3 Best Ways To Manage Your Facebook Ads Better


You already know with the aid of Facebook Ads Manager, you can curate lucrative advertisements to successfully convert your ‘potential target audience’ into customers.

However, there’s a high chance of getting no results if the management goes haywire. Today, we’ll discuss the 3 best practices that apply to using and managing your Facebook Ads to yield better results. With any further ado, let’s dive in….


Creating Campaign Owing To The Roadmap Below

Facebook offers you two ways to create a campaign:

Guided Ad Setup– This option allows you to go through a step-by-step procedure and break it down into simple steps to create your Ad. It is the best way for newbies to get the hang of Facebook Ads Manager.

Quick Ad Setup- This is for the seasoned professionals who have a thorough knowledge on creating good Facebook Ad campaigns.

Now, let dig deeper and see the step-by-step procedure on composing a perfect Ad campaign:

Choose your objective– Carefully select the objective of what you would want to achieve with a particular ad campaign. It can be to increase traffic, increase leads, or earn conversions, to name a few.

Targeting your potential audience- Facebook Ad Manager allows you to pick highly specific audiences that might be interested in your products or offered services. Be wise in choosing the correct set of parameters.

Upload the ad creative- Your upload may consist of any one of the following- images, videos or carousel ads. This is the point where you upload these visuals to advance further.

Writing your ad copy- Once you’re done with the visuals upload, it’s time to add text. Make sure your text includes relevant info to your offerings.

Set up bid amount & finalize ad details- Your bid amount will depend on your ad budget for this particular campaign. Once done, review everything to make sure everything’s in place.

Strategic Campaign Monitoring

Once the campaign is live and running, you may now monitor your ad’s performance. There are about 4 main aspects to monitor of your campaign:

  • Budget
  • Audience
  • Placement
  • Creative

When you’re reviewing your campaign, keep an eye on the real-time stats to determine how your campaign is performing. Try to spot the trends with your ads and note down the areas you can improve in future.

If you fail to monitor your live ad campaign, it’s just a waste of money and your efforts. However, if you can stick to the monitoring, you can create even better campaigns for even greater success in future.

Monitoring your advertising guarantees that you are always running the most effective ad campaign possible.

Retargeting Ads For Best Results

Facebook Ad campaigns are not always about reaching out to new customers. It’s also about retargeting audiences who are already familiar with your brand but haven’t converted yet. 

Stats prove retargeted ads to have higher conversion rates and low on cost per click because the targeted mass is already aware of your products and services. It’s an excellent opportunity to get those ‘interested ones’ converted to your permanent customers.

For the best results, we recommend you stick to the above mentioned blueprint to get the most out of your Facebook Ad campaigns. Just in case you’re looking for a professional companion to help you out with Facebook Ads, check out AdSpy tool. 

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