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Ashley Judd Partner , Relationships , Gossips and More

Martin Surbeck is rumored to be Ashley Judd’s partner. They collaborated on the project at a bonobo research facility

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is known for her roles in films like Double Jeopardy, Heat, and A Time to Kill. She received the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actress for her work in Double Jeopardy. She received great recognition for her appearances in Divergent, Insurgent, and High Crimes.

The American actress was born in Los Angles, California, on 19th April 1968. Her first appearance was in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1991 as Ensign Robin Lefler. Ashley also worked as a director and producer on Call Me Crazy: A Five Film and Missing.

Recently the actress became a well-known name after actively participating in an NGO, political campaigns, and social justice movements.

Who is Ashley Judd’s current partner?

Based on Ashley Judd’s Instagram feed, she does not look like to be in any relationship or has any life partner. However, there are rumors of her being in a relationship with Martin Surbeck, a professor. She met him soon after her jungle accident on 29th August 2021.

She first met Martin in 2021 at a Red Sox game. Following her leg injury in a Congo rainforest fall, it was the first time she made her appearance in the events.

Martin Surbeck is a professor at Harvard University. He teaches about human evolutionary biology.



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After six months, the actress made her first public appearance with her father, Michael Ciminella, and her partner Martin Surbeck.

She said it was great a refreshment to pause in the summer evening from all the troubles and be a part of the game. She mentioned her father in her 2011 memoir as a fantastic baseball player in his days. She said that he had a lot of fun after a long time.

Mentioning her partner, a Harvard Professor, she said that he is Swiss and visiting the most historic park in this country is an excellent introduction to the game.

What is Ashley Judd’s relationship status?

There are rumours of her having at least ten past relationships. But she has been secretive about her personal life and romantic relationships. Her first marriage ended in divorce in 2013. Before this relationship, she had not been married.

She has many romances. Her fans may come across a wide variation of her dating history on the internet. They will find it challenging to keep a count of Ashely’s flings, hook-ups, or breakups. But getting an idea of who is dating her is easy.

Currently, she is happy with Martin Surbeck.

History of Ashley Judd’s relationships and boyfriends

After a severe separation of 12 years of marriage, she is currently totally dating. Dario Franchitti was the former husband of the 54-year-old. He is a Scot and an ex-racing driver. Dario Franchitti is also a port analyst who is known for his work.

She was married to him from 2001-2013. In 1999 when Ashley was competing in CART, her ex-husband proposed to her. They did not wait and got married soon.

The marriage took place in a pretty set-up of a historic castle in Castle in Scotland. In December 2001, the couple exchanged vows at Skibo Castle.

It was their dream wedding. The couple was living an extraordinary life. But then things became messy. She is an antinatalist. She believes that having children is immoral. She argued about it, comparing the increasing death toll in developing countries among children.

They decided to part ways. The couple called it quit in 2013. Their marriage lasted for 12 years. Till now, Ashley Judd had numerous relationships. But she was married only to Dario Franchitti. She has no children. But she is happy.

She had ten different relationships in the past. The internet is full of a lot of speculation about her romantic life.

Michael Bolton, Josh Charles, Michael English, Matthew McConaughey, Jon Stewart, Robert De Niro, Brady Anderson, and Lyle Lovett are some of the men he dated in the past. She had been rumoured to have had sex with David Duchovny.

 1991- 1992

During this time, she dated a lot of men. Lyle Lovett was the first man she dated, followed by Brady Anderson. Jon Stewart was another man she committed. These romantic relationships did not last for long.


She was romantically involved with Robert De Niro. The couple was happy together, and they had a great romance. But they, too, broke up.


This time she was in one of the most famous Hollywood industry relationships. It was with Matthew McConaughey. They were one of the most attractive couples then. They were in the headlines and too much in love until they had a breakup

 1996 to 1997

After the last breakup with Matthew McConaughey, the actress moved on and was in a relationship with Michael Bolton. When they started dating, everyone was quite surprised. It was only another of her romantic relationships. Even it did not last.

Ashley was physically involved with David Duchovny. Both of them never confirmed it. Yet some sources close to Ashley and David claimed this truth.

 Martin Surbeck’s relationship with Ashley Judd

Martin Surbeck is rumored to be Ashley Judd’s boyfriend.



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Ashley Judd experienced a horrible mishap when she was traveling to the Republic of Congo. It was for bonobo conversation work with the Kokolopori research facility.

Initially, she waited for a rescue squad for nearly five hours. She was lying in extreme pain on the woodland floor.

She broke her leg in four places after tripping over a downed tree. The actress suffered this leg injury last year in February. She needed help from an African to get the operation required at the hospital.

It was a severe incident, and she was almost losing her leg. She was transported to the hospital for her surgery. It took a 55 hours flight to get treated in a hospital in South Africa.

She got stuck in a remote area of the rainforest.

Soon she met Martin after the injury. It is believed that one of the men who showed up to help her and bring her out of the rainforest is Martin Surbeck.

They collaborated on the project at a bonobo research facility. Martin was the one who first offered help in the forest. Thus their professional meeting evolved into love and affection in recent years. Now they are happily together.

 Who is Martin Surbeck?

His age is not known. But it is stated to be between 50-55 years. In 2019, Dr. Martin Surbeck served as an assistant professor at Harvard University in the Human Evolutionary Biology Division.

He first attended the University of Zurich and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore to learn the basics of zoology and biology.

In 2011, he was awarded the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology. His research focuses on bonobos’ social structure. It analyses competition along with cooperation among groups such as bonobos and chimpanzees.

He and the Bonobo Conservation Initiative were in charge of the research facility on Kokolopori bonobo

Martin Surbeck said few things regarding his work studying bonobos:

“These animals are fascinating to watch, and they’re interesting because we don’t know that much about them…So I spent a year in the Congo, habituating bonobos to humans.”



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Ashley Judd visited the Swiss Residence with Dr. Martin Surbeck. It was during a presentation of bonobo research in Kokolopori in the presence of Honorable Lotana Lokasola.

The public is now inquisitive. They want to know about Ashley Judd’s boyfriend Martin Surbeck. Others want to see his picture. But Martin Surbeck has no social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Ashley Judd has also kept her relationship with Martin Surbeck under wrap.

Ashley Judd’s Private Life

Ashley Judd’s mother, Naomi Judd, was a singer and actress in the US. Ashley is the sister of Wynonna Ellen Judd, the multi-award-winning singer. Her older sister has been working in the music industry since 1983.

Ashley is a bit troubled in her life, having severe depression, insomnia, and co-dependency issues. She has been a part of humanitarian work. In 2011 she published a book that mentions her private life.

Maybe this time, Ashley Judd will find love in her present partner, and they might get married. We all hope her new relationship lasts and she finds happiness.

The actress is active on Instagram as @ashley_judd. She has almost 631,000 followers.