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37 Funny [ Werewolf Memes ]🦊 For Next Full Moon

Howlingly funny and frightful werewolf memes - 37 memorable images featuring transformations, GIFs, dogs, and more to make you laugh and howl.

Werewolf memes, my friends, are like a silver bullet straight to your funny bone!

It doesn’t matter you’re a believer in the supernatural or just a fan of the bizarre, werewolf memes are sure to bring a smile to your face and a shiver down your spine. Grab your silver bullets (just in case) and feast your eyes on these furry, funny masterpieces. It’s meme time, and the werewolves are calling!

LOL With Funny Werewolf Memes

The werewolf has gone from iconic horror monster to hilarious meme star. These funny werewolf memes leverage the inherent absurdity of a human transforming into a wolfman for comedic effect.

Drink first homemade cocktail to become a werewolf.

turning into werewolf meme

A woman at the animal shelter tried to get me to adopt a puppy. Do I look like a big dog person?

funny werewolf meme
Funny Werewolf Meme

What do you call a werewolf that doesn’t know that he is one?

funny were wolf meme
Were Wolf Meme

What wild animal steals panties?  An Under-werewolf!

underwerewolf meme

Enhanced werewolf strength… Friends that know my secret expect me to help them move.

Werewolf Funny Meme
Werewolf Funny Meme
werewolf jesus meme
Werewolf Jesus Meme

That’s it. We are getting you a flea collar.

werewolf meme funny
Warewolf Meme

Werewolf Ripping Shirt Meme

Playing on the abrupt, destructive nature of lycanthropic transformations, this werewolf ripping shirt meme places the beast in an awkwardly mundane setting for comedic effect.

werewolf ripping off shirt meme
Werewolf Ripping Off Shirt Meme
werewolf ripping shirt meme twitter
Werewolf Ripping Shirt Meme Twitter
ripping shirt werewolf meme
Ripping Shirt Werewolf

Awooo! The Werewolf Screaming Meme

Nothing epitomizes the werewolf quite like its iconic howl at the full moon. It plays up this inherent absurdity by having the wolfman hilariously scream-howling at random objects or in bizarre situations.

No inventory. No weaponry. No armor. NO MERCY

screaming werewolf image
Wolf Screaming Meme

There are peoples smarter than you. They have more resources than you, and they are coming for you.

werewolf scary meme
Werewolf Scary Meme

Scatter the peons . Eat the leader.

werewolf screaming meme
Screaming Wolf meme

I howl when I see that picture.

werewolf screaming meme.1
Screaming Werewolf Picture

The Poignant Werewolf Sad Images

The unexpected pathos of a howling werewolf shedding a single tear generates laughs by subverting the expected savagery of the mythic human-wolf hybrid. For poignant humor, these sad werewolf memes deliver.

sad werewolf meme
Sad Werewolf Meme

When they say “Werewolf ” but not ” how wolf”.

werewolf sad meme
Werewolf Sad Meme

Everyone thinks I am insane.

insane werewolf
Werewolf Insane Meme

The Dog And Werewolf Meme Mashup

Often portraying a cute, clueless dog alongside a werewolf in an absurd situation, these memes draw laughs from the silly juxtaposition.

werewolf horror meme
Paranormal Werewolf Meme

Our local police force decided to join up with our paranormal neighbors and now the K9 corps include werewolves.

werewolf police meme
Wolf And Police Meme

It takes an alpha male to handle a Latina.

werewolf twitter meme
Werewolf Twitter Meme

This is what chihuahuas think they are.

werewolf dogs meme
Wolf Dogs Meme

How my dog look like VS How my dog acts.

werewolf dog meme
Werewolf Dog Transformation Meme

Human To Hairy Werewolf Transformation Meme

Capturing the quintessential movie monster moment, the werewolf transformation meme depicts the comedically awkward metamorphosis from man to beast.

transformation werewolf meme
Transformation Werewolves Meme

Bitten by a werewolf so he turns into one, but he can also fly.

Transforming to Wolf

So, tell me what triggers your werewolf transformations?

werewolf transformation meme
Transformation Were Wolf Meme

became werewolfWerewolf GIF Memes

Animated werewolf GIFs take the absurd humor of werewolf memes to the next level.

scaring werewolf meme gif
Scaring Werewolf Meme GIF Paranormal
werewolf gif meme
Werewolf GIF Meme
werewolf transformation gif meme
Werewolf Transformation GIF Meme

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Tumblr has an odd amount of werewolf memes rn
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WereWolf Meme Images That Are Super Cool

Not all werewolf images are just for laughs – some highlight how undeniably awesome werewolves can be.

happy howl weerewolfeen meme
Happy Howl-O-Ween Meme Full Moon

Werewolves don’t fetch, they hunt.

werewolf hunting meme
Werewolf Hunting Meme
werewolf on motorcycle meme
Werewolf On Motorcycle Meme

Alphas don’t run in packs. They are often alone. Keeps their circle small . Knows their power and works in silence.

alpha werewolf meme
Werewolf Alpha Male Meme
werewolf sitting meme
Werewolf Sitting Meme

As one of the most adaptable mythological monsters, the werewolf lends itself well to humorous reinterpretation and parody. While the comedic value may wax and wane with the lunar cycle, the werewolf itself endures as a cultural icon uniquely suited for meme-dom. As long as the moon shines down, we can expect these funny, freaky, and fantastic werewolf memes to continue howling across the digital landscape.