50+ Ink-credible Tentacle Puns And Jokes

Savor the flavor of laughter with our offbeat tentacle puns

tentacle puns

Tentacle puns challenge us to explore the hilarious side of an unconventional topic. What would an undersea creature or sci-fi monster think is funny? Amusing tentacle joke plays with this concept.

Prepare for silly wordplays while also smiling at how these tentacle puns and jokes normalize the quirky reality of tentacled sea life.

Best Tentacle Puns

Laugh out loud at the most hilarious tentacle puns and jokes playing with tentacles. Perfectly silly tentacle wordplay anyone can enjoy.

Best Tentacle Puns
Best Tentacle Pun

1.  What type of coffee does a squid love to sip on?

2. Why was the octopus the star of the cooking show?
Because he was so good at multi-task-cooking.

3. Why don’t squids like to argue?
They don’t want to get into hot water .

4. How does a cuttlefish propose to his mate?
He inks in, Will you marry me?

5. What did the octopus say to the squid in a race?
Something Fish-hy.

6. What did the octopus text its crush?
I wanna hold your hand, and six more.

7. Where does an octopus go to invest its money?
The shark market

8. Why was the octopus feeling blue?
Because he lives in Blue ocean.

9. Why did the octopus get a job at the bakery?
Because it loves to bake eight pies at once!

10. What’s an octopus’s life mantra?
Don’t get ink on your hands.

11. How does a squid get to school?
By octobus.

12. Why was the octopus always the first one up in the morning?
Because he wanted to beat the morning tide

13. What do you call an octopus who loves math?
An octo-pus.

14. Why was the octopus great at playing cards?
Because it had “eight”-ces up its sleeves!

Tentacle Dad Jokes

Exercise your mind bending at the ridiculously absurd tentacle puns only cool dads could love.

1. Why was the octopus invited to the ocean party?
Because it was the life of the sea-son.

2. How does an octopus send secret messages?
With its ink-ognito pen.

3. What do you call an octopus with a musical talent?
A rocktopus.

4. What do you call an octopus who loves science fiction?

5. Why did the octopus get a promotion?
Because he was sucking up to the boss.

6. Why did the octopus blush at the seafood buffet?
It saw the shrimp in a cocktail dress.

7. What’s an octopus’s favorite winter activity?
Ice fishing.

8. Why was the octopus always calm and collected?
Because he was well-armed.

9. How does an octopus tell a bedtime story?
With a lot of “sea-quel” suspense!

10. Why did the octopus get a standing ovation at the aquarium?
Because it was the star-fish of the show.

11. Why did the octopus bring a ladder to the coral reef?
Because it wanted to sea the view from the top.

12. What’s an octopus’s favorite time of day?
Tide-time, of course.

13. What do you call an octopus with a great sense of humor?
A sea-rious comedian.

Puns About Tentacle

Here are the amusing tentacle puns and wordplays cleverly utilize the many tentacle phrases and meanings.

Tentacle Dad Jokes
Tentacle Dad Puns

1.  The shrimp said to the octopus, Stop grabbing all my stuff.

2. The octopus started a comedy club because it had eight times the “punch-lines”!

3. An octopus decorates its home with suction-cupboards.

4. The octopus said nothing to the chef because it was already dead.

5. The octopus became a gardener because it had a green tenthumb.

6. The octopus became a detective because it was skilled at working undercover.

7. An octopus’s favorite type of art is ink-credible masterpieces.

8. The octopus brought a map to the ocean because it didn’t want to get lost in the “deep end”!

9. An octopus’s favorite instrument is the bass guitar because it’s great for those underwater jam sessions.

10. You make an octopus laugh by telling it a “kraken” joke!

11. The octopus became a chef because it could “whip up” a great seafood dish.

12. Why did the octopus bring a map to the ocean?

13. It didn’t want to get lost in the “deep end”.

Long Tentacle Puns

Check out the latest and extensive list of long, over-the-top silly jokes about tentacles.

1.  A sailor walks into a bar and sees an octopus playing pool. The octopus sinks shot after shot with perfect aim. The sailor challenges it to a game and ends up losing $100. Angry, he shouts “You must be cheating!” The octopus looks at him and says “With eight arms, how could I not?”

2. A man goes to a pet store looking for an octopus. The shopkeeper shows him a small octopus in a tank and says “This one knows how to use tools.” The man is impressed. An hour later, the octopus picks the lock of its tank and escapes.

3. An octopus accidentally crawls into a boxing ring during a match. The boxers think it’s the opponent and start punching its tentacles. Covered in bruises, it scurries away thinking “Why did I eight even get in there?”

4. A film crew is shooting on a boat and runs out of extras. The director spots an octopus and asks if it can play a small role. They dress it up in a sailor suit and hat. It performs its scene perfectly, then politely asks “Do I get to join the actor’s guild now?”

5. An aquarium trainer is teaching an octopus to juggle balls when it suddenly grabs his keys and runs off. It escapes through a drain pipe to the ocean, yelling “Freedom at last! Take that, eight-armed oppression!”

6. A frustrated DJ realized the octopus in his aquarium always eavesdropped on his song mixing. He installed soundproof walls, but then noticed his music compositions improving dramatically. The octopus had become his producers.

7. An octopus entered a photo contest with underwater landscape photos it had taken. The judges said the composition was excellent but deducted points because a tentacle kept appearing in the corner of each photo.

8. An octopus offered to help a surfer catch some big waves by being his board. The surfer hung 8 tentacles like vines to ride the octopus. All was going well until a shark fin appeared and they had to make an inktastic escape.

9. A navy crew noticed the periscope on their sub was damaged. An octopus volunteered, sticking its head up to the surface. It reported enemy ships approaching! Or perhaps just its friend Bob from the aquarium nearby.

10. An executive approached an octopus venture capitalist about funding his shoe shining business. The octopus pointed out that with 8 tentacles, it could shine way more shoes than any human. Deal rejected!

Tentacle Meme Puns

Do you have a min to talk about our dark lord savior Cthulhu?

cthulhu meme

Fry and an interdimensional tentacle creature.

love the tentacle joke
Love The Tentacle Joke

What has eight tentacles and wants to wrap “Em around you?”

tentacle cartoon joke
Tentacle Cartoon Joke

I want to shake the hand, that shook the tentacle.

tentacle meme joke

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Tentacle puns keeps us afloat, helps us navigate the choppy waters, and reminds us that even in the murkiest depths, a good laugh can be the guiding star. So, share these tentacle puns with your fellow sea travelers, and let’s keep the world a little brighter, one witty quip at a time.