AdSpy Review

Are you an online affiliate marketer, a drop shipper, an advertiser, or a business owner that has a presence on an e-commerce platform? If so, you’re in luck! Also, you must be aware of how important ad spying tools have become in the online world.

The human brain certainly cannot do the things at that blazing pace the online ad spying tools have the potential of doing. Even if you manage to, you would not want to spend a huge time and effort unnecessarily when we know there are more sophisticated tools and technologies that can do the job far better and faster. 

Ad spying tools these days lure their audience by offering great features, interfaces, and more, all at the best prices. So why would you waste your precious time looking for those lucrative ad campaigns? Instead, you rely on such AI-driven tools to get those ads right in front of you, so that the final task of improvising and creating better ones is what you can concentrate on. Here, we are going to tell you all about one of the best spying tools in this AdSpy review. Let’s dive in, shall we?

All about the AdSpy tool

AdSpy is one of the leading advanced ad spying software which comes with a whole lot of exciting features that help you try your best hand at searching for ads. It is certainly one of the largest ad databases in the world. It is powerful, efficient, yet very affordable and cost-effective. This is what makes it so common among affiliate marketers and advertisers. E-commerce businesses also find it the best place to catch up to what their competitors are doing and how they are applying their creative hands to create out-of-the-box ideas for ads. 

AdSpy is an ad spying tool that can extract data from Facebook and Instagram ads and help you with the same. It gives the user enough exposure to the trends and ways of the world at a global level by displaying ads from around the world. It thus widens the users’ horizons and they too can think on similar creative, innovative, and thoughtful lines.

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How the AdSpy tool works

The AdSpy platform works in a very simple and easy way. There are millions of ads from different product categories on AdSpy. It makes intelligent reports for the user so that he/she can improvise and create better ads and launch them for the target audience. The whole idea is to give the user the best chance to tap the competitors’ creative ideas in their ads and campaigns. Moreover, the easy-to-go features make the entire experience much more systematic. The icing on the cake is the free trial that the platform offers and the free ad credits convince users enough to go for it immediately. 

What the AdSpy tool has in store for you

The AdSpy spying tool is a boon when it comes to talking about finding the best-winning ads without any compromise. You can enjoy some great benefits just by using this tool for daily ad searching. Let us get to the advantages of using AdSpy. So here is what the AdSpy online tool has in store for users like you:

  •  Exploring ads from all around the globe and from all kinds of niches
  • Discovering new and innovative products that are ruling the market trends
  • Keeping a close check on your competitors’ ads, campaigns, and offers
  • Discover untapped markets
  • Recognize markets that are doing great on a global scale
  • Get a hang of the ads that are doing the best on social media giants like Facebook and Instagram ads 
  • Save time by avoiding unnecessary wastage of time spent on browsing ads without any search filters
  • Save effort by letting the spying technology work faster and more systematically and you just have to specify the criterion to match your ad searches
  • Save money because AdSpy is undoubtedly one of the best ad spying tools that come at a very affordable monthly subscription fee
  • Pin and save your most favorite searches by using the Save current search option on AdSpy wherein you can watch them again in the future
  • Make better and informed business decisions based on the detailed reports and analysis that AdSpy prepares on each of the ads
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Get started with AdSpy- How to?

Using the AdSpy tool is as simple as having a walk in the park. We will guide you through the process and provide you with the complete know-how to sign up and get started with the AdSpy search tool

For starters, go to the official AdSpy website.

You will see an option named get started. Click on it and register on the website by providing your details like name, email ID, company’s name (not mandatory), and enter a password. 

Once you confirm your password, AdSpy will verify your email ID. You are then registered and need to log in again with your email address and AdSpy password.

The subscription page will appear where you need to agree to the terms of service. Enter the coupon code (if any) in the box and apply the coupon. Finally, click on Purchase. Then enter your details to make the payment for the subscription. 

Once you receive the final confirmation from AdSpy on your mail, you are all ready to start with your ad searching!   

Get started with your first ad search on AdSpy

You will see the AdSpy homepage or the dashboard on logging in. 

Go to the search box on top of the webpage. Paste the URL of any Facebook ad you wish to check out. Alternately, you can always search the ad based on the ad text or the landing page text. Combine your ad search with some AdSpy search filters

AdSpy will display the most relevant results below. You can pin any search result for future reference by clicking on the Save current search option and assigning a name to it. Later, you can retrieve such searches by clicking on the Select search option.  

You can browse more similar ads by manipulating the search filters according to your convenience and benefit. Go to the information option on the top-right corner of any ad post. It will show the comments, views, and all such data. The arrow button on the top-right will redirect you to the original Facebook ad.

Apart from all this, you can also check the top-ranking affiliate network from the homepage of the AdSpy software. You can find all the offers a particular network is offering with just a click.  

Key features of AdSpy at a glance

AdSpy is a reservoir of some of the most unique and fantastic advanced features for users. The AdSpy features and functionalities are sure to leave you impressed because of the great usability they offer.

Here, we are going to walk you through all the key features of AdSpy at a glance. Read ahead and check them out. 

 #1 Enhanced basic search for ads

The AdSpy spying tool is the most popular because of the advanced search filters it provides the user to find a particular ad. If you don’t want to use the filters, you can simply type the text for the ad you wish to check out. 

The number of ad search filters is also beyond bounds. With the enhanced basic search of AdSpy, it is even possible to find a specific ad out of tons of them, in just a minute or two. Now, let’s get to know all the search filters one by one in detail:

adspy search ads

Ad Text:

Ad text is all about the keywords in a particular ad. AdSpy stores about a minimum of 85 to 90 million ads from different kinds of niches. So, once you enter a particular word or a set of words in the search bar, it will filter all those ads that have those words. The process thus becomes very quick and easy. AdSpy will also show you all the statistical and analytical information based on the keywords you have entered as the ad text.

Media Type:

Ads come in different types of media, i.e. they can be photos or videos. You can select the media type of the ads by using the media type option. You can check the box for a photo, video, or both. Accordingly, if you choose the photo option, AdSpy will filter out the ads that are in the photo media type and produce the search results.

Site Type:

Many drop shippers and affiliate marketers need to browse ads from a particular social media platform, for example, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You have the freedom to specify the social media platform from which you want the tool to display ads. Since AdSpy stores Facebook and Instagram ads, you will find three options in the Site type filter. You can check the box for Facebook or Instagram. You can also select both platforms if you are seeking ads from both platforms. 

Daily Likes:

You can fix the number of daily likes of the ads you want to binge on. AdSpy will provide a bar where you can define the upper and lower limit of the number of daily likes on the ad. You will then see ads where the number of likes falls between the limits you have set on the bar.

Total Likes:

Similar to setting the target for the number of daily likes, you can define the value range for the number of total likes on a particular ad. So, you can gather strategies from the ads with the greatest number of likes and use them to create similar ads for your business.

Longest-Running Ads:

There is a filter for the longest-running ads on AdSpy. You certainly want to launch ads similar to the ones that the audience is watching for the maximum time. Longer watching time implies that such ads are working well to let the audience indulge in watching them for longer.  Naturally, you would want to create ads that are on the same page like those that are capturing the eyes of the customers and acquiring a longer watch time

The number of plays on an ad:

The number of plays an ad receives is a great factor in judging the impact it has made on the target audience. The ads that get the maximum number of views are the ones that rank on the top of the charts. AdSpy gives you a detailed report about each ad post wherein you can also see the number of people who watched it, liked it, and other such information. So you can decide on making such kinds of ads with all the statistical data which is entirely factual. 


AdSpy gives the user the option to select the kind of buttons he/she wants to view on the screen. It gives four options on the dropdown menu. They are Learn more, Shop now, Sign up, and Send a message. These buttons largely increase the ease of using the AdSpy tool since you can see the options that you want the site to show you on the screen. So usability increases to a great extent. 

adspy learnmore


Many products are very gender-specific. So for this case, AdSpy offers the Gender search filter for the targeted audience. You can select the box for males, females, or both.

Age Range:

Similarly, every ad is meant to attract an audience in a particular age group. For this, you can apply the Age search filter by specifying the upper and lower limits of the age range you want to target.


This option is a boon for affiliate marketers. You will find tons of the best-winning affiliate markets on AdSpy. The dropdown list on the Networks option shows a variety of affiliate networks from which you can select the ones of your choice. 

Advertiser Name: 

If you want to hover over all the ads of a particular advertiser, you can do that through the advertiser name filter. All you need to do is enter the name of the advertiser and AdSpy will display the entire ad collection of the advertiser.


Online affiliate marketers generally spy on other affiliates from around the globe to get an idea of the kind of compelling campaigns they are luring customers with. You just need to fill in the offer ID or the affiliate ID of the affiliate. You can thus get access to their entire body of advertising work.


You will find a host of technologies on AdSpy. They aid in the easier searching of ads. There are options like Adobe Marketing Cloud, Amazon Webstore, Digital River, and much more. You can select a technology of your preference to go for quicker search results.


Just like gender and age, demographic data such as the language can also be used to search ads. You need to select a language for the ads you wish to browse. 


Some ads are targeted at the audience of a particular country or a group of countries. This filter is useful for checking out ads from a specific country of your choice.


Comments are also considered keywords for searching ads. You can look for ads by typing some specific comments in the search box. You will thus find all the ads that received such comments on your screen.


Facebook users are well aware of how trendy emoticons have become. The emoticons are used by people to react to certain Facebook ad posts. You can even search for ads by specifying the kind of reactions they received. AdSpy will filter out all those ads on which people put the reaction you specify.

Created Between:

Another quite useful search filter on AdSpy is the created between option. You can choose to watch ads that were created during a stipulated period. AdSpy will provide you with a calendar to mark the dates to specify the period you want to watch ads from. This is helpful to analyse the previous and current trends or judge the trends from any particular period. You will get an idea of the kind of ads that were ruling the market during the period. 

Seen Between:

Similar to the filter discussed above, the seen between filters also helps users know about the ads that customers were watching during a particular period. Again, you need to specify the start and end dates on the calendar. Accordingly, AdSpy will display ads that were being seen by customers during the time you have specified.

Landing Page URL:

Every ad has a landing page on the website of the product it is promoting. You can easily find an ad by entering the URL of the landing page of the ad in the search box. AdSpy will find the ad through the URL you provide and search the result for you.

Landing Page Text:

You can also do without the landing page URL if you know the text present on the landing page of the product. Type in the landing page text and AdSpy will get the ads, the landing pages of which have that specified text.

Keyword Research:

The keyword research is one of the major highlights amongst all the features of AdSpy. It is the most powerful functionality that AdSpy offers the users. All you need to do is enter any keyword with which you wish to browse ads. Type the keyword in the search box and you will find all those ads that have that particular keyword in their text. 

One very useful feature of the AdSpy tool is the Save Search option. It allows you to pin and save your current or recent searches for any future references. So you need not waste time in the future to find the same ad you watched on AdSpy lately. When you save a particular search, you have to enter a name by which AdSpy will save that pin for you. 

There is the Select search option that comes to use when you want to see the recently saved searches. Click on the option and AdSpy will provide the entire list of ads that you have saved in the past. 

what adspy

#2 A gigantic database of ads on AdSpy

AdSpy has grown exponentially to become one of the largest databases of ads in the world. The number of ads it stores is just incredible. It has reached many countries and has the potential to reach tons of more countries from all around the globe. It is thus a global ads platform. It holds a massive reservoir of 85 to 90 million ads to start with. Here, you will find ads from any particular niche you wish to target. Moreover, it has ads from both Facebook and Instagram, which are the leading social media platforms of today.

adspy social

#3 The perfect place for affiliate marketers, built by affiliate marketers

AdSpy is a product of the brains of some affiliate marketers. Naturally, they created the platform with the motive of helping other affiliate marketers achieve their goals and fulfil their needs. Moreover, the search filters allow you to specify the affiliate networks, affiliate offers, advertiser names, and affiliate ID to go for quicker and more exact searches. Thus, it is considered the best place for online affiliate marketers and advertisers.   

#4 Accurate demographic data

Exposure to the demographic data of your target audience is a necessity if you are aiming to boost your sales via launching the best ads. You can rely on AdSpy to check if a particular ad campaign will work well even before launching it. It arranges the demographic data of the target audience and gives information based on age, gender, type of device, location, and a lot more.

adspy demographic

#5 A quick and easy-to-handle user interface

Regular web surfers know how frustrating it is to wait for minutes while pages on the Internet take their time to load and produce the results. Thankfully, it is not the case with AdSpy. The results may take time to load owing to the enormous number of ads stored on the platform. However, it is quite the opposite, because the AdSpy servers work very fast. It will filter out and find the exact ad that matches your criterion out of millions of them. Moreover, the AdSpy user interface is very simple and does not demand much attention and knowledge to handle it. All this makes it even more attractive to use. 

The customer support services team at AdSpy

We generally take a look at the turn-around time of any website before subscribing or registering for it. The turn-around time refers to the average time taken by the website to respond to the queries, complaints, and demands of its customers. A slow customer support services team is a big turn-off for people who visit a website. 

Here, we will discuss AdSpy customer support. Frankly, the AdSpy has some very fast servers and there is very little scope for technical glitches. If you still need any technical support, AdSpy has an extremely responsive team that will get to you very soon. 

The turn-around time for the AdSpy customer support 

If we talk about the other AdSpy alternatives and similar ad spying tools, the average response or turn-around time is about 24 hours. However, with AdSpy, you can sigh with great relief. 

As soon as you report a technical error, query, or complaint on AdSpy, the platform will assign a person especially to look into your problem. The turn-around time is as less as 15 minutes on average! It thus becomes such a user-friendly and customer-centric ad spying platform. The assigned person will then get in touch with you via phone call or mail. The technical expert will help you solve the problem by providing the necessary help. So you don’t have to wait and your issue gets resolved in no time!  

AdSpy Pricing

The AdSpy pricing is very straightforward and does not offer much variety in terms of the pricing plans for users to subscribe. There is only one standard plan for the subscription.

The AdSpy monthly subscription plan is $149 per month. It allows the user to access all the features of the ad spying tool. It also gives the benefit of unlimited usage of the tool. 

Another great relief is the free trial that AdSpy offers the users. You can easily use the  AdSpy free trial to check the usability of the technology. The highlight is the thousand free ad credits that AdSpy rewards the user with to browse ads.

Although the AdSpy pricing plans do not offer any variety, AdSpy keeps launching great discount coupons, offers, and promo codes that are worth checking out. So keep a check on the AdSpy official website for any such great deals out there.

adspy fair price

AdSpy and its competitors

AdSpy and BigSpy

AdSpy gives a great competition to its rival BigSpy when it comes to the databases they keep. BigSpy just provides more diversity in terms of the pricing plans in comparison to just one standard pricing plan of AdSpy. More or less, both are great spying tools, except for some points of difference between the two.

AdSpy and PowerAdSpy

Both AdSpy and PowerAdSpy are the best of all the online ad spying tools. They have excessively large databases and many ad networks. While AdSpy has one plan, PowerAdSpy offers four packages. The only difference is that AdSpy works as a website while PowerAdSpy works as an online extension. 

AdSpy and AdSector

AdSpy certainly beats AdSector in the sense that it procures ads from Instagram as well. Also, it is cheaper than the AdSector tool. So we would recommend AdSpy over AdSector.

AdSpy and Social Ad Scout

These two tools again have no definable winner. Both charge almost the same price and have great databases. It is your requirement that will decide which tool you want to use. 

Some of the features of AdSpy might overlap with its competitors, but it is not possible to find all of them in other spying tools. Plus, the pricing of AdSpy is extremely affordable and cheaper than the other AdSpy alternatives. The customer support services team at AdSpy is also something to throw light on. It certainly beats its competitors on all these terms and much more. AdSpy is undoubtedly the best in its field. 

Pros and Cons of the AdSpy tool

Naturally, every technology comes with its own set of capabilities and advantages and brings with it a price to pay. Here, we are going to give a gist of the notable pros and cons of the AdSpy ad spying tool. So, keep reading ahead to get some factual information!


  • A pool of some of the best hand-picked features and functionalities for the users to make quicker searches
  • Great usability
  • Fast customer support team
  • Fantastic and varied search filters to bring out the exact ad the user is looking for 
  • Free AdSpy trial
  • Affordable 
  • Easy-to-handle user interface
  • Filters out the ad you want from tons of ads in its database in just a few seconds
  • Very less loading time


  • Search results might time out in certain cases
  • Little difficulty in retrieving previous searches
  • Spam ads  display on Facebook


AdSpy Tutorial

Right off the bat, we are well-acquainted with the wonders of online advertising in the current times, especially through Facebook. And the next thing that comes to mind when we talk about ad spying tools is probably AdSpy. This tool is ruling the online world when it comes to equipping affiliate marketers and advertisers with the best.

If you have no clue about how to use AdSpy, there’s no reason to fret. Here, we are going to guide you by providing a step-by-step AdSpy tutorial of the procedure to sign up and get started. We will also let you know the process of using its features to the fullest, for experiencing the best ad search for yourself.

AdSpy: Signing Up & Getting Started With a Premium Plan

Signing up to AdSpy by creating a user account is the first step. Follow this in-depth AdSpy tutorial to register as a user and subscribe to a paid plan:

Step 1 – To begin with, go to the official AdSpy website.

Step 2 – You will find an option that says Get Started, go ahead and select it.


Step 3 – The AdSpy user registration dialog box will appear. It will ask you for some personal information. Enter your email ID, first name, last name, and your company’s name, which is optional. Then, it will allow you to create a password of your own choice and confirm it.

user registration

Step 4 – AdSpy will ask you to confirm your email address for a verification purpose. It will send you a mail on your email address for personal authentication. Check the mail that you receive from AdSpy and click on Verify to proceed.

Step 5 – Now, your first-time user registration is done. The official AdSpy login page will appear on the screen. Enter the details, i.e. your email address and password, which you had used to sign up for the first time. Finally, click on Sign In to log in to your AdSpy account.

adspy account

Step 6 – Once you have signed in, the AdSpy subscription page will show up on the screen. You will see a box that says Agree to terms of service. Check the box.

There is an option of entering the AdSpy coupon code if you have one. After filling the code in the blank space provided, select Apply coupon.

adspy subscribe

Step 7 – Once you apply the coupon, select the option of Purchase. The payment page will show up. Here, you can enter your payment details to purchase your first monthly subscription.

Once you are done with the payment transaction, the AdSpy team will send you an official confirmation notifying you about the successful activation of your AdSpy Premium Account.

As soon as you are done with the entire process of creating your premium account, you will need to log in again to your account. Use your login credentials to sign in to the account. Then, you will be able to see the AdSpy dashboard page in front of you.

Kudos for following this step-by-step AdSpy tutorial, you are now officially ready to start browsing your favorite ads over AdSpy.

How to Search For a Particular Ad on AdSpy?

For this next section of AdSpy tutorial, read the steps below to explore and find the ad that you are looking for!

Step 1 – The AdSpy dashboard shows the option of Search for ads. There is a blank space provided for you, where you have the option of filling in the reference to the particular ad you wish to watch.

There are several options. You may enter the ad text, comments, advertiser’s name, URL, landing page URL, or the landing page text. You can choose an option of your choice and fill the same in the blank space accordingly.

adspy dashboard

Step 2 – You can select the option you want by scrolling the menu for Technologies. For example, if you want to see Shopify ads, you can checkbox the option for Shopify.

Step 3 – Choose a particular country name from the list of options in the Countries menu.

Step 4 – Select a language of your choice by scrolling through the dropdown menu in the Language option.

Step 5 – Select a particular gender or both genders by checking the respective option in the dropdown menu for the Gender option.

Step 6 – You can choose the type of media that you want to browse ads about. You can go to the Media Type option and select photo, video, or both from the dropdown menu.

Step 7 – You can also select the network of your choice by checking the respective box in the dropdown list of the networks option.

Step 8 – You also have the option to specify a particular age range for the target audience. You can scroll the age bar in the Age option and select the same. 

Step 9 – You can make your ad search even more specific by selecting the range for the daily likes and total likes. Scroll the bar in each of the options. You always have the option to clear any of the filters that you have previously applied for your ad search. This can happen in a case when AdSpy may not be able to display ads if you have applied too many of the filters. In such a situation, you will have to delete some of the filters you can do without.

Step 10 – Select the dates for the Created Between option to specify that you want to find ads that were created during a stipulated period. AdSpy will provide you with a calendar wherein you can choose the dates of your choice. The period you select will be marked as blue dots on the calendar.

Step 11 – Similarly, you can select the dates to specify that you want to watch ads that were seen during a particular period. Go to the Seen Between option and mark the dates on the calendar that will show up. As in the above case, all the marked dates will appear as blue dots in the calendar.

Step 12 – There is one option to choose the buttons. It allows you to select the buttons of your choice, such as Shop Now, Sign Up, etc. You can check the respective boxes for the buttons you need. If you don’t need it at all, just ignore the option?  

Step 13 – Once you have applied all the filters you want, AdSpy will do the job of displaying all the relevant ads that match the criteria of your filters. Keep scrolling down to see all the ads that AdSpy has listed for you.

adspy social

You will get access to see the number of likes and reactions on every ad. On the top-right corner of every ad, there is an option for Information. Click on the option to get more information about the product mentioned in the ad.

You will find a screenshot of the landing page and the outgoing links. In addition, AdSpy will let you know the detailed information under the Technology option, such as the content delivery network, document encoding, document standards, and much more.

Moreover, as you scroll down, you will see the accurate demographic information for the particular ad. These details include demographics based on gender, countries, and age groups.

If you wish to watch a particular ad through Facebook and not AdSpy, you are in luck! AdSpy provides an option on the top-right corner of every ad. It is an arrow that will direct you to the original Facebook ad.

Additionally, there is a Shop Now option. You can use it if you want to go directly to the landing page on the product website.

How to Find the Best Product of a Particular Category?

Supposedly, you find a particular ad on AdSpy, wherein the product mentioned excites you. The product and its e-commerce retailer may be subtly good, but users certainly wish to check the other deals to get the best one for them. Check out the following steps to try your best hand at getting the perfect product deal with a little help from AdSpy:

Step 1 – Click on the Shop Now option. It is present on the bottom-right corner of the ad post. Alternatively, you can also click on the link for the landing page on the website of the product.

shopnow adspy

Step 2 – AdSpy will direct you to the website of the e-commerce retailer who is selling the product. But you also want to check out the other deals of that product category that the e-commerce store has launched.

Step 3- Copy the name of the product and paste it on the search bar on the homepage of the e-commerce store. It will display tons of similar deals for the product category that you searched.

You can browse all of them and find the perfect deal for yourself. It’s easy, isn’t it? AdSpy makes it all the more convenient for you. Be it, online affiliate marketers, advertisers, drop shippers, or the owners of brands with an e-commerce platform, AdSpy is one of the best ad spying tools. More so, the ease of registering as a user and browsing the winning ads is a cherry on top. It’s an easily understandable spying technology to analyse how your competitors are doing and learn about the strategies at play, with this tutorial for AdSpy. You should certainly give it a shot and test it out for yourself.  

The Final Verdict: Is AdSpy good enough?

By now, you must be wondering how good is AdSpy, or is AdSpy good enough. Owing to all that we have told you in our reviews for AdSpy, you must be rest assured that it is a great platform to rely on for your daily ad searching needs. On top of all, getting access to such cool technology at such an amazing price is something everyone would fall for. So why wait when you have all you need to know? Register yourself with the AdSpy spying tool, get a free trial, and use the all-free ad credits to binge on the best-winning ads! And of course, don’t forget to keep an eye on the most unique ad ideas that inspire you! So don’t delay any further and get started with your first ad search on AdSpy today!

FAQs on using the AdSpy Tool

#1 Is AdSpy available for free use?

AdSpy is a powerful tool that lets you peek inside your competitors’ heads for as low as $149 per month. For the price, you get access to features like getting an idea of what they’re thinking, discovering new ways to reach out and influence your target audience with personalized messages, and so much more! It’s an absolute heck of a deal.

Still not sure whether you would like to go all-in? Well, once you first sign up, you get free ad credits. You’re now eligible for an AdSpy free trial for a mere $1, and for a few days you can explore the AdSpy tool with all features unlocked. It will surely help you to decide whether it’s good for you or not! Don’t forget to keep an eye on exciting AdSpy coupon deals.

#2 How does the AdSpy tool work to save your time and effort?

The potential of the AdSpy tool to provide users with tons of Facebook ads doing the best in the current time and trends is mesmerizing. So, affiliate marketers and drop shippers don’t need to spend time looking for their competitors’ ads and insights. This way, marketers can get a hang of what competitors are doing. Also, the user can opt for a free test trial before hopping on to subscribe to a paid AdSpy plan. AdSpy also allows you to redeem your 1000+ free ad credits before buying the AdSpy premium subscription, which starts at just $149 per month

#3 How do you search for your particular ad or data with the AdSpy tool?

If you are wondering how to look for the particular Facebook ad which you want to check out, there’s no need to worry because the AdSpy tool comes to the rescue. It has many different options that allow you to search for your favorite ad conveniently without much hassle. You can search for ads by entering the ad text, the URL to the ad, or the name of the page. AdSpy also allows you to scroll the different ads of a particular company in one go. For starters, it has an extremely easy to handle yet sophisticated feature-rich user interface.

#4 Who should use the AdSpy tool?

The AdSpy for Facebook tool is ideal for affiliate marketers, drop shippers, and social media marketing strategists on Facebook. It is also ideal for those organizations that put up ads in a bid to promote their brands or businesses in order to capture their target audience. They will largely benefit from the AdSpy tool as it helps them analyze their competitors’ creativity, design, and marketing aspects. In doing so, it helps improve their marketing plans and chalking out more effective and lucrative ad campaigns.

#5 How do you start using the AdSpy spying tool for the first time?

For all the users who are about to use AdSpy for the first time, the process is extremely straightforward. All you need to do is go to the AdSpy official website. The site will give you an option to create a user account by clicking on the ‘Get Started‘ option.

After successful registration, you need to log in by entering username and password and that’s all. Now, you can fill the search bar with any ad text, URL, or web page name to find the desired ad that you are seeking for!

#6 How is the overall customer support system at AdSpy?

If you are hesitant to try the AdSpy tool, it’s probably because you are wondering how efficiently the customer support system works, then be rest assured! The AdSpy Support squad is quite responsive. In case of any customer demands, complaints, or queries, the AdSpy Customer Support service assigns a person to help the user and attend to the problem, either over mail or via a phone call. AdSpy prioritizes its customers over anything and everything.


#7 Which kinds of data about ads will you get access to on AdSpy?

As you know, the AdSpy spying tool provides you with different kinds of search options to browse your favorite ads. Not only this, the users get access to many other useful additional data and insights about the ads that help them to judge the competitors in the market in a more detailed manner.

To put it simply, AdSpy will provide you information about the demographics, redirection URL, and landing pages. It also makes you aware of the technologies and strategies their rivals are adopting to boost their ads and convert them for more profit.

#8 How do you search for drop shipping ads through the AdSpy tool?

You must be aware of the drop shipping business- drop shippers don’t keep the products in stock, but get them delivered to the customer directly from a third party. Most of the product sales in the drop shipping business occur through Facebook and Instagram ads.

So, AdSpy helps drop shippers find the best drop shipping ads that are converting massively and boosting sales of brands and companies. You can also keep an eye on Shopify ads via the AdSpy’s advanced online ad spying system.        

#9 Is Ad Spy good enough to use for affiliate marketers?

Just like AdSpy helps drop shippers keep track of the best winning dropshipping ads that are converting well currently, the same goes for affiliate marketers as well. Facebook is home to a huge number of affiliate marketers who launch ads to capture their target audience.

Subscribing to AdSpy premium allows the user to find and access the latest best ads that the top affiliate marketers are running. There are multiple search methodologies like affiliate offers, affiliate Ids, and affiliate networks based on which you can find and discover ads in a jiffy!

#10 Is the AdSpy spying tool worth the deal for users?

AdSpy is by far undoubtedly one of the top online spying tools for drop shippers, affiliate marketers, social media strategists, and online businesses since sliced bread. It is certainly quite worth the deal as you have the leverage of using it for just $1 AdSpy trial and then subscribing to a paid AdSpy Premium Plan with as little as $149 every month.

In addition, the chance of utilizing your free 1000 ad credits to watch the premium ads is icing on the cake. In a Nutshell, AdSpy can play a huge role in boosting sales and attracting your target audience, a.k.a potential buyers. You must certainly redeem the AdSpy Discount Coupon for some sweet deals.