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50 Awesome White Nail Designs And Nail Ideas You Should Try

Get ready to turn heads with our top picks for white nail designs! Find your next go-to white nail ideas inspiration and try out these trendy white nail arts today.

White Nails ripesocial

If you think you can avoid the white nail designs trend, think again! Fancy, sassy, decorated nail designs are everywhere, from your Instagram feed to your next-door neighbor’s fingers. Maybe it was Jennifer Lopez who initiated the trend with her rock-sized engagement ring and nails adorned in pearly white polish? Or the TikTok movement promoting white nail designs as a sign of your single status? But the nail experts have spoken, and white nail design is what you should be asking your manicurist for in your next salon visit.

What This Post Covers

Are White Nail Designs For You?

The short answer is yes! White nail design are for everyone and every outfit. An epitome of purity, the color white is flattering for any skin tone. Regardless of the shape or length of your nails, white polish will make them look classy and elegant.

Another reason to love white is that it goes with every outfit. Just like nude shades, this universal hue matches all outfits from beach wear to party wear and everything in between. White nails are also a great canvas for experimentation with designs, colors, and textures.

The white nail design trend is so much more than just coloring your nails in white nail polish. If you’re raring to jump on the white nail art bandwagon, be creative with color tones, textures, designs, and patterns. We bring you fifty trend-setting ideas to get you started. Try them out and you’ll have enough patterns to last months!

Keen to know more about the white nail design fad? We got you covered! Below is a detailed account of everything you need to know about white nail arts. From design ideas to care tips, this is all the information you need.

The Simple White Nail Designs

If you’re all about following trends to the T but like to keep it simple, then these all-white nails are just what you need! Although you can try them out in various nail shapes, we think the timeless square works best here.

Simple White Nail Designs

The beauty of clean, crisp, and simple white nails is heightened by some glitter in this nail art. It conveys a classy subdued elegance that’s a good match for anyone!

Very Simple White Nail Designs
@ white_nails_atyrau

The ‘Hailey Bieber’ Nails

Stay fashionable and in vogue when you wear this glazed doughnut design which was popularized by model Hailey Bieber at the MET Gala. The iridescent finish will make your heart melt!

Hailey Bieber Nails

White Coffin Nail Designs

You can keep up with the white nails trend and yet be party-ready with this design. The monotony of white is broken by highlighting with sparkling rhinestones art for a glamorous look.

White Coffin Nail Designs
@pink_white nail_spa_miami

Your killer looks will have company in these fascinating white coffin nails! An amalgamation of textured and plain nails makes this one a true winner.

White Coffin Nails

3D Flower White Nails

Check out the supremely dressy flower sitting pretty on the pink and white gradient nails. It’s a true picture of serenity and a testimony to the artist’s expertise!

White Flower Nails
@pink_white nails_spa_miami

Abstract White Nail Design

We love the understated elegance of this beautiful DIY nail art design! It keeps the essence of the white nails trend intact while making you stand out at the same time.

Abstract White Nails
@ white nails space

White and Silver Nail Design

White and golden nail paints come together to create a surreal symphony on your nails as depicted by this design. Keep the base color simple in a pearly white and allow the chrome tips to radiate their sheen.

White and Silver Nail Design

Easy on the eye and pretty on the bling, this white and silver nail design scores high on the fashion quotient. Beware, it could be your next obsession!

White and Silver Nails

Floral Design White Nails

Instead of decking up all your nails in art, keep it elegant by wearing nail arts on one or two nails. Choose from abstract or floral prints to create a playful impression.

Floral White Nails

Short White Nail Designs

Create a fun and sophisticated look with these strawberry nails. It’s a super cute white nail design if you have short nails and are looking for interesting motifs to amp them up.

Short White Nails

Short nails too can sport the latest trends! Follow this design to keep them attractive and stylish.

Short White Nail Designs

Rainbow White Nails With Dots Design

Who knew just splattering a few dots on white nails could get them to look so stylish? It’s chic, totally do-able, and easy to maintain too!

Rainbow Dots White Nails

Grey White Nails Linear Design

The grey and white colors used in this design are perfect to convey subtle and sober. If bold is your thing then just swap the grey with a neon nail paint!

Grey And White Nails

White Confetti Glitter Nails

Mix-and-match is always in fashion, be it clothes or make-up! Bring it to your nails too by mixing the white nail design with some silver sparkle. It adds drama to the look and makes it super-interesting.

Glitter White Confetti Nails

Sparkles Blue And White Nails

If keeping one nail entirely sparkly is a bit much for you, then adopt this look instead! A tiny sprinkle of glitter at the nail base goes a long way in making the white nail trend your own!

White And Blue Nails

Gold And White Nails

There’s no denying the allure of gold! Touch your simple milky white nails with a hint of golden and make your own fashion rules. This look has elegance written all over it!

Gold And White Nail Design

Paw Prints On Pearly White Nails

We can’t take our eyes off the super-adorable paw prints in orange popping so beautifully on the white nail paint. And that sliver of silver outlining the edges just elevates the trends game!

Pearly White Nails

Pink And White Nails Idea

Break the rules and make your own by painting each nail up to different lengths. Sprinkle some glitter on the longest nail and you’re ready to recreate this look in your inimitable style.

Pink and White Nails

Holographic Glitter Almond White Nails

The cutesy holographic glitters intensify the white nails with shimmer and sparkle. Perfect to oomph up a regular dress or complement a party outfit.

Glitter White Nail design

Egg-Shell Art Nails

Egg-Shell nails can be done in any color, but look the best in white .This art combines the egg-shell design with morning dew nail jewelry for extra oomph.

Egg-Shell Art Nails

White-On-White Nail Ideas

To achieve this sensational design, just use different tones of white nail paint. Grab the various tones and textures available in white nail paints and unleash the artist in you.

White-on-White Nail Idea

This nail art shows how stunning white on white can look! The gorgeous swivel pattern on stiletto nails will make you swoon.

White-on-White Nails

Bejeweled White Toe Nails

Why should finger-nails have all the pampering? Try out this ornate look for your toe-nails and be chic from head to toe!

White Toe Nails

Aztec patterns are the rage right now! The intricate design showcased in this nail art is both quirky and charming.

Green White Toe Nail Designs

Hybrid White, Red, and Starry Nails

This style totally conveys that you want to follow the white nail trend but do it differently! Infuse your personality into your nails with this absolutely quirky and eclectic pattern.

White, Red, and Starry Nails

Beach Side Design White Nails

Finally, a nail art that speaks your mind! A cool idea for beach-lovers, this art is totally in sync with the white nails trend with an artistic twist.

Beach Side Design White Nails

Heart Cute White Nail Design

Celebrate the child in you with this white nail design featuring two adorable cartoon characters painted with expert precision using gel paint! Don’t miss the stenciled snowflakes enhancing the look.

Cute White Nail


What’s cuter than polka dots? Adopt these retro nails with white and black polka dots and a petite pink heart to complete the theme.

White Fishnet Nail

Put stamping to good use to generate this intricate fishnet design on your nails. The use of shimmer boosts the pretty design and truly makes it shine!

Fishnet White Nail

Easy White Nail Designs

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeves, paint it on your nails instead! An uber-cute look that works best on a gel base.

Hearts Design White Nails

Airbrushed Gold And White Nails

These golden and white nails are absolute perfection. The ballerina shape accentuates the various techniques employed to achieve this ideal design.

Gold White Nails

Pattern Nail Obsession White Design

If patterns are your thing, then you’ll love this white nail design. You can use stencils or nail art stickers on a few nails while painting others in a pristine white.

Pattern White Nail idea

Pink And White Nails

Liven your white nails up by alternating them with a color of your choice.  Decorate the alternate color with a doodle or pattern in white color to bring the look together. Use the pink and white color tones shown here for inspiration.

Metallic Pink and White Nails

Decorate your nails with these wildflowers pink and white nail design for a feminine grace. They are definitely a head-turner when painted on almond shaped nails.

Pink White Nails

Twisted French Manicure White

Consider it a French manicure but with yellow tips rather than white and white nails rather than plain! Sounds fun? Try them on and feel the chic vibes.

White French Manicure

White Bedazzled Nails

Nothing like white to bring out the beauty of the colorful tiny stones, right! See how they blaze brightly in the creeper-inspired design. A look that’s simple and exquisite!

White Bedazzled Nail

Black White Flashy Tips Nail Idea

This is a cool trend that’s catching up quickly. Leave the base of the nail nude and beautify the body and tip with color. The boho combination of black and white looks ethereal as always.

White Tips Nails

Designer Manicure White Nail

Consider your nails a canvas and follow this brilliant rendition for nails that match any outfit. The use of the nude space after treating the nail with French manicure is super trendy and exotic!

Designer Manicure White Nail

Multi-colored Abstract White Nails

This one steals the show with its sophisticated choice of colors and creative depiction. The mélange of pink, grey, and white makes for a lovely palette and an animated design to cheer up the white.

Multi-colored Abstract White Nail Design

Lucky Number White Nail Art

Believe in lucky numbers? Then have them painted on your nails with this exciting nail art design. It’s just your iconic manicure but with a number painted on the tips.

Lucky Number White Nail

Nail Quote White Design

A stunner for those who prefer cute white nail design, this one is for keeps! The sprinkling of words on the nails looks cute and catchy.

Nail Quote White Design

Summer Plans Nail Art

The beauty of pristine white is elevated with a splattering of pink and golden in this eye-catchy design. This one is sure to fetch you tons of compliments!

White Summer Nails

Happy Dots White Nail Polish

How cute is this nail art? The subdued pastel-colored dots peep out from under the crisp white gel nail paint to lend a peppy feel.

Happy Dotted White Nails

Butterflies Aquarelle Nail

Achieve this beautiful blue butterfly’s design by using the water color technique. It gives a shiny color on the gleaming shimmer white base of the gel nail paint. Blends well with any attire too!

Butterfly White Nails

White Tropical Vibes Nail Design

These striking nails require significant expertise to achieve the results. The almost real looking coconuts make for a truly magnificent design for your next tropical vacation.

Tropical Vibes White Nails

Elegant Black And White Nails

A white nail art that will mesmerize you with its sheer grace. The black glitter nail paint perfectly complements the brightness of the white. We are totally taken by the precise lines and wonderful use of white stones to accentuate the look.

Black And White Nails

White Gothic Nail Art

The wavy French manicure style looks fabulous in black and white. Using gold paint in asymmetrical swivels to highlight the division between the black and white colors works like magic!

Gothic White Nail Designs

White Accent Nail Color

An easy nail art when you have to attend a wedding but missed your manicure appointment! Simply stick on a silver nail accent on clear white nails and you’re done.

Accent Design On White Nail

White And Gold Foil Marble Nail Art

A precious marble design in cream and gold that is savvy for any time of the year. This nail art would blend beautifully with your gold ring collection.

Gold Marble White Nails

White Summer Nails

A sophisticated take on the water bubble designs sweeping the internet. The rainbow effect of the bubbles makes your nails look fresh and dewy.

White Summer Nails

Evil-Eye Totem White Nail

Keen to ward off all the envious gazes on your impeccable fashion sense? Get these evil-eye nails with colorful totems decorating a pristine white base.

Evil Eye Totem White Nail Design

Acrylic White Nails

No matter the season, your nails will always say spring with this tasteful design. These nails are the perfect accompaniment to a floral dress.

Acrylic White Nails
Acrylic White Nails @shelysnails

Designer nails don’t need to be flashy and bling! They can be simple and adorable like this frosted nail idea featuring an ice-cream cone art.

White Acrylic Nails
Long White Nail Designs @shelysnails

White Wedding Nail Designs

Saying yes is easier when you have these pretty nails in mind! The use of marble effect, rhinestones, and accents make these nails much coveted for a beautiful bride.

White Wedding Nails

Mermaid White Nail Design

Minimalist nails have new inspiration in this goldfish nail art! It’s a great design for soft nail shapes like almond or oval.

Mermaid White Nails

White Baby Boomer Nail

The tantalizing blend of pink and gleaming white makes these a perfect example of baby boomer nails done right!

White Baby Boomer Nail

Must-Have Essentials For White Nail Art

Too busy to visit the salon? Don’t want to spend a bomb on your nails? Or if you are keen to try out white nail art at home, whatever the reason, here’s a list of products that will help you achieve the perfect white nail designs at home.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color- White On

A dreamy white shade that lasts super long and doesn’t chip easily. Use it on its own or as a clear base color for white nails.

Made in Mykonos Nail Set With Stickers

Everything you need to replicate the evil-eye nail art trend is right here in this affordable kit.


A base coat is important to hide any staining and prep your nails for white nail designs. The iridescent pearls in this base coat do a good job of making your nails and tips appear whiter.

OPI Chrome Effects Nail Polish, No Cleanse Top Coat

Without a top coat your nails are prone to chipping and scratches. A good top coat like this one will also make your nail design last longer.

The Super Cool  DIY White Nail Art Kit

Add more luminosity to your white nails with these crystal rhinestones. Comes with a pencil and tweezer for easy placement.

5  To Follow White Nails Art Care Tips

White nail designs requires periodic maintenance to avert discoloration. Here’s what you can do to retain their brilliance:

  1. For mild yellowing, dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and gently rub off the stain.
  2. For tough stains, dip your nails in a concoction of lemon & baking soda for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub lightly.
  3. Hairspray is an excellent antidote if the stains are not fresh. Just spray it on your nails, wait for a minute and rub with cotton.
  4. Soaking your nails in a mixture of tea-tree oil and water is a tender way to remove stains from white nail polish.

Salons For Your Next Nail Art Appointment

Nail art DIYs are cute, but the aura of professionally done nails is unbeatable. Browse through our list of amazing salons that can help you get the white nail ideas of your dreams:

Kim’s Nails: 2126 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90016, United States

Nina Nails: 1700 132nd St SE UNIT F, Mill Creek, WA 98012, United States

Designer Nails Studio: 11382 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, United States

Nail Art & Day Spa: 1616 Cape Coral Pkwy W Unit 111, Cape Coral, FL 33914, United States

Instagram Accounts to Follow For White Nail Artists

Inspiration or imitation, whatever your goal, following nail artists on Instagram always comes handy for nail art enthusiasts. Scroll through the feed of these expert white nail artists and treat your eyes to incredible designs. You’ll find plenty of ideas both for inspiration or imitation on their feed!

Vitalika Nails (

Milica White Nails (

Pink White Nail Spa Miami (

White Nail Designer (

Are white nail designs difficult to maintain?

Compared to other colors, white does need more care. But don’t let this stop you from riding on the white nails trend. Follow our tips above for easy maintenance.

Which outfits will go best with white nails?

The beauty of white is its ability to embrace all colors! So, no matter the theme or occasion, your white nail art will rock all attires.

Are white nails trendy?

Absolutely! Don’t believe us? Check out your Instagram feed to see the spectacular frenzy of white nail designs nail artists are busy creating.

Do all white nail colors look the same?

No. The exact tone of white you achieve is determined by the opacity and the undertones carried by the white color.

All the above information is sure to have turned you into a white nail design expert! The best thing about this fad is that it appeals to women of all ages. After all, who can say no to the goodness and innocence of white?  Just permeate the trend with your own distinct style and flaunt those pretty nails.