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24 Funniest Willem Dafoe Memes

Discover the hilarious world of Willem Dafoe memes! Laugh out loud at the best viral jokes and memes featuring the iconic actor.

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From his iconic roles in movies like Spider-Man and Platoon, Willem Dafoe’s unique facial expressions have made him the perfect meme star. His deadpan delivery and distinct features have been used to poke fun at everything from current events to pop culture.

Whether it’s a reaction gif or a meme featuring Willem Dafoe’s face above a hilarious caption, Willem Dafoe memes will continue to bring laughter to the internet for years to come.

Best Willem Dafoe Memes

Director: Give me an expression that says “I just ate your butterfly collection, and I have seven scented erasers in my butthole.”

give me an expression willem dafoe memes

How dare you not take the full four years to build a Lego set intended for young children!

a scientist myself willem dafoe memes
Scientist Willem Dafoe Meme

Willem Dafriend.

willem dafoe memes

Yes, the classic ‘I’m a deranged sociopath with stationary in my rectum’ expression. Very versatile.

butterfly collection willem dafoe memes

Willem has his bad days too…

his bad days willem dafoe meme
Meme of Willem Dafoe

Because interrupting a good story for some weed is always a great idea.

 pass the blunt willem dafoe meme

Me showing my friend who designs bridges my LEGO city collection:

architect myself willem dafoe meme

Well, I’m glad we got your permission to tell a joke. Wouldn’t want to upset the hierarchy. But sarcasm aside, we really have been missing you (I missed you memes for you) around here lately.

 i tell a joke willem dafoe meme

Willem Dafoe Looking Up Meme

Willem Dafoe’s intense gaze in the looking up meme captures a moment of contemplation and awe. His expression conveys a sense of wonder and admiration, his eyes focused intently on something far away, as if he is contemplating something beyond what we can see.

 What Dafoe you looking at?

willem dafoe looking up meme

Just another typical day in the life of a superhero villain. No big deal.

9norse god willem dafoe looking up meme
Willem Dafoe Looking Up Meme

My fresh- squeezed, 100% organic, not from concentrate, fair trade juice watching me pour vodka out of a plastic bottle into it.

vodka out of a plastic bottle willem dafoe looking up meme

Overreacting to minor things by blowing up virtual stuff – a tactic justified by the legendary temper of Lord Farquaadd.

he honked at me willem dafoe looking up meme

Ants when they look up to see my piss stream raining down on their stupid little ant hill.

little ant hill looking up willem dafoe meme

Joys of being a budding sociopath in math class.

looking up willem dafoe meme

Me when I go outside at night and think the moon is following me.

moon is following me willem dafoe looking up meme

willem dafoe looking up gif meme

 looking up willem dafoe meme gif
Looking Up Willem Dafoe Meme GIF

Willem Dafoe Meme Scientist

You know, I’m something of a scientist myself.

Willem Dafoe Scientist Meme
Willem Dafoe Scientist Meme

Incredible! Your hand-eye coordination skills are clearly unmatched.

pick it up on your first attempt willem dafoe meme scientist

How long have we been in quarantine? Five weeks? Two days?

willem dafoe lighthouse meme
Willem Dafoe Lighthouse Meme

Who needs actual data when you have Dafoe?

doing with the quarantine willem dafoe meme scientist

The joker.

the joker willem dafoe meme scientist

Willem Dafoe Crying Memes

Its powerful image of the actor’s tear-streaked face has become a symbol of sorrow and human fragility, resonating deeply with the hearts of its viewers.

British people on the first day without clouds in 86 years trying to figure out what that bright yellow light is.

Crying Willem Dafoe Meme
Crying Willem Dafoe Meme

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One of the great mysteries of the universe. When will Willem Dafoe’s evil laughter strike again?


From his creepy yet captivating grin to his intense gaze, these Williem Dafoe memes have entertained us and made us laugh. They have reminded us that even the most serious of actors can be turned into a hilarious meme, and that laughter truly is the best medicine.