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85 Cute Different Color French Tip Nails And Manicure Designs

Super colorful ideas to wear different French tip nails design this season . Everything you need to know how to do the perfect French manicure .

french tip nails and french manicure

Different color French tip nails are a stunning fashion statement. They are quirky, bold, and the perfect modern-day ode to the classy French manicure!

The viral different color French tip nails trend does not come as a surprise considering the timeless popularity of the French manicure ideas. By simply switching from the classic plain tips to colors and textures, nail artists were able to offer something new to their clients while preserving the basic design.

French tip nails of different colors are for those who like to experiment and create their own style. They have a fun and cool vibe that exudes infectious energy.

What This Post Covers

85 Must-Try Different Color French Tip Nails Designs

Ready to try out different color French tip nails with in your next nail art session? Scroll through these 70 French manicure nail designs and you will never run out of ideas!

The Timeless Classic French Manicure

Variations will come and go, but the eternal beauty of the classic French manicure will stay forever! The prominent white tips and clear base is a style that looks perfect on any nail shape.

Classic French Manicure
French Manicure

Thin French Tip Nails That Stun

Not only is the skinny French tip uber chic, but it also lasts longer as any growth gets disguised! To achieve this style, choose the thinnest nail brush you can lay your hands on.

French Tip Nails

Lemons & Melons Neon French Tip Nails

The Neon French tip is meant to shock. So go crazy with vivid nail color choices when getting this fashionable look.

Neon French Tip Nails

Matte Pastel French Tip Art

Pastel is always pretty, especially when done in matte. This nail art shows that you can add your own creativity in painting the tips when doing French nails.

Matte Pastel French Tip Art

Multicolor Daisy French Tip Nails

This could be a spring manicure or one that reminds you of spring! The pretty daisies are easy to do using a simple dotter brush or toothpick.

Multicolor French Tip Nails

Short French Tip Nails With Metallic Accents

This pretty nail art proves that a French mani is not just for long nails! Paint your tips in a color of your choice and give the illusion of length by sticking silver flexi tape vertically.

Short French Tip Nails

Colored French Tip Nails With Zodiac

Why not use the ample space on your extended nail tips to spell your zodiac? The ‘Virgo’ written using gold chrome powder is unique and attractive!

Colored French Tip Nails

Dual-Toned French Tip Coffin Nails

Mixing two nail polish shades is always a fun idea! The two green hues with the glitter outline make this design super classy.

French Tip Coffin Nails

Purple French Abstract Nail Design

Purple French has such a royal feel! We love how the design has been heightened by the use of abstract lines to lend a more creative aura.

Purple French Tip Nail Design

Brown French Tip Coffee Nails

The extended French tips look so dramatic on this square nail shape! The splattering of dark brown on top can easily be replicated by using nail art brushes.

Emerald Green Angled French Manicure

Green French Manicure

Orange French Tip Nails Halloween Nails

Orange French Tip Nails

Fiery Red French Tip Nails

Keeping the base white, go crazy with a tip color of your preference. We think the combination of red and white looks quite eye-catchy here and your nails may enjoy its sheen!

Red French Tip Nails

Naughty Green French Tip Nails

Good girls get green and naughty girls get this super sexy metallic version! The green chrome classic French tip looks absolutely ravishing on the almond shape nails, right?

Zebra & Cheetah Square French Tip Nails

Can’t choose one design? Then why not get both as this pretty nail art shows us!

The longer nail tips have been adorned in two different animal prints for a chic vibe.

Glittery Long French Tip Nails

Long nails can be hard to maintain but this glittery design in a soft pink hue makes them worth it! The lovely sprinkle of shimmer ensures these square nails are ready to party.

Long French Tip Nails

Fancy Hot Pink French Tip Nails

The radiance of hot pink nail color tips is enhanced by the use of tiny sparkly crystals. It’s the perfect design for a romantic candle-lit dinner date with bae.

Hot Pink French Tip Nails
pink French tip nails  @jusnailedbyjackie

Bejeweled White French Tip Nails

The raised texture of sweater nails looks divine on white French tips! Studded with nail jewelry, these could be the nails of choice for a winter bride.

White French Tip Nails


Black French Tip Nails With Charms

Black French tips can be quite intimidating but the use of charms transforms them to cute! All you need is some colorful nail stickers and black tips to get this design.

Black French Tip Nails

Unicorn Sheen Holographic French Tip Nails

Who doesn’t like their nails to shine loud? If this high-on-sheen look appeals to you then try the holographic French tips in your next manicure!

Different Color French Tip Stiletto Nails

This nail art is such a statement! The perfectly filed stiletto nails look gorgeous when painted in rainbow hues.

Stiletto Different Color French Tip Nails

Candy Shop Colorful French Tip Nails

This design definitely brings the madness to your nails! If you’re looking for an over-the-top design for the holidays, then this is it.

Colorful French Tip Nails

Celestial Stupor French Manicure With Color

Have you come across a more beautiful use of the royal colors purple & golden? These almond shaped nails look stunning coated in the sparkly color and ornate gold accents that replace the white stripe on the tip.

Color French Manicure

Into the Sunset Gradient French Tip

Lusting after gradient frenchies? Try this hot summer look created using a mélange of bright shades like orange, pink, and yellow.

Floral Yellow French Tip Nails

Queen of Hearts Oval French Tip

The beauty of the soft pointed oval nails is further enhanced in a French manicure. You can pep up the design by drawing inverted hearts instead of outlining the tips as seen here!

French Tip Dip Fall Nails

French tip dips are the latest trend at the moment. They are usually done in colors other than white.

To do a French dip, make a curved line following your nail tips and then draw a horizontal straight line across the tips of your nail.

Dip Fall French Tip Nails

The Happy French Manicure Nail Art

French Manicure Nail Art

Stiletto French Manicure Idea

The stiletto nail shape is notorious for the care and maintenance it requires. But if you are game to try it then this super fancy colored nail design does complete justice to its glory!

Marble French Tip Nails

The fancy-looking marble effect is quite an easy DIY. Just layer a few different nail polish colors and use a detail brush to get the marble effect lines!

Marble French Manicure

The Seductive Black Nail Shading

We love how the raven black color at the tips softens as it touches the nail base! These beautiful transition nails are further accentuated by using rhinestone stickers at the bottom.

Black Nail French Tip Shading

Funky Colorful French Nails

Does it look like you dipped your nails in a splattering of colors? Yes! And that’s the beauty of this distinct design that represents a cheery demeanor.

Colorful French Nails

Tribal French Tip Nail

The swirls, the dots, and the flames, all come together to create a fascinating tribal vibe on these colorful nails. Save this artistic look for your next special manicure.

Tribal French Tip Nail Design

Checkered French Nail Tips

Checkered French nail designs give the impression of well-kept and neat nails. This linear design looks good only if done with great precision, else you end up with messy lines!

Chess French Nail Tips

Sassy Strokes Cute French Tip Nails

Need a French manicure ASAP? Try this uber cute pattern that involves sketching a few diagonal lines on the nail tip and your nails would thank you if they could!

Cute French Tip Nails
French Manicure @wildernails4you

Geometric Multi Color French Tip Nails

Fond of geometric designs? Make it a French tip design with this exotic nail pattern.  Use a detailing brush to get the fine lines right.

Reverse French Tip Nails With Shimmer

As the name suggests, this design involves turning the French nails upside down and painting the nail base rather than the tip. Outlining with a glitter of your choice can be a good idea!

Reverse French Tip Nails

All Decked-Up Royal Blue French Manicure

Royal blue French tips nails are a great choice, especially for night parties. This design uses a mix of royal blue nail adornments to create a celebratory look.

Royal Blue French Tip Nails

Fruity Pleasures French Manicure Idea

Mint French Tip With Jewels

Mint French Tip Nails With Jewels

French Nail Designs In Varied Motifs

French Nail Designs
french tip nail idea
French Manicure Designs

Tropical Vibe Blue French Tip Nails

These are the nails you want to have when sipping your piña colada at the beach! The design is freehand so can easily be replicated at home. Just apt for a pop of color.

Blue French Tip Nails

Trio Of Colors On Long Nail

 Long French Tip Nail

Swirl French Nail Tips In Metallic Shine

Coating the nail silhouette in a raised metallic nail color while leaving the rest of the nail bare is such a sexy touch! This can definitely be the new French tip you always wanted.

Swirl French Nail Tips

Butterflies & V Shape French Manicure

The V shape French manicure helps elongate the nail and give it a hip appearance. Add some butterflies to it as shown here and you’ve aced the fashion game.

V Shape French Manicure

Extended Gold French Tip Manicure

The square tips make this golden Frenchie look so good! The one side extended tip and petite golden heart give this look a designer touch.

Gold French Tip Manicure

Half & Half Almond French Tip Nails

The beauty of this nail pattern lies in its simplicity and execution. The charming animal print on one side and the blue hue on the other makes sure that these French tip nails are perfect.

Almond French Tip Nails

Textured Rainbow French Tips

This colorful rainbow French is all things dreamy! The best bit is that it will complement any nail shape and look fabulous for any occasion.

Rainbow French Tip Nail

Web of White Classy French Tip Nails

The spider-web pattern looks prim and classy if accomplished neatly. Take a cue from this design to get the right effect. Trust us, these French tips will leave you mesmerized.

Classy White French Tip Nails
french tip nails white
french tip nails

Cobalt Blue French Tip Nails With A Twist

The cobalt blue color denotes calmness and dependability. When used on nails it imparts a powerful brilliance that’s unmatched by any other hue of blue.

Use this design as an inspiration to make your own free-hand style nail art.

Cobalt Blue French Tip Nails

Baby Blue French Manicure

Pastel blue is a good color to use when you want to keep your nails chic and casual. It looks best when combined with a hint of silver as seen in this inspired French nail design.

Baby Blue French Manicure

Beachy Ombre French Tip Nails

Ombre nails make everything seem cheerful! This vertical Ombre in lime green and sky blue shows that nail aren’t meant to be boring and dull.

Ombre French Tip Nails

Festive Glitter French Tip Nails

Glitter on nails is here to stay, so you might as well embrace the trend! Try this rainbow V-shape French mani that is so glitzy and glamorous.

Glitter French Tip Nails
french manicure
french manicure

Retro Polka Dotted Long French Tip Nails


Cutesy Round French Tip Nails

There will never be a dull moment in life when there’s so much color on your nails! Remember to paint the base in a glossy shade for a sophisticated effect.

Round French Tip Nails

Silver French Tips Nails In Mirror Finish

Mirror finish chrome nails can dazzle anyone with their charm! You don’t need a nail artist to attain this dripping molten metal look for colored French tips.

Silver French Tips Nails

Adorable Santa French Tip Christmas Nails

When it’s the season to make merry, deck up your nails in this cute Santa look. They are the ideal way to get into the joyous Christmas spirit. All you need is the right shade of poppy red!

French Tip Christmas Nails
Christmas French tips nails @xkittyglitternailsx

Plush Short French Tip Acrylic Nails

If you find it burdensome to carry long nails then these short acrylic nails are a great alternative. Try this subtle classic French look done on perfectly square nails.

Short French Tip Acrylic Nails

French Tip Nails Toes Edition

Toes deserve to have fun too! Gift them this delightful Ombre pedicure encrusted with crystals.

It’s sure to turn heads when you flaunt it with open-toed footwear.

Bewitching Summer French Tip Nails

A French manicure that goes around the nail is such a cute idea! The bright choice of summer nails hues makes it apt for the glowing summer days.

French Tip Summer Nail Designs
Different Color French Tip Nails  @hapihapinyan
Summer French Tip Nails

Aesthetic Ballerina Gray French Manicure

Ever considered grey for a new French manicure? The matte base against the glossy tips in the same color is definitely a conversation starter!

Lilac Love Purple French Tip Nails

The sober opulence of lilac is always spell-binding. This pretty nail looks is easy enough to mimic and lends a soft touch to the coffin nail shape.

Off-beat Lipstick Nails with French Mani

The lipstick nails are rarely seen, but so edgy to carry! The diagonal French mani looks perfectly desirable on this uncommon nail shape.

Flame Hearts Acrylic French Tip Nails

Those with long acrylic nails can definitely try this interesting flame heart design. It is young peppy and imparts a glamorous touch to the nails.

Acrylic French Tip Nails
Hearts Acrylic French Tip Nails

Paw Prints French Manicure


Butterfly Wings French Manicure Idea

If you can get the nail shape right, its half the job done! The scaly effect on the wings can easily be achieved using nail art brushes and silver striping tape.

Passion Flames Orange & Blue Frenchie

 Orange Blue Frenchie

Monochrome French Tip Nails

If you like to keep it elegant then monochrome with minimal design is the ideal choice. Take a look at this half-nail French manicure and you’ll know what we mean!

Monochrome French Manicure

French Manicure On A Starry Night

There’s no harm in having a little fun and keeping the base glittery instead of glossy, right? Dress your nails right for the evening with this simple yet super-effective evening nail idea.

Starry Night French Manicure

Candy Cane French Nails

The classy French manicure gets a festive twist with this adorable design. By highlighting the base and the tips you give more definition to the nails and a shapely appearance to the fingers.

Candy Cane French Nails

Artful French Manicure

A French manicure can also involve art, right? We love this take on the French manicure that uses water colors on nail tips to showcase life under the sea.

French Tip Burberry Nails

The iconic Burberry plaid is a stylish design to have in your French tips whether it’s 2000 or 2023. Take inspiration from this idea and start painting those nails!

Classy Long Square French Tip Nails With Pearls

Keep it simple yet pretty with this pearly nail design. The use of pearl decals lifts the fashion quotient of the French mani.

Long Square French Tip Nails
Square French Tip Nails

French Tip Gel Nails That Shine Like Sun

How wonderfully the sophistication of the white tips balances the appeal of the holographic glitters in this nail idea. Try it at home and dazzle people with your creativity!

French Tip Gel Nails
Shiny French Tip Gel Nails
Cute French Tip Gel Nails

The Difference Between French Tip And American Tip Nails

The American manicure draws inspiration from the French tips but tweaks the design a bit. The difference lies in the choice of white used on the tip of the nail, the base color, and to some extent the nail shape.

Both manicures use white tips, but it is creamier and more translucent in American manicures compared to the solid white of the French. So, if you see soft tips that look almost natural, then it’s an American manicure.

When it comes to the base, the French style uses light pink hues, while the American uses a nude/beige base color. As for the shape, round is more popular for the French and square is favored for the American tips.

While both manicures lend a sophisticated look to the nails, the decision boils down to your preference. Consider the French mani for nails that appear done up, and the American for a more natural-looking yet polished nail look.

french manicure
french tip nails

The Bling: Hand Jewelry That Best Suits French Tip Nails

Nails with nail art are fabulous but decorating them with jewelry definitely raises the bar! Rings are the ideal accessory to flaunt with a Frenchie as they lend a feminine grace to your fingers.

There are plenty of options to choose from in rings:

  • Turkish Nail rings that cover the nail in metal. Wear them on one nail only to let your nail art pop.
  • The index ring that’s like a corset for your fingers. Such rings work well as a statement piece.
  • Nail rings that wrap at the base of the nail. They come in a variety of shapes and give the bare nail a dramatic touch.
  • Stack rings that come in a set, with multiple rings being worn on one finger. They are super fun and sassy.
  • The delicate chain rings which are as subtle as the French manicure.

Here are a few tips that will help you use the rings to accentuate the magnificence of your manicure.

  • A diamond ring is an apt accompaniment to the traditional French manicure ideas. The shine of the diamonds beautifully complements the subtle grace of the nails.
  • If you are opting for colored tips then matching the tip color to the stone of the ring is a good idea. It imparts a thoughtful touch and ties the look together.
  • For French tips with patterns, go for stack rings in silver or gold depending on your choice of metal.

French Tip Nail Salons For The Perfect French Manicure

 Mainstream Nails: Their collection of French manicure styles is so 2023! Try their take on the classic French to delight your nails.

Address: 1705 E 31st Ave, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Modern Pamper Salon: You know you are in safe hands at this nail studio that has been in business for the last 11 years! Take your own design or allow their artists to suggest something novel.

Address: 4850 Vineland Ave North Hollywood, CA 91601

Ivy Nails Spa: Want to enjoy complimentary mimosas while your nails dress up? This lovely nail salon not only offers you a selection of free beverages but also pampers your nails with the very best!

Address: 27792 Aliso Creek Rd, B 120, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Try At Home DIY French Manicure Kits

We make the tricky French manicure super easy for you in this step-by-step tutorial. Learn the simplest ways to get a professional looking manicure at home without any fancy nail tools. From the pre-mani nail prep for the right shape to painting the perfect white tips, it’s all in here!

For the times that you aren’t able to visit the salon, these French manicure kits will help you achieve the iconic look in the comfort of your home.


  1. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength French Manicure Ballet Bare Kit

This handy kit comes with a pink base color and a top coat that promises protection from breaking, splitting, and cracking. The precision tip pen in the kit ensures you get a truly professional French manicure.

  1. Vishine Gel Polish French Manicure Kit Top Base Coat Set Nail Gel Color White Pink Pedicure

The French manicure is a look that demands precision. If imperfect surfaces make home manicures a pain, then this is the kit for you. This gel nail polish offers super bright white nail designs that easily last 2-3 weeks! The nail tips make it super easy to get the white curve right.

  1. French Manicure Dipping Powder Starter Kit

No UV lamp? No worries if you have this kit! The dipping powders allow you to get the brightness of a gel nail paint without the need for lamps to achieve the look. It is easy to use and dries quickly. This is the perfect kit for beginners who want French tip nail designs.

French Manicure All The Way For This Season

The French manicure has probably sustained so long due to its ability to adapt. You can have as many variations as your heart desires and play around with colors and ideas.

This globally recognized design is the epitome of sophistication. For all the times you want your nails to look voguish the French mani will come to your rescue!

Here’s hoping this design and tips guide will be useful in your endeavors to get the different color French tip nails as your next nail art!