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56 Beautiful Leg Tattoos For Men Designs That Never Get Old

Leg Tattoos For Men

Leg tattoos for men are one of the easiest ways to catch anyone’s attention. And rightly so! Be it showing off your well-contoured legs or setting new style goals, with leg tattoos you can do it all!

Another reason to love leg tattoos for men is that it gives you the freedom to choose the size. Available in a plethora of designs and on varied placements, the sky is the limit for men’s leg tattoos. You could pick something as tiny as a dot or go rad with a full-fledged leg sleeve.

Tired of looking for leg tattoos designs for men that are as unique as you? We say take it up a notch & let leg tattoos for men do the talking!

Here are 50 men leg tattoo ideas that will instantly strike a connection with you.

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Leg Tattoos For Men Gallery To Inspire You

Whether you desire a full-blown tattoo or a minimalist one, leg tattoos are a good place to start. Available in numerous designs, sizes, and patterns, with leg tattoos you get the room to play around. Go on, unleash the tattoo lover in you with these kickass leg tattoos designs for men.

Ticking Tiger Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Tiger Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Aztec Thigh Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Thigh Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Sacred Symmetric Leg Tattoos For Men

Leg Tattoos For Men

Alluring Men’s Ankle Band Tattoo

Mens Ankle Band Tattoo

Deadly Dragon Tattoo For Leg Man

Dragon Tattoo For Men's Leg
Leg Tattoos

Thigh Tattoos For Men That Will Make You Feel Sexy

If your mens leg tattoo inspiration board is filled with big designs, thighs are the right placement for you. Given ample space, it is one of the least painful spots to get inked.

Fine & Floral Men’s Thigh Tattoo

There is a feminine side to every man. If you believe that you are man enough to rock floral then this thigh tattoo design is the one for you!

Floral Mens Thigh Tattoo

Tree Of Life Tattoo For Thighs

Move over pumped veins, say hello to intricately detailed mens thigh tattoo ideas! Representing endurance, ink it as a reminder to grow and thrive, just like a tree.

Tattoo For Thighs

Funny Quote Thigh Tattoo

When overthinking is your superpower, embrace it with a pinch of salt with this cutesy tattoo for leg man. We hope you get it without overthinking though!

Eagle Rose Thigh Tattoo Design For Men

Men who have a sharp vision like the eagles will totally dig this magnificent tattoo design. Enveloped in bunch of roses, we simply can’t get over how realistic it looks.

Eagle Rose Thigh Tattoo For Men

Toast Over Beer Men Thigh Tattoo

Who doesn’t enjoy a big mug of chilled beer on a sultry summer Sunday? If beer is your go-to spirit, we say this should be your go-to tattoo design! Time to twin!

Beer Thigh Tattoo Men

Knee Tattoos For Men Who Want To Look Bold

Believe you have unparalleled pain tolerance? Test it by getting a men’s knee tattoo!

Dotted Mandala Knee Tattoo

Beauty is in the details of this intricate knee tattoo design. Dotted to precision in a meticulous geometric pattern, it’s a classic tattoo worth bearing the pain.

Mandala Knee Tattoo

Bewitched Eye Knee Tattoo For Men

This tattoo design is a quirky way to say there is an omnipresent eye watching and protecting you. Believers in guardian angels will definitely love this idea!


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Spider Web Leg Tattoos For Men

Men who don’t give up like the hardworking spider will find resonance in this tattoo. Symbolizing the strength to overcome struggles, a tattoo design meant for warriors!

Leg Tattoos For Men


Spider Leg Tattoos For Men

Psychedelic Tiger Knee Tattoo

There are countless men knee tattoos but we’re sure there is none like this stunner! Its impressive color will add to your good vibes.

Tiger Knee Tattoo For Men

Greek Symbol Tattoo For Knee

When “life goes on” is your life mantra, say it out loud with this above the knee tattoo. We certainly can’t stop admiring how cute it is.

Greek God Tattoo For Knee

Mighty & Mesmerizing Leg Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Leg sleeve tattoos for men are a great way to boast of all the time you have spent bulking up in the gym. Incredibly detailed, they require time, patience and of course multiple sittings.

Geometric Leg Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Minutely detailed, this captivating geometric pattern mens leg sleeve tattoo is the epitome of magic. Featuring multiple meticulous patterns like a mandala, we can only think how painful it must have been!

Geometric Leg Sleeve Tattoo For Men

BlackWork Japanese Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Unconventional and breathtaking is how we describe this all-black tattoo. Inspired by Irezumi – a Japanese tattooing technique, this is a black work tattoo design as mesmerizing to look at as time-consuming to make.

Japanese Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Samoan Culture Leg Tattoos For Men

This tattoo design hails from the rich heritage of Samoa Islands, it acts as a mark of pride. Looking at the meticulous tattoo design, we are sure it must be painful as hell!

Blackwork Leg Tattoo For Men
Leg Tattoos
Samoan Black Work Leg Tattoo For Men

Winter Night Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design

Fan of Game of Thrones or cozy winters? You will fall in love with the North Pole elements of this tattoo design.

Winter Night Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design

Trippy Lady Leg Sleeve Tattoo For Male

Some leg tattoos for men stop the show, and this is it! Portraying mesmerizing murals that represent hallucinations or the parallel dimension perspective, it is a surreal & unusual design indeed!

Leg Sleeve Tattoo For Male

Calf Tattoos For Men Who Love Exquisiteness

There is something alluring about calf muscles. And we say if you got it, flaunt it in pride with calf tattoos for men!

Textured Tiger Tattoo On Calf For Men

Showcasing a tiger portrait sporting a geometric crown, we’re swooning over this tattoo design! Ideal for men who believe they’re as fierce as the mighty tiger.

Tiger Tattoo For Men Calf

Naruto Anime Men’s Calf Tattoo Design

Keep the child in you alive with this Naruto tattoo! Crazy finishing, you could swap this tattoo idea with any character or cartoon you love.

Naruto Men’s Calf Tattoo Design

Treasure Box Calf Tattoo For Men

Life is full of surprises, quite like your unique personality! A metaphorical symbol of power, this male calf tattoo design will definitely become a conversation starter.

Treasure Box Men’s Calf Tattoo

Gamer’s Love Calf Tattoo For Men

The love affair between men and video games is not unknown. This design should be on your must-get list if you belong to the gamer’s tribe.

Calf Tattoos for men

Give No Damn Calf Tattoo Design

Life is too short to sweat over petty things. Remind yourself of this fact every day with a cool king tattoo design featuring Rafiki from lion king.

Lion Calf Tattoo Design
@Mayara Morgues

Architecture Line Leg Tattoo For Men

Break the monotony of boring leg tattoos for men with this precisely engineered tattoo design. Being off beat, it sure makes an interesting artwork for discerning men.

 Line Leg Tattoo For Men

Dog Tattoo For Men’s Leg

Your dog is special and so should be its tribute! Engraved on thighs, it gives the scope to perfect the details of your furry friend.

Dog Tattoo For Leg Man

Real Tiger Tattoo For Mens Thigh

If you are a man who is big on realistic leg tattoos for men, this design will catch your eye. A meticulous masterpiece equal parts scary and stunning!

Tiger Tattoo For Mens Thigh

Discovering Galaxies Tattoo For Lower Leg

Is imagination your best friend? Let your personality trait shine with this unusual tattoo idea that epitomizes the concept of exploring newer dimensions.

Galaxies Tattoo For Lower Leg

Hypnotist Tribal Leg Tattoo For Men

Love a little bit of everything? Then this mind-blowing leg sleeve tattoo is for you! A fusion of geometric & dotted patterns, it is a design too good to miss out!

Tribal Leg Tattoo For Men

Illustration Lower Leg Tattoo For Male

Lower Leg Tattoos For Male

Dusk & Dawn Tattoo For Lower Thighs

Like the rising of moon & sun is a never-ending occurrence, this tattoo signifies there is light after darkness. Ink this to swear by it!

Dusk & Dawn Tattoo For Thighs

The Beach Life Thigh Tattoo Design

Life is all about living the little moments. Learn to enjoy the journey as you engrave an aesthetic reminder on your thigh.

Big Black Rose Leg Tattoos For Men

Every time you look at this tattoo design, we are sure it will spellbind you with its unmatched grace. A timeless tattoo design for the romantic Romeo in you!

Black Rose Leg Tattoos For Men


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Small Anchor Ankle Tattoo For Men

It is perceived that all leg tattoos designs for men are bulky. Placed right above the ankle, this pretty & petite anchor tattoo breaks the stereotype.

Small Ankle Tattoo For Men
Leg Tattoos

Snake Tattoo For Mens Ankle

Why opt for regular leg tattoos for men when you can stand out with this stunner? Love the way it is perfectly wrapped around the feet.

Snake Tattoo For Mens Ankle

Feather Touch Leg Tattoos For Men

Calling all the free-spirited men out there to rejoice in the glory of this feather tattoo! Being a versatile design, it can pair incredibly well with other tattoos.

Feather Leg Tattoo

On The Coast Upper And Lower Leg Tattoos For Men

Upper Leg Tattoos For Men
Yacht Leg Tattoo For Man

One Direction Small Ankle Tattoo

If you have never thought of men leg tattoo ideas that are small & cute, this design will surprise you pleasantly! Tiny yet mighty, it will melt your heart with its cuteness.

Colored Tarot Side Leg Tattoo Design

Side Leg Tattoo Design

Fly High Angel Wings Tattoo

Nobody in their wildest imagination thinks of creating an angel wing arising from the ankle ball. Well, the tattoo artist did! Something to muse over later.

Roaring Tiger Colorful Tattoo Design For Leg

Who can tell that this leg tattoo sleeve is connected to cherry blossom ankle band? A mélange of artistry & vibrancy, it’s a well thought masterpiece indeed.

Roaring Tiger Tattoo Design For Leg Men

Full Vigor Half Lion Leg Tattoos For Men

Courage is rare and so is this tattoo design! If you got the nerve to tolerate the pain, own it with this cool calf tattoo.

Lion Leg Tattoos For Men
Leg Tattoos For Men
Twin Lion Leg Tattoos For Men

Beauty & The Cat Leg Tattoo Men

In a world where most people either get inked with beauty or the beast, be different. Be the one who gets both!

Cat Leg Tattoo

Broken Mandala Leg Tattoo

Every day is your lucky chance to stand out in a crowd. Grab that opportunity quick as you get inked with this one-of-its-kind leg tattoos for men.

Broken Mandala Leg Tattoo

Japenese Castle Men’s Front Of Leg Tattoo

Japenese Front Of Leg Tattoo Mens

Polynesian Black Work Tattoo Design For Men’s Calf

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this tattoo design is proof! Shaped like a bullet, this geometric design symbolizes every human’s urge to find life’s purpose.

Black Work Tattoo For Men’s Calf

Crown Of Snakes Tattoo For  Men’s Leg

Break the curses life holds for you by engraving this historical tattoo design. Featuring the legendary Medusa with her iconic snake hair, it signifies the natural cycle of life.

Snakes Tattoo For Mens Leg

Glorious Gladiator Leg Tattoos For Men

We all know every day life is a battle hard to survive. This tattoo will remind you to go at it till you attain victory.

Gladiator Leg Tattoos For Men
Gladiator Leg Tattoo For Men

King Lion Full Leg Tattoo Design For Man

Lion Leg Tattoo Design For Man

Things To Consider Before Getting Leg Tattoos For Men

Leg tattoos for men are a permanent style accessory. Expensive too. And you certainly don’t want to splurge exorbitantly now only to regret it later.

So, before making the big move to engrave yourself, here are a few things to bear in mind:

Research, research, and research

When it comes to leg tattoos , you will be spoilt for choices. To ensure you get inked with a design you don’t regret, rummage through enough options pre-hand.

Understand the process

Tattooing is a thrilling yet taxing experience. From selecting the right design and artist to letting it heal before you show it off, a lot goes behind it. Gauge your dedication towards the procedure and then go ahead.

Think more than just cost

Leg tattoos for men are sure exorbitantly priced, especially if you choose a professional tattoo artist. However, it is something you will be proud to own & flaunt! Save up because believe us when we say, it’s worth it!

Tips On Choosing Leg Tattoo Placement For Men

Gauge your tattoo goal

Some guys get a leg tattoo to rave about it while others do so to forever capture something meaningful. Depending on your objective, pick a tattoo placement that is visible like ankles & calves or slightly concealed like inner thighs.

Know your pain threshold

Tattoos are painful – minimal for some a hell lot for others. Likewise, some leg tattoos for men are more aching on some parts like the knee and less distressing on the thighs. Depending on your tolerance, select the design and placement accordingly.

Be discerning of your features

Determine your most attractive physical characteristic to ensure that your desired leg tattoo design for men highlights or rather enhances it. For instance, if you have well-contoured calves, look for men leg tattoo ideas like calf bands.

leg tattoos for men

Leg Tattoo Studios In USA That Nail Every Tattoo Design

After contemplating back & forth, you have finally made up your mind to get a leg tattoo. You have even shortlisted your favorite leg tattoo design. What is the only thing holding you from getting one? A great leg tattoo artist!

Here is a list of 5 best leg tattoo artists in USA

White Rabbit Tattoo Studio

If you are looking for a tattoo parlor that is efficient as well as easy on the pocket, this place is it. A modern tattoo studio, it has the most creative artists in-house.

Address: 121 Essex St, New York, NY 10002, United States

Fun City Tattoo

Ever felt like getting an impromptu tattoo? Accepting walk-ins and open 7 days a week, this tattoo studio is the one!

Address: 94 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10002, United States

Pittsburgh Tattoo Company

Whether you are looking for traditional, illustrative or custom leg tattoos for men, the proficient artists here can handle it all.

Address: 103 Smithfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, United States

Iron & Ink Tattoo Studios

They say when you get a tattoo, get it from the best. If you believe so too, find your match here – where artists specialize in their unique styles.

Address: 7365 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States

Ship And Anchor Tattoo

Are you indecisive about tattoo placement? Or want the tattoo artist to take the lead on your tattoo design? With years of experience & expertise, this is a trusted tattoo studio to try.

Address: 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd D7, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States

Tattoo Artist’s Social Media Accounts You Cannot Miss Out

 Social media is a great place to catch up on leg tattoos for men. Whether you are building your wish list or looking for unique tattoo placements, following these accounts will help make up your mind:

Revelation Tattoo Studios

When you are obsessed with realistic tattoos, this page will be your new-found love. Belonging to an award-winning tattoo studio, it will inspire you to get inked right away.

Abbie Wayte Tattoo

This Instagram page is focused on geometric, floral, and similar tattoo artwork. The designs are so drop-dead good, we are sure you would bookmark everything they post!

Charlotte’s Web Tattoo Studio

No matter what part of the body you want to get inked on, this page has endless design inspo for every tattoo idea!

Eric Ryan Galluzzo

When your leg tattoos for men wish list comprises of gothic themes and all things black, following this Instagram page is a no-brainer.

Old Soul Tattoo

Do you fancy tattoos that are colorful and funky? Scroll through their Instagram feed to give your eyes a tattoo treat!

Do leg tattoos look good on guys?

Yes, leg tattoos look good on guys. As there are many locations on the leg like calves, thighs, ankles and knees, it lets you be creative with design and detailing.

Do leg tattoos for men age well?

Leg tattoos can age well if you maintain them right. Starting with the basics, let the tattoo heal completely. Post that, minimize sun exposure, always use adequate SPF and moisturizer and see your artist for touch-ups when necessary.

Do girls like when men have leg tattoos?

A Polish study published that women have no bias towards guys with leg tattoos. That said, they do think guys with leg tattoos tend to be more masculine, expressive and mysterious – in a good way!

How long will it take for leg tattoos for men to complete?

Time taken for leg tattoos for men to complete varies with the intricacy of the design, placement, and skill of the tattoo artist. For instance, a full leg sleeve tattoo demands over 60 + hours in total and can increase for detailed designs.

Are leg tattoos harder to heal?

No, leg tattoos are not harder to heal. Though the outer layer appears healed within 3-4 weeks, full recovery depends on the person and the intricacy leg tattoo design.

Leg tattoos for men is the trendiest talk of the town. And why wouldn’t it be? A spotlight-stealing ornament for some, a life-changing experience for others, we believe it definitely deserves the title.

We wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of this guide you are desperate to get a leg tattoo. Just remember to never compromise on the tattoo artist, hygiene or quality only for the sake of saving some bucks.

Here’s to you getting a dope leg tattoo – a fashion statement you will rock for life! Ready to be a part of the getting inked culture?