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IShowSpeed Real Name – IShowSpeed Family Name You Might Like to Know

The real name of IShowSpeed is Darren Watkins Jr. His friends and family knew him by his real name only till 2018 .

ishowspeed real name

Darren Watkins Jr, also known as IShowSpeed is a Young YouTuber and live streamer from America, who chose a unique and catchy nickname for his YouTube channel and achieved massive success in a short span of time. His nickname, ‘IShowSpeed’ has become so popular that it has, in fact, overshadowed his real name.



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What is IShowSpeed Real Name?

The real name of IShowSpeed is Darren Watkins Jr. His friends and family knew him by his real name only till 2018 when he created his YouTube channel with his nickname ‘IShowSpeed’. Not just on YouTube, he chose this nickname for his all social media handles.

Soon, he started getting popularity through his nickname, and today, his nickname has become his identity. Only a few people know his real name. Apart from IShowSpeed, the YouTube sensation is also known as Speed or Speedy.  In fact, his other YouTube channels Speedy Boykins and Live Speedy are with his nickname Speedy. Here, he is talking about his nickname in an entertaining way.


Meaning of IShowSpeed real name Darren Watkins Jr

The first name of IShowSpeed’s real name ‘Darren’ is actually an Irish word that means ‘great one’. As for his last name, Watkins, it means Walter (it is a German word that means commander of the army). So, the literal meaning of IShowSpeed’s real name, Darren Warkins Jr, is ‘great Walter’.

The word has 6 characters, so these people are like 6-sided cubes. Their personality is well-balanced and steady. People having the name Darren are extremely creative and incredibly artistic.

These people possess the quality of actors, dancers, artists, or performers. They have magnetic personalities and they never fail to charm people. No wonder why IShowSpeed is such a charismatic artist.

IShowSpeed is justifying the meaning of his name anyway. He has, of course, great leadership qualities. Else, he wouldn’t have been able to make such a huge mass of people follow him.

Why IShowspeed is popular?

When IShowSpeed started his YouTube channel with his nickname ‘IShowSpeed’, this name really did not have any certain meaning. However, later on, his channel defined the meaning of the nickname. The speed of his popularity and success really define his nickname.

Considering the fact that he achieved such huge success in a matter of just 1 year, his fans tagged him with other nicknames like Speed and Speedy. In this video, IShowSpeed himself talks about why people call him Speed.

 IShowSpeed Real Name – Ancestry Search

The real name of IShowSpeed, Darren Watkins Jr, traces its history back to the old times.  Darren is an Irish word that first appeared in early 1960. It is actually a masculine given name. The word, Darren, has different variants such as Darrell, Darin, Darun, and Darrin too.

Like the first name of IShowSpeed, his surname also has a deep-rooted ancestry. It is an English and Welsh surname that first appeared in America in the 1670s when Henry Watkins migrated to America from Wales.

Famous people with the same first name as Darren Watkins Jr Aka IShowspeed

 The nickname of IShowSpeed is definitely unique. However, his real name, Darren Watkins, is a regular name. In fact, he shares his first name with many other celebrities. The interesting thing is that many of them are from the entertainment world.

American singer Darren Criss – This 35-years-old American singer, actor, and songwriter has the same first name as IShowSpeed. The incredible actor has won an Emmy and a golden award for his stellar acting in the TV series ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’.


IShowSpeed Real Name
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 Australian Singer Darren Hayes – Another singer who shares his first name with IShowSpeed. The singer got popular for his duo with Savage Garden. Together, they have sold more than 23 million albums worldwide.

American actor Darren E. Burrows – Like IShowSpeed, this actor is also from America and has the same first name. The remarkable actor is best known for his incredible acting in the TV series Northern Exposure.

Famous people with the same last name as Darren Watkins Jr Aka IShowspeed

 It’s not only the first name of IShowSpeed that is a general name but you will find many famous people having the same surname as IShowSpeed too. This surname is particularly popular in America.

American singer Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins – The winner of 4 Grammy awards, this American singer writes her surname as IShowSpeed does. The music sensation rose into popularity in the early 1990 and is better known by her stage name T-Boz.

Tionne ‘T Boz Watkins
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American footballer Sammy Watkins – This 29-years-old young footballer is also African-American like IShowSpeed and has the same surname too.  He started playing football at a very young age and now plays as the wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL.

American actress Michaela Watkins – The beautiful American actress and comedian is best known for her mind-blowing acting on the Hulu series Casual. Besides that, she was also featured in many films such as Wonderlust, Enough Said, and The Backup Plan.


IShowSpeed Got arrested?

 Last month, IShowSpeed stunned his fans when his house was swatted by a bunch of police officers, and IShowSpeed was handcuffed. The interesting thing is that his cameraman was capturing this whole thing and live streaming. He continued to film the whole scene till he was asked to put the camera down by the police officers.  IShowSpeed looked in complete disbelief and was saying:

Oh my god, bro! I swear I didn’t do anything. I did not do s***.  Oh my God!

One of his fans shared this bad news Twitter handle.


However, he was released soon. In one of his live streams, the young YouTuber disclosed that his fellow YouTuber Adin Ross paid for the bail and helped him to get out. The main reason for the arrest of IShowSpeed is not known. IShowSpeed has not spoken about it yet either.

 Is IShowSpeed active on social media with his real name?

 No, IShowSpeed is active on all social media platforms with his nickname only, especially with the name ‘IShowSpeed’.

Is the name of IShowSpeeds’s father Darren Watkins Sr, as his name is Darren Watkins Jr?

Well, it is not really known because IShowSpeed has never disclosed the names of his parents. He has even never talked about why his name has the ‘Junior’ tag.

Ishowspeed: The young social media star

Almost everybody has a nickname but most people get popular by their real name only. But, IShowSpeed is an exception in this case. He has managed to achieve great public attention as well as huge success by his nickname. His real name, Darren Watkins Jr, is probably only for his official documents.