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How Old Is JoJo Siwa ? – JoJo Siwa Age, Birthday & Gossip News

JoJo Siwa was born on May 19, 2003, and is now 19 years old. People born on this day are rulers of their own kingdom

JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa, 19 years old as of 2022, was born on 19 May 2003. She is an extremely popular public figure who has a YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers now. She is an American singer, dancer, entrepreneur, author, and impeccable influencer.

You can find her on YouTube as ‘Its JoJo Siwa’ where she regularly posts about her quirky and fascinating daily life.

JoJo instantly blew up when people noticed her in two seasons of the American television series, Dance Moms. She participated in the show with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa. Later on, it was only uphill for her. She became a sensation on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.



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JoJo is also known for rolling out two great music singles, which were titled ‘Kid in a Candy Store’ and ‘Boomerang’.  Some other well-accepted songs of hers are ‘High Top Shoes’, ‘My Story’, ‘Worldwide Party’, ‘Every Girl’s a Super Girl’, to name a few! Another major highlight is that she booked her spot on the Times’ annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020.

Jojo Siwa Birthday May 19: Zodiac & Horoscope 

People, like JoJo Siwa, born on 19 May are Tauruses. People born on this day are rulers of their own kingdom and fare well in whatever they do. They are highly motivated, inspired, and determined when it comes to staying focused.

It’s apparent that Taurauses prefer solitude, yet they don’t hate socializing. However, they never count on others for an advice. As a result, they trust their instincts and believe they can do their best work alone.

On the flipside, those born on 19 May tend to make lots of friends and have many close ones to share their thoughts without any bias. They are intense lovers too.

Tauruses who cut their birthday cake on this day are family-oriented and love being with a huge swarm of relatives around. If they become parents, these people will take care to give their kids enough freedom.

Although competitive by nature, people born on 19 May lie behind in terms of health. They are not regular at exercising and don’t follow their diets strictly, though they tend to enjoy weekend sports. They are likely to face accidents in life so they must always take care.

Tauruses believe in the security money provides and work hard to give their loved ones all the materialistic luxuries. They prefer physical work instead of a mundane desk job.

JoJo Siwa Age – 19 Years – Celebrities of the same age

 JoJo Siwa has worked hard to shine on social media at a very young age. There are a handful of individuals aged 19 years like her who have also managed to make a mark in different industries. Have a look.

Actress Jenna Ortega: Jenna Ortega, aged 19 years, received praise for her work on the comedy-drama series titled ‘Jane the Virgin’. She played the protagonist and proved herself worthy as an American starkid.

 Actor and Musician Finn Wolfhard: The Canadian actor and musician, Finn Wolfhard are as old as JoJo Siwa. He tasted fame at a very young age. Finn is globally known for his work in ‘Stranger Things’, a popular Netflix web series.


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Make-up artist Avani Gregg: This American make-up artist has been a part of the Forbes 30 under 30. She was heavily complimented by the critics for playing Gemma in ‘Chicken Girls’, a web series. Her acting skills are as good as her makeup sense.

Famous personalities who share their birthdays with JoJo Siwa

For the record, many famous people share their birthdays with the current pop sensation JoJo Siwa. Natalia Oreiro (45 years old) is a Uruguayan model, actress, singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and television presenter who was born on 19 May 1977.

Singer-Songwriter Sam Smith – Samuel Frederick Smith, popularly known as Sam Smith, is an English songwriter and singer. He won the Academy Award for Best Music, is aged 30 years currently, and was born on this very day in 1992.

Football coach Andrea Pirlo – The sport of football holds an eminent personality who was also born on 19 May. The globally famous Italian professional coach cum former footballer, Andrea Pirlo was born on this very day, and is 43 years as of 2022.He has made an unforgettable mark in the history of this sport. Pirlo was known for his extraordinary ball control, stunning free kicks, and high-precision passes.

Journalist Sophie Davant – Sophie is a renowned French television presenter, actress, and journalist. She is 59 years old as of now and was born in 1963.

Historical events that took place on JoJo Siwa’s birthday

1987 – Film and television history witnessed the first ever American Comedy Awards this year to honor noteworthy performances in comedy. The awards were mostly bagged by the television host and comedian, Johnny Carson, and the actress and comedian, Betty White.

1911 – The world of music saw a classic opera premiere on this date. It was the French composer Maurice Ravel’s quintessential one-act opera named ‘L’Heure Espagnole’, which premiered at the Opera-Comique in Paris, France.

1929 – 19 May 1929 was an ugly day for Yankee Stadium. It was when a massive baseball crowd had gathered to enjoy a match in the heart of New York City. Sudden spells of rain caused a major stampede. As a result, there were two casualties reported and 62 people injured.

1919 – Ataturk set off the Turkish war of independence on 19 May 1919. He became the President to the Republic of Turkey four years later.

JoJo Siwa Gossips and Interesting News

JoJo Siwa recently made a statement that she and her ex-girlfriend, Kylie Prew are back together. They had allegedly broken up in October 2021 but have now reunited. JoJo claimed that she is lucky to feel loved and be in a relationship and admitted the breakup was a mistake of her past.


JoJo, who has been a part of the LGBTQ+ community publicly since January 2022, tweeted that she is the happiest ever now. She thanked her audience for all the love and acceptance as she celebrated one year of announcing her sexuality. She claimed that being happy is what really matters.

JoJo Siwa posted a short TikTok video where she was answering rapid questions. When she was asked about the rudest celebrity she’d met, she showed a photo of the actress Candace Cameron Bure. It was found that JoJo had once met the actress and asked her for a picture to which she refused straight away. This led to the series of rude encounters they had.


@itsjojosiwaI’ve been waiting to do thissssssss♬ The Magic Bomb (Questions I Get Asked) [Extended Mix] – Hoàng Read

Did JoJo Siwa cut her hair off?

 JoJo Siwa recently revealed her new haircut on Instagram live where she was seen in a low ponytail and her hair being chopped off.

What condition does JoJo Siwa have?

 JoJo Siwa has a bald spot on her head which she says is because of a stress rash she had during her Dance Moms journey. She admitted that her hair follicles have been damaged because of the same.

JoJo Siwa: A global sensation in her present prime

JoJo Siwa is undoubtedly a rising sensation who is gradually taking over the hearts of so many young aspirers who want to be like her. An incredible influencer, she has been a Times bestselling author and effortlessly puts down any criticism about her.

JoJo is a promising and self-assured inspiration for the youth as she has bagged endless fame and attention at a very young age ( JoJo Siwa age is 19 years as of 2022). With numerous fantastic songs on her list, she has a lot more to bring to her audience which is increasing with every passing day.

Who is JoJo Siwa’s dad?

Joelle Joanie Siwa was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 19, 2003, to Jessalynn (née Lombardi), a professional dance instructor from Iowa, and Tom Siwa, a chiropractor from Nebraska. She has one sibling, an older brother named Jayden Siwa, who is also a vlogger.

Who is JoJo Siwa’s soulmate?

On February 3, 2021, JoJo revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she had a girlfriend during an appearance on The Tonight Show. Days later on February 8, she confirmed her then-mystery girlfriend to be fellow influencer Kylie Prew.

When did JoJo have a boyfriend?

In August 2020, JoJo revealed via TikTok that her boyfriend was actually Mark Bomtempo. They were together for a few months before the Dancing With the Stars contestant revealed in December of that year they had split. “I am single as a Pringle right now.

Who made JoJo famous?

Siwa started her career as a top-5 finalist and the youngest contestant on the second season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, produced by Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms fame.

What is JoJo Siwa’s real hair color?

Jojo Siwa with her natural brownish blond hair | Jojo siwa outfits, Jojo siwa hair, Jojo siwa brown hair.

How rich is JoJo Siwa?

American Dancer JoJo Siwa has a net worth of $35 Million USD. JoJo Siwa earns $8 million annually from her concerts, videos, and television shows. The real name of JoJo Siwa is Joelle Joanie. In this editorial, we bring you exclusive information on JoJo Siwa’s Assets, Earnings, Cars, and other interesting details.

Who is JoJo’s new gf?

JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus are officially an item! A day after confirming their relationship on TikTok, Siwa, 19, and Cyrus, 22, made their red carpet debut together on Wednesday night, posing for photographers at the opening night of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill musical at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles.

Who was JoJo’s ex girlfriend?

Content creator and influencer JoJo Siwa has been called out by ex-partner Katie Mills, with a recent video shared by Siwa’s ex accusing her of “attacking” Mills and Avery Cyrus, another ex-partner of Siwa’s.

Why is JoJo’s so good?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a shonen series that begins with very common action tropes as its driving force. The scope of JoJo expands in fulfilling ways, but it’s consistently entertaining as the series’ genre shifts in a natural way that allows the storytelling to evolve and not grow stagnant.

Are JoJo’s parents divorced?

JoJo’s parents divorced when she was four years old, and she was raised as an only child by her mother.

Did JoJo and her gf break up?

Avery Cyrus revealed she and JoJo Siwa split after three months of dating. The TikTok star shared a TikTok video on December 17, officially confirming the breakup following days of fan speculation that the pair had gone their own ways.

How did JoJo Siwa get rich?

Aside from her YouTube views, JoJo also banks a lot of money from her licensing deal with Nickelodeon. Through the deal, JoJo has released loads of branded merchandise including a Jojo Siwa action doll, a collection of clothes, and even sequined high-top sneakers at Payless.

How many girlfriends has JoJo Siwa had?

AFTER finding stardom, JoJo Siwa revealed she identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community. Since she came out, the So You Think You Can Dance judge has been romantically linked to Kylie Prew, Katie Mills, and Avery Cyrus.

Why is JoJo so hyped?

Its popular because its unique. Many other animes and the like follow the same premise initially. Protagonist fights the Antagonist and the Protagonist gets defeated but gets stronger later on and gets the power to defeat the Antagonist.

How rich is JoJo Siwa?

American Dancer JoJo Siwa has a net worth of $35 Million USD. JoJo Siwa earns $8 million annually from her concerts, videos, and television shows. The real name of JoJo Siwa is Joelle Joanie. In this editorial, we bring you exclusive information on JoJo Siwa’s Assets, Earnings, Cars, and other interesting details

Did JoJo Siwa ever have a bf?

Now, JoJo has opened up about her gay awakening and how it involved her first boyfriend, TikTok star Mark Bontempo.

What happened to JoJo’s girlfriend?

JoJo Siwa and girlfriend Avery Cyrus have called it quits. The Nickelodeon mogul, 19, and her TikTok creator partner, 22, who first announced they were officially dating back in September, are no longer together, Cyrus revealed in a comment on a TikTok post Saturday.

Does JoJo Siwa live with her dad?

JoJo has made public comments suggesting that Tom and Jessalynn live with her in the Los Angeles mansion she purchased in 2019. In a 2022 interview with PEOPLE, she shared that she’d toned down the previously vibrant decor in her house.

Does JoJo Siwa donate money?

JoJo gained inspiration from her fans and started advocating for children and their families affected by cancer. Proceeds raised through donations will fund research and provide financial support for families dealing with childhood cancer.

Who told JoJo Siwa to grow up?

Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter Natasha Tells JoJo Siwa to “Grow Up,” Says This Generation Is “So Sensitive”.

Who is JoJo Siwa’s manager?

Siwa will continue to be represented by manager Caryn Sterling and attorneys John Ingram and Chad Christopher at Goodman Genow Schenkman.

Is JoJo Siwa a celebrity?

Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa (/ˈsiːwɑː/; born May 19, 2003) is an American dancer, singer, actress, YouTuber, and media personality. From 2015 to 2016, she appeared on two seasons of the reality television show Dance Moms alongside her mother, Jessalynn Siwa.

What age did JoJo Siwa become famous?

Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa became a reality star at 9 years old when she competed on the Dance Moms spinoff Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition during its second season in 2013. From there, the energetic personality has become a household name, conquering TV, music, merchandising and more — to much fan excitement.

Why is JoJo so unique?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is well-known for its art style and poses, frequent references to Western popular music and fashion, and battles centered around Stands, psycho-spiritual manifestations with unique supernatural abilities.

How are JoJo’s teeth so white?

“Most People Would Just Be Like, ‘I Brush Them'” — In A Livestream, JoJo Siwa Admitted She Has Veneers, And People Are Applauding Her For Telling The Truth.

What is JoJo’s natural hair?

She wears this signature look so often, we never really thought about what she would look like without it. But in a video posted on her TikTok, Siwa traded her famous ponytail and bow to show off her naturally curly blond hair.