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20 Hilarious Cereal Memes To Start Off The Day

Wake up to a healthy dose of funny cereal memes and enjoy your breakfast !

cereal meme

Do you love starting your day with a bowl of cereal and a good laugh? Then you’re in for a treat, because cereal memes are here to brighten up your breakfast routine!

But it’s not just about fun and laughter, cereal memes also reflect our daily habits and preferences, raising interesting questions on our collective behaviors. Why do some people prefer to pour milk first while others champion putting cereal first? Cereal memes draw upon such debates, adding a layer of depth to their humor.

Laughing Over Bowls of Funny Cereal Memes

From choosing between pouring milk or cereal first to the disappointment of running out of cereal, cereal memes bring a dose of humor to the simple act of breakfast. We’ll dive into the world of funny cereal pics and explore why they have become a beloved part of digital culture.

Milk then cereal then bowl. How I learned to make cereal.

funny cereal memes

The official cereal of the “O” face.

funny cereal meme
Ohs Funny Cereal Meme

When you run out of cereal and milk, but you’ve got a brilliant idea for a ‘Yogurt Meme‘ to save your breakfast!” ????

aliens funny cereal meme

First cereals then milk , No. First milk then cereals, Yes.

cereal and milk meme

When you accidentally use a smoothie recipe instead of milk, and your cereal becomes the ultimate tropical adventure!” ?????

cereal appetite funny meme

I went to pour myself a nice bowl of oats ant his happened.

cereal funny meme

When you try to make a oatsmeal , but it ends up looking like an oatmeal in disguise.

cereal meme funny
Cereal Kid Funny Meme

Kids Eating Cereals Meme – A Nostalgic Treat

When I was a kid, there were no phones or tablets. We read cereal boxes at breakfast.

kids cereal eating meme
Kids Cereal Eating Meme

Reading your favorite cereal boxes while you ate your breakfast.

kids eating cereal meme

Oh cereal! With crunchy texture and milky splash, you start my day off right.

cereal poem meme

Cereal Spitting Meme – The Humor of Food Failures

I really don’t have a wife or a girlfriend.

spitting cereal meme

My friends :  If you have depression, just cheer up.

cereal spitting man meme
Cereal Spitting Man Meme

Grab a bowlful, add milk and you’re good to grind.

cereal bowl meme

Guy Eating Cereal Meme – Finding Joy in Mundane Moments

In karate , do not fear pain.

guy cereal eating meme

I have never understood why people are so against putting water in cereal. It’s just a breakfast version of the ‘Pancake ‘.

guy eating cereal meme
Meme of Guy Eating Cereal

cereal guy meme

guy eating cereal memes

Why, Cereal guy ? Why?

Man-Eating Cereal Meme

Cereal GIF Memes – Animated Appetites

What came first ? Chicken or the egg?

cereal spitter man gif
Cereal Spitter Man GIF

different cereal meme gif

cereal for breakfast gif
Breakfast Cereal Meme GIF

Cereal memes pepper our mornings with laughter, providing a crunchy, humorous start to our days. Let’s continue to share these breakfast humor nuggets, all in the spirit of joyful dining!