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10 Best Sewing Blogs Newbies need To Follow


It can feel overwhelming to be a beginner in a craft that you are interested in. Especially if you do not have that iron clad support you need or someone to hold your hand and take you through the process

The internet is full of resources, but that can feel overwhelming as well, because a lot of contradicting information can be confusing for someone who has little prior knowledge on a topic of interest

That’s why I decided to put together a list of helpful blogs that are geared specifically towards newbies. I hope it helps you-credit (take

Curvy sewing collective

This is a great blog for you if you are a plus size figure. We all know how plus size niche is ignored. There are lots of information on measurements, fabrics and what works best for a curvy figure.

The community members share pictures of their creations and interact on the online forum

So Sew Easy

Great blog for sewing tutorials and access to free sewing patterns plus you get to network with other sewing enthusiasts

Sew Mama Sew

This blog is for people who are interested in home decor, accessories, hair band, bags, aprons etc.

Colette Blog-This blog is packed with creative inspiration, tutorials and sewing tips, you can check out their sister blog (Colette patterns) where you can buy fab sewing materials and patterns

All free sewing

Great online sewing resource for beginners and seasoned seamstresses. You can access free sewing patterns, e-books, and project videos

Tilly and the buttons

For beginners, it focuses on dress making but also offers helpful tutorials on sewing tutorials

Made by Rea

Whether you want to sew children’s clothes or you are looking for child friendly projects to do at home, this blog is full of creative ideas, sewing projects and tutorials

Sewing Insights

This blog allows you to read equipment ratings and reviews on the most popular sewing machine brands and all sewing related products

Crazy little projects

This blog is full of charming ideas for children. If you have a budding seamstress at home, this us the blog for you. It has a session on the site named “25 things you can learn under 30 minutes” and 25 things to sew for baby.

Definitely check this out and dig in to all the resources they offer.