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30 Funny Office Space Memes : Laugh Your Way to Productivity

Perfect Office Space Memes for a quick break or a Monday morning pick-me-up. From the boss from hell to the copier from outer space, it's all here

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The workplace elicits a range of emotions that are best expressed through office space memes. Annoyance with the boss, gossips about colleagues, and complaints about the work pressure are feelings every employee goes through!

When there is so much to say, the short and funny way to do it is using office space memes. They are crisp, quirky, and put the point across effectively! It is fun to dissolve the stress of the workplace by sending office space memes to colleagues and enjoying a good laugh.

So, here are a few office space memes to get you going.

Amusing Office Space Memes to Lighten Up Your Work Day

The moment when you hear someone at work talking about you.

 office space memes funny
Office Space Memes Funny

Me: “Saturday? What about my social life?”

Boss: “You don’t have one!”

 i am going to need office space memes funny

Sorry, I’m afraid that’s against company policy.

great office space memes funny

Yeah, I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday.

 saturday office space memes
Saturday Office Space Meme

I’m going to need you to come into work tomorrow. Oh goody, there goes my Cinco de Mayo celebration!

you come work tomorrow office space memes funny

First day in the office after quarantine.

office space memes funny
Funny Office Space Meme

Office Space Boss Memes That Perfectly Capture Work Frustrations

When it comes to my boss’s style, there’s no denying that it has a certain flair. It is often over-the-top, and he has a way of making his orders seem more dramatic than they actually are. At the end of the day, office space memes are a great way to get a good laugh.

When life gives you lemons, just throw them at your boss! At least it’ll give you something to do in the office.

7. cell service in bathroom boss from office space meme
Boss Office Space Meme

Yes, if you could just give me the budget allocation for my meeting in five minutes.

lumbergh office space meme
Lumbergh Office Space Meme

Sorry, I can’t be more excited about it, but when life gives you meetings, make coworker memes!

9. I have meetings all day boss from office space meme

boss from office space meme
Boss From Office Space Meme
office space meme blank
Office Space Meme Blank

Office Space Stapler Meme that Will Make You Laugh

Office space stapler memes are the gift that keeps on giving! It’s like a never ending supply of office humor – irony, sarcasm, and hilarity all rolled into one!

Wow, extreme measures to keep your stapler safe!

12. if they take my stapler office space meme stapler
Office Space Meme Stapler

If you could just go ahead and have a happy birthday.

13. its not i am lazy office space meme stapler

Have you seen my stapler?

14. have you seen my stapler office space meme stapler

office space meme printer
Office Space Meme Printer

No, I think it’s trying to tell you something… Like it’s time for an upgrade!

office space copier meme
Office Space Copier Meme

Best Milton Office Space Memes to Brighten Your Day

Good luck finding another place to drop your tones!

16. i told dispatch milton office space meme

Hey Milton, what’s happening? I’m going to need you to move down and let him cook. move down milton office space meme
Milton Office Space Meme

What is going on here?

18. what is going on here milton office space meme

Hilarious! I’m sure that won’t hurt at all.

19. you wont laughing milton office space meme

Celebrate in Style with Happy Birthday Office Space Meme

Let’s celebrate the amazing accomplishments you’ve made, and look forward to the great things this day will bring. Here’s to achieving your goals and adding more zest to your workspace.

Guess I’m not getting that raise I was expecting, even after grinding like the frazzled guy in those working hard memes with all the jobs.

happy birthday office space meme
Happy Birthday Office Space Meme

Yeah happy birthday… Now if you could get back to work. That would be great.

21. get back to work happy birthday office space meme

Today is your birthday? False. Today is the anniversary of your birthday.

23. wish you happy birthday office space meme Now if you could do your job and enjoy it that would be great. is the anniversary happy birthday office space meme

The Perfect Friday Office Space Memes

Don’t know how to make it through a hectic work week? Let some Friday Office Space Memes be the answer! A few chuckles can instantly lighten the mood and make any day at the office more bearable.

It isn’t Friday until quitting time until then, its Thursday halftime.

24. its thursday halftime friday office space meme
Friday Office Space Meme

That moment when you walk out of work.

25. you walk out of work friday office space meme

When I said I’d rather be at the office than anywhere else, I definitely didn’t mean Fridays!

26. your timesheet is submitted friday office space meme

So, it’s Friday. When exactly do you do around here?

27. its friday office space meme
Office Space Friday Meme

When your boss says you only have 3 hours to finish the project… and you look at the clock again and realize you only have 13 minutes left.

3 hours later friday office space meme

Me leaving work on a Friday.

leaving work on a friday office space meme

Wow, you figured out the solution just in time, good for you!

im going to lose it friday office space meme

You have to go to work every day but office space meme can help infuse the drudgery with humor. Using the office as a backdrop, these memes shoot off witty one-liners that make fun of workplace chores.