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21 Refreshing Smoothie Memes to Brighten Your Day

Perfect smoothie memes for those who appreciate a good laugh!

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Smoothie memes are the perfect blend of humor and health , and a refreshing way to brighten up your day.

It’s not enough anymore to just drink your fruits and veggies, nah. You’ve got to laugh at them too. After all, laughter is the best dessert, right?

Grab your favorite blender and get ready to embark on a smoothie meme-filled journey that will leave you craving more. Let’s get blending!

Making Tasty Smoothie Meme

When making a smoothie. Expectation vs Reality


smoothie reality meme

I ordered a chocolate smoothie and they give me a strawberry.

chocolate smoothie meme
Chocolate Smoothie Meme

I don’t always drink smoothies for breakfast. But when I do, It has to be a fresh smoothie.

don't drink smoothie meme

Fruit, yogurt juice blended just right, smoothies make mornings bright.

fruit smoothie meme

I asked for a smoothie with oats, not ‘oaths’ – but I promise not to unleash my smoothie rage if you get it right this time!” ???

gimme a smoothie meme

It’s like a pressure washer for your colon.

green smoothie meme

For a boost of energy that’s sure to please, make yourself a smoothie with fruit and greens.

greens smoothie meme
Green Smoothie Meme

Memes About Delicious Smoothies

Hold my Kale smoothie.

kale smoothie meme

I bought a smoothie maker for healthy smoothies, but somehow it keeps blending everything into pancake batter! Well, at least I’m getting my daily dose of ‘pancake-fruit fusion’!” ????

milkshake smoothie meme


sandwich and smoothie meme

Bananas ,they are not smoothies .

smoothie banana meme
Yoda Smoothie Banana Meme

Why do they call them smoothie?

smoothie cartoon meme
Smoothie Cartoon Meme

Me: Sips delicious strawberry smoothie.
My Boss: “Where did my smoothie go?!”
Me (whispers): “Uh-oh, smoothie teleportation malfunction… It’s now in sandwich dimension!” ????

smoothie meme

smoothie sipping meme


What if I told you… if yogurt is a smoothie’s cousin, then ketchup is a distant, saucy relative trying to join the family reunion!
smoothie tomato meme

Icarly Smoothie Memes

If a potato is a vegetable, Does that make vodka a smoothie?

vodka smoothie meme

Whatcha got there?  A smoothie.

whatcha got there smoothie meme
What To Got There Smoothie Meme

whatcha got there smoothie

Smoothie GIF Memes


purple smoothie GIF

Green Smoothie GIF Meme



Dive into the refreshing blend of humor and healthy smoothies through ‘Smoothie Memes’. Perfectly mixed with puns and wit, it’s an amusing way to brighten your day. Laughter is indeed the best blender!