86 Funny Friday Jokes To Kick Off The Weekend

Perfect dose of Friday jokes to kickstart your Saturday and Sunday on a joyful note.

Friday Jokes

As the workweek winds down, Friday jokes deliver some much-needed laughs. By the time this glorious day rolls around, we’re all ready for some humor poking fun at work life. Friday jokes celebrate the impending weekend and poke fun at the daily grind.

Whether you’re in the office, school, or running errands, funny Friday jokes hit the spot. Clever wordplay and cheesy Friday dad jokes make the end-of-week slog more amusing.

So liven up the last day before Saturday with hilarious jokes on Friday. Laugh at the ups and downs of everyone’s favorite weekday with these entertaining quips. Share the laugh to spread pre-weekend joy.

Funny Friday Jokes For This Weekend

Celebrate the end of the workweek grind with hilarious Friday jokes packed with humor relating to everyone’s favorite weekday. These amusing jokes about friday deliver perfect comedic relief going into the weekend.

Funny Friday Jokes
Funny Friday Jokes

1.  What do you call a group of friends planning their Friday night?

A “Netflix”.

2. Where do scientists keep their best discoveries?

In their test-tubes.

3. When does Friday feel like it’s dragging on forever?

When it’s Wednesday.

4. How does Friday like to relax after a long week?

By sitting on Saturday’s face.

5. Why did the calendar want to skip from Thursday to Friday?

Because it heard Friday has the best “end”ing!

6. What’s the best way to celebrate a successful Friday?

Getting wasted and listening to NPR.

7. Why was the math book excited about Fridays?

Because it knew it would finally get some “al-ge-bration”!

8. How does Friday feel about work emails after 5 PM?

It’s like I always say, “You can take the girl out of the office, but you can’t make her respond to your email until Monday.”

9. What did one Friday say to another on the playground?

“Let’s slide into the weekend!”

10. Why did the scarecrow look forward to Fridays?

Because he’d always get a little straw.

11. Why do surfers love Fridays?

Because it’s the perfect day to “catch a wave and ride into the weekend”!

12. What did the Friday night sky say to the stars?

“Hey, it’s 11:00, let’s blow this joint.”

13. How does Friday deal with traffic jams?

Turns out Friday is in love with a stripper named “No Traffic.”

14. Why did the tomato blush on Friday?

Because it saw the salad dressing.

15. What’s Friday’s favorite game?

“Fri-sbee,” of course!

16. How did the computer wish you a Happy Friday?


17. Why did the calendar go to therapy?

Because it was tired of being a date!

Best Jokes For a Friday Party

With the workweek finally winding down, get a head start on the upcoming weekend with our handpicked selection of entertaining jokes for Fridays. Enjoy these funny one-liners that capture the excitement and mood on the last workday of the week.

Jokes For a Friday
Jokes For a Friday

1. Why do soccer players love Fridays?

Because every Friday is a half day.

2 What’s Friday’s secret talent?

Making Monday’s life miserable.

3. Why did the bicycle stand on one wheel on Friday? B

It was two tired from the week.

4. What did the office printer say on Friday afternoon?

I’m feeling kind of toner.

5. Why was the broom excited for Friday?

It knew it could finally “sweep” into relaxation mode.

6. How does Friday feel about the weekend’s arrival?

It’s “Fri-yay” in every way!

7. What’s the best way to enjoy a Friday night in?

With a bowl of “Fri-ed” rice and your favorite movie!

8. When does Friday become a detective?

When it starts solving the mystery of “Fri-ght-day”!

9. Why did the chef look forward to Fridays? B

Because he got to yell, “It’s fry-day!”

10. What do you call a cat that loves Fridays?

Rebecca Black.

11. How did the cellphone react on Friday evening?

It put itself on “Do Not Disturb” mode.

12. Why did the backpack look forward to Fridays?

It could finally “un-load” its stress!

13. What’s Friday’s favorite board game?

Settlers of Catan.

14. Why did the bicycle roll faster on Fridays?

Because it wanted to get the weekend off.

15. What’s the best way to make friends with Friday?

Share your “Fri-vorite” jokes and laughter!

16. When does Friday feel like a superhero?

When it tells Monday to go to Hell.

Friday Dad Joke For Your family

Cringe and chuckle at the cheesiest, so-bad-they’re-good dad jokes for Friday laughs. Annoy your family and coworkers by sharing these awful Friday jokes.

Friday Dad Joke
Friday Dad Joke

1. How does Friday greet the weekend?

With a warm “Fri-ndly” hug!

2. What’s Friday’s favorite dessert?

Caramel on a Sundae

3. Why did the music teacher always smile on Fridays?

Because it was a “D minor” chord.

4. What do you call a book club that meets on Fridays?

The Alcohooligans

5. How does Friday handle tough situations?

It just walks away, and then tells Monday.

6. What did the chef say on Friday when they finished their shift?

“I’m cooked.”

7. Why did the accountant decide to leave work early on Friday?

Because they wanted to start their weekend by balancing their personal budget.

8. What did the mountain say to the hiker on Friday morning?

“I peak forward to our ascent.”

9. Why was the painter so eager to finish their masterpiece on Friday?

They were looking forward to “weekend with Monet.”

10 Where did the beachgoer decide to spend their weekend?

At the “Jersey Shore.”

11. Which day of the week do most people look forward to the most?


12. When does a typical workweek end for most people?

One study says it’s 2:39 PM on Thursday.

13. How does the atmosphere at a workplace change on Friday?

The boss no longer just sits on your desk – he sits on your lap.

14. Why did the teacher decide to give an extra long lesson on Friday?

Because she wanted to punish the class for not loving her “What do I do on the weekends” Friday  jokes.

15. What did the coffee say to the mug on Friday morning?

You’re the reason I drink.

16. Why did the music at the party get louder on Friday night?

Because Friday night was “The Night of the Living Dead.”

17. What did the clock say to the calendar on Friday?

“We did it, we made it through another week!”

18. Why did the athlete decide to take a break on Friday?

Because he was feeling a little “thirsty.”

ROFL Puns About Friday

Entertain yourself with clever puns and funny wordplay that put a humorous spin on the most beloved day of the week. Have fun groaning and giggling at our collection of witty friday puns .

Puns About Friday
Puns About Friday

1.What’s a pirate’s favorite day of the week?


2. How do you make a tissue dance on a Friday?

You put a little “boogie” in it!

3. What do you call a snowman on a Friday?

Melting Melvin!

4. Why did the pencil bring its eraser to school on Fridays?

In case it made a “write” mistake!

5. What’s the best way to catch a squirrel on a Friday?

Climb a tree and act like a “nut”!

6. Where do cows love to go on Fridays?

To the “moo-vies”!

7. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite day of the week?


8. What do you call a fish who loves Fridays?

A “Fri-sh”!

9. Why did the bicycle fall over on a Friday?

Because it was “tired” from the week!

10. Where do frogs go on Friday nights?

They go to the Croak and Barrel.

11. How does a dog celebrate Fridays?

With a “Fri-sky” game of fetch!

12. What do you call a bear who loves Fridays?

A “fri-grizzly” bear!

13. Why did the book bring its friends to school on Fridays?

Because it wanted to have a “story-time” party!

14. What did the sun say to the moon on Friday night?

“See you on the flip ‘Fri-de’!”

15. Why did the computer bring a blanket to school on Fridays?

Because it wanted to stay “warm” in its code!

16. How does Friday make sure it doesn’t forget anything?

It writes a “2” on its hand.!

Friday Meme Jokes To Share

The feeling of Friday.

feeling of friday
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My Friday face.

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Firday Meme Joke

Good Friday? Friday is always good , bro!

friday jesus joke

When it’s clock out time on Friday.

friday weekend jokes
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last friday jokes
Last Friday Joke

Friday Jokes For work

Witty work-related Friday jokes capture the mood as another workweek wraps up. Enjoy office laughs perfect for the last day on the job.

Friday Jokes For work
Friday Jokes For work


1. I was so excited for Friday that I showed up to work dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. My boss took one look at me and said “Eager for the weekend much? By the way, it’s only Tuesday.”

2. My coworkers and I were having our usual Friday team lunch when I had an idea. “We’ve made it through another long week guys! I say we ditch the afternoon and start our weekends now.” My boss, who had joined our table, just smiled and said “Nice try, but I’ve got plenty of work left for you all this afternoon.”

3. Every Friday my supervisor would poke his head into my office in the afternoon and ask “Working hard or hardly working today?” This Friday I finally looked up from playing games on my phone and said “Definitely the latter. It’s officially weekend mode over here.”

4. On Friday mornings our office manager always says “Thank goodness it’s Friday!” and we all respond with an enthusiastic cheer. This past Friday we were so busy that when she said her usual line, we all just grunted and kept working with our heads down. She laughed and said “Okay then, note taken that you all need many more cups of coffee this morning.”

5. As I was packing up on Friday evening, my colleague said “Any big Friday night plans?” I responded “Oh yeah, huge party plans…of pizza, PJs and passing out by 9pm! What about you?” She said, “Same! Leggings are the fanciest thing on my Friday night wardrobe agenda.”

6. My wife asked me to go to an opera performance on Friday night. I said, “But it’s football season! Can’t we watch the game instead?” She just rolled her eyes.

Every Friday my dad insists on having family game night. This past Friday when he pulled out Monopoly, I tried to beg off by saying I had Important Teenager Things to do. He just laughed and said “Nice try, now pick your game piece.”

7. The barista at my local coffee shop has a tradition of yelling “Happy Friday!” whenever a customer picks up their drink. This past Friday an unsuspecting patron jumped and spilled their latte when they got startled by the shouting.

8. I always try to schedule dentist appointments on Fridays so I have an excuse to start my weekend a little early. This Friday when I told the hygienist I needed to leave by 3 pm, she raised her eyebrow knowingly and said, “Gotcha, sneaking out early for the weekend again!”

9. My brother’s class has “Pajama Day” every Friday. This Friday he came to breakfast dressed in dinosaur pajamas, bunny slippers and a nightcap. My mom took one look at him and said, “School spirit day gone too far?”

10. Every Friday night my best friend and I have a tradition of ordering takeout and watching cheesy movies. This Friday when I asked if she wanted Thai or pizza, she said, “Can’t we go out for once?”

11. I volunteered to chaperone my daughter’s elementary school field trip on Friday. I thought it would be an easy end to the week. Four hours of wrangling excited 10-year-olds later, all I could think was “TGIF.”

12. My book club meets every Friday but this week’s novel was terribly dull. When the host asked me what I thought, I blurted, “This book almost ruined my whole Friday!”

13. On Friday nights my wife goes out with her friends while I stay home with our three rambunctious kids. This Friday after they all fell asleep I thought, “Friday night and I’m living the dad dream!”

14. I promised my trainer I’d workout Friday morning before going into the office. When my alarm went off at 6 am, I said “Yeah, that’s not happening” and went back to sleep.

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Blissful Friday jokes remind us that even mundane weeks hold little bursts of fun, if you know where to look. Until next week, may your Fridays be peppered with jokes , smiles, and the contented sigh that comes with two days of rest ahead. Farewell for now, dear Friday – your jokes and leisure await next week!