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26 Do Not Disturb Memes That Will Make You LOL

Laugh out loud with the funniest do not disturb memes . Perfectly capture those moments when you just need some peace and quiet.

For those times in your day when you wish to switch off from the world, there are the do not disturb memes. The reasons could be endless! You want some peace of mind, or privacy to spend time with a loved one, or just time-off to chill.

Whatever your excuse, do not disturb memes will help put the sentiment across. You can choose from angry or threatening do not disturb memes that scare off potential interrupters or polite ones to pleasantly keep people away.

Trending Do Not Disturb Memes

There are also do not disturb memes that come with conditions under which someone is allowed to disturb, like the ‘do not disturb, unless carrying cookies!” etc. You will find all kinds of memes in the amazing collection we have curated for you. Browse on!

Because clearly we can’t all be professional procrastinators.

are trying to work do not disturb meme

Nap time is serious business, I’m just one pillow away from being fully productive

nap session in progress do not disturb meme
do not disturb meme

Oh boy, I can’t wait for my mom to ask me who I’m texting at 3 AM

your mom comes in do not disturb meme

Excuse me for indulging in one of life’s greatest pleasures while you’re trying to talk to me.

youre busy eating cake do not disturb meme


do not disturb meme
do not disturb dog meme

Please come in and interrupt me. I enjoy starting my work over from scratch

its a not secret do not disturb meme

Do not disturb us. This is private property. We will not participate in anything and we don’t want to sell our house.


its a not secret do not disturb meme


Do Not Disturb Funny Memes

The beauty about do not disturb memes is that anyone can use them for whatever situation they find themselves in at any given time.
When you work nights and someone knocks on your door at noon.


you work nights do not disturb meme
funny do not disturb meme

So, in other words…Go away!

go away do not disturb meme

Do not disturb me! I am declassifying documents.


do not disturb meme
do not disturb meme alien

Takes “Do not disturb” sign at hotel, and makes a correction.


12.nobody does do not disturb meme


do not disturb meme

When someone enters my room while I’m reading and starts talking to me.

while im reading do not disturb meme
do not disturb memes

When I say I need a weekend to ‘fully unplug’, this is what mean.


If you see talking to myself… I’m having a staff meeting!

im having a staff meeting do not disturb memes

Famous Do Not Disturb Memes

These hilarious examples of don’t-disturb-me vibes will make sure people know when they should stay away from you.

21 trillion unread messages *deletes*


unread messages do not disturb meme
do not disturb meme jesus

Who needs human interaction anyway? I have my plants to talk to.
make that anytime do not disturb meme

Ah, the classic ‘I don’t want to be bothered but I also want attention’ mentality. Brilliant.when you dont disturb me meme

Yes, my virtual friends and I have important work to do.

do not disturb meme i am having a staff meeting
meme that says do not disturb

If you need anything, just ring on me, I’m one call away.

just ring on me do not disturb meme

Session in progress!!! Unless there is an emergency, please do not disturb!

there is an emergency do not disturb meme

Please do not disturb unless you bring forth cookies.

you bring forth cookies do not disturb meme
 do not disturb meme 

Because who wouldn’t want to be disturbed when they’re on a loose schedule, right?


Don’t disturb the ghosts, blah blah blah.

dont disturb the ghosts do not disturb meme


Do not disturb memes are a hilarious way to share your message with the world! Whether you’re trying to express boredom or just need some humor in your life, it’s always fun to make one.

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But remember, they can be offensive if used incorrectly so use caution when creating yours.

Go ahead and create something funny; I guarantee it’ll put a smile on someone’s face!