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Nail Artists You Should Visit To Get Manicure And Pedicure

Do you like model-like picture-perfect nails? Well, then it is not possible to do it on your own. No matter how well you do your manicure, achieving insta-worthy nails is almost impossible if you are not a nail expert. For that, you would need to take the help of a nail artist. To help you find the one easily, here we are listing the 10 nail artists in the USA.

Chaun Legend

Chaun Legend started his journey working with some reality stars, who helped him gain initial popularity before his remarkable work got the attention of Kylie Jenner in 2016.

Betina Goldstein

Betina Goldstein truly masters the nailart. Whether you want intricate designs on your nails or something different that can draw the attention of people, Betina Goldstein will definitely please you.

Miss Pop

Greet the queen of nail art and get a wonderful job done on your nails. From flashy designs to minimalist nail looks, Miss Pop does everything with perfection.

Karen Guiterrez

Amazing and mind-blowing: this is what you will say after getting the job done by Karen Guiterrez. Known to have worked with famous personalities like Selena Gomez, he is a must-follow nail artist on Instagram.

Alicia Torello

If you want to know how beautiful nail art can transform your personality, just book a quick appointment with Alicia Torello and experience the magic.

Chelsea King

Chelsea King has experimented with the artistic designs of nails really well. You are sure to be amazed and fascinated by the remarkable work of this nail artist.

Lexi Martone

The manicure skills of Lexi Martone are just unbeatable and one-of-a-kind. Her Instagram posts proudly scream the artistic creativity of the artist.

Miss Ladyfinger

Miss Ladyfinger really masters the craft of making your fingertips look amazingly appealing and attractive. You will become her admirer after getting the job done from her once.

Stephanie Stone

If you want some kind of stone embellishments done on your nails, turn your head to Stephanie Stone. She will do justice to the job.

Britney Tokyo 

Britney Tokyo knows very well how to play with the art of nails and create a masterpiece out of it. If you don’t believe us, bless yourself with the irresistible Instagram feed of the artist.