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Best Astrologer in San Diego , California

April Elliot Kent

Astrology, as practiced nowadays, is much more diverse and refined than it was in the past. What was once considered fortune telling has become more of a personal guidance and confidence boosting job. While birth charts and horoscopes are the tip of the iceberg, a qualified astrologer can change your perception of life.

Thanks to the internet revolution, Astrological practices have become larger than ever. Unlike the old days, now getting free knowledge is easy, and so is booking an astrologer’s appointment. As we are spoiled with choices, mistakes in choosing the right person are common. Thus, we suggest you go for old-timers for your need for astrological advice.

In this fast-moving world, stress and anxiety are causing serious damage to our lifestyle. It’s due to the uncertainty of future outcomes. This is where an astrologer can be of help. Today, in this blog, we’ll be naming the Best Astrologer of July 2022. After conducting intrinsic research, we’ve found our winner, someone who has been in this line of work for more than three decades.

Best Astrologer San Diego

Web monitoring volunteers and writers  at  Let’s Write It Right ( LWIR ) have selected April Elliot Kent of Big Sky Astrology  as the best astrologer in San Diego. April has been associated with Astrology since 1973. In her long and successful career as an astrologer, she has helped countless individuals in finding the true meaning of their life.

On her path to becoming a successful freelance astrologer, April’s writings have been featured in numerous online & offline magazines like Wholistic Astrologer, the Mountain Astrologer, and AOL Horoscopes. Thus, her expertise in the subject is unquestionable.

Why she’s the Best

April has quite a resume to show for. She is a big name in the San Diego Astrological Society. She’s one of their early members continuing association with the organization since the 70s. April is also a member of the International Society for Astrological Research.

Apart from guiding clients through thick and thin, Mrs. Kent has been a successful writer with three best sellers under her name. Her books are available in online marketplaces, and we recommend them to anyone with an interest in astrology.

Here’s a summary of her achievements over the years in a listed format:

  • Graduated from San Diego State University in Communication major with flying colors
  • Successfully served a full tenor as the President of the San Diego Astrological Society
  • A member of several astrological communities, including NCGC, ISAR, SOTA & UAC
  • Proficiently running a website since 1999 with an online offering of knowledge and services
  • Wrote several bestselling books and popular articles in various forums

What are the Services?

Mrs. Kent offers a wide array of services and products through her website. You can have a personal astrology session with her through audio & video calls. She’s the best in town for consulting birth charts and life progression. She can help you gain a new perspective on life.

You can also have a customized report done by her. April’s report offerings include Solar Return, Sky Log Report, Moonshadow Eclipse Report, and more. The best deal among all is called the Seven Forest Sky Bundle, where you can get your life transits and progressions checked by her for the next 12 months.

Clients Testimonials

  • “You have come into my life at the perfect time. Your reading with me helped put some pieces of my humanness in perspective, and I have been feeling a little lighter and clearer in the world”
  • “Your thoughts and perspectives took me on that proverbial rollercoaster ride of emotions. I need to listen to the recording again to hear the things you had to say while I was laughing or sobbing too hard to hear you…. From the depths of my heart, Thank you”

How to Connect

April Elliot Kent attends appointments every Tuesday-Friday from 10 am to 3 pm Pacific Time. You can book an appointment by clicking on this link.

April, though in her 60s, is well-versed with social media, as you can find her on all the popular social platforms. Here are the links:

Twitter: @bigskyastrology

YouTube: Big Sky Astrology

Facebook: Big Sky Astrology

LinkedIn: April Elliot Kent


If you’re going through personal troubles and looking for the best astrologer in San Diego, April Elliot Kent is the person that you have to meet and to talk to about your problems. She will help you navigate through tough times and inspire you to achieve your fundamental life goals.