The must follow tips for spying on your competitor on Facebook


Ever wonder what strategies your competitor is implementing on Facebook? Well, do you ever think if you track your competitor moves and discover loopholes in their strategy? It will certainly help you craft a better strategy for customer acquisition and skyrocket your business progress. 

Use the Facebook Ad library

Tracking your competitor’s Facebook ads is crucial to gain insights and alter your marketing strategy. You can use a free tool like Facebook ads library to find the active ads running on the platform. It offers a comprehensive, searchable collection of advertisements to help your business know about the trending ads. It shows advertisements based on your activity, age, gender, location, etc.

Use Paid tools

With free tools, you can’t achieve the in-depth insights of your competitors like CPCs, target audience, reach, and more. The paid tools help you filter the ads by keywords, domains, brand names, ad texts, etc. It will provide detailed information like ad copies, targeting options, funnels, ads, landing pages your competitor used, and how often the audience viewed your competitor’s ad. Hence, you can identify your competitor’s weaknesses and leverage them to your advantage by creating better campaigns than your competitor’s.

Use Facebook Graph API

< It is a useful framework for gathering tons of data and easily knowing about your competitor's activities. It is one of the efficient ways to look at what's your competitors are doing outside the Facebook page.

Gain your competitor followers insights

It is one of the effective ways to know your competitor’s followers’ interests and hates about the brand. Implement the strategies that help your competitor fans to transform into your fans. Let’s say if your competitor is facing server downtime. You can use the Facebook ad platform and show the ad that talks about 99.99% uptime. Instead of spending time on what works for your business, it’s better to learn from your competitors and avail it to your advantage.

Let’s explore some of the tips and tricks to spy on your competitor on Facebook

Learn how to respond to negative reviews

It would be best to see how brands respond to positive or negative responses. It will help if you learn how to respond to criticisms by understanding how other brands handle them. You also have to look at the broader picture by seeing whether the criticism is right or not. If you find your customer genuinely facing the problem, you should take instant action to preserve your brand authenticity instead of being stagnant.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is a goldmine for gathering competitors’ insights and marketing strategies. It helps you understand what your competitors are doing outside the Facebook page. In addition, you know about how they deal with criticisms and engage with their followers. Implement the above tips, improve your spying strategy in the Facebook landscape, and take your business to new heights.