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31 Hilarious Egg Memes That Will Leave You in Stitches

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egg meme

Whether it’s about constantly failing to crack the egg right or the admiration for a perfect poached egg, egg memes capture the egg-traordinary experiences of egg lovers.

Aside from the shell-cracking fun, there is an interesting cultural aspect associated with these memes.

The blend of humor and the undercurrent of varied egg-preparation practices makes egg memes an egg-cellent mode for visual, comedic storytelling.

Cracking Up The Egg Price Meme

I wouldn’t openly announce my lottery win, but there will be subtle signs, like the rising price of eggs in my kitchen, hinting at my newfound fortune in the egg meme business.

egg price lottery meme

The chicken since the price of eggs went up.

egg price went up meme
Egg Price Meme

I don’t have $30,000 lying around to buy eggs.

egg price funny meme

Nobody buys five dozen eggs like Gaston.high egg price meme

Due to egg prices on the rise… Children will have to hunt potatoes this Easter.

price of egg meme
Price Of Egg Meme

Egg-ceptional Humor Of Egg Funny Memes

When the USA finds out “hard boiled eggs” has the word “oil” in it.

boiled egg meme

If you put an egg in a fryer, you get a surprise pancake-tential disaster – either a boiled egg that lost its way or a pancake pretending to be a fried egg.

egg in a fryer meme
Fryer Egg Meme

I would cry .

funny broken egg meme

I am really a good egg . Kind of cracked , but good.

really good egg meme

Spice Up Your Day With Deviled Eggs Meme

Don’t eat devilled eggs . They are for the guest.

devilled egg meme

My reaction when my dad ate my devilled egg.

dad ate devilled egg meme

If I wanted to bring a large number of devilled eggs, but I didn’t want to share them with anyone else for the breakfast.

devilled eggs meme
Funny Devilled Eggs Meme

When you have an emergency, and your eggs suddenly transforms into a sandwich escape pod ???

egg devilled meme

Grandmas version of devilled eggs Vs what she found online.

grandmas devilled egg

When I see the plate of devilled eggs on thanksgiving.

thanksgiving day devilled eggs

Selling Eggs Memes: When Humor Goes Business

Going to law school vs. Selling eggs.

selling eggs meme

All the supermarkets have started selling Easter eggs and hot cross buns.

supermarket selling eggs meme
Supermarket Selling Eggs Meme

zoella egg meme

Wake up, hit the gym, and don’t forget the essential smoothie-powered cereal and eggs.
egg pack meme

Eggs Are Expensive Meme

Egg farmers who have their own chickens right now.

egg farmer meme
Egg Farmer Meme

$2000 in the coop. 1 egg per day . Priceless

eggs are expensive meme

Men pose with chickens in the dating sites. Effect of rising price of eggs.

expensive eggs meme


Grocery shopping in 2023.
-I need six eggs

-That’s too expensive

too expensive eggs meme

Gonna scramble some eggs to get swoll, but my cereal’s giving me those gains in the ‘Oats Olympics’.

scramble egg meme

Clucking Good Time: Chicken Egg Memes

Egg salad is just another form of chicken salad.

egg salad chicken meme
Egg Chicken Meme

I am able to count the number of eggs that I lay.

chicken egg meme

I thought I saw you buying eggs and eating at KFC.

buying chicken eggs meme
Buying Chicken Egg Meme

What do you call a chicken that goes on a safari? An eggs-plorer!

eggs-plorer meme

GIF Egg Meme : Boiling with Laughter

egg gif meme
Egg GIF Meme

egg laying chicken meme gif

egg meme gif

Egg memes have become a sunny side-up staple in our online feeds, reminding us to find joy in the little things and share a smile with others. Whether you’re a poached-enthusiast or a scrambled-comedian, remember to keep cracking up at those eggs and let the fun roll on! ??