39 Bright Summer Nails Designs For Cool Summer Fashion

Match the happy summer vibe with bright summer nails! Get inspired by some summer nail art ideas that you absolutely must try out this season.

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Summer, the time for beach bods, floaty dresses, pool parties, and bright summer nails! For those with a penchant for dressing up their nails, summer is a time to throw away the mittens and try out the new nail trends of the season.

If you too are looking to ring in summer with bright summer nails then you are in luck! For we bring you the hottest summer nails in all imaginable shapes, lengths, colors, and embellishments.

There’s a summer nail design for everyone, and we are here to make sure you find yours. Not just designs, our guide will also point you to some awesome nail parlors, useful DIY kits, and handy nail advice. Let’s get started!

What This Post Covers

When Is The Time For Bright Summer Nails?

The obvious answer (one that’s hidden in the question itself!) is summer time. But hey, you can retain the peppy summer colors for dull winters too!

Keeping summer nail art outside of the season can be your way to celebrate the cheer of summer a little longer.

Besides, anyone who enjoys the fresh burst of color that bright summer nail paints bring can adorn them all year long too! After all, there’s a plentitude of luscious designs to choose from.

Bright Summer Nails Ideas To Make Heads Turn

It’s always helpful to be aware of the latest trends in nail designs. Browse through some of the stunning designs that promise a bright and cheerful summer.

Easy To Do Bright Cute Summer Nails 2023

Polka Bright Cute Summer Nails

If you want a DIY that looks totally adorbs then what could be better than a few polka dots on glossy nude nails with French manicured nail tips?

Cute Polka Bright Summer Nails

Happy Spirals Bright Summer Nails

Just pick two bright summery nail paints and go free-hand on your nails. Coffin nails are a good shape for this cute nail design.

Happy Spirals Bright Summer Nails

Glam And Glitter Nail Design

Cute summer nails are easy when you have this design inspiration by your side! Just some glitter on a white nail bed and you’re summer ready.

Glitter & Glam Nail Design

Striking Neon Bright Summer Nails

Bright Pink Summer Nails

This delicious shade of pink will ensure your nails get noticed everywhere! The white nail art on it can easily be done with nail stickers.

Bright Pink Summer Nails

Melon Punch Neon Summer Nail

If summer was a color, it would be this gorgeous yellowish shade with a hint of green! The metal decals enhance the beauty of this neon summer nails design.

Melon Punch Neon Summer Nail

Glowing Bright Neon Summer Nails

Pull out all stops and embrace the diva-like allure of these neon nails. The blue shades of neon are simply eye-catchy!

Glowing Bright Neon Summer Nails

Totally Terrific Bright Summer Pink Nail Designs

Chrome Pink Nail Design

The color pink in a chrome finish is simply wicked as these stunning nails show us! The nail embellishments and glitter lend the wow factor.

Chrome Pink Nail Design

Pink Confetti Bright Summer Nails

Want pink but with a twist? Opt for these charismatic bright summer pink nail designs that surprise you with the black confetti glitter art.


Pink Confetti Bright Summer Nails

Pink Gold Bright Summer Nails Design

Pink and gold is a combo made in heaven. These hot pink nails with gold foil epitomize bright summer nail colors.

Pink Gold Bright Summer Nails Design

Bright Summer Acrylic Nails For The Fashionistas

Sparkly Bright Summer Nails Art

Spell summer with these bedazzling shimmery nails. The alternate use of glitter and shimmer is absolutely delightful in these acrylic nails.

Sparkly Bright Summer Nails Art

Sparkly French Summer Manicure Design

If you want to keep it simple and elegant then look no further! The use of silver shimmer amidst a sea of white is simply ingenious.

Sparkly French Summer Manicure Design

More Than Just Bright Nail Designs For Summer

Bright Summer Green Nails

Green is good, neon is even better for summer! Try out this eye-catchy nail paint and smiley nail art this season.

Bright Summer Green Nails

Fuchsia & Orange Nail Design

The brightness of fuchsia pink and orange is balanced by the colored stripes done on white nails. Such a bright nail design, right?

Fuchsia & Orange Nail Design
@nailsmuaa Bright Summer Nails

Bright Summer Acrylic Comic Nails

Such finesse, clean lines, and a lovely pop of colors makes this bright nail art our true summer favorites!

Comic Bright Summer Acrylic Nails

Perfectly Perky Bright Summer Coffin Nails  

Matte Coffin Summer Nails

The perfectly matte aquamarine blue is enhanced by the use of golden chrome tips and delicate nail jewelry to create this masterpiece.

Matte Coffin Summer Nails

The ‘Cardi B’ Summer Coffin Nails

Take some inspiration from this rap star with exotic coffin nails and get these over-the-top and bright summer coffin nails this season.

Coffin Summer Nails

Embellished White Summer Nails

White is always a summer favorite! As are these white coffin nails adorned with glitzy nail jewels.

Embellished White Summer Nails

Color Splash of Bright Summer Ombre Nail

Pastel Ombre Summer Nails

Can you blame us for falling in love with the tasteful hues on these bright summer ombre nails? The tones of pink and violet are absolutely bewitching.

Pastel Ombre Summer Nails

Vertical Ombre Nail Design

The use of white and brown to create a vertical ombre look is so endearing! We think it will suit the lipstick nail shape most.

Vertical Ombre Nail Design

Bright Summer Ombre Nails

All the bright colors together on pretty almond shaped nails is summer personified!

Bright Summer Ombre Nails

The Beauty of Gel Bright Summer Nails

Zebra Print Gel Nail Art

These gel bright summer nails in hot pink are pretty on their own but the zebra print design lifts their beauty even more!

Bright Summer Gel Nail Art

White & Sage Green Gel Nails

Short nails rejoice because we have a stellar design for you as well! This pleasing color combination is soothing to the eyes.

White & Sage Green Gel Summer Nails

Ocean Bright Nail Design

Holidaying in summer? Don’t forget to take these bright gel nails along for your beach vacay!

Ocean Bright Nail Design

Orange Crush Bright Summer Nails

Aren’t these hand-painted nails just mesmerizing? The bright orange nail paint is summer goals!

Orange Bright Summer Nails

Bright Saffron Summer Nails

These ombre nails remind us of a ripe juicy apricot! The orange and yellow shades look is just right short summer nails design.

Bright Saffron Summer Nails

White Daffodils Gel Bright Summer Nails

Pretty white flowers popping on a tangerine nail bed looks so delish! Definitely a bright summer nails style you want to try this summer.

Gel Bright Summer Nails

Yellow Petals Summer Nail Art

We simply love the intricate design of the petals and the sunny yellow polish. The zircon crystals add some excellent detailing to the art.

Yellow Petals Summer Nail Art

Beach Bright Summer Nails

Carry the beach on your nails with this uber cute nail art. The perky crab and starfish painted on ombre nails is everything beachy!

Beach Bright Summer Nails

Butterfly Summer Nail Idea

Painting both sides of the nail and leaving the middle for some arty motif seems like a great idea! The choice of pastel colors is perfect for summer.

Butterflies Summer Nail Idea

Love Bright Summer Nails

This is just the apt way to say you love summer! The lemon-yellow bright summer nail paint and swaying palm is like carrying your own sunshine.

Love Bright Summer Nails

Bright Fruit Punch Summer Nails

Bright summer nails just got fruitier too! It’s time to take a break from florals and paint some fruits instead.

Bright Fruit Punch Summer Nails

Hawaiian Bright Summer Nails

Go all soft and pink this summer with this pretty design. The leaves and flowers stamping looks so endearing!

Hawaiian Bright Summer Nails

Rainbow Swivels Summer Nails

A flirty design for summer time. Indulge in rainbow hues this season with these colorful nails.

Rainbow Swivels Summer Nails

Fruits Flowers Bright Summer Nails

For those who like everything that summer stands for, this is the bright nail design to get! Flowers, strawberries, chilies, and hearts, it has them all.

 Bright Summer Nails

Pink Strawberry Summer Nails

The sight of ripe strawberries in pinks and reds is like a summer song. These have to be amongst the brightest summer nails we have seen!

Pink Strawberry Summer Nails

Gradient Effect Bright Summer Nails

The use of gradient effect with a different color on each nail is so funky! A design to try out if you are fond of all things vibrant.

Gradient Effect Bright Summer Nails

Happy Hearts Bright Summer Nails

These nails are pure joy! The happy hearts in a multitude of colors look absolutely endearing.

Hearts Bright Summer Nails

Night Sky Summer Nails

Put nail jewelry to good use with this exquisite nail art. A depiction of the night sky, this design is a must-have for starry summer parties.

Night Sky Summer Nails

Patterns French Manicure

The French tip nails with a colorful twist. The bright nail tips painted in different designs and patterns adds so much personality to the nail art.

Patterns French Manicure

Expert Tips To Choose The Right Nail Design

Here’s a few pointers to help you select the summer nail art that’s best for you:

  • The color of the nail paint should complement your skin tone. Get one nail painted first to decide which is best for you.
  • Pick nail art depending on the occasion. Least maintenance ones are best for holidays while embellished ones are great for special occasions.
  • Take a look at your wardrobe before heading to the nail studio to choose colors that will suit most outfits.
  • Ask the nail art professional for help if you have specific needs or cannot decide the best one for yourself!

DIY Kits For Summer Nails Art At Home

If you are a nail art enthusiast and love practicing your art then these DIY kits will be super useful in your artistic pursuits for bright summer nails:

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit – You get acrylic nail powders, glitter nail powders, builder gels, nail brush, nail tips, embellishments, nail art design tools and a nail lamp too! Everything you need for terrific summer nails 2023 is in this kit.

Holybo 42 in 1 Acrylic Nail Kit – This acrylic nail kit comes with acrylic powders, glitters, nail tools, rhinestones and the works! The acrylic liquid included in it is professional quality for a salon like finish.

Cooserry Acrylic Nail Kit – You won’t find nail embellishments in this one, but there’s everything else you need for the perfect acrylic nail art, including an electric nail drill! Apt for bright summer nail tips.

Mixfeer Gel Nail Kit – This nail extension gel kit is a boon for those who like nail DIYs. It includes a mini lamp, extension tip clips, extension gels, and false nail tips.

Perfect Summer Gel Nail Polish Kit – Complete with a variety of nail manicure tools, UV nail lamp, 12 gel paints, base coats, and nail art jewelry box, this set is great for beginners and professionals alike.

Salons For A Professional Summer Nails Designs

No time for DIYs? Worry not, here’s a few salons you can visit for bright summer nails done right:

Luxury Nails & Spa – This amazing studio has some supremely attractive summer nail designs that we loved! They also offer other beauty services along with nails that you can club with your appointment.

Address: 225 Peachtree Street B-24A Atlanta, GA 30303

Notox Nails – Dedicated to nails, this studio has some great nail art artists and most of their products are toxin free too!

Address: 368 South Maple Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Cute Nail Studio – From extensions, to bright summer nail art and everything you need to pamper your nails is available here.

Address: 1211 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702, United States

Paint Box Nails – A nail art studio that promises a new look for your nails each time you visit because they offer season-specific nail design too!

Address: 20 East 69th Street, New York, NY 10021

What are the trendy nail colors for summers?

Summer is all about ditching the neutral and dark fall shades for bright colored nail tips. Pink, baby blue, orange, yellow are all summer apt!

How long acrylic nails last?

A period of 2-3 weeks on an average. They might last longer depending on the products used.

Do gel nails look natural?

Compared to acrylic, gel nails appear glossier and more natural, but might be less strong.

Summer Time Nails

Summer nails are all about embracing the effervescence of the season and expressing it through nail art. Save this guide for the curated bright summer nail ideas we have compiled for you and put your best ‘nail’ forward!