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62 Amazing Shoulder Tattoos For Women To Look Trendy This Year

Get the perfect shoulder tattoos for women that expresses your style. With a variety of tattoo ideas to choose from, you're sure to find the right shoulder tattoo design for you.

cute shoulder tattoos for women

Shoulder tattoos for women are catching a lot of attention and rightly so! Being placed on one of the sexiest parts of the body, it is a great choice for women who want to show off their spicy side.

The best part about shoulder tattoos for females is that you can flaunt them with almost anything. Whether you wear a basic off shoulder top or a strappy dress, shoulder tattoos can make any ordinary look a class apart!

Are you still contemplating getting under the needle? Here are 62 unique tattoo ideas on the shoulder for you to unleash your elegant & erotic personality!

What This Post Covers

62 Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos For Women That’re Sure To Enchant You

Be it accentuating your neck or contoured your collar bones, shoulder tattoos for women can do it all. No matter what your preference is – feminine or fierce, bold or low-key, these shoulder tattoo placements and designs will blow your mind away!

Charming Flower Shoulder Tattoo Women

Why shy away from the flower power when you can let it do the talking?! Think of getting this stunning flower tattoo in black and white or swapping it for a colorful variant.

Flower Shoulder Tattoo Women

Nemophilist Best Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Best Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Magical Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

If you have an eye for details, this mandala shoulder tattoo is for you. Meticulous in its design, this tattoo symbolizes the balance of soul and mind.

 Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

Pretty Peony Tattoo On Shoulder Top

There is something about a Japanese peony tattoo that never fails to captivate our hearts. Being a symbol for love, bravery, glory & prosperity, no wonder peonies are called the king of flowers!

Tattoo On Shoulder Top

Bella Hadid Shoulder Tattoo Design

Literally translating to I love you, my love this is an iconic tattoo donned by Bella Hadid. Inked in the most aesthetic Arabic font, it makes a romantic first tattoo.

Shoulder Tattoo Design

Purpling Flower Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Beautiful Shoulder Tattoo For Women
shoulder flower tattoo

Cute Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo Design

Do you want a tattoo that is feminine but not floral? Delicately placed on the back of the shoulder, this butterfly tattoo is a befitting answer, isn’t it? Perfect as a first-time tattoo too!

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo Design

Rosey Dosey Back Shoulder Tattoo

A mesmerizing mélange of roses and hibiscus, this is an enchanting shoulder piece. Detailed to the t, we know this tattoo design will age like a dream!

Back Shoulder Tattoo

Meaningful Small Shoulder Tattoos For Females

If you’re a big believer of affirmations, this is the perfect shoulder piece for you! Written ‘Ad astra per aspera’ translating to the stars through hardships, it serves as an aesthetic reminder for mellow days.

 Meaningful Small Shoulder Tattoos For Females
Mountain Shoulder Tattoo
Small Shoulder Tattoos For Females

Thunder Uncommon Unique Shoulder Tattoos Female

If you want shoulder tattoos for women that reflect your strong personality, this is it! A symbolic representation of there is no lighting without thunder, spiritually it means all good things come after the worst ones.

Unique Shoulder Tattoos Female
Blackwork Shoulder Tattoos Female

Hearty Small Tattoo On Shoulder For Women

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, we say wear it like a tattoo instead! If you believe in the magic of love, we wouldn’t be surprised if you instantly spark a connection with this design!

Heart Small Tattoo On Shoulder

Ornamental Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos For Women
Ornamental Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Marilyn Monroe Skull Tattoo On Shoulder

This shoulder arm tattoo is more than an ode to the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe who died young. It symbolizes that life is too short and unpredictable to not enjoy it to the fullest.

Skull Tattoo On Shoulder

Big Sketched Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Beauty is in the details of this meticulous rose tattoo. Showcasing a black rose in its full bloom, the poetic interpretation of this shoulder tattoo is – all things are beautiful!

Rose Shoulder Tattoo For Women

One-Word Shoulder Tattoo For Women

One-word tattoos for women have never failed to melt our hearts away. Especially this design in cursive that reads temporary – because well, what in life isn’t? A beautiful reminder to live the life we get only once!

Popular Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Fly Birdie Tattoo On Your Shoulder

Slowly and steadily we all learn to fly, don’t we? A fascinating display of this proud moment is this super intricate back shoulder tattoo design. An imagination brought to life by one of the finest tattoo artists to inspire you!

Bird Tattoo On Your Shoulder

Waves Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos For Women

For some waves are associated with dreams and for others with the Aquarius or Pisces zodiac sign. Whatever your interpretation is, this gorgeous tattoo meets every symbolism spectrum!

Waves Shoulder Tattoos For Women
Quotes Shoulder Tattoos For Women
shoulder tattoos for women

Chained Black Rose Tattoo On Shoulder

Do you know what makes rose a popular tattoo design? The fact that roses define a woman so aptly – soft yet protective, different types yet all pretty. Embrace your womanhood with this striking tattoo!

Rose Tattoo On Shoulder

Lettering Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Nature Matching Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Matching Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Graffiti Shoulder And Chest Tattoo

Some tattoos are composed, some are cool. Well, this one is both! An alluring blend of peonies and graphical art that covers shoulder and chest, we can’t get over its modest design.

Graffiti Shoulder And Chest Tattoo

Powerful Lion Shoulder Tattoo

The thing about women is that they can be feminine and fierce at the same time! Outlined in a colorful floral arrangement, this lion tattoo shows precisely that!

 Lion Shoulder Tattoo

Flamboyant Tiger Tattoo On Shoulder

Courageous, battling patriarchy and relentless, every woman is a tiger in her own unique way. Time to roar your brave side ladies, go get this top of the shoulder tattoo right away!

Tiger Tattoo On Shoulder

Black And Gray Tattoo On Shoulder

Getting a shoulder tattoo is a good idea especially if you intend on inking a full-fledged arm sleeve later. Mimicking shoulder armor but in floral, this tattoo will definitely attract a lot of eyeballs.

Black Tattoo On Shoulder

Crescent Moon & Bird Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Crescent Moon Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Leafed Up Across Women Shoulder Tattoo

Leaf Shoulder Tattoo

Minimalistic Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have never been out of style and chances are they never will be! Entwined in a rich history & topped with immaculate detailing, this is a truly unique tattoo and placement!

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Blue Daisy Shoulder Tattoo Idea For Women

A popping blue daisy in a naturally calming hue on women’s shoulder is hard to miss. This is why we are totally crushing on the simple yet sophisticated design of this shoulder tattoo.

Daisy Shoulder Tattoo Idea For Women

Matching Little Hearts Shoulder Tattoo

Hearts Shoulder Tattoos For Females

Plum Blossoms Cross Shoulder Tattoo Women

Plum Blossoms Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Floral Lines Classy Shoulder Tattoos

Floral tattoos for women have been quite a rage lately. And given its oh-so-delicate aura why wouldn’t they be? If you’re someone who has a penchant for minimalism, this design should be on your must-get tattoo list!

Floral Lines Classy Shoulder Tattoos

Queen B Front Shoulder Tattoo

A simple way to remind yourself of the queen you are every day is to get a tattoo. Something as beautiful as you, something like this queen tattoo!

Queen Front Shoulder Tattoo

3D Butterfly Popular Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Black Bling Shoulder Tattoos

We say why get only one stunning shoulder when you can get two? A classic line tattoo design positioned right on the shoulder blades, an eye-catching placement, isn’t it?Black Bling Shoulder Tattoos

Crescent Moon Child Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Moon Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Sassy Shoulder And Arm Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos for women are extremely versatile and this design is proof! Extending from the back shoulder to neck & arm, it makes an enchanting depiction of resilience.

Shoulder And Arm Tattoo

Bouquet Tattoo On Shoulder Cap

This is not an ordinary floral shoulder tattoo. Precisely placed on the shoulder blades and detailed to perfection, an extraordinary piece of art!

Bouquet Tattoo On Shoulder Cap

Lotus Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Best Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Nautica Celtic Shoulder Tattoo

Nautica Celtic Shoulder Tattoo

Deadly Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Who said dragons gotta be big and ugly? Placed on the front of the shoulder, this tattoo is proof that dragons can be adorable AF!

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Ace Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Dotted Up Sexy Shoulder Tattoo

Extraordinary shoulder area tattoo placement? Check. Never-seen-before shoulder tattoo artwork? Check. Guess it wouldn’t be wrong to call this one of the sexiest tattoos for women!

Sexy Shoulder Tattoo

Cool Compass Shoulder Tattoo

Though compass is not a preferred tattoo choice among women we think it’s time to reconsider. Compass being a universal sign for travel, it’s perfect for women who love to travel.

Guardian Angel Shoulder Tattoo

Angel Shoulder Tattoo

Contemporary Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

Why stick to boring & old women’s shoulder tattoos when you can go rad with this modern design? Symbolizing the sun, it is one of those rare geometric tattoos with a deep meaning.

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Jesus Christ Religious Shoulder Tattoo

Let’s be real who needs anyone when you have God by your side? And what better way to take Jesus’ blessings wherever you go than getting a great shoulder tattoo?

Leafy Love Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women

Love Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tiara Collar Bones & Shoulder Tattoo

Collar Bones & Shoulder Tattoo

Lotus Hairpin Colorful Tattoo On Shoulder

The shoulder provides limited space. Hence, finding the right design is extremely vital yet difficult. Flamboyant, fine and floral – this is the type of tattoo that adds to the grace of your shoulders.

Colorful Tattoo On Shoulder

Ballet Dance Shoulder Tattoos For Women

They say dancing makes everyone’s soul happy and we totally agree! And getting a cutesy tattoo like is certainly the first step to soul pleasing!

 Dance Best Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Life In The Sky Illustration Shoulder Tattoo

Imagining the shoulder like the eternal sky, this design features all its elements. Featuring the sun, moon, stars and probably the muse’s lucky number, we’d say the tattoo artist has done a pretty tremendous job.

Sky Illustration Shoulder Tattoo

Fam Jam Shoulder Tattoo Idea With Dates

A family birthday tattoo collage on the back of the shoulder? Yes, please! A gorgeous shoulder placement and personalized design, perfect for women who prefer family over anything and everything!

Birth Date Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Snake  Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Though snake tattoos have a negative limelight we beg to differ. Historically speaking, snakes symbolize creative life force, change & rebirth. Time to change the narrative with shoulder tattoos for women!

Snake Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Feline Calls Shoulder Tattoo For Cat Lovers

If you are a cat parent, you’d agree that the love for them is selfless. Announce your fondness towards your four-legged friend with this small tattoo on your shoulder!

Shoulder Tattoo For Cat Lovers

Black & White Floral Shoulder Sleeve For Women

It’s rare to find an amazing shoulder tattoo that is both statement yet subtle. Striking the right balance with its monotone & timeless design, the tattoo artist has truly nailed this one!

Black & White Floral Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Florals & Faces Chest And Shoulder Tattoo For Women

If you are team florals but don’t like to go overboard with it, we’ve found the best tattoo for you! An unconventional blend of flowers, butterfly and figurine spread across your shoulder, this tattoo definitely redefines chic!

Flower Faces Chest And Shoulder Tattoo For Women

How long do shoulder tattoos take to heal?

Tattoos typically start healing within 2 to 3 weeks. However, this is tentative period is only the outer layer of the skin. Complete recovery can take up to 6 months depending on the complexity and shoulder tattoo placement.

How should I select shoulder tattoo design?

Though getting a getting is a completely personalized choice, here are a few guidelines to help you select the right design:

  • Personality: As a tattoo is an extension of you, look for shoulder tattoos that your character aligns with the most. For instance, if you are a minimalist person, a small tattoo for shoulder will be ideal for you!
  • Pain endurance: Higher your pain tolerance, more intricate can be the design of your tattoo.
  • Future tattoo goals: Pick designs keeping in mind your forthcoming tattoo steps. Let’s say you intend on getting a full arm sleeve later. So, shortlist a shoulder tattoo design that would pair well with it.

How much do shoulder tattoos for women cost on average?

Be it shoulder or any other tattoo placement, its cost varies with:

  • The location of the tattoo studio.
  • The expertise of the tattoo artist.
  • The complexity of the tattoo design.
  • The number of sessions required to complete the tattoo.

We strongly recommend not choosing the design based on budget. Because we believe shoulder tattoos are an ornament, something you will wear & flaunt with pride, for life!

Tattoos for women have been around for centuries now. Though back then they were used for diverse purposes. Present-day shoulder tattoos for women are synonymous with styling, artistic expression, and a sense of pride!

Though a tattoo is one of the coolest thing you can get for yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind. Choosing the right tattoo artist is non-negotiable. As the artist has the power to make or break first your tattoo experience, always research and pick the one you’d trust with your life.

That said, we hope this guide has given you all information and inspiration you need to get the shoulder tattoo of your wildest dreams!

A lot goes behind inking jaw-dropping shoulder tattoos for women. From creating a fine design to outline stenciling & then finally free handing on the skin, getting a tattoo is a laborious process. However, the end result is always worth the time, pain and money!