoo Above The Knee For Women

Something like bees on your knees is proof that simple designs can look so damn super cute! Fluttering bee tattoos like this one denote someone who is loving, loyal, and cooperative.

Bees Tattoo Above The Knee For Women

Cool & Mystical Above Knee Tattoo

Cool Above Knee Tattoo

Magically Best Above The Knee Tattoo Ideas

The ‘Hocus Pocus’ lettering along with all the tiny elements associated with it comes alive in this fun tattoo. This tatt look absolutely enchanting for those who believe in magic. You can also choose a cool color scheme for extra oomph!

Best Above The Knee Tattoo

Simple Above The Knee Ornament Tattoo

No fancy colors, no bold designs just two simple ornamental designs on each knee. The thought of getting one done above and one below the knee makes this tattoo more interesting.

Simple Above The Knee Ornament Tattoo

Above Knee Snake Tattoo

Above Knee Snake Tattoo

Dragonfly Tattoo Above The Knee

If you want a dragonfly tattoo minus the ferocity, this adorable little fairy dragonfly tattoo will do the trick! Most people consider it a guardian angel who will protect you from harm.

Dragonfly Above The Knee Tattoo

Above The Knee Poker Cards Tattoo

Above The Knee Poker Cards Tattoo

 Paw Print Above The Knee Tattoo

Keep it minimal yet impactful with this splendid animal paw print above knee tattoo. The black and grey shade lends it a sinister look that is super appealing!

Animal Paw Print Above The Knees Tattoo

Above Knee Bunny Tattoo

Above Knee Bunny Tattoo

Above The Knee 666 Tattoo

The number ‘666’ is often associated with the devil. But some people consider it an angel number as well. You can decide what you want this fairly common to stand for!

Above The Knee 666 Tattoo

Fangs Above The Knee Tattoo

What a cool way of announcing your darker side! The fangs amidst regular human teeth is such a rocking above the knee tattoo ideas for the area above the knee. It makes for an excellent male or female tattoo.

Fangs Above The Knee Tattoo

Porco Rosso Knee Topper Tattoo

Porco Rosso Knee Topper Tattoo

Sexy Lacy Tattoo Above The Knee

A super delicate and feminine knee tatt that will tempt you to get inked immediately! The beautiful needlework in creating the lace piece is worth applauding.

Tattoo Above The Knee

Above Knee Fish Tattoo

The goldfish symbolizes prosperity and fortune. With the addition of a smiley face, it does make for an endearing tattoo !

Above Knee Fish Tattoo

Crown of Mushrooms Above The Knee Tatt

Crown of Mushrooms Above The Knee Tatt

Traditional Tiger Kneecap Tattoo

Traditional Tiger Kneecap Tattoo

Above Knee Skull Tattoo

Guys, we found a skull tattoo that isn’t scary for a change! This colorful and Angel skull tattoo does give the knee a really cute makeover, isn’t it?

Above Knee Skull Tattoo

Above Knee Floral Tattoo

How innovative to paint the serpent with pretty flowers and wrap it around leaves! Ladies, get this above the knee tattoo and spice up the regular snake tatt with this glorious design.

floral above the knee tattoo

Above Knee Angel Tattoo

Above The Knee Angel Tattoo

Cow Mask Tattoo Above The Knee

The cow skull is certainly a rare and fascinating tattoo. The shade and patterns used inside the skull lend it a cool vibe.

Cow Mask Tattoo Above The Knee

Above Knee Bird Tattoo

Why get one tattoo when you can get many? Get inspired by this guy’s collection of tattoos above the knee reaching to the thigh area!

bird tattoo above the knee

Monster Above Knee Tattoo

If monsters had a mafia don this little traditional style above knee tattoo would probably be it! Loving this cool rendition of a monster that is reminiscent of Yoda from Star wars.

Monster Above The Knee Tatt

Above Knee Eye Tattoo

An open-eye tattoo represents the watchful eyes of the Lord that guide humankind. The fine lines work on this tattoo certainly do justice to the detailing of the eye piece.

eye tattoo above the knee

Start Fruit Above The Knee Tattoo

Move over flowers, fruits are the new craze! Go funky with this adorable starfruit tattoo set on both knees.

Starfruit Above the Knee Tattoo

777 Triangle Tattoo Above Knee

The number 777 is said to bestow good luck and fortune on the wearer. This tattoo design stands apart due to the super clean work executed by the tattoo artist.

Cross Tattoo Above Knee

Tattoo Pain Chart: Least to Most Painful Body Parts For Tattooing

All tattoos come with some pain intensity. But if you would like it to be the minimum possible then refer to our tattoo pain chart below:

Mild Pain: Easy to get used to after the first few pricks, choose fleshy areas like the arms, shoulders, and inner thighs if you are looking for a relatively less painful tatt.

Moderate Pain: Moderate pain areas cause discomfort or sometimes intense pain depending on person to person. The chest, inner thighs, back of the knee, and calves are moderate pain enduring parts of the body.

Severe Pain: The face, sternum, stomach, fingers, knees & shins, and feet fall in the category of areas which can cause a lot of pain. This is due to the presence of bone or nerve endings that enhance the sensation of pain.

Also look for other factors like the size of the tattoo, type of tattoo, the individual’s pain threshold, the experience of the tattoo artist etc., also play a role in determining the level of pain tolerance you might undergo.

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How much do above knee tattoos hurt?

Being close to the patella bone and with little flesh to protect you, knee tattoos can be quite painful. The area above the knee pains slightly less, while behind the knee and side of the knee are also considered highly painful to get inked.

Do knee tattoos fade easily?

Yes. Tattoos in parts of the body that are frequently in motion tend to fade more quickly.  Consider fuller and darker lines rather than white ink when getting inked in this region.

Do knees swell after getting a tattoo above the knee?

Swelling is a common phenomenon after getting body art. Expect your knee to feel bruised for a few days after tattooing. But this will soon restore to normal with good aftercare.

Ready to Get Tattooed Above The Knee?

With tattoos above the knee you have the option of going discreet or flaunting, depending on the mood. The bumpy contours and shape of the knee are a creative license to think out of the box and experiment with new ideas. Most people opt for portrait, animal, or insect tattoos to suit the unique angles.

Whether you get it done on one or two knees, the knee tattoo looks amazing. Yes, it can be a painful area but no pain, no gain, right? Just ensure that the tattooist has enough experience in this part of the body so you don’t end up messing it.

Here’s hoping our curation of beautiful designs will be just the inspiration you need for your above the knee tattoo!