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51 Light Pink Nails Design & Idea For The Manicure Loving Women

From pastels to bold colors, we've got the perfect light pink nails design ideas and nail polish suggestions for the trendy women.

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Every woman has been tempted to get light pink nails at her salon appointment. And why not? This light shade is strong on the prettiness quotient and is adored by women regardless of age.

Strongly associated with femineity, the light pink color is the personal preference of many. The soft glow of light pink nails sparks feelings of innocence, romance and compassion.

The versatility of light pink nails is enhanced by their ability to suit any skin tone. This universal nail color makes olive skin glow, fair skin appear brighter and beautifully complements dark skin tones too.

So, if light pink nails are your pick this time, then browse through our lookbook for the hottest, cutest, and most elegant light pink nail ideas.

What This Post Covers

51 Light Pink Nails Idea You Will Love

Ready to see the endless variations and patterns you can get in pink nails? Sample these trending designs and take your pick.

P.S. You will even find useful tips to help you create the chosen nail design at home!

The Wishful Light Pink Nails Design

Every bit about these pink and clear nails is so dreamy! The use of 3D glitter and butterfly nail decals stirs up quite a drama.

Do retain the white marble nails as shown to achieve the full effect!

 Light Pink Nails Design

Light Pink French Tip Nails

For those who find the usual boring, here is a twist to the French manicure. Instead of the regular white, get the nail tips done in a shade of pink that you like!

To make short nails appear like longer nails, do an extended French manicure that goes along the sides of the nails.

Light Pink French Tip Nails

All Shades of Pink Nail Art

Everything pink is such a cool theme for nails! Sample these light pink coffin nails done in the Ombre technique. Use silver nail sticker rolls to get the metallic highlights as seen here.

All Shades of Pink Nail Art

Dreamy Pale Pink Nails

Pale pink looks absolutely attractive on any nail shape. Try this gorgeous matte nails look accentuated by the use of foil stickers to add extra oomph.

Pale Pink Nails

Luscious Hot Pink Nails

The wild cousin of light pink, hot pink spells boldness! To balance the brightness, opt for this design which alternates a fully painted nail with French tips nails.

Hot Pink Nails

Bright Pink Nail Idea

Bright Pink Nails

The Allure Of Soft Pink Nails

Sink into the pastel bliss of soft pink nails with this heavenly design. The right base color, combined with a stroke of shimmer leads you to this perfection!

Soft Pink Nails

Light Pink Acrylic Nails To Desire

Super long nails are definitely eye-catchy. These Christmassy nails attract with their thoughtful design and gracious use of glitter.

Light Pink Acrylic Nails

The Bliss Of Pink And Gold Nails

Bright pink & gold is a match made in heaven! Simply prep the nail with your choice of pink and press gold foil over it. Finish off with a glossy top coat for a cool look.

Pink And Gold Nails

Pink Swivels Nail Art

The raised texture swivels makes these light pink coffin nails so desirable! You can go freehand with the swivel designs and tweak them to your liking.

Pink Swivels Nail Art

Barbie Pink Ombre Nails

The transition from pink to peach and mauve is so subtle in this beautifully executed two accent nails Ombre! You can keep the color transitions different on each nail for a cool look.

Pink Ombre Nails

Paw Print Pink Nails

Paw Print Pink Nails

Snake Pink Nail

Who doesn’t like happy sparkles floating on their nails? All you need is nail stickers and confetti to ace this look at home.

After prepping nails with a base coat, use a toothpick or wax pencil tip to carefully place the confetti on the nail tips. Simple as that!

Confetti Pink Nail Idea

Pink Nail Idea With Rhinestones

Keeping the base basic pink and the tips white, decorate your nails the way you want with fancy rhinestones. Follow this look for rhinestone placement and shapes inspiration.

Pink Nail Idea With Rhinestones

Sweater Light Pink Nails

The sweater light pink nails are such an alluring technique when done right! See how wonderfully the embossed texture makes the delicate pink nail look truly divine.

You can use acrylic powder to achieve the effect.


Sweater Pink Nail Design

Must-Have Shade of Pink Nails

How enchanting is this pink with hints of gold? And super easy to achieve too! All you need is the right pink nail polish, gold gloss flakes to sprinkle on it, and a top base to seal the look.

Must-Have Shade of Pink Nails
Light Pink Nails @just.deleris

Cute Baby Pink Nails Ideas

Using a darker shade of pink polish as the base and painting the tips in a lighter pink makes for such an adorable look. Use white polish to hand-paint simple abstract strokes on your nail tips.

Cute Baby Pink Nails Ideas
Cute Baby Pink Nails Designs

Floral Pink Nail Color Design

How this light pink nails design personifies elegance! Once you paint your nails in the lightest baby pink hue, just stick on a few flower stickers in muted shades to replicate this idea.

Floral Pink Nail Color Design

The Fashionable Nude Nails

Glossy, clean, and barely there clear nails! These are the nails to get if you are seeking the softest and right pink shade.

The Fashionable Nude Nails

Quirky Pink Shade Nail Design

Checkered, flames, swivels, there’s everything in these mismatched light pink nails idea. You can initiate this quirk or do your own different designs on each nail and rock the look.

Quirky Pink Shade Nail Design
Pink Nails @anayeliacrylics

Feisty Pink Glitter Nail

A chirpy shine in golden makes these nails glow from within. You can get these sassy nails with glitter by using sparkle infused nail polish painting your nails pink and applying a separate coat of gold polish.

Pink Glitter Nail

Exquisite Rosy Nail With Swarovski

Hints of blurry roses on one nail looks so romantic and classy in this nail art. The dreamy pink base is apt to highlight the glow of the Swarovski crystal.

Rosy Nail With Swarovski

The Vivid Pink Heart Nail Art

Cartoon nails are all the rage right now. An easy hack to achieve the perfect black lines is to paint the nail black first and later put two coats of pink on the entire nail except for the edges!

Pink Heart Nail Art

Water Marble Heart Pink Design Nails

Water Marble Heart Pink Design Nails

Spooky Pink Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails with a spooky design are certainly a deadly combination. Nail stickers are a quick and easy way to get the ghost face while the other patterns can be made using a striper brush.

Pink Stiletto Nails
Pink Stiletto Nails @monique_prettyparlor

Dalmatian Waves Pink Gel Nails

If you can make these white waves yourself then more than half the job is done for a DIY. The black spots can easily be achieved by dipping a toothpick in p polish!

Pink Gel Nails

Perfect Light Pink Coffin Nails Design

Light pink nails look so darling when you get the colors right! This pink French manicure is such an inspiration for the exotic use of the perfect light pink and baby pink shades.

Light Pink Coffin Nails

French Mani & Light Pink Nails With Glitter

Shimmer and shine with this combination of the subtle French manicure with sparkly pink glitter. For this dense twinkle look, apply multiple coats of pink glitter nail polish along with some individually placed sparkle pieces at the bottom.

French Manicure & Light Pink Nails With Glitter

Lacy Pink Nail Trends

What’s more girly than lace and pink together for the best light pink nail? It is extremely simple to get these nails using ready-to-put lace nail stickers and your pick of pink nail polish.

Pink Nail Trends

Short Light Pink Party Nails

Short nails can be party perfect in a jiffy too! See how the use of glitter in a sparkly eggshell pattern transforms these plain nails into short light pink brilliance.

Short Light Pink Party Nails

Flowers & Butterflies Pink French Nails

Butterflies Pink French Manicure

Pink and White Nails With Design

Take the popular pink & white nail a notch higher with this easy-peasy design. The attractive dotting art sued to create the wildflowers on long nails is rustic yet stunning!

Pink and White Nails

Pink Short Nails With Colorful Glitter

Another fantastic way to get the best pink & white nail design on short nails. The intricate use of carefully placed glitter at the nail tip and base is what steals the heart!

Pink Short Nails With Colorful Glitter

Simple Pink Square Nails

This pink and white nail design looks so elegant and is really easy to reproduce on square nails! The ideal milky white nail paint and two different shades of pink nail polish will do the trick.

Get your hands on a detail brush to draw lines like a pro!

Pink Square Nails

Precious Pink Nail Art

Precious Pink Nails

Pink And Purple Square Nails

The vertical Ombre in this nail look is a masterclass in the Ombre shading technique! The merging yet distinct pink and purple shades give the nails a delightful appearance.

Pink And Purple Square Nails

Freestyle Black Nail Art On Pink

Black Nail Art on Pink

Oh So Natural Pink Nails

Nails so natural they look like second skin! The faint wispy lines these nails feature at the top give a surreal look to the perfectly natural-looking base.

Natural Pink Nails

Long Light Pink Charm Nails

Prepping for a special event? Make it even more dazzling with this bedecked nail design. Lots of 3D flowers and rhinestones go into making it a sparkly show-stealer light pink nail idea.

Long Light Pink Nails
Light Pink Nails  @lastylenailsspa

Glossy Shade of Pink Nail Design

Shine bright with this glossy pink nail design featuring cute hand-painted evil eyes. Pick chrome or mirror powders to get the extra gleamy shine in your nail color.

The evil eyes can be done using nail stickers instead of hand painting.

Glossy Shade Of Pink Nails

Rainbow Design With Light Pink

Rainbow Design With Light Pink

Light Pink Almond Nails

Light Pink Almond Nails

Light Pink Butterfly Nails with Foil

Pink Butterfly Nails

Frosty Light Pink Sugar Nail

A sugar manicure is the next big thing! It is shimmery and gives you the perfect diva nails in any shade of light pink.

You can do it at home using sugar manicure kits that come with dipping powders and activators.

Light Pink Sugar Nails

Pink And Silver Chrome Nail

The sheen of silver chrome nail paint is unbeatable in a manicure! Get this metallic finish on the tips of the nails while keeping the base in a soft hue of light pink.

Pink & Silver Chrome Nail Art

The Light Pink Nail Polish Design

Can’t decide on one pink shade and want them all? Then this pretty idea of using pastel pinks together will definitely mesmerize you.

Light Pink Nail Polish Design

Christmas Pink  Matte Nails

Christmas Pink Matte Nails

Surprise Marble Nail Art

A graceful marble art on one nail stands bright as accent nails amongst a sea of pink in this design. The contrast of the marble effect breaks the monotony of the pink while giving you a stunning style.

Surprise Marble Nail Art

Water Droplet Pink Nail Art

The water-droplet art on one set of long nails and simple pink sheen on the other makes for an interesting visual. Try it out if you are a fan of unusual and edgy designs.

Water Droplet Pink Nails

Artsy Hot Pink Long Nail Design

Isn’t this mélange of metallic purple, matte pink nails, and glossy pink nail polish a sexy combination? The cocoa mug and Christmas tree ornaments stickers add to its hot vibe.


Nail Salons To Visit For Your Favorite Pink Nail

These are the places to visit to get the perfect nail art design done on your nails. Remember to indulge in a bit of nail care too to keep your nails happy.

Prestigious Nails Lounge: Offering both nail care and beauty services, we were enamored by the plethora of pink design nails on their website! Go here to indulge in some super fancy pink nail art.

Location- 7210 Barker Cypress Rd #400, Cypress, Texas 77433

The Nail Studio: Mani, Pedi, Nail Art, Extensions, this place has everything for keeping your nails pampered and stylish. If you want nails with design then this is the place to be!

Location- 6111 Lyons Road, Suite 103, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

light pink nails
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Nail Artists for a Pink Manicure

We bring you two super-talented nail artists who are rocking the manicure world with their creativity.

Kukla Nails: You will spot all the latest nail trends ‘nailed’ on their Insta feed. Definitely an artist to consider if you happen to be in Miami and want to prettify your finger

Instagram Handle- @Kuklanails

Renee Nailz: This NY-based artist creates magic on nails with her ingenious art. Check out the incredible designs she has done and you will be a fan too!

Instagram Handle- @reneenailz

Say Yes To Light Pink Nails!

The pink shade was, is, and will always be a show stealer. With a light pink nail color, you can design nails any way that you want. This nail color gives you the freedom to be and to express. Remember, pink nails may be everywhere but they will never go out of fashion! Hope you find the lookbook useful for your next nail design!