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42 Hilarious Among Us Memes That Will Make You Call an Emergency Meeting

Get ready to laugh with the funniest Among Us memes! Discover the best imposter and emergency meeting memes online.

Yo, have you seen those Among Us memes? They’re spreading faster than rumors in a high school cafeteria. And let me tell you, they’re hilarious. I mean, who knew a game about little space dudes could inspire such creativity?

One of my favorite Among Us memes is the classic “When the impostor is Sus”. We’ve all been there when someone’s acting all Sus while we’re just trying to do our jobs. It’s like, “Seriously, dude, can’t you just leave me alone and let me swipe my card in peace?

If you love comedy and games, then buckle up – it’s time for an epic ride full of hysterical humor and plenty of memorable Among Us moments.

Cool Among US Memes

Among Us memes are some of the best on the internet, with classics like ‘sus-ception’, ‘sabotage fail’, and ‘joke about tasks’. They’re a great way to lighten the mood and keep things entertaining, even if you’re not an expert on identifying impostors.

Everybody is asking “Who is the imposter?” Nobody is asking “How is the imposter?”

who is the imposter among us meme
imposter among us meme

When you care more about finishing tasks than preventing a catastrophic meltdown. Priorities, am I right?

when reactor is meltdown among us meme

Hurry Up! Activate the doors  when you vent in front of the camera.

when you vent in front among us meme

Who killed him? I was in the vent the entire time.

who killed him among us meme
cool among us meme

When you are trying to convince everyone you are not the imposter.

you are not the imposter meme

Among Us Meme Song

The “Who What Where” music video based on Among Us memes written and performed by CG5, features catchy lyrics about the game’s key elements such as tasks, imposters, and voting. The music video, animated by Ghoulish Productions, brings the game’s characters to life and features a space-themed dance party that’s sure to get you grooving.  It’s a fun and creative way to showcase the popular game and has undoubtedly contributed to the game’s growing popularity.

Funny Among Us Memes

The best thing about these memes is how they nail both sides of the argument. Some people think that being “sus” means you’re guilty and that the “Innocents Everywhere” phrase is a warning. Others think it’s just a game and the crewmates are innocent and trying to stay alive. No matter what you believe, these memes will make you laugh! If you’re feeling down, check out some funny among us memes to cheer you up and make you smile.

Crewmate there is 1 Impostor among us.

crewmate there is 1 Impostor among us meme

When the game gets too real and you start questioning your own innocence

when you are not the imposter among us meme
among us imposter funny meme

Before I begin our campfire story, can someone turn off the lights?

before I begin our campfire story among us meme
among us funny meme

But I wasn’t the imposter though?

i was not the imposter among us meme

Me watching the person who killed me in Among Us say it wasn’t him.

watching the person who killed among us meme
imposter among us memes

Among Us Imposter Memes

Let’s go through some examples of these imposter memes, shall we? There’s one about how the impostor is trying to blend in with everyone else by pretending to do tasks but actually not doing anything at all.

Crewmate there is one imposter among us.

there is one imposter among us

All your crewmates are belong to us.

crewmates are belong to us meme

Who is the imposter among us?

who is the imposter among us meme

Crewmate or Imposter?

look it’s a among us crewmate meme

My struggling mental health.

my struggling mental health among us meme

Crewmate there is one Impostor among us.

crewmate there is 1 Impostor among us
imposter meme among us

Among Us Crewmate Memes

Among Us Crewmate Memes are particularly entertaining because they bring the already popular game of Among Us to life in hilarious ways. From jokes about sabotaging tasks or leaving your crewmates hanging mid-game, among us memes capture all the best bits of playing with friends – often at their expense.

Wow, great deduction skills there, Sherlock!

crewmate there is one Impostor among us

Yeah, because having a photographic memory of every task in the game is totally a requirement for being a crewmate.

oh you're a crewmate among us meme
crewmate among us meme

Crewmate who’s friends with the impostor and is now dead.

the impostor is now dead among us meme

IQ imposter among us meme

Among Us Red Memes

Hey black, what’s up.

crap out of all people among us meme
among us red meme

When you’re imposter and someone tells you to vote an innocent.

when you are imposter among us meme

Oh, wow! Your task is to do me?

go back to your task among us meme

Ah, yes, being Red in Among Us and getting ejected on purpose for the 400th time is definitely the best way to win

be red in among us meme
among us meme red

Among US Players When I say red vented.

among us meme players when i say red vented

Red and Blue both are same in Among us.

corporate needs you to find among us meme
among us cool memes

Cute Among Us Memes

From cuddling up to an adorable crewmate and pretending to be asleep, to shooting off a witty comment during one of those heated debates on who is the real imposter, there’s no shortage of cute moments that you can find in the among us game.

He followed us the whole time, Pink

among us cool meme
cute among us meme

Ah, the thrill of waiting for those precious 10 seconds to pass, truly the highlight of my gaming experience

among us game meme

The impostor is pretty good.

impostor is pretty good among us meme

Bias of my crewmates.

among us when im the impostor meme

among us funny cat meme
among us funny cat meme


Emergency Meeting Among Us Memes

Ah yes, the classic tale of camels, monsters, and Marks. A story as old as time.

emergency meeting among us meme
among us emergency meeting meme

EMERGENCY MEETING! There’s one imposter among us!

among us emergency meeting meme

Going for the final kill before they start an emergency meeting.

Going for the final kill before they start an Emergency Meeting (Among Us)
by u/boschone in gifextra

Best Sus Memes Among US

Who doesn’t love to laugh at among us meme of an impossibly suspicious character doing something that’s equally as suspicious? It’s like being in on your own private joke – one you can share with other friends!

Detailed explanation about where you were and what you were doing.

when you are impostre among us meme 1 A two year old indie title made by three people.

among us a two year old indie title meme

When people call you an imposter because you sus.

sus among us meme
sus among us meme

Are you wasting your time watching among us again?

time watching among us meme