70+ Lovely Heart Puns And Jokes

Feel-good heart puns playing on uplifting themes of compassion and love!

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When humor meets matters of the heart, you get a delightful heart puns. These wordplays are not only clever but also have the power to make your heart skip a beat – with laughter, of course.

Heart puns are like the steady thump-thump of a heart in love with humor. They are not just jokes; they’re pulse-quickening punchlines.

Much like a heartfelt message, well-crafted heart jokes can truly touch the soul. Enjoy a hearty dose of heart puns and jokes that will leave your heart light and your smile bright.

Super Beating Heart Puns

Get your pulse racing with these super clever and funny heart puns that will make your heart skip a beat. From anatomically correct to emotionally touching, these heart jokes are sure to tickle your ventricles.

Super Beating Heart Puns

  • What do you call a heart that loves fitness? Cardiovascular.
  • Why did the blood refuse to leave the party early? It wanted to stay for the heart-pumping dance moves.
  • Did you hear about the romantic heart? It had a cardiac crush on another organ.
  • Why did the heart break up with the aorta? It felt like there was too much distance between them.
  • Which part of the heart is the best at making decisions? The chambers of the heart because they’re always on the right path.
  • Why did the heart want to join the band? It had a natural talent for keeping the beats.
  • How does the heart solve its problems? It takes a moment to pulse and reflect.
  • What did the heart say to the DJ at the party? Can we change the ‘rhythm’? This beat is not my type.
  • Why did the heart go broke? It had poor circulation of funds.
  • What did the valve say to the other valve on Valentine’s Day? You really ‘valve’ my heart.
  • Why did the coronary artery apply for a job? It wanted to make some heart-earned money.
  • Which room in the heart is the most romantic? The atrium because it’s where all the love flows.
  • Why did the ventricles get in trouble in school? They couldn’t pump out their homework on time.
  • What did one ECG machine say to the other? Are you seeing what I’m ‘electrically’ seeing?
  • How does a cardiologist flirt? They say, You must be arrhythmia, because you’ve got my heart skipping a beat.

Heart Puns That People Love

These heartfelt and humorous heart jokes are sure to capture your aorta-ntion and cardiac you away. Ranging from silly to sincere, these treasured puns on heart will warm your ventricles and have you falling head over aortic valve.






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Super Cool Puns About Heart

Be still my beating heart! Get ready for some super cool and clever heart puns that will make your heart flutter. From playful jokes to touching sentiment, these awesome heart jokes are sure to give your ventricles a workout.

Super Cool Puns About Heart 1

  • Why did the pacemaker get a promotion at work? It had excellent heart management skills.
  • What did the heart say after a spicy meal? I’ve got a bad case of ‘angina’. That was too hot to handle.
  • Why did the heart apply for a job at the music studio? It wanted to be in charge of the heartbeat of the songs.
  • Why did the heart get a second job? It wanted to double pump its income.
  • What did the heart say during its job interview? I’m ‘cardiopulmonary’ qualified for this position.
  • How does the heart feel during a stressful day at work? Like it’s about to have a cardiology conference.
  • What’s a heart’s favorite subject in school? Circulation—it loves being in the center of attention.
  • Why did the heart attend a comedy show? It wanted to laugh so hard it got palpitations.
  • What did the heart say to its therapist? I think I’m suffering from cardiomyopathy, doc. I can’t love like I used to.
  • Why did the heart go to a yoga class? To lower its hypertension and find some inner peace.
  • What did one heart say to another during a race? Don’t have a ‘cardiac arrest’—let’s keep going.
  • Why did the heart make a reservation at the fancy restaurant? It wanted a romantic setting for a cardiovascular dinner date.
  • What did the heart say when it received a new one during a transplant? I guess it’s true what they say, ‘home is where the heart is’.
  • Why did the heart refuse to join the dance floor? It didn’t want to start any arrhythmia.
  • Why did the heart want to be a comedian? It thought it could beat the competition with its jokes.

Oneliner Heart Puns

Short and sweet, these one line heart puns provide a quick shot of coronary humor. Perfect for valentines or just for kicks, these clever one liner heart jokes will get your pulse pumping and your heart murmuring with laughter.

Oneliner Heart Puns

  • The stubborn patient had a change of heart too late for a transplant.
  • Heartless, the skeleton didn’t patch his cracked ribcage.
  • A stouthearted soul loves dark, rich beer.
  • When your heart sinks, whip out a Jack of Hearts card.
  • The heart surgeon drove a beater car to work.
  • Failing med school left the cardiology student heartbroken.
  • Feeling lighthearted, she colored cheery pink Valentines.
  • The lovestruck cardiologist tried to win the hematologist’s heart in vein.
  • Heartless, the skeleton didn’t scare Halloween trick-or-treaters.
  • A halfhearted Valentine is only 50% effort.
  • The pianist played his heart out then needed surgery.
  • Trusting her heart, the cardiologist found her calling.
  • The gardener gave his sweetie a heart beet for Valentine’s.
  • Lacking heart, the cardiologist broke up with the nurse.
  • Lost on the golf course, the heart surgeon had cardiac arrest.

Funny Heart Puns Meme

Spread joy and laughter through your arteries with these funny heart pun memes! Ranging from cute to corny, these silly heart puns formatted as memes will get your cardiovascular system pumping with humor.

You make my heart go boom.

heart jokes puns
heart jokes puns

You are my blessing and everything I love.

heart meme jokes
heart meme puns

Me at 6 years old discovering the true shape of the heart.

heart puns

spongebob heart puns

Heart Jokes

Feel the love with these cute jokes about hearts! Tickle your ventricles and get your blood flowing with these humorous puns and one-liners all about the human heart.

Heart Jokes
Heart Jokes
  • Heartless skeletons can’t make sweet church music.
  • Needing a pump up, the heart went to the gym.
  • Craving knowledge, the heart went to school.
  • A cardio-clock is a heart that’s always on time.
  • Lonely, the heart was a little too atrium.
  • Lovestruck, the heart skipped a beat seeing the cardiologist.
  • Ventricle problems left the heart feeling lonely.
  • Fast food clogs cardiologists’ arteries.
  • A cardio-serious heart takes things too seriously.
  • Seeking thrills, the heart fibrillated at the party.
  • You’re giving me palpitations. the heart told the cardiologist.
  • Burdened, the heart saw a psychiatrist about baggage.
  • A traveling heart is a cardio-vascular one.
  • To mend valves, the heart took up therapeutic knitting.
  • Smitten, the heart told the lungs You take my breath away.
  • Unable to stop beating, the heart was up all night.
  • Trusting her heart, the cardiologist found her path.
  • Beets live in your heart.

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All heart puns aside, laughter has proven cardiac benefits. Those who laugh heartily tend to have happier, healthier lives. So lift your spirits and remember to have a sense of humor. Take care and be well, friends.