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IGY6 Tattoo Meaning And 27 IGY6 Tattoos Designs That Say You Care

Get inspired with IGY6 Tattoos that express your unique identity and style. Make the bold IGY6 tattoo meaning that you'll be proud to show off .


IGY6 tattoos are more than just ink etched on your body. They carry a deep and emotional meaning that is to be treasured.

Ever since Project Semicolon was founded in 2013, there has been a wave of people sporting the IGY6 tattoos. The Project is dedicated to imparting hope to those who suffer from PTSD and mental health issues.

You can see various variations and placements of the tattoo depending on personal preference, but the intent remains the same. Military veterans, their families, as well as those who support the cause of mental health and suicide-prevention are often the ones who get the IGY6 tattoo inked.

IGY6 Tattoo Meaning : What Does The IGY6 Mean?

IGY6 stands for ‘I got your back’. The ‘6’ is borrowed from the military where the clock is used to inform positions. ‘6’ is used in the military and means behind or back, hence the term IGY6.

IGY6 tattoos are usually seen with a semicolon or the number ‘22’ or both. Like a writer uses a semicolon when they don’t wish to end a sentence, similarly here it stresses the need to pause and reconsider the urge to harm yourself.

The number 22 comes from the stats which reveal that 22 veterans commit suicide each year due to stress disorder. The Project aims to bring this suicide rate from 22 veterans a day to none.

Both the teal semicolon and number 22 come from Project Semicolon which focuses on the mental health of military and frontline workers. The IGY6 tattoo is a means to extend support and help to those suffering from PTSD and raise awareness on the subject.

Explanation Of The IGY6 Tattoo Colors

Three colors are used in the IGY6 tattoos, namely, teal, black, and red. This is what each means:

Teal: Teal is the color of the semicolon as it is associated with raising PTSD awareness.

Black: Used in the lettering of ‘IGY’, black denotes the sadness one feels for those suffering from PTSD and mental health disorders.

Red: The red color is reserved for the number 6. Red is a symbol of the bloodshed that has been witnessed over the years.

27 IGY6 Tattoo Designs That Say You Care

When you get an IGY6 tattoo, you are promising yourself that you will put life first and always be hopeful. Someone with the IGY6 tattoo is also an indication to those suffering from post-traumatic Stress Disorder that they are available to lend an ear when support is required.

Browse through these heart-touching and brilliant designs and pick the one that appeals to you to show support to the veterans.

IGY6 22 Tattoo With Service Dog Name

A heart-touching design that honors the canine service members of the army along with veterans. Seen etched are paw prints and the name of the service dog that served in the forces.

IGY6 22 Tattoo

Best IGY6 Tattoo Ideas With Text

While the IGY6 tattoo on its own has profound meaning, you can choose to deepen the impact by etching a quote or duration of service alongside.

Best IGY6 Tattoo
Best IGY6 Tattoo Ideas

Teal Ribbon PTSD Tattoo

This teal-colored ribbon tattoo supports the same cause as IGY6. It is a reminder to those suffering from PTSD that help is available anytime they wish to reach out.

Flag Backdrop IGY6 Tattoo Design

This is such a classic representation of the IGY6 tattoo. The American flag in the backdrop stirs up a deep emotion and enhances the meaning of the tattoo further.

 IGY6 Tattoo Design

Dog Tag Military IGY6 Tattoo

A fading dog tag that is symbolic of the trauma military veterans go through makes for a thoughtful IGY6 tattoo. You can also consider inking the semi-colon in teal as it is the color of raising PTSD awareness.

The Classic and Most Popular IGY6 Tattoo

The semi colon in teal, IGY written in black, and the number 6 etched in red are the most accurate representation of the apt colors of the igy6 tattoo. It contains all the elements and colors that are associated with the true meaning of this military tatt.

Popular IGY6 Tattoo

Cool ‘Got Your Back’ Tattoo Idea

In military parlance ‘6’ refers to the back. By putting the ‘6’ in a target this IGY6 tattoo serves to highlight the motive that someone is always available to help you.

Got Your Back Tattoo Idea

Watercolor Semicolon IGY6 Tattoo

As explained above, the semi colon is an important element of the IGY6 tattoo and the two are often inked together. This watercolor tattoo with a prominent semi colon is definitely worth taking inspiration from.

Semicolon IGY6 Tattoo

I Got Your Six Tattoos for Couples

I got your six means that you are devoted and loyal to someone. This makes it an ideal tattoo for couples as well!

I Got Your Six Tattoos

Soldier’s 22 A Day Tattoo

The headgear, the rifle, and the boots, all the elements that signify a soldier have been incorporated in this 22 tattoo. Statistics say that 22 veterans commit suicide each day, the phrase ’22 too many’ is to show support to get the suicide rate to none.

Shoulder IGY 6 Tattoos For Females

The shoulder blade is a great place to profess your commitment to the cause of PTSD among soldiers. Keep the font classic for a feminine touch.

IGY 6 Tattoos For Females

Elaborate IGY6 Semicolon Tattoos

The IGY6 tattoos are ideal for arms and legs as they can cover a large area. In both the tattoos featured here the semicolon is used as well as other related elements that increase the size and make it expansive.

Semicolon Tattoo
 IGY6 Semicolon Tattoos

IGY6 Wrist Tattoo Design

Wrist tattoos must be kept short and simple. This IGY6 tatt is the apt size and font to cover the wrist area in a neat way.

IGY6 Wrist Tattoo Design

IGY6 Floral Fist Tattoo

The IGY6 tattoo is a way to honor veterans. And what better than a red rose to do it, right? This delightful tattoo can be sported by both men and women.

Floral Fist IGY6 Tattoo

Waist IGY6 Tattoo with Skull

This black and grey tattoo looks formidable with the skull design. Its placement on the side of the waist is also unique and lends it a distinct touch.

Skull IGY6 Tattoo

IGY6 Inner Finger Tattoo

The inside of the finger offers limited space and requires precise tattoos. The beauty of the IGY6 tattoo lies in its ability to fit any space in the body.

Consider this simple design for the fingers.

Back of the Neck IGY6 Tattoo

The lotus stands for spiritual awakening and along with the IGY6 tattoo it shows the opportunity for bringing a change. You can alter the color of the flower if you wish to write the ‘6’ in red ink.

Cheshire Cat IGY6 Tattoo

A sweet way of supporting those dealing with PTSD. This tattoo is a reminder everyone carries a bit of craziness within themselves but just like the Cheshire Cat, the smile is what should last.

 Cat IGY6 Tattoo

Knuckle And Hand IGY6 Tattoo

Inking IGY6 on a red base to highlight the design is what sets this tattoo apart from others.  The skull design is decorated with semi colons, heartbeat, and a rose to signify hope and life.

You can try out variations of this tattoo by experimenting with the skull design.

 IGY 6 tattoo

Black And Red IGY6 Leg Tattoo

The shading and detailing on this tattoo are absolutely genius! The IGY6 tattoos are important and this meaningful text and choice of font add to its appeal.

 IGY6 Leg Tattoo

IGY6 Paratrooper Tattoo

A military tattoo serves as a support for the brave paratroopers. You will need a large space like the calf or bicep area to execute this large tattoo featuring jumping paratroopers and a plane.

Paratrooper IGY6 Tattoo

IGY6 Awareness Tattoo

Instead of getting the IGY part of the tattoo inked horizontally, you can also choose to go vertical. This gives more space to accommodate all elements like the number 22, and the semi-colon associated with spreading awareness for this cause.

PTSD Awareness Tattoo

Broken Lines IGY6 Tattoo

Instead of clear and straight lines, you can also choose this interesting broken lines font for your IGY6 tattoo. The number 22 in the background which stands for 22 veterans a day who statistically commit suicide looks appealing owing to the brilliant shading work done by the tattoo artist.

Broken Lines IGY6 Tattoo

US Marines IGY6 Tattoo

IGY6 is greater than 22 tattoo meaning is that those out to help you are more in number than the 22 veteran suicides that happen each day. It is such a beautiful thought, don’t you think?

US Marines IGY6 Tattoo

Marine Corps Motto IGY6 Tattoo

Semper Fidelis has been the Marine Corps motto since 1883. This IGY6 tattoo is a result of the thoughtful idea to ink it alongside the core theme of IGY6.

For a variation of the design, you can also choose the USMC logo with the IGY6 tattoo.

Marine Corps Motto IGY6 Tattoo

Take Part In Spreading PTSD Awareness

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD refers to a mental health issue that develops after undergoing severely traumatic experiences. A teal-colored ribbon is used to denote awareness about this problem which is common among war veterans.

The IGY6 tattoos that start with a teal semicolon is another way to portray PTSD awareness. After years of losing people to suicide, spreading PTSD mindfulness can be an answer to curb the numbers.

If you have lost loved ones to suicide or wish to profess your allegiance to fellow soldiers the IGY6 tattoo is a befitting answer.

Are IGY6 tattoos only for the military?

No. Although the IGY6 tattoos owe their link to the military, they can be inked by anyone who is suffering from or wishes to spread awareness about the problem of suicide from PTSD.

Which is the best placement for semicolon tattoos?

The wrist is the most popular area to get a semicolon or IGY6 tattoo as it is the part of the body that is easiest to see for the wearer. This way the wearer can be reminded that self-harm as an answer is never the path to choose.

What is the connotation of IGY6?

‘I got your 6’ translates to ‘I got you back’ as 6 stands for back when talking in terms of positions as used in the military. When you get an IGY6 tattoo, it is seen as a symbol of undying loyalty and commitment.

For those suffering from PTSD or those out to support them, it is a reminder to reconsider the thought of suicide. It may also be etched by those who have lost someone dear to suicide because of PTSD.

What can you combine the IGY6 tattoo with?

The IGY6 tattoo combined with other symbols can acquire other meanings. When used with military insignia the IGY6 is part of supporting the soldiers.

If you use it with a semi-colon and the number 22 it becomes a part of the cause to spread PTSD awareness.

The Heartfelt IGY6 Tattoos

To support someone and be there for them is the best commitment that one can offer. With the IGY6 tattoo you can say this to your family, friends, or the lonely people who suffer in silence.

We hope these designs as well as the meaning of the IGY6 tattoo inspire you towards the cause!