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70+ Magic Puns And Jokes To Charm Your Friends

Alakazam! Get ready to laugh your wizard robes off with this spellbinding collection of 50 of the most hilarious magic puns and witch and warlock jokes.

magic jokes and puns

Magic captivates with illusion, but magic jokes and magic puns enchant us with humor. But for some, no magic show can equal the wizardry of magic puns and wordplay. What might silly jokes about magic reveal if we peer below the corn and camp?

Let us approach these vaudevillian creators of magic jokes with open minds. Even the most cringe-worthy magic pun hides meaning beneath its abracadabra. Laughter dissolves rigidity, opening new possibilities. The truest magic of all ,here are 70 jokes about magic for the hardcore fans. The truest magic of all.

Funny Magic Jokes That Will Amaze You

It’s always a joy to watch a magician perform mind-boggling tricks that leave us scratching our heads in amazement. And what’s even better is when magicians incorporate humor into their acts, making the experience even more enjoyable. So, to celebrate the magic of laughter and illusion, here are some funny magic jokes that are sure to leave you spellbound with laughter!

Magic Jokes
Magic Jokes

1. How does a race car perform magic?

It speeds through trick after trick!

2. Why couldn’t the pumpkin magician make the ghosts disappear?

3. He didn’t smashing the right spell!

What do you call a magician cat?

An abracatdabra!

4. A wizarding whale named Rufus one day
Dreamed of a most spectacular way
To make the whole ocean
Vanish with one swift motion
But he vanished instead – the price he did pay!

5. Why don’t tissues make good magicians?

They tend to fall apart on stage!

6. What magical spell does a flood cast?

One that’s water-based!

7. Why did the computer challenge the magician to a duel?

To see who could “code” the best trick!

8. The magical donkey claiming it could turn straw into gold?

That seems pretty ass-inine!

9. Why wasn’t the clock a talented magician?

It had trouble with its timing!

10. The insistient pants bragging they could pull a rabbit out of themselves?

Seems pretty cr-az-y!

11. Why did the magician never get lost?

Because he always had a “trick” up his sleeve.

12. How does a magician llama perform tricks?

With lots of drama!

13. The boastful shovel saying it could turn flowers into fireworks?

That seems pretty dig-ging it.

14. What do you call a magic performing whale?

An Abracadabra-ham!

15. The show-off building claiming it could make people shrink?

Seems tall-tale to me!

16. Why can’t carpets do great magic?

They lack proper training and get easily rug-gled!

17. The arrogant textbook insisting it could turn students into frogs?

Sounds like a real page-turner!

18. How did the magician cabbage perform?

It wasn’t too bad, just medi-oak-er.

Jokes About Magicians and Their Antics

Magicians astound with feats of illusion, but jokes about magicians reveal their comic foibles. What wisdom about showmanship, deception, and ego might silly jokes on magicians’ antics contain? By probing the humor, we may find surprising insights on perception, assumptions, and trust.

Magician Jokes
Magician Jokes

1.  What did the magician say to the judge?

“Your honor, I can make this court case disappear!”

2. Why did the rabbit volunteer for the magic show?

It wanted to hop into the spotlight.

3. Ever notice how magicians never reveal their secrets?

It’s like they’re part of a secret society – the Illu-minati!

4. Have you ever seen a magician buy groceries?

They’re experts at making items “disappear” from the cart!

5. Oh, absolutely, magicians are known for their simplicity – just a few rabbits and a disappearing act, no big deal.

6. I tried being a magician, but my hat was more talented at vanishing than I was.

7. Why did the balloon animal join the magician’s show?

It wanted to pop in on the magic!

8. My magician friend can make the Great Wall of China “disappear.” Well, in a very small-scale model.

9. What did the magician order at the restaurant?

A side of “sleight-of-hams”!

10. Why did the magician’s rabbit attend acting classes?

It wanted to “break out” of the same old routine.

11. I used to be a magician, but my top hat got too heavy to “lift” for the final act.

12. What’s sharp, shiny, and always ready to perform magic?

A magician’s “saw-some” assistant!

13. Why did the magician wear two belts?

He wanted to “belt” out a magical performance!

14. My magician friend tried to tell a joke, but the punchline magically vanished into thin air.

15. When do magicians become pilots?

When they’re ready for “uplifting” disappearing acts!

16. Why did the magician get kicked out of the art gallery?

He kept “vanishing” into the frames!

17. I know a magician who’s so dedicated, he even “disappears” from family gatherings.

18. Why did the superhero invite the magician to the team?

To add a touch of “magic” to the action!

19. Magicians are like chefs – they know how to “stir up” the perfect entertainment recipe!

20. Why did the magician never play hide-and-seek?

He was afraid he’d “vanish” for real!

21. The bragging bee believing it could transform flowers into gems?

Seems pretty pollen-tentially impossible!

22. Why wasn’t the house a great magician?

It lacked proper home training!

23. The boastful ladder claiming it could make skyscrapers disappear?

Looks pretty high and mighty!

Clever Magic Puns for Magic Fans

Are you a magic enthusiast looking to add a touch of wit and whimsy to your conversation? Here are some clever magic puns sure to delight and entertain. From classic illusions to modern magic tricks, these puns will have you conjuring up laughter and impressing your friends with your magical sense of humor.

Magic Puns
Magic Puns

1. Why did the magician carry extra wands?

In case he had to “wand-er” into unexpected tricks!

2. What do you call a sorcerer pair of pants?

Merlin’s britches!

3. The show-off shovel insisting it could turn mousetraps into whales?

I dig-ress, impossible!

4. Why can’t ovens do great magic?

They only know how to make things disappear, not reappear!

5. The arrogant cactus betting it could make the desert disappear?

Sounds pretty prickly…

6. The confident shovel announcing it could bend spoons with its mind?

I dig-ress again, no way!

7. Why wasn’t the houseplant a great magician?

It kept dropping its props!

8. Why did the magician perform at the gym?

He wanted to showcase his “flexible” disappearing routine.

9. The boastful building claiming it could walk on water?

Seems sketchy to me!

10. What type of vehicle does a magician drive?

An Abrakadabra-cadabra!

11. Why did the magician have a successful garden?

He knew how to “pull off” great tricks with the plants!

12. The show-off book insisting it could transform words into animals?

What a tall tale!

13. A lizard who loved magic tricks
Dreamed of the ultimate candle wick shticks
He’d light them with flair
But burnt off his hair

14. Now he’s bald – his magic career in sticks!

15. How does a magician dog cast spells?

With lots of labracadabra-dors!

Best Jokes About the Magic of Illusions

Illusions astonish by deceiving our senses. But jokes about illusions unveil how our minds mislead too. Let us approach these jests with open minds. For even the silliest magic joke may clearly reveal wisdom.

Jokes About Magic

1. How did the magician escape the locked room?

He “unlocked” a new trick in seconds!

2. The arrogant shovel betting it could turn mice into mountains?

I digress, impossible!

3. Why can’t sandwiches perform great magic?

They always fall apart on stage!

4. Why did the magician go to the music store?

To find the perfect “trick”-et for his show!

5. The confident building claiming it could make trees do the moonwalk?

Its story is pretty shakey!

6. What do you call a sorcerer pair of shoes?

Merlin’s sneakers!

7. The show-off ladder insisting it could transform bricks into bread?

Seems pretty high and mighty!

8. Why wasn’t the magical apple successful?

It kept disappearing before the show!

9. The boastful cactus saying it could make the desert bloom?

Sounds pretty prickly…

10. How does a magician rabbit pull objects from a hat?

With a flick of its foot and a bunny incantation!

11. Why did the magician go to the doctor?

He had a few tricks up his sleeve!

12. How did the magician survive the shipwreck?

He had a spell-binding escape plan!

13. What did the magician say to the bartender?

“I’ll have a magic drink, and make it disappear!”

14. How did the magician turn his wife into a frog?

He croaked the magic words!

15. Why was the magician’s house so clean?

He had a spell-binding maid!

16. What did the magician say to the bank manager?

“I’d like to make a magic deposit, and make my money disappear!”

17. Why was the magician’s rabbit so lucky?

He had a hutch-full of good fortune!

18. Why did the magician go to the doctor?

He had a few tricks up his sleeve!

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That’s all for now – We hope you enjoyed this spellbinding collection of magic puns ! We’ve seen that a little sleight of wordplay can go a long way in conjuring some magician humor. While we may have missed some incantations and one-liners, we think we covered all the best wand-erful magic jokes out there.