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100+ Corn Jokes and Puns To Make You Smile

Brighten your day with these a-maize-ing funny jokes about corn!

corn jokes

Corn may just be a simple vegetable, but corn jokes harvest endless laughs revealing amusing new perspectives hidden in mundane corn kernels.

Life can often resemble the twists and turns of a cornfield, full of surprises and unexpected detours. That’s where jokes about corn come into play, offering a hearty laugh as we explore the lighter side of corn’s role in our lives.

Whether you’re a farmer, a foodie, or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, these corn jokes are here to bring a smile to your face.

Let’s shuck the seriousness and dig into a bushel of corn jokes that’s as fresh as the crop itself.

Best Corn Jokes To Pop

The cream of the corn joke harvest awaits for you. Funny corn jokes spotlight this crop’s role in cuisine, agriculture and more. Poke fun at corn mazes, high fructose corn syrup and much more for hearty laughs. We meticulously picked only the very best and most entertaining corn comedy to a-maize you.

Best Corn Jokes
Best Corn Jokes

1. What kind of snacks do corn like at parties?
Popcorn and corn chips, they’re all ears.

2. How does a corn introduce its wife?
Meet my a-maize-ing partner.

4. Why was the corn kernel always getting into trouble?
It was always cornfused.

5. Why don’t corn make good secret agents?
Because they always crack under pressure.

6. What did the cob say to the corn kernel who got an award?
You’ve ear-ned it.

7. How does a corn feel when it is ready to be harvested?

8. Which type of corn is best at math?
The square root.

9. What did the corn say when he was complimented?
Aw shucks, thanks.

10. Why did the corn go to college?
To be a kernel of knowledge.

11. Where does the shy corn go to hangout?
At the corn-er.

12. How does a corn send important messages?
By using a corn-tact lens.

13. When is a corn the happiest?
When they are pop-corn.
15. Why do corn kernels never argue?
Because they always find common ground meal.

16. What is a corn’s favorite footwear?
The cobblers.

17. Which type of corn is the best singer?
The pop star.

18. Which famous monument does corn prefer the most?
It’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

19. Which type of music does corn like the most?
Pop, obviously.

20. How does corn like its jokes?
Corny, very corny.

21. What’s a corn’s favorite type of car?
A pop-up convertible.

22. Why did the corn stalk want to become a gardener?
Because it wanted to grow its skills.

23. How do you make a corn cob roll over?
Tell it a corny joke.

24. Why did the corn cob bring a ladder to the field?
It heard the corn was high.

25. What did the corn cob say when it won the lottery?
Wow, I’m a-maize-ed.

Funny Jokes About Corn

Prepare for big belly laughs with our hilarious jokes about corn highlighting this ubiquitous plant’s role in American cuisine, agriculture, and culture. Poke fun at corn’s many uses from food to fuel and its symbolism of the Midwest.

Funny Jokes About Corn
Funny Jokes About Corn

1. Corny magician tried to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Just kernels fell out.

2. Tried making popcorn on a drill. Nearly got killed by the pop-corn-ic attack!

3. Invited corn to movie night. It was too corny for horror films so we saw a rom-com.

4. Corn got hungry during the road trip. We stopped for a bite at Pop-Eyes.

5. Corny comedian told bad jokes all night. The audience gave him the cold shoulder.

6. Overheard corn telling potato jokes. I said, “Don’t be so mean!”

7. Corn had an existential crisis. It kept asking, “Who am I kernel-ly?”

8. Asked corn how its day was. It sighed and said, “Aw shucks…”

9. Asked corn if it wanted to hear a joke. It said, “Oh ear we go again!”

10. Corn dressed up as a stalker for Halloween. Its costume was pretty corny.

11. Invited corn to play chess. It declined saying, “I’m a little rusty on strategy.”

12. Corn got into politics and ran for office. Campaign slogan was “Vote for me!”

13. Took corn on a hot air balloon ride. We had a high time popping the question.

14. Corn tried climbing Mt. Everest but only made it halfway. Got too tired and popped.

15. Corn entered a comedy competition. Judges’ feedback: “Your stand-up needs work.”

16. Overheard corn telling veggie puns. I said, “Don’t quit your day job!”

17. How do corn cobs communicate with each other?
They use their ears!

18. What do you call a corn cob that’s always punctual?
An ear-ly bird!

19. Why did the corn cob start a band with the tomato and cucumber?
They wanted to create “vegetable-rock”!

20. How do corn cobs stay in shape?
They do ear-robics every morning!

21. What did one corn cob say to the other at the picnic?
Where did you go, we were on a roll?

Corn Puns To Laugh

Challenge your intellect and get ready to groan at our collection of absurd corn puns playing with well-known phrases about this staple crop. These humorous corn-centric wordplay jokes will make you groan.

Corn Puns
Corn Puns

1. Why did the corn stalk bring a suitcase to the field?
Because it heard it was going to be ear ported.

2. What did one ear of corn say to the other during a summer picnic?
Nothing, because ears of corn don’t have vocal cords.

3. How did the corn cob react when it saw a scary movie?
It shucked up.

4. Why did the cornstalk blush?
It saw the farmer changing into overalls.

5. What do you call a corn cob that’s always at the center of attention?
A corn star.

6. Why did the corn go to the doctor?
Because it was feeling a bit husky.

7. How does corn greet its neighbors in the field?
Sup, Ear.

8. What did the corn cob say to the butter at the cookout?
You really ‘spread’ a lot of joy.

9. How does corn stay in shape?
It does kernel fitness.

10. What’s a corn’s favorite sport?

11. Why did the corn stalk get an award?
It was the stalk of the town.

12. Why was the baby corn always so cheerful?
Because it was always small talk.

13. How does corn keep cool in the summer?
It takes off its husks.

14. What did the corn cob say to the tomato at the salad bar?
Lettuce ‘ear’ it for the veggies.

15. What’s a corn cob’s favorite game at the amusement park?
The Tilt-a-WHIRL.

16. Why did the computer love corn so much?
Because it’s the ultimate kernel.

17. How do you make a corn cob laugh?
Tell it a maize-ing joke.

18. What’s a corn’s favorite vacation spot?
Cobo San Lucas.

19. Why did the corn cob go to the school dance?
Because it wanted to shuck and jive on the dance floor.

20. What did the corn stalk say when it couldn’t find its hat?
Where is my hay.

21. How did the corn cob respond when it was asked if it was a-maize-ing?
Oh, shucks, you’re too ‘ear’-resistible.

22. Why did the corn cob start a detective agency?
Because it had an ear for crime.

Corn Jokes On Social Media

Enjoy the most entertaining jokes about corn spreading laughs across social media.


Corn Meme Jokes

Pairing the iconic visual images of corn with a funny punchline, these amusing corn jokes and memes are a hilarious slice of humor. Laugh at jokes playing on corn terminology and common experiences with this agricultural product.

Who you calling a corn dog?

corn dog joke
Corn Dog Joke

Who wore it better?

corn hay joke
Corn Hay Joke

Come on down, and get some corn.

corn meme joke
Corn Meme Joke

It is just this hot down here in Texas.

hot corn pun
Hot Corn Pun

If corn oil is made of corn, and vegetable oil is made of vegetables, what’s baby oil is made of?

Funny Jokes About Corns
Funny Jokes About Corns

Short Corn Jokes

Showcasing the most creative corn puns, these top notch corn jokes poke fun at this staple crop using fascinating corn facts and its cultural symbolism for maximum humor. Only the best and most entertaining well-crafted jokes starring corn.

Short Corn Jokes
Short Corn Jokes

1. Once upon a time, there was a piece of corn who wanted to become a famous musician. It practiced every day until it became a real “ear-resistible” talent!

2. In a small cornfield, two corn cobs started a band. They were called “The Corn-tastic Duo.” They made music that was so corny, it was a-maize-ing!

3. There was a cornstalk who was always telling corn jokes. It said, “Why did the scarecrow bring a ladder to work? Because he wanted to get ‘a-head’ in his career!”

4. A young corn asked its dad, “Dad, why do we have so many kernels?” The dad replied, “Because we’re all ‘ear-responsible’ parents!”

5. Once, a piece of corn went to a comedy club and told a joke. It got a standing ovation and became known as the “kernel of comedy”!

6. Two corn cobs were having a conversation. One said, “Why do we always stick together?” The other replied, “Because we’re ‘corn-joined’ twins!”

7. A cornstalk walked into a library and asked the librarian for a book. The librarian said, “Sure, but not ‘corn-ography’!”

8. One day, a corn cob went to a costume party dressed as a superhero. Everyone asked, “Who are you?” It replied, “I’m ‘Cob-man,’ the corny avenger!”

9. There was a cornfield where all the corn cobs were really friendly. They believed in the motto, “Stalk softly and carry a big ‘ear’ of corn!”

10. A corn kernel couldn’t decide what career to pursue. It said, “I’m feeling a little ‘corn-fused’ about my future!”

11. Once, a piece of corn was asked to be the referee at a vegetable race. It was great at it because it knew how to “ear” the finish line!

12. A corn cob tried to tell a joke to a tomato, but the tomato replied, “Sorry, I can’t hear you. I’m ‘deafinite-ly’ not a good audience!”

13. There was a cornfield where all the corn cobs were very intelligent. They formed a “think tank” and discussed “corn-undrums” all day!

14. A corn kernel went to the doctor because it wasn’t feeling well. The doctor said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a little ‘corn-mon cold’!”

15. Two corn cobs were having a race to see who could roll the farthest. One said, “I bet you ‘ear’ I’ll win!” And off they went!

16. A corn cob tried to befriend a sunflower, but the sunflower said, “Sorry, I’m ‘seeds’-clusive to my own kind!”

17. Once, a piece of corn auditioned for a movie. It was so talented that it got the leading role! It became known as “Pop-corn, the superstar”!

18. There was a cornfield where all the corn cobs were really into sports. They had their own Olympics and called it the “Corn-lympics”!

19. A corn kernel tried to tell a joke to a potato, but the potato just stared blankly. The corn said, “I guess that joke was ‘too corny’ for you!”

20. One day, a corn cob entered a talent show and did a magic trick. It disappeared and reappeared as popcorn! The audience went wild, and it became known as “The Cornjurer”!

21. Why did the corn cob apply for a job at the bakery?
Because it wanted a roll with the rolls.

22. Why did the corn cob go to the comedy club?
Because it heard “everyone loves a corny joke.

23. How does the corn cob relax after a long day in the field?
By having a nice hot butter massage.

24. What did the corn cob say to the potato at the party?
I heard you’re ‘mashed’ up in this crowd.

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When the world feels harsh, recall the innocent joy of a corn jokes, a one-note punchline as reliable as the sunset. Though simple and unrefined, their humor springs forth to spread plainspoken joy. Farewell for now, dear corn – your reliable mirth awaits down every country road and around each dinner table. Never lose your taste for the simple joy of corn jokes.