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Famous Tattoo Artists And Their Instagram Accounts

It’s not the tattoo that impresses people but it’s the artist who makes the people to be impressed by the tattoo. Yes, the tattoo artist is more important than the tattoo itself. So, if you want to have an eye-catching tattoo, choose the artist for you carefully. Our list of the top 10 best tattoo artists in the US might make your work easier.

Bangbang NYC

Having worked with world-famous celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rihanna, Bangbang  NYCc is probably the biggest name in the industry. Now, what else can we say more about him and his craft?


Another tattoo artist, who has impressed big celebrities like Justin Bieber with his craft. So, you are sure to be spellbound by his artistic skill if you get a tattoo from him.

Brian Woo

Brian Woo masters the intricacy of the single needle and never fails to amuse its client. He perfectly blends the beauty of art with the allure of sophistication.

Sasha Unisex

The Instagram feed of Sasha Unisex is the epitome of the artistic skills that she possesses. The magnificent tattoos by this artist will make you fall in love with tattoos.

Jonathan Valena

If you want to see delicate tattoo art shining gloriously on your body, make an appointment with Jonathan Valena. You can visit her Instagram profile brimming with aesthetic art.

Daniel Winter

Get a tattoo job done by Daniel Winter and flaunt the magnificent piece of art proudly. The remarkable artist has already impressed popular celebrities such as Sophie Turner and Lady Gaga.


Myleskarr knows very well how to draw appealing pieces of art and amaze people. The artful designs of tattoos put this artist apart from the crowd.


A favorite of stars and celebrities of the big town, Scampbell333 has a lot in store to impress you. You will literally be bewitched by the exotic art of Scampbell333.

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour

If you have a great love for vintage and royal tattoos, no one can be a better fit for you than Smith Street Tattoo Parlour, who is truly a legend in this particular field.


Lukewessman has taken the town by storm with its amazing and eye-catching tattoo designs. If you don’t believe us, just book a quick session and experience it yourself.