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44 Fantastic Birth Flower Tattoos With Meaning For All 12 Months

Birth flower tattoos are a super cool way to celebrate your special day and carry a meaning with you . Know the meanings and explore stunning tattoo designs and get inked for this birth day.

birth flower tattoos

Everyone obsesses over zodiac signs. To an extent that we all must have tried checking the compatibility with our crush. But have you ever tried matching birth flower tattoos?

Just like zodiac signs, there is a different birth flower for every month of the year. Every flower represents something special about the personality of the person born in that month. Think of it like a visual way to communicate who you are.

Read on to dive deep into what’s and why of birth flowers whilst getting some tattoo inspiration for yourself!

What This Post Covers

Birth Flower Tattoos And Meanings You Should Know

Today we have 7151 languages spoken around the globe. However, back then, when verbal languages were in the nascent stage, people chose to communicate with different flowers. Also known as floriography, flowers have always held a profound meaning.

Here is a list of flowers segregated by birth month corresponded by what each of it represents:

January Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

Representing new beginnings is the first month of the year – January. The birth flowers for January are carnation & snowdrop.

January Birth Flower – Carnation

Carnations have a rich history. Going back to thousands of years, every color of carnation holds a different meaning. Though broadly it means love, loyalty and liking – no wonder it is a popular flower choice for first dates!

January Birth Flower Carnation

January Birth Flower – Snowdrop

Snowdrops survive even the harshest winters, even have a slouching bud and yet is an extremely beautiful flower. Pretty much how life can be hard but if you pull through the tough times, in the end you’ll shine!  Aren’t they the perfect symbols for hope and rebirth?

January Birth Flower Snowdrop

January Birth Flower Tattoos

Your January birth tattoo should be just like the month – full of hope, magic and grace. Depending on your preference, you could go as colorful or monochrome as you’d like.

January Birth Flower Carnation Tattoo

We always imagine carnations as bold and blooming. However, this BnW carnation flower tattoo is proof that beauty comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

January Birth Flower Carnation Tattoo

January Birth Flower Snowdrop Tattoo

Placed on the inner arms, we must say, the placement of this snowdrop flower tattoo is killer. Though the buds of snowdrops are drooping, they are the first flowers to bloom and represents gratitude and hope. The irony!

January Birth Flower Snowdrop Tattoo

February Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

February – the second and shortest month but also, the sweetest. It is only natural to perceive that red roses make the best birth flower for February – courtesy Valentine’s Day. However, violet, iris and primrose are February birth flowers.

February Birth Flower – Violet

In the Victorian era, gifting violets doubled as a gesture to portray a true and selfless deed. Which makes Violet the gorgeous symbol of truelove, abundance, and trust.

February Birth Flower Violet

February Birth Flower – Iris

Iris symbolizes honesty, faith and humbleness. Maybe that’s why people born in February are so good to chill with?

February Birth Flower Iris Flower

February Birth Flower Tattoos

Given that you are born in February, kindness and love must come naturally to you. Ensure your tattoo reflects this. Choose delicate yet colorful designs to twin with your personality.

February Birth Flower Violet Tattoo

You’re lying if you say you don’t find this violet tattoo extremely realistic. A delicate tattoo that symbolizes true love, hats off to the skills of the tattoo artist.

February Birth Flower Violet Tattoo
@Federica Saletta

February Birth Flower Iris Tattoo

Don’t you think this is of the sexiest tattoo placements ever? Placed on the upper thigh, this colorful iris flower tattoo symbolizes faith and honesty. A perfect tattoo idea if you hate lying and are born in February!

February Birth Flower Iris Tattoo
@Federica Saletta

March Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

As the season of spring springs in March, the birth flower of this month has to be none other than the glorious Daffodil!

March Birth Flower – Daffodil

As daffodils bloom in early spring, they are usually associated with new beginnings, prosperity and cheerfulness! No matter what the variety or color, the symbolic meaning of this birth month flower is same.

March Birth Flower Daffodil

March Birth Flower Tattoo

The beauty of being born in March is that even though there is only one birth flower for you, the variations are countless. You could experiment with daffodil tattoo’s design, color or even size.

March Birth Flower Daffodil Tattoo

Though daffodils are found in three colors namely yellow, orange, and white – the yellow variants are the most popular. As showcased in this daffodil flower tattoo, daffodils shine bright like the sun and represent optimism.

March Birth Flower Daffodil Tattoo
@Niki Elvidge

April Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

April is a very special month of the year. Onset of the spring season, the month brings a sense of warmth, literally. Daisy and sweet pea are the birth flowers of April.

April Birth Flower – Daisy

When one thinks of white flowers, daisies immediately our mind. As whites color denotes purity so do the daisies.

April Birth Flower Daisy

April Birth Flower – Sweet Pea

Sweet pea as the name suggests has a very sweet fragrance. Quite like its natural characteristic, it is said that this flower represents kind-heartedness. In some cultures, it also denotes goodbyes and farewells.

April Birth Flower Sweet Pea

April Birth Flower Tattoos

They say the ones born in April are the sweetest and most loyal, we say its true and its birth flowers are testimony! Let the sweetness shine in the tattoo, choose a colorful design wisely!

April Birth Flower Daisy Tattoo

If you are cheerful and absolutely positive person born in April then this bright and beautiful daisy flower tattoo is perfect for you. Said to be one of the oldest flowers, a dream design for old schools!

April Birth Flower Daisy Flower Tattoo

April Birth Flower Sweet Pea Tattoo

Though sweet peas bouquets are usually given to brides in France, we believe they make a stunning sweet pea flower tattoo design. Indicating goodbyes or sending good wishes for a newer phase of life, a design ideal for people who have or will go through a big change.

April Birth Flower Tattoo

May Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

May is the last month of the spring before summer hits. Which makes the birth flowers, Hawthorn and Lily Of The Valley, for this month equally special.

May Birth Flower – Lily Of The Valley

As lily of the valley represents the second coming of Christ, a tattoo of this flower would mean the re-occurrence of happiness.

May Birth Flower Lily Of The Valley

May Birth Flower – Hawthorn

A hawthorn is another birth flower of May that is absolutely underrated. When it blooms, it means spring is turning to summer. Being a symbol of change, a hawthorn also is also associated with protection.

May Birth Flower Hawthorn

May Birth Flower Tattoos

Choosing designs for May birth flower tattoos can be tricky. Depending on how long or petite you’d like your tattoo to be, select your tattoo placement.

Birth Flower For May – Lily Of The Valley Tattoo

There are a lot of tattoo renditions for lily of the valley birth flower tattoo. But we love this one! Flamboyant and how, it indicates humility. In some theories, the dainty blossoms grouped together on a stem also signify motherhood.

May Birth Flower Lily Of The Valley Flower Tattoo

May Birth Flower Hawthorn Tattoo

Hawthorn flowers are typically white or pink. However we love the fact how the tattoo artist has customized this hawthorn flower tattoo half sleeve in black and white. Symbolizing happiness, we’re sure the person getting the tattoo was sure happy!

May Birth Flower Tattoo

June Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

Both the birth flowers of June Honeysuckle and Rose are so contrasting. On one hand there is rose – which everyone knows about. And on the other hand, is the underrated honeysuckle that hardly anyone has heard about!

June Birth Flower – Honeysuckle

All symbolic interpretations of the honeysuckle flower – both simple and complex simply boil down to pure happiness and one true love.

June Birth Flower Honeysuckle

June Birth Flower – Rose

As a Larkspur flower blooms it spreads the petals. Which is why its symbolism indicates romance and free-spiritedness. A befitting birth flower for the happy go lucky people born in this month.

June Birth Flower Rose

June Birth Flower Tattoos

Be it rose or honeysuckle, the beauty about June birth flowers is that you can customize the color. Go as rad or mellow as you’d like, either way, the tattoo will look gorgeous!

Birth Flower For June – Rose Tattoo

When we think of rose tattoos, a big red/pink/yellow petalled image comes to our mind unlike this stunner. But that’s the beauty of rose flower tattoos, isn’t it? Universally symbolizing love, it can be customized as per the palette of the one getting it!

June Birth Flower Tattoo

June Birth Flower Honeysuckle Tattoo

As seen in this tattoo, honeysuckle grows from climbing vines. An extension of its core nature, honeysuckle typically symbolizes the forever kind of bonds.

June Birth Flower Tattoo Honeysuckle

July Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

Half way through the year, July is a new chance to make the rest of the year better even if the first half was not. July’s birth flowers delphinium, water lily and larkspur represent this make amends mindset.

July Birth Flower – Larkspur

As a Larkspur flower blooms it spreads the petals. Which is why its symbolism indicates affection and dignity. A befitting birth flower for the happy go lucky people born in this month.

July Birth Flower Larkspur

July Birth Flower – Water Lily

Water lily is a flower that has countless interpretations in different cultures. As water lilies close at night and open in the night, its most revered meaning is – new beginnings, chastity as well as reunion.

July Birth Flower Water Lily

July Birth Flower – Delphinium

As Delphinium flowers look like a dolphin face, it is implies cheerfulness and joy. It is said to ward off negative energy and thus is usually presented in important rituals.

July Birth Flower Delphinium

July Birth Flower Tattoos

As there are three birth flowers for July, you have the liberty to choose not only your tattoo design but also the flower! Go through the symbolic meaning of every flower and pick the one you resonate with the most.

July Birth Flower Delphinium Tattoo

As created by nature in a calming hue, this delphinium flower tattoo is the epitome of composed. Symbolizing peace and open heartedness, it doubles as a reminder to maintain your cool even under the toughest pressure.

July Birth Flower Tattoo

July Birth Flower Water Lily Tattoo

We are in awe of this water lily flower tattoo! Carved on the upper back and representing harmony and serenity, we think this is the best tattoo placement for this birth flower!

July Birth Flower Water Lily Tattoo

Birth Flower For July – Larkspur Tattoo

If you are a sucker of dainty tattoos and luckily are born in July this larkspur bunch makes a great choice. Though different colors of larkspur symbolize different things, this design simply means love in abundance!

July Birth Flower Larkspur Tattoo
@Lauren Tindle

August Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

The ones born in August are perceived to be fierce. Which is why nothing makes better August Birth Flowers than the dramatic gladiolus and poppy flower!

August Birth Flower – Gladiolus

Because of its stature, back then, gladiolus was associated with warriors or gladiators. And thus, in turn, it became the representation of strength and resilience.

August Birth Flower Gladiolus

August Birth Flower – Poppy

Since World War I, poppies indicate the hope for a peaceful future. It is one of those birth flowers that has a very rich symbolic history.

August Birth Flower Poppy

August Birth Flower Tattoos

A floral equivalent version of a fierce Leo is Gladiolus and Poppy. Choose a flower that your heart finds more powerful and ink yourself with its spirit.

August Birth Flower Gladiolus Tattoo

Known as sword lily, we think this is one of the cutest gladiolus flower tattoo designs! Symbolizing relentless strength, it is one of those birth flower tattoos that is as fine and meaningful.

August Birth Flower Tattoo

September Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

With only three months to start the New Year, September is a month that doubles as wake up call. ‘Put your wisdomous side to work now or regret later’. This a message aptly represented by September’s birth flowers – aster and morning glory.

September Birth Flower – Aster

Aster flower comes from the Greek word – Star. Just like its inspiration, an aster flower stands for valor, steadiness and patience.

September Birth Flower Aster

September Birth Flower – Morning Glory

Morning glory is a flower that can grow through almost any climatic condition. Thus, a morning glory flower exemplifies love and resilience. In simple words it personifies – Grow where you are planted!

September Birth Flower Morning Glory

September Birth Flower Tattoos

Does your birth month mean unconditional love or earthiness & wisdom to you? Depending on that, choose aster or morning glory as your tattoo!

September Birth Flower Aster Tattoo

Quite like the flower roses, thinking of Aster brings bright colors to mind. An Aster flower tattoo that represents love and wisdom, it makes us realizes that good things can be dark and beautiful too.

September Birth Flower Tattoo

Birth Flower For September – Morning Glory Tattoo

Love should be unconditional and endless, isn’t it? A breathtaking symbolic and visual representation of the thought is this colorful morning glories tattoo! Spreading from shoulder to back, we can’t get enough of its beauty!

September Birth Flower Morning Glory Flower Tattoo

October Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

The arrival of autumn, October is a mass favorite month. The birth flowers for October marigold and Cosmos, just like the season, are in subtle tones.

October Birth Flower -Marigold

Marigolds are special flowers in all cultures including Hinduism, Buddhism and Aztec. Representing the sun, a marigold flower expresses the inexorable light/power and auspiciousness within an individual.

October Birth Flower Marigold

October Birth Flower – Cosmos

Cosmos is native to America and has a big family of blooming flowers. Meaning harmony and liberty, cosmos birth flower complements the diplomatic Librans aptly.

October Birth Flower Cosmos

October Birth Flower Tattoos

Are you more of a vibrant personality or a people pleaser? If the latter, opt for marigold tattoo & if former, cosmos is the name!

October Birth Flower Marigold Tattoo

As marigold flower is known as nature’s hardiest flower they represent determination and strong headedness. What a colorful way to showcase your staunch personality trait, isn’t it?

October Birth Flower Tattoo

October Birth Flower Cosmos Tattoo

If you attract people to you, like a pink cosmos flower attracts bees, chances are you are a Libran! Featuring a pretty birth cosmos flower with intricate color details, it represents orderliness and peace.

October Birth Flower Cosmos Tattoo

November Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

As festivities are around the corner, November is a happy time for most people. Mimicking the joyous spirit of the people is the most blissful & November’s birth flower – Chrysanthemum.

November Birth Flower – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum connotes happiness and liveliness in all cultures except Japanese. Some scholars suggest Chrysanthemum to be a floral expression for long, lasting love.

November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum

November Birth Flower Tattoo

Chrysanthemum is a great way to announce that you love you life! Make sure your birth flower tattoo is as cheerful as the month itself!

November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum tattoos are done to typically represent good times. Featuring a tea pot and purple Chrysanthemums, we think this Chrysanthemum flower tattoo exceptionally captures celebratory essence of the month!

November Birth Flower Tattoo

December Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning

The liveliest time of the year is December! And just like the celebrations, December birth flowers Holly & Narcissus are bright and full of life.

December Birth Flower – Holly

Obviously, the Christmas flower and the birth flower of December – Holly represents celebrations and bliss. Not everyone know that it also represents prosperity, good luck, foresight and courage.

December Birth Flower Holly

December Birth Flower – Narcissus

Last birth flower of the last month of the year indicates optimism and inspiration. Giving someone narcissus would typically mean sending good vibes. However giving them to a loved one would mean – they are the one!

December Birth Flower Narcissus

December Birth Flower Tattoos

Who doesn’t love the happy month of December? Already a jovial time, it makes a double treat if you are born in the month too! Just ensure your tattoo is equally high spirited!

Birth Flower For December – Holly Tattoo

Designed in green and red, this Holly flower tattoo screams Christmas and happy vibes! Though hollies are typically used for decorative purpose, they represent good fortune and prosperity.

December Birth Flower Tattoo

December Birth Flower Narcissus Tattoo

Known for this trumpet-like center, Narcissus flower is a symbol for faithfulness and positive vibrations. And this minimalist tattoo design captures the meaning behind the flower oh-so-aesthetically!

December Birth Flower Narcissus Flower Tattoo

Birth Flower Tattoos With Name To Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Wouldn’t you want to bless your life with the auspiciousness flowers hold? Or simply express a lot about yourself even without actually saying it? If yes, the best way to do it is by getting a tattoo with birth flower! Now that inking is on your mind, here are birth flower tattoos with name, here are some dope designs worth considering:

January Birth Flower Carnation Tattoo With Calligraphy

You can never go wrong with lettering and flowers. And this carnation tattoo is testimony. Just like the first month of the year, the tattoo is sure refreshing.

January Birth Flower Carnation Tattoo

Violet Birth Flower Tattoo With Lettering

Who said birth flower tattoo should be accompanied by a name? Featuring a violet birth flower tattoo with the word passion, it portrays that a tattoo can be anything YOU believe in!

Violet Birth Flower Tattoo With Name
@Kelsie Trujillo

Typography Iris Flower Tattoo With Name

What better way to express your fondness for someone than getting a tattoo of their birth flower with her/his name on it?

Iris Birth Flower Tattoo With Name

Birth Flower For March Daffodil Tattoo

If you would like birth tattoos with names to be low-key, this design is a great inspiration. Showcasing a daffodil in black with name, a simple tattoo for simple people!

March Daffodil Tattoo

April Birth Flower Daisy Tattoo With Name

Losing a loved one is never easy. But you can carry their memory with you now and forever by getting their birth tattoo in their favorite color!

April Birth Flower Daisy Tattoo With Name

Sweet Pea Birth Flower Tattoo With Cursive Name

Nothing gives a mom more joy than her children! If your children mean the same too, this is a great birth flower tattoo idea to give an ode to motherhood!

Birth Flower Sweet Pea Tattoo With Name

May Birth Flower Lily Of The Valley Tattoo Idea

If you love your family, say it out loud and proud with a perfect tattoo! We’d sure call her lucky as all her important people have the same birth flower!

Lily Of The Valley May Birth Flower Tattoo Idea
@Sheri Baker

Birth Flower Tattoo For June Rose With Name

What happens when the name of the person you love the most meets the symbol of love? A masterpiece is born! A tattoo as enduring as your love…perfect!

Birth Flower Tattoo For June
@Nothando Khumalo

Calligraphy July Birth Flower Water Lily Tattoo

As water lily stands for harmony, if a person in your life is the calm to your chaos, this is a cool birth tattoo to dedicate to them!

July Birth Flower Water Lily Tattoo Name

August Birth Flower Gladiolus Tattoo With Name

A symbol of strength i.e., gladiolus birth flower on the support system of your body i.e., spine is a well-conceptualized thought. The best visual representation of grit, indeed!

August Birth Flower Gladiolus Tattoo With Name

Birth Flower For September Aster Tattoo

Aster is the highest form of symbolism to show your unrequited or lost love towards someone. A great tattoo concept for lost loved ones.

Birth Flower For September Aster Tattoo

Marigold Tattoo With Name For October Born

If you see your loved one sailing through the toughest situations and yet not complaining, they’re marigolds! Appreciate their resilience with a tattoo as cheerful as them.

Marigold Tattoo With Name For October
@Kathryn Nagle

Birth Flower For December Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Just like how Chrysanthemum is the life of the floral paradise, if someone is the angel of your life, ink their name!

December Birth Flower Tattoo Chrysanthemum


December Birth Flower Holly & Narcissus Tattoo With Name

You know how suddenly everyone feels better around the holiday season? If you have a human version of Christmas AKA happiness, show your gratitude towards them with birth flower tattoos!

December Birth Flower Holly & Narcissus Tattoo

Minimalist Family Birth Flower Tattoos For Showing Your Love

If family means everything to you, channelize your love for them through this unique tattoo. A bouquet of birth flower tattoos of your family members, the coolest way to keep your family bonds tied, forever!

Bunch Munch Family Birth Flower Tattoo

A colorful birth tattoo for a family of 6 placed under on the ankle, this petite tattoo design is a masterpiece. High on details and emotions, it can definitely be your first tattoo.

Family Birth Flower Tattoo

Kaleidoscopic Birth Flower Tattoo For Family

If unconventional is your thing, this is a flower birth tattoo design worth bookmarking! Placed across the upper thigh with birth flowers of 5 family members, an eccentric piece of art! Wouldn’t be wrong to call it a thigh band tattoo too!

Birth Flower Tattoo For Family

3D Birth Flower Tattoo For Family Of 7

The ones who are as obsessed with details as they are with their family will love this family tattoo. Placed from wrist and below, an extraordinary tattoo for a family for 7.

3D Birth Flower Tattoo For Family

Dazzling Family Birth Flower Tattoos

If just like your scotch, you like family birth flower tattoos with a twist, this one will be an instant hit. Featuring a mélange of dreamcatcher and birth flowers of respective family members we can feel positivity oozing from it already!

Birth Flower Tattoos For Familly

4 Places to Buy Fresh Birth Flowers Online

Just like how getting a birth flower tattoo holds profound value, so does gifting a birth flower bouquet. We mean, wouldn’t you love if someone gave you – an April born, a bouquet of fresh daisies? Order fresh birth flowers online from any of these 4 places and surprise your loved one in a meaningful way.

Florists’ Transworld Delivery

One of the oldest online flower delivery services in USA, FTD offers same and next-day delivery. Just enter the zip code, date of delivery, choose your flowers and you are done!

Pro Flowers

A subsidiary of FTD, Pro Flowers also lets you order flowers online. You can choose from their wide range of birth flowers or customize your bouquet as per the occasion.

The Bouqs Company

A new-fangled company from California, The Bouqs Company promises freshness and prompt delivery. As the bouquets are directly curated from farms, they last longer in the receiver’s home.

1800 Flowers

A company with a cool name that sends fresh flowers to any doorstep in USA on the same day! They have a variety of gifting options, just in case you’d like to add on something with the bouquet.

4 Specialist Birth Flower Tattoo Shops To Get Inked

When getting a special birth flower tattoo, you certainly don’t want to risk goofing it up. Research well about the tattoo studio or pick any of the ones listed below for a non-regrettable tattoo:

Wonderland Tattoos

Birth tattoos are extremely tricky. But that wouldn’t matter if you choose to get inked here! A tattoo shop known for its intricacy, ideal if detailed design is on your mind.

Address : 7020 SE 52nd Ave, Portland, OR 97206, United States

Tenderfoot Studio

Looking to get birth flowers tattoos that are contemporary? This is the place to be! Located in Brooklyn, LGBTQ+ friendly, a quality-focused studio with expert tattoo artists.

Address : 199 Cook St #103, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States

Vestige Tattoo Studio

When realistic birth flower tattoos are on your mind, no tattoo studio in USA is better than this one. A cutesy studio with killer aesthetics and creative tattoo artists, they will bring your all your tattoo ideas to life.

Address : 574 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

Atelier Eva – Havemeyer St

If ambiance matter to you as much as your birth flower tattoo, this place is the best. A gorgeous place with great tattoo artists, they promise a relaxing and positive tattoo experience.

Address : 29 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

What do flowers symbolize in tattoos?

Typically flowers in tattoos symbolize personality traits like fierce, lively etc., or state of mind like peaceful, seeking new beginnings etc. Additionally, they also help to express/communicate feelings to someone important to us in a way that no other asset can. For instance, if someone gets a tattoo with exotic flowers like lily of the valley, it could mean reuniting of love or luring luck in love.

Why do some months have two birth flowers?

Birth flowers were coined during the Roman times. Sometimes, two flowers bloomed in the same month and were used together to adorn the birthdays of Roman gods. This is why, some months have two birth flowers.

Is getting birth flower tattoos lucky?

That absolutely depends on your mindset. Getting a tattoo as per your birth flower can feel extremely invigorating. With this, follows a positive attitude and the willingness to manifest affirmative things. We think all this creates a cascading effect to induce luckiness! So long story short, we think birth flower tattoos are lucky!

Can men get a birth flower tattoo?

Of course! Anyone can get tattoos with birth flowers and that too in a variety of colors. In fact, you could also get a tattoo with birth month flowers of your entire family or only your partner/child!

Birth Flower Tattoos Are Here To Stay!

If you are still contemplating whether or not to get tattoos with birth flower, we say do it! They are extremely personalized and incredibly expressive. The best part you can get these tattoos in any size, of any color and on any part of your body…ultimate versatility! Also, just an afterthought – instead of getting a random flower tattoo, wouldn’t it be better to get one that holds a deeper meaning?