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Uncover 27 Most Funny Jehovah Witness Memes You’ve Never Seen Before!

Discover the best Jehovah Witness memes! Laugh out loud at the funniest jokes about their unconventional beliefs and practices.

There are tons of memes about religious beliefs but only a few capture lightning in a bottle quite like Jehovah Witness Meme do.

It’s no secret that Jehovah Witnesses are a source of amusement for many. From their door-to-door visits to their specific religious practices, they certainly entertain.

With their hilarious takes on everyday life and an inspiring message about liberation, these funny Jehovah witness memes will have you laughing until your sides hurt.

People’s reactions to JW meme can be incredibly varied. In most cases, those outside of the faith will find them quite amusing, seeing the way some members of the religion are depicted. On the other hand, those within the faith may find JW memes less than humorous, as they feel that their beliefs and practices are being mocked.

Ok, let’s keep the religious debate aside—it’s time to explore what Jehovah Witness Memes can offer us!

Funny Jehovah Witness Memes

Funny Jehovah Witness memes never cease to bring joy to my day. From their door-to-door visits to their interesting clothing choices, these memes always bring a grin to my face. They are so perfectly crafted that it’s almost like a comedy show; I can almost hear the audience’s peals of laughter!

Well, I guess that’s one way to avoid answering the question!

you are a jehovahs witness meme
funny jehovahs witness meme

Do you have some time to talk about Jesus Christ?

you have time to talk jehovahs witness meme
jehovahs witness funny meme

I just moved in here… And I still had Jehovah witnesses come to my door.

i just moved jehovah witnesses meme

Finally, a new territory to preach to! Better brush up on our Martian language skills.

nasa discovers door on mars jehovahs witnesses meme

Wow, someone’s confident. Did they give you a trophy for winning arguments or something?

jehovahs witness meme

Jehovah Witness Meme Doors

Jehovah’s Witnesses favorite band? The doors.

 what is a jehovahs witness meme door
what is a jehovahs witness meme door

When Jehovah’s witnesses come knocking on my door I don’t know if I should answer, or just pretend I’m not home.

 i dont know jehovahs witnesses meme door

Jehovah’s witnesses knock on his door invites them in, orders and pays for 3 pizzas.

 knock on his door jehovahs witnesses meme

Wow, even the universe conspires to bring Jehovah’s Witnesses to your doorstep. Good luck with that!

 come to my door jehovah witnesses meme

Oh great, just what I needed, an uninvited lecture on religion. Thanks for coming by, Jehovah’s Witnesses!

 i know you all here jehovahs witness meme

Jehovah Witness Meme Halloween

Jehovah Witness memes always joke about JWs not celebrating Halloween. It’s because people don’t want JWs coming up to their doors.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Not fans of door knocking.

 jehovahs witness dont celebrate halloween meme
jehovah witness halloween meme

Jehovah’s witnesses don’t celebrate Halloween. I guess they don’t appreciate random people coming up to their doors.

 dont celebrate halloween jehovah witnesses meme

Has numerous people come to his door on Halloween. All Jehovah witnesses.

all halloween jehovah witnesses meme

Jehovah’s witnesses hate Halloween because it’s a pagan holiday.

jehovahs witnesses hate halloween meme

Jehovah Witness Training Meme

Most of our kids leave the religion. We have more success recruiting people who aren’t familiar with it.

success recruiting people jehovah witness training meme
meme of jehovah witness training

“Oh, joy! Just what I needed – an unsolicited religious pitch at my doorstep.”  You can check the disappointed memes collection if you are unhappy.

i dont know anything jehovahs witnesses training meme

Study more, pray more, share good luck memes and go to more JW meetings.

jehovahs witnesses training meme
jehovahs witnesses training meme

What’s the greatest thing about being a JW?

being a jw jehovahs witnesses training meme

Wow, a whole new book to ignore the parts that don’t fit their beliefs.

got their own bible jehovahs witnesses training meme
training jehovahs witnesses meme

If Jehovah’s witnesses believe abortion is wrong, but allowing a child to die by denying them a blood transfusion is okay…

alligator jehovah witness meme

Jehovah Witness Christmas Memes

Santa doesn’t take “NO” for an answer when it comes to Christmas!

jehovah witness dont celebrate christmas meme

Who knew the whole holiday was based on a theological disagreement from centuries ago?!

dont dont celebrate christmas jehovah witness christmas memecelebrate christmas

When your co-workers  start talking about their holiday plans and you’re a Jehovah’s Witness. (Check these coworker memes to make fun of them)


i am a jehovah's witness christmas meme
jehovah’s witness christmas meme

I guess that’s one way to save money during the holidays!


christmas jehovahs witness meme
christmas jehovah witness meme

Jehovah Witness Birthday Meme

 You can appreciate the irony of a Jehovah Witness meme about birthday! It’s like celebrating a day when you’re not supposed to celebrate! I guess it’s a way of acknowledging the special day without really doing anything – an oxymoron, if you will.

New system or not, I’m not playing above the hole of any cobra!

im not playin jehovah winess birthday meme

Oh, so that’s the secret to family harmony – just ignore them all year round!

is he stupid jehovah witness birthday meme

If you’re a good public speaker you might be a witness.


public speaker friday jehovah witness meme
friday jehovah witness meme

At the end of the day, Jehovah Witness memes provide an entertaining way for people to learn about different aspects of this religion while having a few laughs along the way. These images can help bring joy into conversations about serious topics and allow us to appreciate our differences while still connecting on a deeper level.