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5 Tested Social Media Strategies To Promote Your Travel Blog

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You might get surprised to know that over 80% of travel planning is happening through the internet, and the travel blogging industry is growing at a breakneck speed. TripAdvisor statistics has said that 66% of travelers spend more time reading the destination review whom they want to visit. Whether you are an aspiring travel blogger or an experienced one, the above-tested tips work wonders to boost traffic to your blog.

Amplify your voice

You can amplify your voice if you stand ahead of the crowd by making yourself different and unique from it. The authentic way to influence others is to create your brand. Leverage the power of social media platforms, share your experience, tips, and travel advice, and attract your target audience. Creating engaging and eye-grabbing content on facebook consistently helps create a successful personal brand.

Leverage Resources

Writing a travel blog doesn’t help you boost your website traffic. You need to consider the other parameters that help increase your reach by attracting potential customers. Use beautiful themes along with essential plugins, aesthetically incredible photos by using fine camera pixels and short video clips. Don’t forget to analyze what your competitor is doing. If you don’t know how to track your competitor strategies, Adspy will resolve your problem. It is one of the powerful competitor tracking tools that can fetch the magnitude of information and help you revamp your strategies. If you are unsure how to try Adspy at discounted price, redeem the Adspy coupon ¬†available on ripesocial site and get 150 discount.


Your readers are more interested in what is there for them. Sharing and creating travel blogs is a one-dimensional expression. But involve your readers in your travel decisions, gives them a personal touch. Poll your readers and know about their next travel destination and make them feel excited about the upcoming adventure. In this way, you get organic traction on your travel blog.


Don’t miss the networking.

Conduct candid interviews with other travel bloggers, attract diverse traffic to your site by unleashing the potential of collaboration. By doing this, you can also experience other travel bloggers’ thought processes and get a chance to engage with their potential audience. By talking with a broader audience base, you get an opportunity to hone your writing skills by accepting their feedback and working on it. It is famously said talent win games, but teamwork wins the championship. Hence, Collaborate and open up the new opportunity waiting for you.

Bonus Strategy for you

If you incredibly want to create a lasting impression on your readers, you can’t overlook the significant influence of YouTube videos. Embed those videos in your travel blog, and people would love to experience the destination they want to visit. Making them relish the beautiful adventure will boost your influence as a travel blogger.

Final thoughts

Becoming a successful travel blogger is not an overnight success. Spend time understanding your audience, engaging with them, gathering relevant information, and leveraging them to your advantage. Don’t create monotonous blogs that don’t have the spark, plan your content carefully, add some exotic flavor to your journey, and pique up the curiosity of your readers.