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Top 3 Organic Farming Bloggers In the world

Organic farming

Organic farming bloggers play a huge role in the widespread adoption of the organic farming system. They provide you with authentic information regarding organic farming, food, policies, environmental impacts, tools, and methods to help you with organic produce.

Have you ever been curious about organic farming and would like to enhance your knowledge on this topic, but don’t know how you can do this? Read further to know the top 3 bloggers contributing their knowledge and research in the field of organic farming all around the world to help you out and answer your questions.

Melody Meyer

The founder of the Organic Matters Blog, Melody Meyer, has devoted her life to organic food and its distribution. She was born in 1960, in Iowa. At the age of sixteen, she began working at a natural foods co-op in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she was first introduced to organic and natural foods.

After getting many experiences in various companies she launched Source Organic, her own distribution company in 1995.

Before starting her own Source Organic, she was the Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Policy, and Industry Relations at UNFI.

Through her blog, Organic Matters you can read about the organic industry and her insightful perspective on all the changes taking place. The readers can also see her travel experiences where she shares the local’s unique cuisine.

Maxwell Goldberg

The founder of Organic Insider, Maxwell Goldberg, has been eating 100% organic since 2001. At the end of 2009, he started writing about the organic food industry on his blog Living Maxwell.

The readers of his blog share one thing in common, and that is they care about organic and are deeply concerned about its future.

Before becoming an organic food journalist, Maxwell Goldberg used to work as an investment banker on Wall Street. In the early 2000s, his passion for organic food started to grow but he had no idea how to utilize it. When he started blogging about it in 2009, he launched an independent organic food blog that is read by many people including influential CEOs and executives in this industry.

In 2016 he created Organic Insider. Through Organic Insider, organic CEOs and executives get a newsletter every week which keeps them informed about the developments taking place in the industry. The newsletter summarizes the information so that people can get all the details in under 5-10 minutes and make better decisions for their companies.

Caroline Baptist

One of the regular writers of the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF), Caroline Baptist. She has experience of over 15 years of corporate, non-profit, and agency as a communications professional.

Caroline Baptist did her graduation from Washington State University, she graduated with a BA in English and Digital Technology and Culture. In the greater Seattle area, there is a 5-acre farm named River Valley Country Club which is owned by her.

She writes her blogs about topics in which she is interested such as organic farming, local food security, regenerative agriculture, mutual aid, and community health.

Why Should People Opt for Organic Food?

Organic farming helps in achieving two objectives, the development of agriculture as well as the environment. Organic farming is not only beneficial for the environment but also the human beings and animals. It is so because it decreases the health hazards by decreasing the amount of residue in the food products.

It is beneficial for the development of the environment as the natural resources are optimally utilized and help in the conservation of resources for future use. The soil’s chemical properties also are improved due to organic farming.

There are numerous other benefits of organic farming so we can say it is a viable alternative to agricultural development and more and more people should opt for it.

How Organic Bloggers Empowers Society?

People usually think that organic farming means no usage of pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, and genetically modified organisms. However, organic farming includes much more than that. It promotes crop rotation and covers crops. It also encourages a balanced relationship between the host and predator. The organic waste and residue can be recycled to make soil.

So it is very important to raise awareness among the people and farmers for the promotion of organic farming and the conservation of the environment. These organic farming bloggers help in raising this awareness and also help the existing farmer with innovative ideas and development in agriculture.

Hope this article was helpful for you, besides these bloggers, there are also many organizations such as Earl’s organic produce, Dickinson college organic farm, Pfenning’s Organic Farm, and many more who provide information and knowledge regarding organic farming in their blogs.