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21 Cross Eyed Memes That Will Make Your Day

Laugh out loud at these amusing Cross Eyed Memes that will tickle your funny bone and brighten your day.

cross eyed memes

Cross eyed memes take advantage of the fact that humans are naturally drawn to eyes, and play with the idea of what happens when those eyes are crossed. Whether it’s a picture of a person or animal with their eyes crossed, or a caption that suggests crossed eyes as a punchline, these memes always hit the mark.

They also give us a chance to laugh at ourselves, as we all know what it feels like to make a silly face or have a moment of awkwardness. So next time you see a cross eyed, take a moment to appreciate its cleverness and enjoy a good laugh.

Meaningful Cross Eyed Memes

I once dumped a cross-eyed chick thought she was seeing someone else.

she seeing someone else cross eyed memes

Hillary or Beranie, those are the only Democratic choices…

the democratic choices cross eyed memes
Cross Eyed Memes

Who would have guessed that it wasn’t just Bill who can’t keep their eyes to themselves?

had a wandering eye cross eyed meme

Learning Medicare make you cross- eyed? Make it easy, call Ashford insurance!

learning medicare cross eyed memes

A cross-eyed bear is clearly an essential item for human survival. How dare they deny you such a basic necessity!

Cross Eyed Bear Memes
Cross Eyed Bear Memes

Nine out of ten guys would still smash.

would still smash cross eyed memes

I see what you did there also, over here.

cross eyed dog meme
Cross Eyed Dog Meme

The perfect accessory for avoiding criticism and problems in life.

Best Cross Eyed Memes

cross eyed meme cat
Cross Eyed Meme Cat

cross eyed cat meme

Hey bro! We’re not going to the vet, right?

 were not going vet cross eyed meme cat

Well, isn’t that just a hilarious pun? I’m sure your soon-to-be-ex-wife will be thrilled with the way you talk about her.

just dont see eye to eye cross eyed memes

I don’t see any problem! It’s all in how you look at it.

Cross Eyed Guy Meme
Cross Eyed Guy Meme

The joys of working with coworkers who have unique physical traits. Who needs clear communication, anyway?

cross eyed coworker meme
Cross Eyed Coworker Meme

My advice: You should never date a cross-eyed girl.

seeing someone else cross eyed dog meme

The joys of being around people with green eyes. Don’t forget to shower them with compliments or they’ll never stop staring!

green eyed people cross eye meme

Funniest Cross Eyed Memes

Cross your eyes until both images merge in the center.

Funny Cross Eyed Meme
Funny Cross Eyed Meme

The classic ‘insult a stranger’s physical appearance’ routine. Always a crowd-pleaser.

cross eyed meme lady

cross eyed meme face

A cross-eyed person can look into the mirror while glancing.

cross eyed meme face
Cross Eyed Meme Face

spongebob cross eyed meme

How dare you have a medical condition that can cause a misunderstanding! Shame on you!

i got dumped cross eyed meme

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In a world full of chaos and stress, cross eyed memes offer a moment of comic relief. Their silly expressions and relatable humor remind us to not take life too seriously and to find joy in the simple things. Let’s continue to share these light-hearted cross-eyed memes and spread laughter.