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43 Breakfast Memes Are a Tasty Start to Your Day

Get your day going with a side of laughs thanks to the best breakfast memes ever - perfect for the AM scrolling!

breakfast meme

Breakfast memes humorously depict the morning routines, rituals, and realities associated with the first meal of the day.

As we start our day fueled by coffee and carbs, these relatable memes remind us we’re all in the same boat – barely keeping it together before eating breakfast.

No matter your morning routine, breakfast meme offers laughter and nourish our hearts and minds as much as food nourishes our bodies.

Starting The Day With Funny Breakfast Memes

Wake up and smell the fresh meme-age! Before you’ve even had your first sip of coffee, these breakfast memes will get your morning started with a side of laughs.

Who thinks they could handle this breakfast?

handle this breakfast meme

When your Grandma finds out that you didn’t have any breakfast.

funny breakfast meme
Funny Breakfast Meme

This is how you divide a sandwich.


divide sandwich meme

fluffy pancakes for breakfast meme
Pancakes For Breakfast

Restaurant serves breakfast all day. It’s 11 am, order lunch or breakfast?

lunch or breakfast meme
Breakfast Or Lunch Meme

Some say bed and breakfast.  I say breakfast and bed.

some say bed and breakfast meme

I start each day with a green smoothie. Wait, No, the bartender’s saying it’s called a “Mojito”.

smoothie breakfast meme
Breakfast Smoothie Meme

Big Collection Of Second Breakfast Memes

Did somebody say second breakfast?

did someboday say second breakfast

Some people count calories and I am like… What about second breakfast?

what about second breakfast
What About Second Breakfast Meme

I eat punks like you for second breakfast.

i eat puns for second breakfast

What about second breakfast?. He’s probably never heard of it pipin.

second breakfast meme

Cool Breakfast Club Memes To Brighten Mornings

In the 80s we grew up with the brat pack.

80s breakfast club meme
80s Breakfast Club Meme

The breakfast club sandwich. The bacon. The turkey. The toast. The tomato. The chicken.

breakfast club mixed meme

The first rule of breakfast cub is: You do not talk about breakfast club.

first rule breakfast club meme

Tells everyone he was in the breakfast club. Never even seen the movie.

I am in the breakfast club meme

American Breakfast Memes That Will Make Your Day

From pancakes and bacon to fast food egg sandwiches, these breakfast memes celebrate classic American morning meals.

When American see a real breakfast..

american breakfast meme


american breakfast
Breakfast American Meme

The waitress when I ask for all of the bacon and eggs they have.

bacon and eggs meme

How do you milk oats?

oat milk breakfast meme
Breakfast Oat Milk Meme

How other countries imagine Americans eat breakfast . Some of us enjoy a light breakfast of yogurt, we aren’t all fat!

american breakfast real meme

Donut or Beer for breakfast

donut breakfast meme
Meme of A Donut For Breakfast

British Breakfast Meme Banter: Tea, Toast, and LOLs

I don’t always have breakfast in bed, But, when I do , it’s for lunch.

breakfast in bed meme
Breakfast In Bed Meme

What you look like when your 2 bacon short of a full English breakfast.

british breakfast meme
British Breakfast Meme

I was going to eat breakfast till my English muffin gave me them bacon eyes.

english muffin breakfast meme

Breakfast! What’s missing?

english full breakfast meme
Full British Breakfast

Funny how the British conquered so much land looking for spices.

funny british breakfast meme

Taste the Fun: Breakfast Tacos Meme Fiesta

If you could get me a breakfast taco ,that would be great.

get me tacos for breakfast meme
Tacos For Breakfast

Either you like breakfast Tacos or you are wrong.

breakfast tacos meme
Breakfast Tacos Meme

Wake up. Eat breakfast tacos. Look hot.

wakeup eat tacos breakfast meme

Tacos for breakfast? Well , I can’t go to church on an empty stomach!

tacos for breakfast meme

When you have taco bell for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

tacos for breakfast and lunch meme
Tacos For Lunch And Breakfast Meme

Best Breakfast Burrito Meme

My breakfast burrito was stuffed so full that I couldn’t put it down without it falling apart.

breakfast burrito meme

Not sure if she heard breakfast burrito E or B .

breakfast burrito a or e meme

Did you say breakfast burrito?

did you say breakfast burritos meme
Breakfast Burrito Meme

Yesterday I wanted a burrito. Today I am eating burrito . Follow your dreams.

follow your burrito dream meme

Why I can’t hold all these burritos ?

hol all burrito meme

Good Morning With Continental Breakfast Meme

Also known as  “8 AM Lectures”

8 AM breakfast meme
8 AM Continental Breakfast Meme

Motel manager was like there’s a continental breakfast.

american best continental breakfast meme

Complimentary continental breakfast  “expectation vs reality” .

continental breakfast meme expectioncontinental breakfast meme expection
Continental Breakfast Expectation Meme

Good morning. Who wants breakfast?

continental breakfast meme


Silly continental breakfast meme
Animated Breakfast: Enjoying Breakfast GIF Memes

It’s breakfast time.

Breakfast Meme GIF

breakfast meme gif

No matter if you’re a morning person or a night owl, breakfast memes deliver community, connection, and comic relief with our first meal. Shared laughs over spilled cereal and bedhead selfies unite us in easing into the day.