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Shop Cider Clothing Reviews : Is The Brand Legit And Reliable?

shop cider clothing review

The fall season is finally here! And with the upcoming fall season, I could not wait to update my closet for all the celebrations coming my way this year. But, it was not practically possible for me to hop on the markets and shop for myself. Thus, the idea of shopping from online stores hit me.

But as you all know, shopping online can either be a hit or a miss. Either you will end up liking the product a little too much, or you might never want to wear it again! Finding ethical and quality websites has been such a task lately.

But being said that, on a very fine day, I was introduced to Cider. The Cider advertisements kept on popping up on my Instagram feed every time I opened the app. But, while the advertisements had me hooked up to their products, I was a bit skeptical to try on their clothing as I knew no one who had shopped from this site.

So, I decided to turn towards the cider clothing reviews to have a better idea of their products and services. To my surprise, the majority of the customers had no problem with their products. But, again, a few experienced poor-quality clothing while others faced delayed shipping!

But, these cider clothing reviews couldn’t stop me from shopping from their site. So, were they successful in hitting the perfect spot? Or, are they one of those fast fashion sites that fail to even deliver quality clothing to their customers? Read my cider clothing brand reviews to learn more about them!

What Attracted Me The Most About Cider Clothing Brand?

When it comes to shopping online, I generally find it very hard to trust them in the first place. Because let’s be practical, we don’t know much about them, right? So, I decided to figure out on own more about the brand and who owns it, what its rating is and if is successful to maintain a good rapport with its customers.

And the more I searched, the more I was elated to find out that the cider clothing brand is actually legit and authentic. The shop cider reviews I read online also screamed about their authenticity. So, the time finally arrived when I actually decided to try out the cider brand clothing for myself.

As a girl who loves everything retro and vintage, yet minimal and trendy, I have faced a really hard time to shop the perfect piece of clothing for myself. Sites such as Shein are way too expensive to invest in.

Moreover, Shein actually never intrigued me in the first place. Not only their price point is too high to digest, but their shipping and customer support are also not up to the mark. The same goes for Zara and H&M.

Though your girl has tried a few pieces from Zara and quite liked it, the expensive price point made me look for alternatives. But, things changed completely when I landed on the cider clothing brand page. Starting from sexy corsets to winter wear and loungewear and trendy bottoms, all were available at half the price of other websites. So, this is what I ended up getting for myself:

  1. Floral Trim Warm Long Sleeve Crop Top
  2. Velvet Solid Strapless Fluffy Lace Up Bodysuit
  3. Solid rib knit twist dress
  4. Solid middle-waist cargo joggers
  5. Seeing Red Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

Well, I will be reviewing each of them later and let us first focus on the cider clothing brand for a while.

shop cider clothing review

Cider Clothing Brands – Why Are They So Polular?

Cider clothing Brand is a fast fashion online shopping site who have a huge collection of different clothing. I personally loved their winter collection and the activewear range. If you are one of those who love to wear everything vintage and classic, do try cider clothing Brand once!

This fast fashion shopping site focuses mainly on trendy items and brings them to the customers at a really cheap price to make them accessible for anyone and everyone. The range of products is what mesmerized me the most.

From top celebrity fashion trends to quirky fits and comfort clothing, everything is available at cider brand clothing at a very affordable rate. Generally, shopping sites such as Zara and H&M also have these pieces, but either they are extremely heavy on the pocket or they have sizing issues.

Talking about sizes, being a girl who wears everything in M, it was pretty easy for me to find my exact size through the size chart. But one thing which displeased me about the sizes of the fits is that people with plus sizes might find it a little difficult to get a perfect size as the measurements are not accurate. Moreover, plus sizes have a different section of their own which legit is very frustrating.

But overall, I am happy about the fact that size inclusivity is now gaining momentum in the fashion industry. Compared to other sites that lack plus size dresses, cider clothing Brand has at least taken a step towards size inclusivity which makes me so happy as a customer!

Cider Clothing Brand Review

Cider clothing Brand is based in Guangzhou, China and generally focuses on womenswear, but one can also find trendy winter wear, sexy beachwear and even fashionable and chic accessories at the cider Brand site. With each category of dresses, shop cider provides quality pieces unlike any other fast fashion retail site with crappy clothes and shit quality products.

What Is Unique About Shop Cider Clothing Brand?

One thing which is really unique about the shop cider Brand as a retail online store for affordable products is their model, unlike others who have opted for a ready-to-order model for their customers, shop cider follows the made-to-order model.

As a customer who was buying for the first time, you can also face the exact same problem that I faced initially. You might find it frustrating that your ordered items are not delivered for weeks.

Well, don’t worry! That’s just because the pieces are made after one had ordered them further which they are drop shipped at your place. Well, if you ask me, this is a better option to reduce the amount of fashion waste which is becoming a thing of concern nowadays!

Is Shop Cider Legit?

Well, if you would ask for my opinion, I have found shop cider legit. But again, at the end of the day, it’s you as a customer who decides if a brand is legit or not. To put it simply, I found it more ethical and legit than any other fast fashion store.

Although I can never comment on the working conditions of the workers and if the designs are unique, I personally would love to shop again from Shop Cider brand clothing.

Shop Cider Customer Support

Well, the customer support of the Shop Cider brand is another thing which could impress me in the first place. I had a hard time understanding the size chart on the cider clothing brand page and thus, I opted for customer support!

And to my surprise, I got a reply from them within 24 hours which was really unexpected! With brands such as Zara, I never got my reply! So, shop cider ticks this box perfectly for me!

Shop Cider Return Policy

Similar to the sizing of the product, the return process is also very wonky. It took me some time to understand the thing. Luckily on my part, I didn’t do the mistake.

So, what actually happens with cider clothing returns is that they only offer you a one-time return for all your ordered dresses. You cannot return each dress brought together separately.

This is something which worries me a little as not everyone will find it easy to return the pieces that don’t fit well.

Cider Clothing Reviews: The 5 Products I have Tried

As someone who loves minimalist fashion with a little touch of quirkiness in my outfits, I started obsessing over shop cider clothing Brand every time they ran ads on my feeds.

When I finally made it to their website, I was literally elated to find pieces which were long out of stock in other online stores.

Starting from corsets to velvet dresses to sexy body cons and cute florals everything available in one place made me happy like a little child. So, here is a detailed review of the different pieces I picked up for myself from shop cider Brand.

Shop Cider Reviews: Floral Trim Warm Long Sleeve Crop Top

Shop Cider Reviews: Floral Trim Warm Long Sleeve Crop Top

Crop tops are making a statement in the fashion industry nowadays. Wearing a crop top can literally up your fashion game to a huge extent. Me personally, I love to wear them with anything and everything, be it joggers or gym wear or jeans.

They literally add a subtle hint of glam and chicness to the whole outfit. So, when I landed myself on this beautiful rust wine-colored floral trim warm long-sleeve crop top, I knew I have to get this for the upcoming fall fashion trends.

I had seen one of my favorite fashion influencers wearing this same puff-sleeved crop top at one of her shoots and since then, I was obsessing about this vintage fit. But, it was showing out of stock on every other website present on planet earth! Finally, I found this on shop cider and I couldn’t wait to try it on for myself.

For a girl like me who loves everything in darker hues, getting this wine-colored crop top in the era of pastels and nudes is such a blessing. The added collar detailing has my heart! Though I’m always a little skeptical about collars, this piece has legit hooked me onto it! And the oh–so–sweet sweetheart detailing is something I had on my wish list for ages.

This vintage crop top finally fulfilled all my wishes. Moreover, you can also see the quirky neckline detailing paired with classic button designs which are already giving me major fall vibes!

And the color is also perfect for both the autumn and fall seasons. Brown is the color of this season. But for me who is always in search of some head-turning pieces, this is something I would love to wear on a regular basis.

Other Details

Now, coming about other details of this Royal vintage crop top, what impressed me is the price point! Getting such a beautiful vintage crop top at such an affordable rate is a dream come true.

While redoing my closet for the upcoming season, I find this the most trendy yet affordable. But, something which failed to impress me is the fitting and comfort of this beautiful piece. While I would not say that you should skip it, this top is too body-hugging for me.

The mandarin collar, though looks fine in the picture, is not the same in real life. Of course, it didn’t cause me any suffocation, but it could hang been better. The color of the product is exactly same as shown in the picture.

Overall, this piece really keeps me warm and cozy this season. And I don’t mind the body-hugging thing for the colder months anyways! If you are also in search of something very vintage to give your wardrobe a makeover for the upcoming winter season, this is it. I would rate it 8/10.

My Review For Shop Cider Velvet Solid Strapless Fluffy Lace Up Bodysuit

My Review For Shop Cider Velvet Solid Strapless Fluffy Lace Up Bodysuit

For another honest cider clothing review, I picked up this extremely sexy yet elegant velvet solid strapless fluffy lace-up bodysuit to wear in fall celebrations. While bodysuits have been a thing since sometimes, a bodysuit with such a unique color impressed me the most.

I have tried bodysuits from different other brands such as Amazon and eBay, but nothing comes closer to this lace-up bodysuit. The color and the lace detailing had me from the beginning!

Colder months demand everything fluffy and lacy, and what can be a better option than this purple-colored velvet outfit for winter celebrations? The most exciting part is that you can even pair it up with straight-fit jeans and it will look extremely elegant for this season!

I even tried it with my newest bought cargo pants and they gave me such a Royal vibe with subtle hints of modern fashion. The velvet fluffy laces reminded me of the vintage era and the cargo pants added hints of modern fashion.

Well, it is needless to say, I got a lot of compliments for this extremely fashionable fit from shop cider Brand clothing.

Other Details

Talking about the comfort and sizing issues of this product, this velvet solid strapless fluffy lace-up bodysuit will suit you in any season. Be it the winter or the summer months, you can never go wrong with this celebrity-inspired fit!

Also, this dress was tagged as the most popular fit on the shop cider Brand website. And let me tell you, I have a thing for popular items! For honest cider clothing reviews, this piece of clothing intrigued me the most. But, wearing this dress has been a task for me.

Although talking about the comfort and the fit, you get really great quality product at this rate. But, I personally had to take help from my mom to fit into this dress! Also, the size M was a little too big for me.

Of course, you can tuck it inside your bottoms and wear it for a better fit, but still, it failed to impress me somewhere! Also, the color is not exactly the same as shown in the picture.

I got something between purple and lavender color. Although lavender is my favorite color for the colder months, still it didn’t make sense to spend 26$ on a product and get the wrong color.

Now coming to the lace detailing, it really increased the glam quotient of the dress. The laces are very soft to touch, yet it had kept me really warm and feeling cozy for the long term.

If you don’t mind the little uncomfortable fit, you can always get those dresses for the laces to look cute and edgy. The fabric is polyester which in anyways didn’t cause me any rashes or irritation, so it is a perfect tick for me.

I wore this for casual shopping days and also at a night out cum clubbing event to try if it goes well with every occasion. And yes! You can literally wear it anywhere and receive great compliments.

This fits perfectly with high waist bottoms. At least on my part, I never tried it with low Waist pants, so cannot comment on that. But for high-rise or medium-rise pants, you can wear this with your eyes closed!

So, my overall cider clothing review for this elegant bodysuit is you should get your hands on this for the upcoming celebrations. My overall rating for this piece is 9/10.

Cider Clothing Solid Rib Knit Twist Dress Review

Cider Clothing Solid Rib Knit Twist Dress

For another cider clothing review, I decided to try the Instagram-famous solid rib knit twist dress in the bright orange color to vibe with this season. For the cider clothing review, this dress is my best pick. With knot dresses being everywhere, I also wanted to try this for myself and find out how I look in this fit.

The length and the strap detailing had me from the first. The length is perfect for the cooler months and the strap details add an oomph factor to the whole outfit. And do you know what’s best? I’ve seen others wearing this same fit in the warmer months and they still look fun yet edgy!

For a girl like me who loves to experiment with her outfit, getting my hands on this celeb-inspired solid rib knot twist dress has been my best decision ever! One can even pair this up with lace jackets and boots to look more elegant and glam.

Although I myself was a bit afraid to try this on myself as I was not sure about the sizing, the customer support team made everything super easy and comfortable for me! For this body-hugging fit, I tried the L size for myself and oh my god!

It fitted me perfectly and the comfort! Oh gosh! I have never worn something so fitted in such comfort. This is a stellar piece! If you ask me, you should never miss this dress.

Although the price point seemed a bit on the higher end for a basic fit like this, you can wait for a sale to grab it at a low price. But again, cider clothing brand might not have the exact color. Now, the choice is yours!

Other Details

Coming to the fitting and feel of this product, honestly, I could not find any cons for this dress. I am someone who tries hard to find out the negatives and positives in something before I put up a review, but this piece of clothing has ticked all the right boxes for me!

As of now, I have not found a single con of this super elegant dress. Though it has strap details, I never faced any difficulty with the straps falling down from my shoulders.

Generally, with strap dresses, people complain about loose or too tight straps, but this product is legit beautiful and has a perfect fit!

Moreover, though it is a body-hugging dress, it never suffocated me. It can be easily tagged as a breathable fit. Also, the sweetheart neckline goes so well with the overall vibe of this dress that I couldn’t stop lusting over this since I got my hands on it!

The fabric is not too thick or neither too thin, making it perfect for an all-season dress. This is my go-to fit for coffee dates and casual wear. I would love to rate it 10/10. Just get this.

Solid Middle Waist Cargo Joggers

Solid Middle Waist Cargo Joggers

Well, my love for cargo pants is a never-ending thing! In the world of jeans and trousers, and skirts (yes, you read it right) I identify myself as a girl who loves to run around in cargo pants.

This love for cargo pants grew on me very recently when I saw someone in the fashion industry raving about them in one of her recent reels! But, what intrigued me most about this trendy bottom is the beautiful amalgamation of cargo pants and joggers in one.

Although joggers are also one of my love, getting the better of both in one was something very appealing! The moment I saw these solid middle-waist cargo joggers on the cider clothing brand website, I knew I had to get my hands on these super fun stuff for myself.

Additionally, the large pocket details not only radiate retro vibes but are also helpful to keep things safe inside. For a person like me who hates to carry bags, these pockets serve as options to keep phones and car keys safe.

Also, these cargo joggers can be worn for casual night outs with friends or for running errands- both ways seems perfect for my body type. Also, the color grey is something you would want to have in your wardrobe.

While having your closet full of trendy clothes is fine, you should always have a few basic pieces in your wardrobe. And, what can a better option for basic dresses than these cargo joggers pants? The steel grey color along with the elastic waistline is perfect for everyday wear.

Other Details

Now talking about the cider clothing reviews for this particular product, you would not want to skip this product after reading my review on the same. As already said, the basic nude grey color has my heart.

What interested me more is the pocket detailing of the cargo joggers which are perfect to carry things around hassle-free. Now, coming to the fitting and feel of the product, I have never found such a good quality product from any other brand.

Although the price point is not something I would prefer, still this product has had my heart from the beginning! The polyester and the cotton fabric are very soft on the skin and the quality is also very good for such a high price point.

Again, the cargo joggers feel very comfortable and breathable on my skin. But, the size is not up to the mark. I ordered the L size for myself which didn’t fit me well lengthwise.

But, I would happily ignore this as the fitting and the comfortable of this bottom is top notch. My final rating of this product is 8.5/10.

Seeing Red Oversized Turtle Neck Sweater

Solid Middle Waist Cargo Joggers

Giving a makeover to my closet for this fall season would have been incomplete without getting a sweater for myself. But, boring sweaters are out of trend now! I was lusting over this seeing red oversized turtle neck sweater for ages.

But, similar to other trendy sweaters in the market, this sweater was also out of stock in most of the online stores. So, when I found this red turtle neck sweater on the shop cider clothing website, I knew this was something I would love to wear every day!

Getting such a beautiful sweater in such a beautiful bright red color is a dream come true. Being a girl who loves to wear gorgeous colors in an era of nudes, this product is something I am obsessing over right now!

Also, the turtle neck detailing seems perfect for the winter months! The slouchy fit and the cuffed long sleeves are a must-have for me in winter months. I paired this up with flared Jeans and the number of compliments I got on this fit is insane!

Other Details

Now, coming to the cider clothing reviews for this seeing red oversized turtle neck sweater, you can actually skip on this if you do not love oversized fits! Although I personally quite love this product, I would never again spend 26$ for a simple basic sweater like this.

Talking about the comfort and the sizing of this product, I picked up the M size as I prefer tight-fitted sweaters. Moreover, the sweater is already very loose-fitted. So, M size feels perfect for my body type.

Again talking about the color, the color is not the same as it looks on the website page. The color is actually a tomato red color and not a rust red. So, this is something I would not prefer for such a highly-priced product.

I tried wearing it casually with jeans and also tucked it inside my bottoms. Both ways it seemed cute and simple for regular wear. Again, this polyester fabric is very comfortable on the skin.

But, something that puts me off every time I wear this piece is that it just doesn’t feel right for my body type. I have a love-hate relationship with this sweater. Either I feel too comfortable in this sweater, or I feel just put off in this sweater sometimes!

My overall rating for this product is 7.5/10. You can totally skip this one!


Have you ever tried cider clothing brand? Would you also want to share your shop cider reviews with me? Do comment below and let me know your thoughts on the cider clothing brand dresses.