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Best Custom Tailor In New York

custom tailoring newyork

The moment you hear ‘custom-made’ and ‘tailor-made’, you must be daunted with the thoughts of heavy tags and costs and luxurious items. The funny part is that most people believe that tailor-made clothes belong to fashionistas and rich lads. Although they seem stylish, most think they might not be able to afford them.

However, the good news is that anyone and everyone can wear customized clothes. You must know that tailor-made is always better!

Speaking of ready-made apparel, the first issue is the garment cannot be customized any longer. Sizes do vary depending upon the brand, country, price, and product. In fact, the available sizes are always standardized and hold a limited fit. The biggest difference is created by the fabric. They are not always pleasant, and you have no option but to settle for less.

Nevertheless, what if we say that a ready-to-wear garment is perfect for those who have zero aspirations for their appearance?

On the contrary, custom-made apparel is made with a primary pattern model which is adjustable and can be modified to fit the specific measurements of the customers. The major difference between both is that you can choose your material, you can choose your style, you get excellent quality, and you can look superior without spending thousands of dollars and staying within your budget.

With custom-made garments, all you need to do is study your style, share your requirements, and wait for your dress to be ready. The best part? It is adept for all body types.

That said, if you are seeking a fine custom tailor in New York City, LuxTailor is the best option for you!

Situated in Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY, LuxTailor deals in offering high-end custom clothing services, including garment alterations, designer clothes, restoration, repairs, custom suits, shirts, and general tailors.

Referred to as a top tailor in NYC under the Hollywood Reporter, Luxtailor is famous for collaborating with giant and luxury brands with its seamstress services.

To name a few, they include Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Alice & Olivia, CHANEL, Bottega Venetta, Dolce & Gabbana, Attico, Brandon Maxwell, DIOR, Cristian Siriano, and many more.

Luxtailor is a women-owned business that has gained extensive recognition for being one of the most trusted, reliable, and reputable tailors in NYC for luxury brands.

People have shown extreme love for Luxtailor on Yelp with their precious reviews. Luxtailor received the Best Of Manhattan Award in 2021 along with the Small Business Excellence Award 2019.

Luxtailor got featured in WWD magazine for Madison Avenue’s welcome back Saturday. As per Hollywood Reporter Cover, Luxtailor is ranked as the top tailor in NYC.

Google summarizes its customer review with 4.7 stars. To add weight to this, here are a few customer reviews stating why LuxTailor is the best in town.


  • “Excellent Quality, top professionalism, and highly responsive.”
  • “Best in the town! Basia and her staff are just mind-blowing.”
  • “Not just Basia is highly skilled; she also knows the designers and the collections. She understands how the clothes should look and fit.”
  • “Got 2 of my McQueen pieces altered to perfection. Everyone on the team is so friendly. especially Kika, the shop coordinator.”


Luxtailor has created quite a reputation in the town. They are known as Madison Avenue’s Best Kept Secret. Luxtailor has created innumerable red carpet looks for celebrities and influencers in the fashion industry. No doubt why they are always the go-to-tailors.

Luxtailor is very responsive. You can connect with them at  or visit them at  , 20 East 68th Street, Suite 210,New York, NY 10065

Alongside, you can also reach out to them at,

LuxTailor is dedicated to quality, exceptional customer service, and craftsmanship. They work with a myriad of brands, designers, stylists, showrooms, private clientele, and luxury boutiques.

The masters can work on any materials and upon a wide range of fabrics. Not just leather but silk, suede, double face fabrics, fur, organza, and satin, Luxtailor has expertise in all.

Right from restructuring to shortening hems, from renovating to restyling, Luxtailor provides every service at feasible and affordable rates. Luxtailors are not restricted to any idea. The only idea Luxtailor follow is the customer’s idea. Giving immaculate heed to the details, the team takes individual care of your items as if they were theirs.