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87 Iconic Chest Tattoos For Men And Women Inked For Life

Don't settle for ordinary boring tattoo designs, get inked and show off your striking chest tattoos for men and women

Chest Tattoos For Women And Women

Chest tattoos are an enigma that look sexy, cool, and totally badass on both men and women. Inking your chest is considered the ultimate form of self-expression as chest tattoo symbolizes fearlessness, power, and inner strength.

Unlike the other parts of the body, what people get etched on their chest is often said to hold immense significance and affection for them as the chest tattoos are close to the heart.

Whether big and bold like The Rock’s or petite and beautiful like Miley Cyrus’s, whatever your chest tattoo desire, we bring you all the deets here.

We promise this blog will unravel all the mysteries and questions associated with the chest tattoo and help you emerge smarter and discover chest tattoo ideas, placements an everything about it!

What This Post Covers

Trending Chest Tattoos That You Might Like

Getting a tattoo on the chest might be an easy decision but determining the design is a tough call! There are so many enthralling options available to choose from that one gets utterly confused.

So, we narrow down the search with top chest tattoo designs categorized based on the size and placement ideas and bring you 87 amazing tattoo designs for instant inspiration.

Timeless Chest Tattoos for Men

There are some tattoo designs that are always in vogue regardless of fashion trends. These symbols have acquired a deep meaning that resonates with men and makes them desirable.

Let’s check out a few such evergreen designs.

Roaring Lions Chest Tattoo

Lions represent confidence, strength, and courage, all qualities that are attractive to men! This tattoo idea completes the connotation of “king of the jungle” with an etched crown.


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Winged Warrior Chest Tattoo

What’s more intimidating than a ninja warrior men full chest tattoo? This powerful black work tattoo is impressive and sends a forceful message.

Winged Warrior Chest Tattoo

Dragon Half Chest Tattoo

Symbolic for protection, good luck, and power the dragon tattoo is a hot favorite. It is also an excellent idea for half chest tattoos for men as you can play around with variations and extend it up to the sleeve as well.

Eagle Chest Tattoo For Men

This bird of prey makes for a popular men’s chest tattoo idea. The elegance and fearlessness denoted by this magnificent bird makes it worthwhile to sport on the chest with pride.

Eagle Chest Tattoo For Men

Quote Tattoo On Chest

Getting inked with quotes or sayings that one firmly believes in makes for meaningful simple chest tattoos for guys. The tattoo location can be on the top or bottom of the chest as well as on the sternum.

Quote Tattoo On Chest

Family Chest Tattoo

Getting names of family members or their silhouettes is another prevalent chest tattoo idea. It signifies heart-felt devotion and loyalty towards your loved ones that will last forever.

Family Chest Tattoo

Sacred Heart Chest Tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoo

Oriental Blooms Men Chest Tattoo

Oriental Blooms Men Chest Tattoo

Elephant Chest Tattoo

Elephants Chest Tattoo

Pet Dog Chest Tattoo

Pet Dog Chest Tattoo

Big Ideas For Small Chest Tattoos For Men

If you want are keen to get a chest tattoo but do not want a bold one that uses the entire chest area, then you have the option of getting a small chest tattoo. It is quicker and preferred by many for inking something significant and valuable.

Rose Small Chest Tattoo

Roses are the eternal affirmation of love and affection! This beautiful rose tattoo might be small in size but conveys a momentous feeling for the wearer.

Ideal for those who like to keep it small and simple!

Rose Small Chest Tattoo
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Small Snake Chest Tattoo

Highlight your collarbone with this amazing snake tattoo placement idea. While the tattoo design might be simple, its innovative placement is what sets this small chest tattoo apart from other similar designs.

Small Snake Chest Tattoo

Stag Chest Tattoo

A majestic stag with your date of birth is a cool small chest tattoos for men! This tattoo is placed in a manner that ensures visibility in most outfits, making it a good choice for those who like to flaunt their work of art.

Stag Chest Tattoo

Cross Tattoo on Chest

Cross Tattoo on Chest

Leaves of Peace Tattoo

Leaves of Peace Tattoo

Black Mens Chest Tattoos With Spunk

Rippling chest muscles provide the perfect base for chest tattoos. Chest tattoos for black men can range from black & grey tattoos to bright hues that accentuate the skin.

Rose With Scroll Chest Tattoo

A rose, a scroll, and a date make for the ideal romantic tattoo, right? Get this beautiful half chest tattoos inked on your chest as an ode to a memorable date and a special someone.

Rose with Scroll Chest Tattoo

Dragon Mask Japanese Chest Tattoo

A stunning piece of art, this dragon mask tattoo is perfect as a chest tattoo for black men. The shading needlework enhances the attractive appeal of the tattoo making it much desirable!

Dragon Mask Japanese Ches Tattoo

Cobra Kai Chest Tattoo

Taking a leaf from Hawk in the popular Netflix series Cobra Kai is this winged tattoo. This slightly varied version features a crown amidst wings instead of a hawk as sported by the character in the series.

Cobra Kai Chest Tattoo

Portrait Full Chest Tattoos

Portrait Full Chest Tattoos
Portrait Full Chest Tattoos Men

Virgin Mary Chest Tattoo

Virgin Mary Chest Tattoo

Dragon Shoulder And Chest Tattoo For Men

The needlework on this dragon tattoo is surreal! Covering the shoulders and part of the chest, this massive tattoo attracts with the vibrant use of color and imagery making it a true delight to have!

Dragon Shoulder And Chest Tattoo

Cool Full Chest Tattoos For Black Men

What an absolutely cool and quirky way to use the entire chest as a canvas! This is the design inspiration to aim for when one tattoo is simply not enough and you just want MORE!

Cool Full Chest Tattoos For Black Men


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Wolf Chest Tattoo Ideas

The ferocious wolf tattoo represents spiritual protection and courage. While a wolf tattoo looks best in black, you can choose to add color to the eyes. Amber and blue are the sought-after options to add more glamor.

Wolf Chest Tattoo Ideas

Cross Oblique Chest Tattoo Design

We are completely in awe of this intricate cross adorning the oblique abdominals. It’s meant for those who like to keep their tattoo private and seek to get a meaningful chest tattoo.

Cross Oblique Chest Tattoo Design

Roses Peck Chest Tattoo

Blooming roses are alluring anywhere! This wonderful rendition of a bunch of roses seems just the apt design to beautify the pectoral muscles area, isn’t it?

Roses Peck Chest Tattoo

Tribal Polynesian Chest Tattoo

The charming design borrowed from traditional tribal motifs definitely gives off some cool vibes. If you have been hitting the gym then nothing better than this tattoo to deck up your muscles!

Tribal Polynesian Tattoo

Simple Sternum Tattoo

Simple Sternum Tattoo

Death Angel Chest Tattoo

Death Angel Chest Tattoo

The Last Supper Religious Tattoo


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Classic Wings Mens Chest Tattoo Designs

Classic Wings Chest Tattoo Ideas
Cool Classic Wings Chest Tattoo Ideas

Abstract Art Chest Tattoo

Cupid-Struck Full Chest Tattoos

Cupid-Struck Full Chest Tattoos

The Most Amazing Chest Tattoos For Women

More and more women are gravitating towards the chest tattoo as a declaration of owning their bodies and being comfortable in their own skin. Browse through this selection of vivid tattoos and pick the one that appeals most to you.

Colorful Owl Tattoo On Chest

Why limit yourself to black chest tattoo ideas for women when you can dabble with color as this brilliant tattoo shows us! The sight of the owl sitting on a flowering branch is simply fantastic and hard to miss.

Colorful Owl Tattoo On Chest

Ornamental Sun Chest Tattoo

Why not get a permanent ornament inked on your chest? Choose your own design for a sternum placement or take inspiration from this delicate sprinkling of motifs in red and black ink.

Ornamental Sun Chest Tattoo

Affirmation Quote Tattoo On Chest

In case you ever forget or the going gets tough, this little saying will remind you to value yourself always. That’s what makes this ‘love yourself’ tattoo on women’s chest a great one.

Affirmation Quote Tattoo On Chest

Goth Moth Tattoo For Women Chest

In a world obsessed with butterflies, be a moth! This totally gothic tattoo design is a 100% unique and distinct. If you are the rebel who doesn’t conform to rules, then this is the chest tattoos for female you should be getting,

Goth Moth Tattoo For Women Chest

Little Birdie Chest Tattoo

Just a little birdie dropping in to say hi! This female cute chest tattoos is what is ideal for you if you like everything sweet and nice.

Mandala Tattoo For Chest & Neck

No tattoo for women chest can match the exotic elegance bestowed by the mandala design. It is cloaked in mystery and conveys an unusual charm.

Extend the mandala chest tattoo till the neck if you are a true tattoo lover!

Mandala Chest Neck Tattoo

Skull Chest Tattoo For Women

Skull Chest Tattoo For Women

Cat Décolleté Tattoo For Chest

Cat Chest Tattoo

Quirky Lightbulb Small Chest Tattoos

Small Chest Tattoos
Small Rose Chest Tattoos

Queen Crown Women Half Chest Tattoos

Crown Women Half Chest Tattoos

Women Half Chest Tattoos

Feminine & Girly Female Chest Tattoos

For women who like to embrace their femininity, girly tattoos are a preferred choice. Flowers, cute cartoon characters, and nature inspired designs are amongst the elements that fall under the category of girly tattoos.

Blue Rose Tattoo On Chest

The herald of imagination and creativity, a blue rose tattoo is for the free-spirited! Get this tattoo to attain a mysterious allure and stand apart from the common array of red rose tattoos.

Blue Rose Chest Tattoo

Feathers & Birds Chest Tattoo

This girly chest tattoo is ideal for those who want a colorful tattoo that is elegant and feminine. The subtle use of colors and ideation behind the tattoo make it a class apart.

Feathers & Birds Chest Tattoo

Calm Buddha Small Chest Tattoo

Invoke calmness and tranquility with this Buddha tattoo. The lucidity of the design is a treat to the eyes and gives off relaxed vibes.

Calm Buddha Small Chest Tattoo

Fluttering Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly Chest Tattoo Ideas

Leafy Chest Piece Tattoo

Leaf Chest Tattoo For Women

Rare & Unique Small Female Chest Tattoos

A unique tattoo is one which has some personal significance and is created with design inputs that hold some meaning to the wearer. Check out these distinct tattoo designs and mix them with your own ideas for a truly exclusive tattoo.

Moon Cycle Small Chest Tattoo

What could be more nature inspired than the cycle of the moon? If you are a believer of the moon’s influence on human moods and emotions and feel connected to this celestial body then say it with this distinct tattoo.

Moon Small Chest Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo On Chest

The Medusa tattoo is rarely seen on women but is considered an apotropaic symbol that wards off negativity. The line work of this fabulous tattoo will leave you stunned!

Medusa Tattoo On Chest

Mother Of Dragons Chest Tattoo Design

How about harnessing the strength and power of dragons with this small chest tattoo? The simple and clean lines and artistic use of color seems to bring the dragons to life!

Dragons Chest Tattoo

Spooky Chest Tattoo Ideas

Spooky Chest Tattoo Ideas
Spooky Chest Tattoo Idea

Text Art Chest Tattoo

Text Art Chest Tattoo

Simple Between Breast Tattoo Designs

Considered risqué by some, the cleavage tattoo is just the thing you need to add some spice. The cleavage is an unusual place to get a tattoo and it’s this uncommon placement that enhances its appeal.

Here’s a few ideas you can try out for a cool cleavage tattoo.

Mini Cleavage Chest Tattoo

A cleavage tattoo idea that borrows from religious symbols to create a delicate design. The aligned motifs cover the cleavage area well without being over-powering or tacky.

 Cleavage Chest Tattoo

Small Petals Of  Rose Chest Tattoo

A rose tattoo never gets old! It might be the most common design but you can make it unique by placing it on the cleavage and adding a few variations like the flapping petals as shown in this design.

Rose Petals Small Chest Tattoo

Moon Side Breast Tattoo

Sleek, minimal, and oh so sensual! The side breast is an intimate and personal space to get tattooed.

The crescent moon denotes growth and fertility and is always a dependable choice for a cute small side breast tattoo.

Moon Side Breast Tattoo

Dragonfly Cleavage Tattoo Design

Dragonfly Cleavage Tattoo Design

Cleavage Snake Chest Tattoo

Snake Chest Tattoo

Sternum Tattoo Women Will Love

If you are confused by the jargon, sternum refers to the flat bone that runs through the middle of your chest. It has now become a desirable area for tattooing despite the high pain associated with it.

If you can bear the ache then sample these gorgeous sternum tattoo ideas.

Chakra Chest Tattoo Ideas

This unique sternum tattoo is amongst the most innovative and beautiful designs we have come across! The meticulous placement and uniformity of the tattoo fits beautifully in the sternum area.

Chest Sternum Tattoo Women Ideas
Sternum Tattoos For Women
Sternum Chest Tattoo Ideas

Lettering Chest Sternum Tattoo

This design proves that the right font can do wonders to a lettering tattoo! Placing letters under each other instead of sideways is an apt way to fully utilize the space with a meaningful small sternum tattoo.

Sternum Tattoo For Women

Unalome Sternum Tattoo Idea

A spiritual emblem of Buddhism, the unalome signifies each person’s life path. It certainly makes for a thoughtful idea for those looking for a minimalist sternum tattoo.

Graphic Flower Tattoo On Chest

Flower Chest Tattoo

Peony Vase Sternum Tattoo

 Flower Sternum Tattoo

Unicorn Chest Tattoo

Get the mythical unicorn inked on your chest if you have faith in in freedom, purity and magic! This bright and bold tattoo is insanely gorgeous and one-of-a-kind.


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Wise Owl Chest Tattoo

A fierce look in the eye and pretty roses underneath the wings gives a stylish makeover to this owl tattoo. Envision how awesome it will look when you wear a tubeless dress!

Owl Chest Tattoo

Libra Zodiac Tattoo

Giving a lovely twist to the traditional Libra symbol is this incredible tattoo. If the idea of displaying your zodiac sign as a tatt appeals to you then go for this unusual art piece.

Libra Zodiac Tattoo

Quote on Ribs Tattoo

Is there a saying that resonates deeply with you? Then why not get it tattooed on the rib area as this uber cool tattoo shows us.

In case you’re wondering, fuori controllo is Italian for ‘out of control’.

Quote on Ribs Tattoo women

Geometric Half Chest Tattoo

Geometric tattoos like this one look splendid when inked on the décolleté area. They give the appearance of a fine neck piece and ensure that you never miss the presence of jewelry!

Geometric Half Chest Tattoo

Fairy Butterfly Chest Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Chest Tattoo Ideas
Butterfly Chest Tattoos

Bumblebee Minimalist Tattoo for Chest

Minimalist Chest Tattoo

Words Chest Tattoo Ideas

Words Chest Tattoo For Women


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Small Lion Chest Tattoos

Leo Sign Small Chest Tattoos
Small Lion Chest Tattoo

Fiery Dragon Cleavage Tattoo

Fiery Dragon Cleavage Tattoo

Pure Heart Small Chest Tattoo

Sacred Heart Small Chest Tattoos

Flowers & Heartbeat Breast Tattoo

Flowers Heartbeat Breast Tattoo
Flowers Breast Tattoo

Understanding The Various Aspects of A Chest Tattoo

When getting a chest tattoo there are various factors that on must consider, like:

  • Placement: Given the large canvas that the chest presents, you must decide where you want the tattoo made. There’s the option of covering the pectoral muscles, rib area, below the breasts, on the sternum, and sides of the breast. This is entirely a personal preference depending on the visibility you desire.
  • Pain Threshold: Tattoos done anywhere on the chest area are painful. But amongst the placement areas as listed above, the sternum gives the most excruciating pain since the needle works almost directly on the bone with just a tiny layer of skin shielding you.

This makes even small chest tattoos here hurt a lot. Also, the nipples and breasts are extremely sensitive areas and thus prone to feel more painful.

  • Care & Maintenance: The first few weeks are crucial for any new tattoo, and especially chest tattoos. You will need to shower with care, avoiding the chest area and avoid swimming. Sleeping on the side or chest is a complete no-no with new tattoos. 

You will have to sleep on your back with pillows on either side to avoid rolling over. Also, sleep topless for a few days to allow your skin to breathe and aid the healing process.

chest tattoos for men and women
Chest Tattoos For Men And Women

Outfits To Make Your Chest Tattoo Shine

Some people like small chest tattoos that are in intimate places only visible to them and their partners. But if you are eager to flaunt your body art then a few wardrobe changes will certainly help.

Deep neck tops, unbuttoned shirts, and V-neck tees are perfect for parading tattoos on the sternum, cleavage or décolleté areas for both men and women. Women can also wear bralette, spaghettis, or strapless dresses to show off full chest tattoos that are more widespread and span across the chest.

Chest Tattoo Salons For The Perfect Tatt

Full chest tattoos require a high level of skill and expertise. It is best to trust only reputed tattoo salons to ensure you get it right!

Here are our picks for a safe and amazing tattooing experience.

Fame Tattoos: You will find some truly eclectic and bizarre chest tattoo design ideas here. Definitely a great place to get colorful chest tattoos!

Address: 1409 West 49th St. Suite 1, Hialeah, FL 33012

Iron Palm Tattoos: This tattoo parlor has some raving reviews about the meticulous tattooing they do. They have a bevy of artists to choose from to conceptualize your design.

Address: 249 Trinity Ave SW Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

Embassy Tattoo: Whether you desire realism, color, black & white, script or any other design, their artists are adept at providing what you need.

Address: 1762 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States


Chest Tattoo FAQ

Plenty of questions in your head about the daunting chest tattoo? Worry not because we asked the experts for you! Read on.

What should I wear for my chest tattoo appointment?

For men, a loose t-shirt/sweatshirt or a shirt is ideal when getting a chest tattoo. For women, a low-cut spaghetti top, bralette or a tubeless top will be convenient. You can even opt to wear a sports bra with a loose top that you can remove during the tattooing.

How much would a chest tattoo cost?

Full chest tattoos are time-consuming due to the area covered and require more than one sitting. As a result, they are quite expensive and you can expect to shell out somewhere between $600 and $2,000 for them.

Small chest tattoos and half chest tattoos will be in the range of $150 to $500. These prices are just an approximation and the actual cost will depend on the complexity of the tattoo.

How much time will a chest tattoo take?

The average time for a small or half chest black tattoo would be between 3-6 hours, while full chest tattoos will take 12-16 hours for completion. The actual time will depend on the expertise and speed of the tattooist and the patience you show!

Do remember that full chest tattoos are never done in one sitting and you may need two or more appointments.

Can tattoo ink spoil my clothes?

Tattoo ink spreading over clothes is a common occurrence especially with chest tattoos. Therefore, it is recommended that you leave your expensive clothes at home and dress up in old tops for your tattoo appointment.

Which activities must I avoid after a chest tattoo?

Overstretching of muscles near the tattoo must be completely avoided for at least one week after getting tattooed, which means giving the gym a rest. Also, do not indulge in strenuous activities that can lead to sweating which hampers the healing process.

Swimming or any activity that subjects the tattoo to water is a complete no-no for at least a week or as suggested by your tattooist.

Is a chest tattoo a good option for first timers?

As the experts will tell you, chest tattoos are time consuming, painful, and need great care. Therefore, it is best to stick to less painful places like the arms for your first tattoo to get a better understanding of the process.

The Precious Ink On Your Chest

Chest tattoos are certainly a prized possession for anyone. They are testimony to your resilience and ability to withstand pain to achieve what you want.

Remember to refer to the chest tattoo ideas and expert information we have summarized in this blog when you decide to get inked on your chest!