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53 Almond Shaped Elegant Trendy Almond Nail Designs To Try

Looking for trendy almond nail designs ? Check out the collection of elegant almond shaped nails from professional nail technicians

elegant trendy almond nail designs

Trendy almond nail designs are a girl’s best friend! This versatile shape is easy to maintain and signifies a person who is modern and up-to-date with trends.

Depicted by an elongated nail with tapered tips, the almond nail shape keeps your fingers looking feminine and chic. No wonder renowned celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann describes the almond nails as sexy, slenderizing, and strong!

The almond nails are an excellent option for those who like longer nails but find the upkeep of the coffin or stiletto shapes a nightmare. Almond nails require much less care while looking equally gorgeous whether short or long.

So, if you are ready to commit to the flattering almond nail shape in your next manicure then we got you covered! Presenting some stunning almond nail designs carefully picked for their inimitable style and aura.

What This Post Covers

Hot Almond Nail Designs To Consider In 2023

Let’s get you started on some cool designs for your next cute nail with useful tips on how to achieve the designs.

Sunny Yellow Almond Shape Nails

The elegance of the lovely almond-shaped nail design is accentuated by a simple coat of bright yellow nail polish. The combination of a chic nail shape and a classy color creates a timeless design.

Almond Shape Nails

Floral Vibes Short Almond Nails

The beauty of this shape is that almond nails look amazing even when short. Like these French manicure short almond nails that have been spiced up by using sparkle and nail accessories.

Short Almond Nails
almond nails

Christmassy Elegant Almond Shaped Nail

Christmas nails might be seasonal, but they are so fun! Get this white-on-white nail design using two different shades of white and beautiful Christmas nail decals of your choice.

Almond Shaped Nail

Party Time Long Almond Nails

Using pink and blue glitter nail color as a base you can easily recreate this design. For the nail toppings, use stickers and accessories in different shapes and fill up the space!

Long Almond Nails

Frosted Nude Almond Nails

Infuse some fun into nude long almond nails with this frosty glitter nail art. You can replicate this artwork at home using frosted nail colors from any brand.

Nude Almond Nails

Sophisticated White Almond Nail Design

Keeping the base nude, do some artistic doodling on your nail with precise brushes to achieve this subtle nails. It is a simple yet trendy almond nail design.

 White Almond Nails

Truly White Almond Nails Idea

White almond nails epitomize classiness! This graceful nail idea is so unfussy yet conveys elegance.

All you need is the right shade of milky white and a beautiful floral water nail decal.

White Almond Nails Idea

Halloween French Tip Almond Nails

What a cool idea to do French tip in the colors of the season, like this Halloween fantasy! For Christmas, you can choose red and green, and the Fourth of July celebrations can be red, white, and blue!

French Tip Almond Nails

Forest Fever Green Almond Nails

The use of textures and design is so prominent in these nails! The deep green nail hue and painted mushrooms lend a unique touch to the nail art.

Green Almond Nails

Electric Blue Almond Nails Design

This powerful blue nails color is certainly impressive! The white nail with the fun designs of swivels balances the intensity of the blue with some softness.

Blue Almond Nails

Summer Short Acrylic Almond Nails

This watercolor design is simply breathtaking on short acrylic nails! Best to get them done by an expert nail artist to achieve the dreamy effect.

Summer Almond Nails

Classy Almond Marble Nails

We love how the marble design is used in an abstract manner on small portions of the nail rather than covering it entirely. It gives off an exquisite aura when combined with the gold sparkles.

Almond Marble Nails

Trendy Pink Almond French Nail

The extended French technique is further highlighted by the use of metallic nail strips as outlines. Since this design does not require clean lines, you can absolutely try this at home!

Almond French Tip Nail

Terrific Tortoise Almond Shaped Nails Design

Tortoise nails are so hot right now! These two are the designs to try for lovely variations in tortoise nails.

One is apt for partying, while the other is beautiful for every day.

 Almond Shape Nails
Almond Shaped Nail Designs
Trendy Almond Nail Designs   @mirians.nails

Simple Almond Nail With Swivels

It doesn’t get simpler than this! Get creative with two nail colors of your choice and a fan brush to create the swirly swivels.

Simple Almond Nails

Elegant Almond Plaid Nail

Plaid is so chic for a subtle nail art idea! Take help from this stunning nails in a matte sage green color with one nail decked up in a lovely plaid pattern.

Elegant Almond Nail

Floral Bling Red Almond Nails

Walk like a star with these bright red almond nails! Use an angled brush to create the pretty flowers and stud them with Swarovski crystal for some bling.

Red Almond Nails

Eggshell Pattern Pink Almond Nails

Recreate the gorgeous eggshell light pink nails design in  for a cute look. The feminine color is super versatile and apt to carry to work or party.

Pink Almond Nails

The Lovers’ Cute Almond Nails

Excited to be in love? Announce it to the world with this uber-cute nails featuring your and your partner’s initials!

Cute Almond Nails

Zodiac Almond Purple Nails

Almond Purple Nails

Witchy Black Almond Nails

Isn’t the combination of black and deep maroon totally bewitching? Use a 3D brush to create the raised line pattern design on each nail.

Black Almond Nails
Elegant Black Almond Nails @kayydidmyset

Rainbow Matte Almond Nails

Surround yourself with color with these sexy almond nails design. The diverse but cohesive color palette is both cool and striking!

Matte Almond Nails

Seaside Fantasy Almond Ombre Nails

Ombre nails is one of the favorite nail style, especially when done in two contrasting colors. The pink and aquamarine shades look absolutely divine together.

After all, who doesn’t like pink almond nails?

Ombre Almond Nails

Gingerbread Man Pastel Almond Nails

Pastel is always pretty, and this style proves that! The beautiful green pastel base has been stamped with the gingerbread man motif to create a festive design.

Pastel Almond Nails

Chirpy Blue And White Almond Nails

Blue And White Almond Nails

Truly The Best Almond Nails Design

Best Almond Nails Design
Best Almond Nails

Glossy Natural Almond Nails

After 27 trendy almond nail designs with oomph, it is time to try a natural nail look! Nude nail polish imparts a nice and clean look to the nails while keeping them gleaming.

Natural Almond Nails

Almond Nail Design Ideas With Bows

Almond Nail Design Ideas
Almond Nail Design Idea

Hot Summer Trendy Almond Nails

You will not be able to take your eyes off these luscious bright summer nails! They spread summer cheer with oodles of color and fun vibes.

Elegant Trendy Almond Nails
Summer Trendy Almond Nails

Classic French Manicure Almond Nail Design

Nothing beats the timeless elegance of a classic French manicure. The almond nail shape is just apt for this design.

 French Manicure Almond Nail Design

Gold Accent Almond Nails

It’s amazing what a stroke of gold can do to simple nail designs! This enchanting half-painted nail design looks exponentially prettier with just the addition of a golden highlight.

Gold Almond Nails

Cow Print On Almond Shape Nails

Cow print nails are such a signature style among the many nail art! You can experiment and move over the usual black-and-white color combination with this shimmery nails.

Almond Shaped Nail

Pearly Popular Almond Nail Designs

Almond nails are usually versatile but you can reserve this eye-catchy design for the most special occasions! Simply stick on some pearls at the nail base to get this dreamy effect.

Popular Almond Nail Designs
Popular Almond Nail Design

Chocolate Mocha Almond Nail

Chocolatey hearts on your nails are so tempting! An easy to mimic design that uses only dual nail paint shades and a few heart nail stickers to decorate the almond shape.

Mocha Almond Nail

Cotton Candy Almond Nails

Chrome nails are fantastic especially when done using the Ombre effect. These glazed nails with a petite silver snowflake design at the tip of the nail are definitely pleasing to the eye.

Cotton Candy Almond Nails

Jingle Bells Almond Nails

Thinking of holiday nail trends? Look no further than this charming nails done using colorful crystals.

The hanging bells style is so fresh and unique, isn’t it?

Jingle Bells Nail Design
almond nail designs

Almond Hello Kitty Nails

A treat for Hello Kitty fans, these acrylic almond nails rely heavily on 3D nail charms to achieve a cutesy look. Designs like these make you feel childlike again!

Almond kitty Nails

Orange Glory Almond Nails Idea

Orange is such a refreshing choice and one of the prettiest colors. It’s not a color you see often, but when you do, you sit up and take notice!

Accentuate the orange tone by decking up the base of one nail with little pearls/crystals.

Orange Almond Nails Idea

Water Droplet Nail

You definitely don’t need nail tech to get this design right! Just grab a water droplets gel nail polish and create artistic wonders on your pretty almond nails.

Water Droplet Almond Nail

Candy Cane Hearts Nail

This candy cane nail design gives such a sweet twist to the almond French mani ! The candy cane shape can easily be done with the help of a good detailing brush for the almond French tips.

Candy Cane Hearts Nail

Pale Lilac Almond Nails

The graciousness of the pale lilac hue looks chic and feminine. The iris flower sticker is certainly the show-stealer in this design.

Pale Lilac Almond Nails

Autumn Almond Nails Idea

The marble effect created in soft brown tones is absolutely endearing. Get a shader brush to achieve this brilliant effect on your nails.

Autumn Almond Nails Idea

Croc Nails Art

Alligator nails are the perfect nail fashion. The interesting croc print in different hues makes for a spell-binding texture that’s perfect for a glamorous nail.

Croc Nails Art

Half Moon Almond Nails

The deep burgundy shade looks glorious in this half-moon nails. You can use binder whole reinforcement stickers to get the semi-circle right on longer almond nails.

Moon Almond Nails

Smiley Almond Nails

Do your nails smile back at you? They will, with this sweet nails!

Recreate this design using a dotter brush to make the small flowers and eyes of the toad.

Smiley Almond Nails

Bejeweled Almond Gel Nails

Almond Gel Nails

Brown Sugarland Nails

Brown Sugarland Nails

Black Swirls Classy Edgy Almond Nail Design

Classy Almond Nail Design

Nail Polishes To Complement Your Trendy Almond Nails

Almond nails are often seen in plain colors. To ensure that your elegant trendy almond nails are perfect and pretty, grab these two nail paints.

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish: Available in amazing nude nail colors, this nail color will give you a nail salon like finish at home. Keep it around for the times you feel like flashing the natural nail.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel: They have an amazing range of trendy options, but nothing beats the classic look of red color. Try the shade Red Eye to make your nails look sassy.

Choose Almond Shaped Nails For Your Next Mani

Almond is amongst the popular nail shapes for trying out various nail manicure ideas. It allows you to choose different designs from simple and elegant to bright and flashy! Whether you choose ombre nails or French nails, you can never go wrong with the classy almond shape. It is a shape that has survived decades of nail fashion and established its supremacy!

So, whatever your preference for nail lengths, the almond nail ideas listed above will certainly entice you with their creativity.