41 Awesome Juice Wrld 999 Tattoo Ideas With Meanings

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Juice Wrld 999 Tattoo Ideas Meaning

Popularized by the late American rapper Juice Wrld, the 999 tattoo is an enigma! Shrouded in mystery and hidden meanings, this tattoo has retained its charm for tattoo enthusiasts. Let’s explore more about this alluring tattoo- its meaning and history, along with 40 fabulous 999 tattoo ideas in various parts of the body.

999 Tattoo Meaning

The number 999 indicates a variety of different meanings. Some of the deeper meaning symbolize faith in God/angels, hope, courage, protection, and inner strength to face adversity.

It could also be seen as representing countless possibilities. It is believed in some faiths that our soul goes through nine cycles of creation which gives us the chance to learn about ourselves.

Fans of Juice Wrld embrace the hidden message that he believed the 999 tattoo stood for. According to him, 999 was the opposite of 666, which is the number of the beast in the bible.

It indicates that it is time to take every struggle you’re going through and everything you’ve learned in the past and use it to push yourself forward with determination. 999 represented turning into something positive.

History of the 999 Tattoo

Jarad Anthony Higgins aka Juice Wrld is credited with spreading the meaning and significance of the 999 tattoos. The 999 tattoo adorned his left wrist and the top of the right hand.

In angelic symbolism, the 999 tattoos symbolize divine guidance and protection. Spiritual healers have professed its connection to the angelic realm for a long time.

However, the history of fame of the 999 tattoo began after Juice World preached its spiritual power. One of the most brilliant artists, he spoke extensively about the number 999 and it featured heavily on his merchandise and social media accounts.

41 Super Awesome 999 Tattoo Design Ideas

You can etch yourself with a 999 Juice Wrld tattoo or tap into the angelic connotations of the number. Also get a 999 tattoo if you wish to profess your faith.

Whatever your reason, find 40 fabulous designs below to suit your preferences!

The Juice Wrld 999 Tattoo Tribute

For die-hard fans, this tattoo design represents a befitting tribute to the legendary rapper Juice Wrld. It features all the necessary elements- the name, the number, and a line that epitomizes his work.

Juice Wrld 999 Tattoo

Shaded 999 Wrist Tattoo In Red Ink

Shaded tattoos have a seductive charm that’s hard to resist! This 999 tattoo uses an orange and red shading that makes it look fiery and tempting.

999 Wrist Tattoo

Small 999 Breast Tattoo Design

999 written in a simple font in the cleavage area makes for an alluring tattoo. Getting the angel number etched near your heart invokes an aura of positivity.

999 Breast Tattoo

Funky & Best 999 Tattoo

Could this poker tattoo mean that the wearer is asking for luck in gambling? We let you decipher the meaning of this tattoo featuring talented shading and amazing graphics.

Best 999 Tattoo

999 Angel Wings Tattoo On Thigh

The mesmerizing image of the angel with the number 999 written on the side instantly gives off calm and serene vibes. It makes the wearer feel like someone is always watching over them!

999 Angel Tattoo

999 Tattoo Ideas For Right And Left Hand

999 Tattoo Ideas For Right Hand
999 Tattoo Left Hand

Spooky 999 Inked In A Gothic Font

The almost real-looking skeleton tattoo design gives us the chills! The scary gothic font and whirlpool pattern adds to the dark vibe of this tattoo idea.

Spooky 999 Tattoo

Traditional 999 Blackwork Tattoo with Butterfly

Blackwork tattoos are super painful because of the multiple times the needle needs to work on the skin. But if you can smile through the pain then this inspirational 999 tattoo is all yours!

999 Blackwork Tattoo

Erratic 999 Blackwork Tattoo Under The Chin

Inverted 999 or 666? Who knows, all we can say is that the tattoo has been inked vertically to look infinitely cool and sexy in a place as rare as the chin.

999 Blackwork Tattoo Under The Chin

Simple 999 Tattoo Behind Ear

Is it just us or does this simple rendition of 999 behind the ear look attractive to you as well? Of course, you could spice things up by using red or green ink, but for now, this makes us happy!

Simple 999 Tattoo
999 Tattoo

999 Wrist Tattoo In Black Ink

Followers and admirers of Juice Wrld were truly heartbroken by his demise. This broken heart Juice Wrld 999 tattoo actually is a way of expressing the grief they felt on his untimely passing.



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Green Ink 999 Tattoo On Leg


 999 Leg Tattoo

Side Neck 999 Tattoo Design In Blue

What better than the neck to get an eclectic blue 999 tattoo? The unusual color choice is apt to honor the singer as well as the number that was a catalyst for juice world’s career.

999 Side Neck tattoo

999 Tattoo On Sleeve

If you like patchwork sleeve tattoos then 999 can be a meaningful tattoo design filler in it. This exciting design shows how!

999 Tattoo On Sleeve

999 Face Tattoo Art

Would you dare to get the number 999 inked on your face? This bold tattoo in black ink work is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

999 Face Tattoo

Back Leg Pentagram 999 Tattoo for Women

This brilliant tattoo may represent all symbols of mysticism. The snake, stands for healing, the pentagram symbolizes magic, the black rose indicates rebirth, and 999 signifies protection.

999 Tattoo for Women

Juice Wrld Colorful Tattoo On Front Arm

This beautiful tattoo has used multi-color ink to depict Juice Wrld’s idea of spreading peace in the world. The flowers adorning it lend a funky appearance.

Juice Wrld 999 Tattoos

Cool Bicep 999 Tattoo

Flying birds are said to denote joy. Combined with the number 999 this tattoo is perfect for those who want to leave the past behind and welcome new joy into their lives.

Bicep 999 Tattoo
999 Tattoo @t.j.nobile

Men’s Back Leg 999 Tattoo Art

Back Leg 999 Tattoo

999 Creative Waist Tattoo

The number 999 with juice pouring over it is a tattoo twist as it’s a cryptic reference to Juice World. The placement on the side of the waist is definitely eye-catchy.

Creative 999 Waist Tattoo

Back of the Neck 999 Tattoo Ideas


999 Friendship Tattoo

How about getting the angel number 999 etched onto your skin with your BFF? Try out this beautiful tattoo design if you appreciate the idea!


Lyrics 999 Forearm Tattoo for Women

Believe in the hard-hitting lyrics of 999’s songs? Then get this ‘Life’s a mess’ tattoo taken from his hit number.


999 Quote Spine Tattoo

This is going to be a mean tattoo because the spine is one of the most painful areas to get inked! The quote here defines what the number 999 written above stands for.


3-D 999 Tattoo Art

3-D 999 Tattoo
999 Tattoo Ideas @9thgategallery

Angel Wing 999 Forearm Unisex Tattoo

Surrounded by the wings of your guardian angel, the number 999 seems to acquire even more grace! If you are a believer, the 999 tattoo can indicate a deep connection with your angels.

999 Forearm Tattoo

999 Mini Chest Tattoo for Women

Make a powerful statement by getting 999 inked in red on your chest. This tiny tattoo gives off strong vibes and expresses your individuality.

999 Chest Tattoo

999 Minimalist Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Adorn your back with this fantastic fine line tattoo. Get a doodle of your choice inked along with the number 999 to create a charming tattoo.

999 Shoulder Tattoo

The No-Fuss 999 Hand Tattoo

999 Hand Tattoo

Chest Lettering 999 Tattoo Design

Use this tattoo design to cover your entire lower chest area with a 999 tattoo. This entire tattoo lettering tattoo is simple, yet the font and the coverage make it unique.

Chest 999 Tattoo Design

 Light & Dark 999 Back Arm Tattoo

The shading work done in black looks so classy on this tattoo, right? If you are ready to transform your life, move past defunct old relationships, and propel yourself forward, then this tattoo is a good start.

999 Back Arm Tattoo

Women’s Sexy Front Shoulder 999 Tattoo

Front Shoulder 999 Tattoo Women

Cute Ankle 999 Tattoo Idea

Ankle 999 Tattoo Idea

999 Elegant Finger Tattoo For Women

999 Finger Tattoo For Women

Unisex 999 Tiny Front Neck Tattoo

999 Front Neck Tattoo

Sassy Sternum 999 Tattoo for Women

Placing the number 999 on the sternum looks so classy when done in line work tattooing! If you are looking for a delicate design then this is it.

 999 Tattoo for Sternum Women
@tiana.tattoos  999 Tattoo Ideas

Back of the Ear 999 Tattoo For Men

If you’re looking for a macho back of the ear tattoo then this could be the one! The iconic hand sign designed in a skeleton look gives it an uber-cool vibe.

Back of the Ear 999 Tattoo for Men

Juice Wrld Carton Tricep 999 Tattoo

There are plenty of 999 tattoo ideas featuring the iconic and popular juice carton which is loved by fans. Get yours done in black with intricate shading as shown here.

Juice Wrld 999 Tattoo

999 Fiesty Forehead Tattoo Design

The forehead might be a bizarre place to get tattooed but it certainly looks feisty! Placed right above the brow, this 999 tattoo has a very eye-catching style.

999 Forehead Tattoo Design

Back Arm Quirky 999 Tattoo Ideas

Style your back arm with a 999 tattoo and a few motifs of your choice to fill the space. Dragons and serpents are the popular choices you could pick from to attach more spiritual meaning to the tatt.

 999 Tattoo On Back Arm

Choosing the Right 999 Tattoo

The number 999 is a great choice for a tattoo due to its multiple positive connotations as well as its link to the legendary singer Juice Wrld. In fact, it is so closely associated with him that it is often referred to as the 999 Juice Wrld Tattoo.

As you can see, there is a baffling number of fonts, color, as well as placement choices for the 999 tattoos. If you are getting a new tattoo then spend some thought over the exact design and where you want it on the body.

Areas with more bone or nerve endings like the finger, breasts etc., can be quite painful for first-timers. While fleshy parts like biceps are relatively easier.

No matter where the 999 tattoo has been inked, it is symbolic of the wearer’s decision to face all adversity in life and emerge victorious!

999 Tattoo Ideas And Meaning
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