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An Expert Guide Into The Gleaming World Of Gold Vermeil Jewelry

When it comes to gold, we are all blinded by its luminous dazzle that entices the heart. An attraction that is restrained by the pocket. But not if it’s gold vermeil jewelry!

Also known as ‘silver gilt’, gold vermeil jewelry is an age-old form of gold plating that makes it cost-effective for you to own the treasured gold ornaments. It retains the luster of gold minus the hefty price tag.

You may have often encountered the term on various jewelry labels and wondered what it means. Well, we are here to with the answers!

We reveal all about what is gold vermeil jewelry, its benefits, how it compares with other types of gold jewelry making techniques, useful tips, and much more! Read on.

What is Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

Vermeil gold jewelry refers to any ornament with a sterling silver base layer with a gold electroplating on top of it. To be regarded as a vermeil piece, the sterling silver must be an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, and the gold layer must be between 10-24k of gold with a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns.

A piece of jewelry can only be labeled as ‘gold vermeil’ in the United States if it meets the above criteria.

Is 14K Gold Vermeil Prone To Tarnish?

Since vermeil is essentially a plating of gold, yes, it is prone to tarnish. But, compared to regular gold plating, it will last infinitely longer. Since the plating is very thick, it can go a long time without showing any signs of discoloration.

This is also subject to the gold purity and thickness that has been employed in the plating. Anything between14-24k usually lasts longer than a 10k purity plating. Similarly, the more the thickness, the longer it will resist tarnish.

That said if you understand what gold vermeil jewelry care involves you can definitely increase the longevity of its sheen.

Gold Vermeil v/s Solid Gold

Solid gold scores high on all accounts when it comes to a comparison between the two, including the price. Pure gold is hypoallergenic, costly and does not tarnish.

What vermeil gold jewelry offers is the same luminosity of gold and its hypoallergenic properties but at a fraction of the cost. Any tarnishing that may occur over a significant period of time can easily be addressed by polishing.

Gold Vermeil vs Gold Plated

Gold plating usually involves coating a base metal like brass or copper (unlike sterling silver used in vermeil gold) with a thin gold covering (usually 0.5 microns). The glint of gold is present and the price is supremely economical, but this comes at the cost of quality.

Gold plated jewelry will tarnish easily, leaving you with the dreaded green marks on the skin. Besides, it may irritate sensitive skin, unlike the hypoallergenic vermeil gold.

Gold Vermeil vs Sterling Silver

Gold vermeil is a type of plating that is always done on sterling silver. The choice between the two is essentially choosing between two different metals.

Sterling silver has a minimum 92.5% silver content and is usually mixed with metals like copper. It is durable and hypoallergenic, with a beautiful silvery sheen.

Both 14k gold vermeil and sterling silver make for a great choice for daily wear jewelry as they do not tarnish easily. Over time as the gloss wears off, it can easily be restored by polishing/cleaning.

Gold Vermeil vs Gold filled jewelry

Gold filled jewelry uses brass as the base metal but is extremely high quality due to the minimum 5% gold presence. It uses a heat bonding method, unlike the electroplating used in vermeil, to seal the gold onto the cheaper base metal.

It contains 2 to 3 layers of thick gold, which makes it extremely resistant to tarnish and discoloration. The solid brass metal present in gold filled jewelry, makes it more durable than vermeil gold.

Due to the time and skill involved in creating gold filled jewelry, along with its other attributes as mentioned above, it is also more expensive than vermeil.

Should You Buy Vermeil Jewelry?

Vermeil gold is an excellent choice for those who like to wear jewelry on a regular basis rather than stowing it away for special occasions. Its durability is a key factor that makes it endearing to those with a penchant for decking up in bling.

It’s also great for those who are extremely fond of the sheen of gold but cannot afford it for daily wear. 14k gold vermeil jewelry looks and feels very premium and won’t let you miss gold one bit!

What To Look For When Buying Vermeil Gold Jewelry

A few insider tips will help you buy the gold vermeil that is best suited to your needs. If you are worried about tarnish, opt for gold purity upwards of 18k because the purer the gold the longer it will shine.

Ask for plating that is thicker than the minimum standard of 2.5 microns if your budget allows. A thicker coating equals more durability and a finer and more premium appearance.

Where To Buy Authentic Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Only purchase jewelry from a trusted jeweler to ensure 100% authenticity. We bring you a list of a few reputed online jewelers where you can shop without hesitation:

Roma Designer Jewelry: Their website boasts of a beautiful collection of vermeil jewelry including interesting options in chain and herringbone style neckpieces.


Mejuri: There’s plenty of hoops, delicate chains, and chunky rings for the jewelry lovers here! You will discover what makes gold vermeil jewelry so attractive when you see their designs.


Amyo: You will find an interesting array of vermeil jewelry with blingy zirconia crystals on their website.


Wolf and Badger: We spotted cool vermeil jewelry here, both for men and women. There are tie pins, pendants, cufflinks and much more.


5 Awesome Vermeil Gold Jewelry Designs We Spotted

There’s so much variation and diversity in gold vermeil jewelry! We particularly liked these designs for their creativity and uniqueness:

14 K Gold & Silver Vermeil Ring

The glow of silver and gold together in this beautiful statement ring is appealing as well as versatile for any kind of outfit you choose to wear!

Crochet Design Handcuff

The waif-like crochet design exuding the warm yellow glow of gold makes this stellar piece a must-have in anyone’s collection.

Vermeil Gold & Pearl Earrings

We are simply enamored by this modern take on the timeless pearl and gold jewelry combination!

Ripples Vermeil Ring

Bold jewelry designs are epitomized in this huge 14K vermeil gold ring. The classy textured design adds to its exquisiteness.

Gemstones Vermeil Necklace

The use of colorful gemstones with the radiance of gold looks chic in this contemporary design neckpiece.

Gold Vermeil Jewelry FAQ

Should gold vermeil jewelry be removed before entering the pool?

Yes, it is recommended to remove vermeil jewelry before showering or entering the pool as moisture and chemicals may fasten the tarnishing process.

What is the best way to clean 14k gold vermeil jewelry?

Use liquid soap and warm water for deep cleaning. For everyday care, just buff with a soft lint-free cotton cloth.

Can vermeil gold jewelry be replated?

Yes. If your jewelry has become excessively tarnished and scratched you may consider replating.

Is vermeil gold recommended for sensitive skin?

Vermeil gold jewelry is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

How long will my gold vermeil jewelry last?

With proper care and regular maintenance, vermeil jewelry is known to last many years.

Is gold vermeil jewelry cheap?

Gold plated jewelry with a thin layer of gold is cheap. Vermeil gold is quite premium and just a more affordable option when compared to solid gold.

Make Every Day Shimmery With Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Born in France, gold vermeil jewelry today has a global presence. With its durable quality and striking resemblance to solid gold, vermeil jewelry is preferred by many women.

Use this guide to help you pick the right vermeil jewelry for your exquisite collection. Happy shopping!